The Orange Shirt Caper

Orange Shirt Caper

Did you notice the bit about the video at the laundromat?  Get a load of this.

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lyingvideoUPDATE: Posted this morning by Nicole, this is nice.  She clarifies that she wasn’t lying, that “Eric and Viv” took the video.

The problem is that Viv was not in the vehicle that day and can prove it.  Furthermore, the video is not of “her family.”  The video is a brief drive-by showing nothing but a store front and some cars parked.  To call it “stalking” is a big, big stretch.

More importantly, according to Nicole, Eric is guilty of whatever Vivian does, and Vivian is guilty of whatever Eric does.

And that means that Nicole is guilty of whatever Joe does and Joe is guilty of whatever Nicole does.  This means that Nicole drank a beer in the road the night that I was there.  It means that Nicole menaced Vivian in her shop.  It means that Nicole menaced Sondra.

Yeah, I know it’s stupid.  Nicole didn’t do any of those things.  Joe did.  But once you start lying, it just piles up.

And as for the “more serious issue,” it would seem to me that lying about why you thought you needed to get a restraining order against somebody under false pretenses is pretty serious.

As a last note, I found this sentence amusing.

She’s not the “other side”. She isn’t a side at all. There’s more credibility in the 4th side of our old cabin than her side of my story.

Nicole, you’re using a metaphor.  Unfortunately, you just said that there is basically little credibility to the story of the 4th wall of the Shitshack.


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  1. Ohhhh snap. Her mouth and need to post for the world to see will do what it always does. Trap her up. Two people didn’t do one thing, so which one is it? Or the ever probable, neither. The need to be the victim has done nothing but dig her hole deeper. Please ickynicky, tell us another story about the trolls.


  2. Well I’ll be damn she is lying again. Filing a FALSE REPORT on someone…whooowhee that woman is in a lot’ta trouble.


  3. Yikes, Nicole. Lying on court documents for a protective order is really not cool. I’m not a lawyer, but I’m guessing there’s a penalty for that. At the very least, you’ll lose all credibility and look like a dishonest slime ball in the eyes of the judge.

    Could something like this be considered “Filing a false report”?

    Kentucky code 519.040
    Falsely reporting an incident.
    (1) A person is guilty of falsely reporting an incident when he:
    (a) Knowingly causes a false alarm of fire or other emergency to be transmitted to
    or within any organization, official or volunteer, that deals with emergencies
    involving danger to life or property; or
    (b) Reports to law enforcement authorities an offense or incident within their
    official concern knowing that it did not occur; or
    (c) Furnishes law enforcement authorities with information allegedly relating to
    an offense or incident within their official concern when he knows he has no
    information relating to such offense or incident; or
    (d) Knowingly gives false information to any law enforcement officer with intent
    to implicate another; or
    (e) Initiates or circulates a report or warning of an alleged occurrence or
    impending occurrence of a fire or other emergency under circumstances likely
    to cause public inconvenience or alarm when he knows the information
    reported, conveyed or circulated is false or baseless.

    (2) Falsely reporting an incident is a Class A misdemeanor.

    Hmmm… Class A misdemeanors
    Class A misdemeanors in the Commonwealth of Kentucky carry a maximum punishment of 12 months in local jail and fines of up to $500. Such crimes are decided in the District Court of the county in which the crime occurred.

    Yikes. Kinda looks like letter D fits.

    Damn Nicole, don’t you keep track of what you publish publicly? So much stuff out there. Volumes of stuff. I wonder what else is out there that you’ve forgotten about?



  4. Nicole dear you can say all you want that this doesn’t prove you are a big fat liar but you are. Viv didn’t film you and that’s what you claimed yesterday. You claimed that’s why you took out the protection order. But that was a lie. And another lie is that you don’t read all the blogs and pages because clearly you do. Calling random people out by name for calling you a liar proves you read all this crap. Just stop lying, life would be little easier for you.


  5. …but I’ve previously posted here as Nothing Blessed About It and a few other names earlier on. It took me some time to land on a moniker I liked and one which felt true to “me.” Reading the commentator names is half the fun of this entertaining and educational website. The wit and satire is hilarious!! I will not use my real name because of the stalker-like tactics I’ve witnessed in Joe and Nicole; but I’m pretty sure Sally knows my real name or could easily figure it out, and I am fine with that. If she shows up on my doorstep, I will invite her in for coffee. Now…

    Re: this video. It’s finally become clear to me why I’ve been unable to stop reading about this couple on the many and various websites found all over the internet about them (this is FAR from the only one). Two words describe this couple and my own experience in watching THEIR never-ending exposé on themselves. I say *their* exposé intentionally because it really is *they* (Joe and Nicole) who have chosen to reveal the most intimate details of themselves to the world; and then they go off the rails and LIE, LIE, LIE when the “world” (or many people) gasp and recoil in horror at what they see. The two words I speak of are: cognitive dissonance.

    Most public figures, unlike Joe and Nicole, are savvy enough to know not everyone will adore them and they develop the ability to ignore negative commentary. Other public figures pull back because they decide the limelight is not their cup of tea. Not so with Joe and Nicole! They go on the attack toward anyone who does not lick their feet or hump the leg. Why?? Cognitive dissonance. It means: anxiety that results from simultaneously holding contradictory or otherwise incompatible attitudes, beliefs, or the like, as when one likes a person but disapproves strongly of one of his or her habits. To clarify: In my opinion, Joe and Nicole love the publicity and attention which “going viral” has brought them (not to mention the possibility of windfall money) but they disapprove strongly of any negative OPINIONS about their antics, particularly their lying (!), but the list is long. To make a grand leap from negative popular opinion to “the trolls are stalking us” is just bizarre!! But it sure reveals their extremely high level of cognitive dissonance.

    A more rational individual would simply pull back and not reveal so much; but they can’t, they won’t, and they don’t want to–until they get what they want–which is 100% approval ratings! Ugh. It’

    It’s been said before. If they truly wanted to be “left alone” (as they call it) they would remove themselves from the public limelight. But then they would truly be as invisible as they must feel on the inside. It is approval and adoration they seek; and it appears they will spare no dime to get it. Bizarre.

    My own cognitive dissonance is realized when I see myself in some of their beliefs which I won’t even list here, because I don’t wish to make it “public.” (see how that works Joe and Nicole) It’s choosing PEACE over public discourse. Someones I have been tempted to share a meme or some other FB article she shares, but when I look at the *person* Nicole (or Joe) there is no way I want to be associated with that. It has then forced some pretty hard introspection to try and evaluate my own (maybe) skewed beliefs. I DON’T want to be that person. I don’t want to be like them. Am I? For sure I lived with many of Nicole’s fantasies and ideals for many years ago; but life has a way of slamming it out of you. Cognitive dissonance and the anxiety it produces are the reason I keep spectating and reading about this family. It’s also the reason I STOP reading sometimes. I need RELIEF from the cognitive dissonance continually on display and experienced within.

    I’m sure Sally could write a wonderful blog post about cognitive dissonance, laying it out more clearly and concisely. And I’m sure to hear these two words pop up in a Joe and Nicole video since it appears they “stalk” this website quite often (to use their lingo)

    My head hurts a little. (which would also be a great alias) LOL! I love reading everyone’s comments. Enjoy your day everyone! We are currently getting slammed with a blizzard here on the east coast (that’s a clue for whoever wants to take the time to stalk me). Ha!


  6. Happy Tuesday, Nicole.

    My Tuesday has gotten exponentially better than yours is, and I have been vomiting for two days. ?


  7. I forgot the quote “that same day I filed one against Vivian because she was videotaping my family at the laundromat.” That’s what you said bitch! Viv didn’t film you. You lied in order to take out a protection order against her, you lied to all your followers. You lied because that’s what you do. And when you lie it gets harder and harder to keep the lies straight. Stop fucking lying. Get off the fucking internet, plant a damn garden, get that rain catchment system set up, teach your kids, groom dogs, etc.


  8. Whoops Medusa. Yeah I know, keeping facts straight never was your strong suit. Too bad you have destroyed any sense of goodwill that might have been willing to let that he/she oops go.


  9. Cage. See Nicole’s mouth.

    Unsatisfied with the cage she has created for herself called her life, the Nicole has stealthily been advancing towards a state sponsored cage. The Nicole not wanting to be alone has gamed the system so well that more family is looking forward to 3 hots and a cot.


  10. I just had a thought. In all of this mess, it seems there are NO EPO/IPO’s against Nicole. Therefore Nicole is allowed to be online antagonizing everyone she has orders against with no impunity. Makes me wonder how this will play out against her in court. Maybe it is time for some restraining orders to be taken out against Nicole.


  11. Medusa’s favorite words for backpedaling are ‘um’ and ‘clarify.’

    She uses both a lot lately.


  12. Ipo or not,you can’t just go around saying people’s names like that, on public video. The only reason people record like THAT is attention. You want attention , viral attention and then cry…not buying it.

    Fake tears = we need money
    We are moving = aka that’s what we say to avoid court issues

    All this court time isn’t good for unschooled time either.


  13. All this court time isn’t good for unschooled time either.

    It doesn’t hurt that at all. They don’t do anything, so what could it interfere with?


  14. “Other than Sally’s tabloid blog there are no other sources of this gossip. None. Just her spin.”

    Ahh look. Nicole. Is this your spin? Have you done a google search lately? Do a google search of your name. It would take over a day to research all the links that come up, most of which are not friendly or positive with regard to who you are as a person. Why are you always picking on Sally?
    According to your spin, people are unhappy with your lifestyle. Not true. Most people become obsessed with watching you when they experience cognitive dissonance between what you say with your mouth (that alone is a challenge) and what they see in your videos and hear in your audio recordings with the police and such. This evidence, which you alone provide, stands in sharp contrast to the “image” you paint with your words. People like me have a visceral response to your attitude which is alarming in its complete arrogance and disregard for truth, justice, and logic. The lifestyle you profess to espouse is embraced by many people, but that’s not the point. Your lifestyle has never been the point except to the extent that what you *say* you do and the things you post (hard evidence) do not match. But I maintain that it’s your attitude that pisses people off the most. How elementary of you to call people trolls and stalkers for not liking you. You expose yourself as a fraud and a liar, and then get angry when people point it out or call it as they see it. Who made you final judge and authority? It’s not a crime to dislike you and write about the things you post on the internet. STOP making a spectacle of yourself and your family, and people will stop spectating.


  15. Joe and Nicole, here is an #unschooling lesson for you, courtesy of Mark Twain: “It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid, than to open it and remove all doubt.”


  16. I’ve been around since the beginning. One of the original 55. It’s saddens me that this has only spiraled downward and out of control. There is no coming back from the damage these 2 fuck wads have done.
    Those children only look happy because they don’t know any different. They think what they do is normal. They will never have any normalcy in their lives as long as those 2 who are supposed to be their caregivers are around.
    I would never want a child taken from a parent that loved, nurtured and provided basic necessities. Joe blow and Nic hole aren’t even covering the barest of essentials.
    I am also concerned about the neighbors. What in the hell must they be thinking? Can you imagine living out the rest of your life with the stench and the nastiness so close to his beautiful farm.
    And those beautiful young ladies that don’t stand a chance at a normal relationship with anyone. They aren’t taught hygiene, hair, makeup etc. That stuff is important for a young girls growth. They are such beautiful children and it saddens me that they are so isolated. Their health will suffer as well. No dentist, no regular,preventive care checkups. I’m afraid that something is going to happen to shatter the world that the fuck wads have created.
    They can’t continue to have the luck they have had with no major illnesses and birthing all these babies with no assistance.
    I’m just rambling….I have so much on my mind about this. Those kids deserve so much more.


  17. Child welfare usually requires the children to have regular dental, eye and doctor visits while the parents are working a case plan. That may be one reason the Nauglers are still tied up with family court.

    If the court believes the children will be medically neglected if the state withdraws supervision, the court will continue to keep them in a case plan. Once the parents can show they are able to care for their children (doctors visits, staying out of jail, meeting basic survival needs, etc.) the courts can close the family’s case.


  18. Doehaven, interesting point “They think what they do is normal”. It’s incredibly true. I grew up with an alcoholic mother, I didn’t know for a long, long time that it wasn’t normal. She hid her drinks too so I just thought her odd behavior was normal until I got older and started going to sleep overs and birthday parties, I seen what a normal family is like. We lived in the country so I really didn’t have experience with other families until I was a bit older, early teens. It saddens me that it wasn’t until I was a young teen girl that I realized that something wasn’t right. My friends knew before I did, their parents would tell them they weren’t allow to come to my house to spend the night because they feared my mom would drink and drive and/or leave us completely unsupervised. I was isolated, lonely, and I wouldn’t see my mom for days at a time, she would lock herself in her bedroom for days. I thought that was normal. I thought every mom was like that.
    Now that I have a family of my own, I felt lost for a very long time. I didn’t know how to be a mother. I never learned how to cook, clean, play with children. She never taught me hygiene, how to do my hair or makeup. She never let me join sports or sent me to camps so going to sports games were awkward for me for a while, I didn’t know what to buy for them for their sports or how to properly prepare for a weekend jamboree.
    I seriously feel for those kids. I was such an awkward adult, not knowing how to properly adult once tossed out there at 18 and they have it so much worse than I did.
    I’m changing my name for this one, I’m sure Sally will respect my want for anonymity (maybe she’ll fix my spelling on anon for me too lol)


  19. I absolutely loved her slip up about the fourth wall. I had to re-read that a few times because it was just so damn funny. Nice try at being smart NicNog 🙂


  20. I’m sure Sally will respect my want for anonymity

    You betcha. I am very thankful you’re in a better place now.


  21. I watched the video again, watch the eyes, they dart around, the constant blinking, that woman is not well. The storage shed is taking a toll on her.


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