The Sheriff’s Ranch

Go take a look. I don’t want to reproduce any photos here because they are minor children, but go take a look.

We’ve sent at least one of these kids to camp.  We have done that right here.  We rock.


NOTE:  If you have a problem with the link, try going to the KY Sheriff’s Boys and Girls Ranch page on Facebook and just click on their photos.



3 thoughts on “The Sheriff’s Ranch”

  1. Hi Sally. I first started reading your blog about the whole Naugler shit show. Although I have followed a while, this is my first time commenting. The Cathy Harris blog is a bit mind boggling. I was abused as a child in foster care( not to the extent Cathy Harris ” claimed.” My opinion is Cathy Harris may have been abused but no where near the extent she claims. As an abuse survivor, her story does not ring true. Most survivors do not go into detail about the abuse and publicly naming the abusers is not that common. True abuse victims carry shame and fear even years after the abuse. I agree with your theory that Cathy most likely was given to Cleo and Lou by a family member. Was she abused by them? Who knows, but I doubt to the extent she claims. I was born in 1973, so I am a bit younger than Cathy. That said, I wonder if Cathy began to seek therapy in the 1980’s. That was a time when the ” truth semum” and hypnosis was being used on sexual abuse victims. It has since been proven that it caused false memories. My theory is it is possible Cathy Harris was abused at some point and met up with some quack therapist and came up with all these false memories. In my opinion, her ” memories” are too vivid and detailed to be accurate. As a child, I was abused by a foster father and later foster grandfather( his father). I do not remember the details like Cathy claims to. When I was younger, I was in a few sexual abuse groups. Most survivors could not recall that level of detail and if they could, would have no desire to post every detail for the world to see. Cathy seems to be a braggart and enjoys the attention. Most survivors do not. I am going to call bullshit on this wine.


  2. I am going to call bullshit on this wine.

    I quit trying to figure out to what extent Cathy may have been abused. She lies so much and her lies are so easy to prove (as lies) that I just don’t believe anything she says. Several people have told me that she tends to incorporate other people’s stories into her own while inflating them. So, for instance, if you say that you had a bad experience at the grocery store with a checker, she will have a worse experience but hers will be with the manager and ultimately the owner.

    if Cathy began to seek therapy in the 1980’s

    I strongly doubt that Cathy has ever had any actual therapy of any sort. The best I can figure out was that this story of hers didn’t surface until well into the nineties. Trying to trace it back to ground zero is a daunting task and occupied way too much time for me to pursue it very long.

    One of the things that motivated me the most was that I watched her collect about $2500 in just a few days from folks in a FB group once solely to make her car payment (she was in arrears).


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