The Reason Why

wrecked floor

This is Exhibit A.

Ignore the child.  Ignore whatever is between his legs.

Instead, look at the floor.

That floor is not one year old. The garden shed isn’t one year old. They put down brand new flooring in a garden shed and have wrecked it in a matter of a few months.

I don’t know if this is because they used cheap peel-and-stick floor tiles with no prep done to the plywood underneath ( that’s my personal theory), or if they are just hard as hell on flooring, but they have managed to destroy it.

I hope everyone who donated money to help these people get a “home” are now happy with the results. A baby sitting on wrecked floor.  A mother who takes a photo and doesn’t even seem to notice that the door is covered in childish graffiti, and the buckets are filthy and the floor is destroyed.

This is a family who “unschools” their children, and those children are learning that taking care of things is a waste of time. Destroying stuff is normal.

[How much you want to bet that Joe didn’t go out with his $900 chain saw and help the neighbor cut up the tree because Joe can’t get the chain saw started due to lack of maintenance and it’s already wrecked?]

But as I said, this is Exhibit A.

This is why the Nauglers cannot be believed when they blithely assert that their human waste is “composting” and that everything is fine.

They would not know what “fine” was if it hit them in the face.

Because there are people like the Nauglers out there, we have to have inspections and permits and officials when it comes to waste management, for the sake of the public health. The rest of us deserve that. We do not deserve to have our environment, where we have to live, contaminated by these people who wreck every single thing they come in contact with.

The photo is not cute.  It’s pitiful.


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  1. Nice.

    I wonder what that is on that sparkling clean floor between the baby’s legs? Maybe some left over omelette? A banana?

    Doesn’t matter. It’s on the floor. It might as well be a handful of botulism. But hey, this is how they “toughen up” the immune systems on those kids.

    Here lil feller, here’s some beneficial digestive system enzymes . . . a lil gut health bacteria?

    Maybe it’s not food at all. Let’s hope not.


  2. I suspect leftover omelette. That’s what they had for breakfast. Leftover egg product in a filthy hot box.


    You know what is really sick? They just cleaned this place up.


  3. Yup, gotta add more. This child crawls on the floor. The floor that kids walk all over after playing outside, building chicken coops, taking care of said chickens, presumably they still have a pig, of course the dogs and the goat. The bucket house with whatever has spilled on the floor, the sloshing buckets wherever they are dumped…
    All tracked on this floor, where a baby crawls around, putting his hands in his mouth. Also apparently being fud unrefrigerated egg leftovers on this floor, no plate or clean hands.



  4. It’s pitiful that this poor child has I eat God only knows what off of that filthy floor and it’s more pitiful that the poor excuse of a mother felt the need to pimp the baby out . What will she not do for money?


  5. I grew up poor. I didn’t grow up like this. This has nothing to do with poverty of money and everything to do with poverty of character, poverty of the soul.


  6. This picture is a cry for help. A picture as far from normal as possible. I hope that someone who can make a difference in the children’s lives comes forward to help them.


  7. Looks like the stick em down floor tiles they sell at the BO favorite store 3/$1.00 = Dollar tree. They are cheap and flimsy and would not hold up in a doll house let alone a home with things are not taken care of and 13 people to destroy them.

    A while back she posted a picture of one of the older boys when she came home on the porch of the shed. The wood for the railings was already destroyed. It looked like the shed was a decade old. I have a shed that is 10 years old and it still looks like it did the day I bought it. But here we take care of things.

    Must be she is cutting down on breast feeding using a cup so that means this little guy will be tossed to the older kids to mind while she is at the shop. Totally disgusting that anyone would let their child sit on a floor that filthy let alone eat something off the floor. Nicole grow the hell up and take care of the kids you make. You live worse than hogs.


  8. If stick ’em down tiles are three for a dollar at Dollar Tree, why haven’t they gotten some more to replace the ones that got pulled up or broken?

    Oh, right. Nauglers.

    Why would anybody post a photo like this? Because they have wandered so far from consensus reality that they don’t realize how horrible it looks? Because they can’t come out and say “We’re floundering, please somebody step in,” and have to heavily imply it instead? Hinting for more donations? What?


  9. If they need help, they just have to swallow that stubborn pride and ask.
    Unless they completely poisoned the local well. They may be screwed


  10. The photos on the BLH Instagram are a sad travesty of homesteading.
    The container gardens full of tall weeds and surrounded by taller weeds.
    New garbage strewn along the ground.
    The wood stove rusted and rickety. Wood for it also strewn on the ground.
    I have to agree with an earlier commenter. This isn’t a failed homestead, it is no attempt at a homestead at all.
    Looking at those photos she provided herself. Looking at photos of the beat up shed, inside and out. The filth.
    Who can honestly say that they believe that the Nauglers have a proper humanure composting pile? Who can believe that bucket is removed from the “out shed” before it is overflowing? That the contents are not sloshing onto the children hauling them as well as the ground on their way to wherever (and I suspect it is very very close to the shed) that they are being dumped?
    Help them? How do you help adults who do not help themselves? All the money and donations in the world won’t help them. It doesn’t do any good if no one is willing to put in the time and work. What good is any of it if the money is wasted on no essentials and the things they do have are not taken care of?
    The community going to their aid won’t work. In a few short days or weeks it will be back to the same old same old. Never mind that hard working people get bent out of shape if they go to help others and the others sit around on their electronic devices and can’t be bothered to contribute to fixing their own mess. If someone can’t even be bothered to take the garbage to the burn pit or contain it, and instead so obviously just drops it on the ground and ignores its existence waiting for nature to take its course, what can anyone do?


  11. We have a 1979 motorhome that had shag carpet.4 years ago we went to home depot and bought peel and stick tiles, I think it took 3 boxes to do the floor and in the bathroom. We’re hard on that floor, piling camping and mining gear, and bikes go on it. But it doesn’t look nearly as bad as the Naugler floor. It’s plain laziness not to pull up the broken tiles and put new ones down. We had a tile base under the carpet so we just put them on top of the old (and probably asbestos) tiles. My only complaint was that it was really cold. I got a rag rug to put down by my bunk that reached all the way to the head. Cold feet do not a happy girl make.

    I hope that is left over food that’s down there between his legs otherwise I think they are even more gross than I think they are.


  12. But it doesn’t look nearly as bad as the Naugler floor.

    That’s probably because you put them down over the over tiles. There was something there for them to stick to. They put them down on plain plywood (you can see clearly that’s what they did). It should have had a primer coat of paint to provide something for the tiles to stick to. They simply have popped up and they will continue to do that.

    BTW, that is an excellent use for those tiles. Closet floors are another good use for them.


  13. She and her dirty sock husband are proudly portraying themselves as homesteading. If I were homesteading, I would be out of my mind pissed off that these 2 are the poster child for living off the grid and the homesteading lifestyle. Do you our anyone know of any real homesteading families that are blogging?


  14. The sell adhesive at any big bix store. It comes in a can just like bathrub caulk. The glue on those vinyl squares is not strong enought to stick to a smooth floor. Let alone a pressboard floor in a garden shed. Do you think they had sense enough to put a vapor barrier down to prevent rot? I am guessing with the way this floor looks the answer us no. It is amazing how they ceow about the wealth of knowledge available on the Web and then fail to do basic, commom sense things to improve themselves and their habitat.


  15. Lots. Montana Homesteader is one of my favorites, for obvious reasons. I also like prairie homesteader. I like the more one does, the greater the harvest, because they had an awesome set up on Washington then moved to Florida to start over, and I love the beach pictures.


  16. The pattern of tile damage almost looks like you’d see if a pipe broke, but we know they don’t have running water. I’m really curious what the hell happened to the tiles.


  17. I think the shed settled some, and is no longer level.
    Or something heavy got drug over those and broke them.


  18. It is in front of the door and could be from coming in during the winter with wet shoes/boots. Water will make that sticky tile come up fast.

    Those dirty white buckets make me shutter. If they can proudly display a picture with them in it that dirty how dirty is the rest of the house? The excuse 13 people in a small place will not cut it either. Two adults and two large dogs in a small RV and it was never dirty like that. I suppose house keeping is not part of no-schooling. We have black pail for the garden to haul what is picked and some things like onions, beets and carrots come in with dirt on them. After the bucket is emptied I make sure each and every bucket is washed off inside and out. And they are just for hauling produce not storing food stuff like they do. She has posted that she uses those bucket to store flour and sugar.

    Another good use for those sticky tiles are to put on the shelves of cupboards. I have them in all of my lower cupboards where can goods, pans and cleaners are stored. Beats any shelf paper/liners there are on the market and cleans up really great.


  19. I lived in a dwelling with that same type of floor when we pulled up the gross old carpets. We could only afford very cheap peel-and-stick, and got some at Home Depot for 17 cents. We couldn’t afford to treat the floor, but needed that old carpet out, and so I scrubbed the floor the best I could, and we put the tile things right down. With a few dogs, a couple cats, and a kid, in a very, very small dwelling, ours lasted a few years with no replacements. Since you put pressure down when you walk, it takes some real, uh, “skill” to pull up a bunch of those so quickly, even with untreated particleboard and plywood.


  20. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Judge not least ye be judged. There has only been one perfect human and it is none of y’all… He died on a cross. Every one of y’all has to face judgement day. May God have mercy on your souls.


  21. Grandslam weekend for Sally …hit it out of the park! Nice sweep of the pathetic Team Naugler.

    Nicole is sick, having lost all perspective – she is a complete, repugnant zealot, now. And the timeline of her steady decline is well-documented online, to boot. She was once, a reasonable person. What a hard fall from grace! It is sad, but somehow very interesting. (From a mental-health aspect.)


  22. May God have mercy on your souls.

    You’re speaking to an atheist, Anne Marie. I really don’t care for sermons. I heard enough of that crap growing up.

    I do not care one whit about “judgement day.” 🙂


  23. The latest video is hard to watch. He worked so hard on that garden, he’ll be lucky if he gets 2 meals. It’s absurd that she is promoting this. No doubt with the right guidance, this child could produce an amazing garden on his own, because he has no shortage of Moxie. I hope he knows not to use the “humanure” his mother keeps saying is safe to use as composte. Good lord! The thought.


  24. Anne Marie I am all good with judgement day. I am not turning a blind eye to children being ABUSED! Yes those kids are being abused even if you can not admit it cause you think you are holier than thou.

    The only voice those kids have are us trolls that speak out loud and clear for them. Don’t worry your little mind too much cause we will not abandon them, we will not stop speaking for them and we will not go away.

    It is people like you that approve of those children living in shit and squalor that are going to have problems on your judgement day.


  25. I don’t need you to preach me a sermon. I know I’m not perfect but does the Blessed One know she isn’t . Her mental illness and ignorance is having a negative impact on innocent children. If you were the Christian you claim o be you would be concerned about those children instead of jumping on here preaching a sermon.


  26. disgusting, actually. but, completely typical.
    It’s not a cry for help though. It does show awareness that she knows the leg humpers/donors on the fb page might be turned off by the state of the less than one year old donated floor in the donated shed. She only shared it on Instagram on a day she was actually trying to get likes and comments on her personal page.
    It’s also probably why she didn’t share that garden video on fb. The reality of it would be too much to ignore even for the steadfast leg humpers. Even people who believe dinosaurs are extinct because the ark wasn’t big enough probably know how to grow an adequate garden.


  27. Anne Marie, what did Jesus say about abused children?

    I’ve learned with cherry picking bible thumpers I have a long wait for an answer.


  28. @Anne Marie: I teach Sunday school. Please show me in your Bible where we are commanded to turn a blind eye when parents inflict completely preventable misery and deprivation on their children.

    Also, stop trying to use clobber verses against an atheist. It’s very silly.


  29. Judge not…hmmmm…Anne Marie, people who don’t make judgments are not thinking at all. You (and everyone else) make them every minute in determining how to live your life, and in determining what’s “good” and “bad”.

    Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you took time to read for yourself the concerns this community has about this family. It doesn’t mean there aren’t concerns about others BTW, but this blog has a specific focus.

    I hope that your God comforts you, and that you feel mercy. I wonder how you reconcile your belief in the goodness of your God with the images of the physical and educational deprivations of the Naugler children as they are taught to fear and hate?


  30. Just watched the new video of the garden N put up this morning. It’s the oldest giving a “garden tour” and he has a gun in the case on his hip. He is 17, right?


  31. I used the same tiles (at least it looks like the same? On nasty hardwood floors that was giving us splinters. All I did was clean the floor and stick and they were fine only one cracked and it was on top of a very warped board. Now my nice linoliom had “something” happen and had two scrapes on it that one of my dear ankle bitters this month have turned into 4 large holes. I didn’t help too much either I’ve got germ problems and I steam mop a couple times a day. So between kids and dogs stuff can happen. Next month I’ll be learning how to lay linoliom hopefully I can find something kid, dog, and crystal proof. Btw has anyone tried the peel and stick wall tiles? I want to but at $20. For three I wanna make sure they really work well first.


  32. Now the kid eating off the floor, that makes me squimish but I do have problems with germs. My dogs got parvo at 7 weeks so they only had one shot, then cocci and both time they were deathly sick and I lost all but one between the two. Holding thoses sweet babies as they passed warped me.


  33. I apologize. What I thought was the container garden full of weeds was not. This years container garden isn’t even growing weeds. Just a few starter strawberries. The video of the child’s garden saddened me on so many levels. All that work he put into it. His confusion as to what has worked and hasn’t worked and little or no knowledge of why. I just cannot understand why they do not take advantage of the services the county has to offer like the gardening classes for children or other extension office information.

    The child walking around armed does and does not alarm me. On the one hand this is Kentucky and we are very gun friendly. On the other hand most of our kids aren’t gardening with a handgun strapped to themselves (hard to see what exactly it is, maybe just a water pistol, but he’s a bit old for that). Maybe it’s just for show. After all it was his time to be a video star and maybe he wanted to show it off.

    What bothers me is the parental predilection to blow mountains out of molehills and their hostility to outsiders. What bothers me is if the authorities have to come to the property they might not see a child but the very real threat of a man with a gun and act accordingly. What bothers me is the parent’s history of jumping on the fundraiser bandwagon before the ink is dry on the warrant and their apparent reliance of donations over the years. What bothers me is a child shot dead by the police would be the ultimate fundraiser.


  34. Lisa, Sadly, I agree with you that the N parents are willing to sacrifice the very lives of their children for their paranoid ideation. I’m pretty sure the police are aware of that.

    And yes, the ramping up of hate and crazy is very concerning.

    On the other hand…IMO “gun friendly” is an oxymoron in this situation, and living in Kentucky doesn’t make it any better.

    If the gun and knife are at hand during gardening are they worn off property at all times too? (One pic awhile ago showed the same child with the knife on at the shop)


  35. It’s the fact that the Nog’s have instilled in these kids that the “world is out to get us”. That at any time some one is going to cross onto their property to take out the family.
    When the opposite is true. All of us watching want nothing but the best for those kids.

    So what would justify the oldest son using that gun?

    (For me, I am not anti-gun. I am a single female living way out in the country and I do own a registered firearm.)


  36. why didn’t the husband or ANYONE help tat boy with his garden. It’s so heartbreaking.


  37. Some people just have an affinity for weapons. Doesn’t mean he buys into his parents bullshit, he MAY feel obligated to play along because it just makes life easier. I knew, even when I was young, my mother was off her rocker, but out of loyalty I played dumb. I don’t think we should condemn them yet just because she gave birth to them. My brother loved guns and knives right out of the gate, no reason and no role model that did. He grew up and joined the military and now he’s a cop. I don’t think even Nicole would sacrifice her kid for a payday, that might be dipping to low for me.


  38. Seems her paranoia and online fights with the neighbors have reemerged as her central focus once again. Today she is posting about a neighbor supposedly snooping around the compound thus I believe we are gifted with the ‘garden tour’= my boy is armed. This teen seems about as uninterested in this project as most teens his age would be, even embarrassed, and it appears he’s been tasked rather unwillingly with this tour in light of her recent neighbor paranoia, more to show his weapons than anything else. The garden’s Nicole’s project, the teen is just half assin’ it for ma. If he were to be given all he needs (clean water source/ a decent tiller/ correct soil amendments /outside help/TIME-note the comment, ‘not weeded, too busy’) there’s no doubt in my mind that he’d succeed. Probably too busy tasked with cleaning up the family shit at the moment, be my guess.
    Now what’s the purpose/message is behind the picture of the diapered kid with tears in his eyes, food on the floor, and busted up flooring. The poster child for poverty, not much else there. Sick of her to post that. Must still be getting money from two sources, the poor kid supporters, and the anti-government types. Nicole’s methods of ‘providing’ for her family online, and she’s hard at work this Monday morning it seems.


  39. What’s with all these bottom feeder comments? All this speculation.

    I try to discourage it, but to no avail most of the time.


  40. I think that folks who say things like “judge not, lest ye be judged” have already passed their own judgement. Just my opinion; I’m certainly no religious expert. I do think we have a moral obligation to help those who can’t help themselves, and in this case it is the N children.


  41. I’ve had illusions of “The Emperor Has No Clothes”, often.

    If you have read the story, maybe you can relate..


  42. El Macho,

    Sorry if you got the impression I was implying the child would use the weapon in any way. I’m not.

    I was, however, trained to be cautious. A combination of growing up poor in a big city and my later legal training.

    Bad things sometimes happen to good people, more often when good people are hanging out with not so good people. I taught this to my sons too. “If your friends are doing something bad, get the hell out of there. You can yell, hey don’t do that, as you’re running.” Think of my above post as a long winded version.

    The point being don’t make yourself a target. You cannot control how other people see you, particularly in the first few seconds.

    Nor do I think that the parents would consciously set up one of their children to be a martyr or for a big pay day. I cannot think that, ever, it is too unthinkable. Yet, how many children have been sacrificed at the altar of their parents’ ideology? We have seen it in these situations far too often. Waco, Ruby Ridge, being well known cases, but it happens far too often. Law enforcement does not want to. The parents don’t want it to happen. It happens.

    As to a fundraiser after such a tragedy? This one I am cynical enough to believe. I’ve seen it far too often, haven’t you? It’s a weird combination of shifting guilt and getting validation from others in monetary form that says to the parent “this wasn’t your fault”.

    Back to gardening. I try to get it done before the afternoon heat.


  43. Joe and Nicole are experiencing consequences for their actions. Their position is ridiculously ironic given their anti-government rhetoric. They are wholly dependent upon upon the law that they despise and the honor of people they despise. Without the law and honorable behavior of people that Joe and Nicole afflict, Joe and Nicole would have inevitably suffered lawless retribution by now. Anarchism, which they profess to favor, would be their reality and they would have no one to protect them. Whatever their ideology of the day is, it is wholly calculated to fund their life of whims. They are nothing less than con-artists.

    Joe and Nicole have succeeded only in achieving failure. In fact, the only thing they seem to have any success at is producing offspring. I posit that Joe and Nicole are profoundly jealous of those who have succeeded in life and, in a habit of deflecting responsibility for their failures from themselves, loathe those who have succeeded in life. Such people, in their minds, are people who serve as their prey and deserve to conned or intimidated. Then they run into somebody who does not let them steal water from her. She is not intimidated. Then their neighbor, Al, Sally, and many others. And they cannot be conned or intimidated. It thoroughly dis empowers Joe and Nicole and they are furious. They resort to the ineffectual school playground arena of Facebook and call people names. Oh yes, they also have legal, financial, health and social (thanks to their self-expose called going viral) consequences that hinder their ability to simply up and run. The whole business of accountability is anathema and frightening to Joe and Nicole. Oh they are furious and scared in their impotence.


  44. Anne Marie,

    Instead of coming over here all worried about our souls, why don’t you go explain to Nicole about rendering unto Ceasar.

    Here is the very next sentence in that quote which is why I have no problem casting judgement on the way these children are being raised.

    Matthew 7

    “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.”

    I’m completely okay with God judging me by the same measure I use. It’s a lot easier to make your point with scripture when you cut out all of the qualifying statements. If we all followed only the first sentence then people would get away with all manner of crimes. You may want to step back and look at the bigger picture here.


  45. I would encourage Anne to Google “biblical teaching about righteous judgement”. You are biblically permitted (and actually instructed) to make judgements about the actions of others.

    Scripture calls you to examine yourself and your own actions before passing judgement. I do not let me baby eat food off of a dirty floor; therefore, I am safe to say that is not something that I approve of.

    The bible also says “he who does not work shall not eat”. I have yet to find the passage that says “He who does not work shall not eat UNLESS he can fleece people out of GFM and then I approve of laziness.”


  46. ElMacho,

    LOL, thanks for the compliment but I’d rather hang onto my steady job ?


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