The OK Corral

They were standing on a corner in Tombstone, Arizona.  It was such a fine sight to see.

Or, as it’s known in Breckinridge County, the Breckinridge County Courthouse.

This was the scene of the Great Shitgate Standoff on August 16, 2016.


On one side, standing for the evil “nuisance” State, was Wyatt Earp the Judge, with his accomplice, Doc Holliday Jeremy “that idiot” Hinton of the Breckinridge County Health Department.

On the other side, standing up for “his right to compost his shit,” was Ike Clanton Joe “I’ll dump my shit anyplace I like” Naugler.

They had come to this defining moment after years of sparring.

court records 1


Note: some of these charges say “dismissed” because Joe quickly complied with the law, or because charges were rolled together into one.

court records 2

And that’s just in Kentucky, spanning six years.  Who knows how much is in Texas or Maine or elsewhere.

But clearly Joe “I will absolutely fling my shit” Naugler is no stranger to the evil devices of the State, his nemesis.  In other words, this is not his first rodeo.

The current confrontation has been documented here numerous times over the past few months.

The Bucket Brigade


This is probably what you came here to find out

Throughout, Joe “nobody can tell me where to poop” Naugler has been adamant about his right to relieve himself as he pleases. Nothing illustrates this better than the little conversation he had and recorded with Jeremy “that idiot” Hinton from the Breckinridge County Health Department.

And it looks even better in print.  So I transcribed it for you.

You’re welcome.

Joe: I’m just curious as to, beyond the complaints that are being made, what factual evidence have you acquired to instigate (incomprehensible) the claims that are in that paper.

Hinton: Like I said, other than the complaint, I have not been on your property.

Joe: Yeah, well, I know that

Hinton: on y’all’s Facebook post, there were pictures of the composting toilet, or what you call a composting toilet.

Joe: Yeah

Hinton: The way you’re composting is not approved – is not an approved system in the state of Kentucky.

Joe: Well, we have looked at EPA, and we have looked at regulations, and we’ve had several other agencies investigate us, and everything is on the up and up. We, we composted through a bucket; we have several composting areas that we keep very, uh, lined with, uh, even EPA standards. We downloaded the PDF based off of EPA standards and we are following those to the letter.

Now, I’m cur – I know that you’ve gone on Ron’s property – we saw you – uh, did you take any test results from anything off of his property to confirm that our compost toilet is contaminating his property?

Hinton: No. The reason I was on his property was not for the toilet. That’s not the reason I was on his property. The reason I was on his property was for debris and trash and stuff that supposedly came from your property, and I was just there to look at that.

Joe: And you saw debris and trash?

Hinton: Well, there was some type – I don’t know if it was wet toilet paper that was (unclear) – there was something in that field of his. I don’t know if that came from his property or your property or what. I was there to look at that.

Joe: Yeah, yeah, so you’re saying one item that could have been a toilet paper, could have been. . .

Hinton: The letter you received is because of the way that human waste is being piled, or composted, or whatnot.

Joe: Yeah

Hinton: (unclear) has some type of EPA guidelines, or something, that you’ve talked to them. If you’ve got all that documented, then I need copies of all that.

Joe: Well, we don’t need – we’re not gonna – we don’t need to prove a negative. I mean, if you’re coming at us and you’re trying to, to, show cause of something that we have done wrong, you need to prove that. You’re gonna need to prove all of that. And that’s what I’m saying. I’m requesting any documentation, any certified documentation, of how, because it’s very clear that, in the thing, we have a right to compost our waste. And the guidelines that are set forth, we are following it as best we can to the letter. And when I say ‘as best we can’, that – I’m not saying – we’re following it the way it’s supposed to be done. There is no contamination run-off, there is no sickness, there is no anything being caused, or to show cause from our compost.

This is direct harassment that we are documenting coming from some of the locals, who we have heavily documented, are gonna do this. Um, and, you’re just, as far as you and your agency, we’re gonna need proof of any of this.

Hinton: Okay. Like I said, basically you can look through all the-

Joe: I have. We have.

Hinton: (unclear) 902KAR (unclear) 085

Joe: We looked through all those yesterday, and we still fall in line with that. And like I said, you’ve sent us a piece of paper with your authority on it and your reputation without, again, like I’ve said, I’ve recorded this conversation here and admittedly, you’ve never been on our property, and the only thing you spotted on Ron’s property, after not doing any tests, because we read all these citations, we read ’em all, was that you saw what could have been toilet paper, or some kind of debris but it was only one piece or item.

Hinton: Okay. Like I said, we’ll just, we’ll let this go, and at the end of your notice, if you haven’t corrected the dumping of the solid, dumping of the human waste on the ground, then. . .

Joe: The human waste can be composted on the ground.

Hinton: Okay, we’ll let somebody else determine who’s right and who’s wrong.

Joe: Who, who’s going to determine that?

Hinton: Have a good day.

As you can see, Joe “I can so dump shit if I want” Naugler just did not give an inch.  And Jeremy “that idiot” Hinton just refused to listen to Joe “It can so be composted” Naugler’s cogent arguments, and retreated swiftly to the safety of letting “somebody else” determine who is right and who is wrong.

But who is going to determine that?

Why, the evil statist Judge, that’s who.


So Joe “We did not contaminate” Naugler got a summons, way back in June. It has taken all this time, due to all sorts of legal wrangling and an illness, to get to the OK Corral.  But here we are were, on August 16.

Nicole “I will so breastfeed my baby right in court while he wears sunglasses” Naugler has assured us that they are in it for the long haul (did you like that little pun? Took me a while to come up with that one).


It’s a plot.  It’s the evil statist Judge who is plotting with Jeremy “that idiot” Hinton to make an “example” of this poor family, the Clantons Nauglers and make them “conform.”


Actually, the evil statist Judge didn’t do anything at all about any testing of any soil.  You know why?  Because Jeremy “that idiot” Hinton never accused them once of “contaminating” anything.  What he said above, right to Joe “nobody is sick” Naugler, was that dumping shit on the ground in Kentucky is illegal.  Period.

lack of a permit

And I hate to inform Nicole “we don’t need no damn permit” Naugler, the permit wasn’t the issue. You can’t get a permit to commit robbery either. There is no permit available to do what they have been doing.

stand ground

But they are gonna stand their ground. See? Right there. That’s what it says.

not backing down

Nicole “I know my rights” Naugler is not backing down.

Can you feel the tension in the air?  On a hot August morning, the air was electric in Breckinridge County.  Who would win in this battle of wills rights lunacy?

Would it be the evil statist Judge with his trusty sidekick, Jeremy “that idiot” Hinton?

Or would the intrepid Joe “we have read that and follow it to the letter” Naugler prevail in his stand against tyranny?

update promise

We were promised an update.  We were so promised an update.

And I waited for the update.

And waited.

And waited.

And nothing happened.

Well, except a stupid picture of a little kid eating at Hardee’s during the Joe “I love our after-court dates” and Nicole “I always take the baby so sympathy” outing.

So what the hell. I’ll update.

deferral 1

Page 1.  It’s a criminal offense, but because the evil statist Judge was feeling all nice and sweet, he allowed Joe “I absolutely can dump my shit” Naugler to sign a deferral agreement.

What does that mean?

It means that Joe “I cave in whenever I walk into a courtroom” Naugler has to be a good boy and follow all the rules that the evil statist Judge lays down in the document.  He has to do this for a whole year.  If he fucks up and makes a huge mistake and shits in a bucket and dumps it on the ground, the evil statist judge can have his sorry ass hauled right back into court and there will be hell to pay at that point.

deferral 2

And other than “be a good boy,” there were two requirements.

First, Joe “I know my rights” Naugler waived his constitutional right to a trial.  I found this extremely funny.

Second, he cannot “hold” shit.  I cannot imagine why he would want to “hold” shit, but nonetheless, he cannot do it.

He also cannot “stockpile” shit.  That means, in evil statist courtroom language, he cannot compost it.  He can’t make a big pile of it and let it rot.

And he can’t even “dispose” of shit without getting the approval of Jeremy “that idiot” Hinton.

That means one of two things:

They have to hope Jeremy “that idiot” Hinton will allow them to continue renting the porta-potty for the next year or they have to get an approved, actual, real septic tank complete with permit and inspection and all that stuff.


Just like the rest of us have to do.

And just like in Tombstone, Arizona, all those years ago, the Earps won.

Looks like the Nauglers have a couple of thousand extra bows to make.


It appears that about an hour after this post went up, Nicole “I never read the ‘tabloid’ blog” Naugler did a kind of rewrite/update/mishmash on her blog.  Unlike her, I do not mind one bit if you click the linky and go over and read what she has to say.  It’s just an amazing coincidence that she decided to update right at that time.

Basically, though, she’s trying to assert that all that happened at the Great Shitgate Showdown was that Jeremy “that idiot” Hinton gave her a form for a permit and she just has to fill it in and submit it and they’ll be back to shitting in buckets and dumping it on the ground.

I’ll believe that when I see it.

Oddly, she claims that “their attorney” (like they have an attorney on permanent retainer) gave them a copy of the supposed form for the permit “weeks ago.”  Why, then, didn’t she just fill it in, if it’s so easy peasy, and submit it and then stick her tongue out at the whole world and trot off to shit legally in a bucket?

Oh, and she refers to the court deferment as a “souvenir.”  That’s sort of like calling Mr. Hinton an “idiot” and the court a “nuisance.”

There was never a need for this to go to criminal court. . .

Well, she’s right about that. All they had to do was comply with the law in the first place, and do something about it all within the very generous length of time they were given, and they’d never have gone to court.

Nicole “freedom fighter” and Joe “OMG, let me sign before I have to go to jail” Naugler are their own worst enemies.


46 thoughts on “The OK Corral”

  1. I guess the king and queen of the turdis can’t understand why their alternating bullying, denying and whining just isn’t working so well anymore. It’s one thing to do it to churches and private citizens but the government…well the king of the mountain of excrement knows he has nothing to stand on. Funny how they were so silent on the matter. Sally, thanks for showing what …. expletive, adjective,and adverb defiant…. people the king and queen of the blue feces box are.


  2. Not only is Joey’s poop piling up but a laundry list of “Joey no can do” Naugler list of no- no’s for the next year. Mr. Holds his balls in court Naugler has little freedom between the courts, CPS and his beotch of a wife. Man, that is one pussy whipped voluntaryist! He even gave up constitutional rights! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    The ground, Nicole “we don’t need no damn permit” Naugler, is standing on is quicksand. Hey little girl Nicole, you better smarten up lickety split! The woman has even been kicked off of her own precious facebook pages!

    You know what they say, there is always more than one way to skin a cat. Tick tock, tick tock…it is just a matter of time before Joe, has no balls, Naugler and his sidekick, Nicole, nickers in a knot can’t even shit right, Naugler, eat their just desserts!

    You better find some new ground to stand on Nicole.


  3. Wow. Being charged for cruelty to animals, failure to vaccinate against rabies & failing to license their dogs is just plain stupid. Ditto for not insuring their vehicle(s). That’s ridiculous. After all, they don’t have the money to pay to fix their own cars, let alone someone else’s – or to pay medical bills if they hurt someone with their vehicle.

    What I really would love to know more about is whatever happened with this case that Joe brought against the state? Is it sealed or was it dismissed with a barely concealed guffaw by the judge?



  4. I do not think they are going to show up every other day to clean out the Ole Shitter without charging them some more extra dollars. I mean just cause you rent it every month it still takes real humans to pump the Naug shit out and clean it and that cost money just like it cost money to upkeep gas lines even if they don’t use it. So it’s probably safe to say they still force the kids to dump white buckets of shit any and every where they want cause NOBODY TELLS THEM WHAT TO DO. Coughcough


  5. Never have I ever thought I’d see the day that one is told no you may not stockpile your shit


  6. But wait. Don’t they have to clean their shit up?

    No. Remember? It just goes away. That’s what Nicole “I know how to compost” says.


  7. So Joe “get me in a courtroom and I fold like a deck of cards” Naugler is collecting quite the resume from the judicial system. That should serve him well…or not.

    I am curious about one thing though… At the moment, they have a pile, or several piles, or a river of crap on their property. The judgement from the court reads to me as if they aren’t allowed to dump any more crap on their property, but what happens to what is already there?
    The court document says “The defendant shall not hold, stockpile, or dispose of any human waste in any manner without prior approval of Breck. County Health Dept”, referring to any future attempts to compost, yet it doesn’t specify what is to be done about the health nuisance already in place. Surely it’s not just supposed to stay there? Or has it disappeared into the PortaPotty? Who knows?


  8. Quite literally the funniest thing I have ever read

    The hammer is coming down, and these idiots have lied, manipulated, bullied and overproduced themselves into a corner. I hope they stay stuck there for the rest of their lives with joe beating his man boobs and Nikki screeching like the harpie she is.

    It would be perfectly fine, however, if that corner got moved to another location


  9. I, also, am still laughing over the judge telling them they can’t stockpile their poop.
    This whole page has been a hoot.


  10. I noticed the original blog post has been updated. Now. Only after you published this blog post.

    Nicole writes this “And of course we got souvenirs.” And photos of the court documents. Now. Only after you scooped her on it. And if you hadn’t published this post, she never would have released them. That said, there’s only one more thing I want to say:

    Wash your fucking hands and clean your fucking nails. It looks like the shit pile is being “composted” under them.


  11. Thanks for the update! This is semi off topic, but I was just looking at the humanure handbook and I have been trying to figure out how the heck they are implementing anything like the book talks about. It talks about the potential to be a health hazard and the need for hand washing and the amount of bucket space needed (approximately 12 buckets a week for a 12 person family), and a suitable material to cover up each ‘deposit’ in the bucket until it gets added to the compost. There are lots of little nuances, and I just wonder why if they are doing it per the handbook like they claim (this is a silly assumption I am making) why they were never able to specify how they were doing it, other than saying to read the handbook. It would not have been hard to read it and pick some details to use for their narrative. They never mention sawdust or other cover material. Where would they have even been able to acquire enough of a suitable material had they been doing it semi-properly?

    I know the followers tend to lack critical thinking skills, and take NN at her word, but her word was only ‘read the book’. I just did and it seems glaringly obvious that they were not adhering even a teeny bit to the book. It is so flabbergasting to me I guess, but everything about this is.


  12. They’re so lucky they don’t live in my area of my state. You’d get one initial warning to clean it up, then a summons, then you might get one warning. If you don’t abide by it, you’re going back to court, then to jail. Joe wouldn’t be getting this deferral where the judge has thrown his hands into the air in defeat, where the current shit pile can remain. My courts would have thrown his ass into jail and taken those kids away and the land condemned. I know of properties in this area condemned over dog shit. Human is worse. It’s nasty that the Naugs don’t have to clean up the shit they’ve already thrown around.

    This just reminded me of how Octomom’s house was piss-drenched, and CPS didn’t do anything. A lot of people called CPS, and a hair stylist who went to the house got pictures of a lot of stuff, including a kid forced to shit in the back yard. CPS didn’t do anything, and she didn’t get jail. The closest she got to any trouble was for welfare fraud, and she got a finger-wag for that. Seems like having a ton of kids is a perfectly fine defense for ignoring the law.


  13. They’ve been getting off so easy for everything. Very disproportionate to the amount they moan and storm about it all.


  14. Per Stephanie On the BLH-What I don’t understand is people have the right to live how they want to. Just because you don’t believe in what you don’t see or what some hateful people want you to believe does not mean you get to run havoc on people lives. If it was me I sue all the people that want to slander and keep take me to court. Just ridiculous

    How can these people not understand this is a criminal complaint being brought by the state? You can not sue the State when you walked into court and admitted that YOU WERE DOING THEY VERY THING THE STATE ACCUSED YOU OF!


  15. What Stephanie and the others don’t seem to comprehend is you don’t have the right to live your life how you want to. No one has the right to dump their crap on the ground. There are so many things people aren’t allowed to do even if they want to. We have laws, laws to protect our communities, our planet and our citizens. The Nauglers want to thumb their noses at the law and because of that they are paying. Had they just grown up and taken care of their crap properly they wouldn’t be so tied to the government. Yes Nicole, I am a slave in your eyes but I don’t have the government telling me not to hoard crap. I don’t have the government as the legal guardian of my children. I don’t have stay away orders. I don’t have CPS doing home visits. I don’t have the vast majority of my town wanting me to leave. You dear sound like the slave. Funny it’s us “statists” that are free while you wallow in the misery you created for yourself.


  16. Gah, I am not the only one who noticed Nicole’s filthy nails. She is simply out of touch with how low and basically disgusting are her “standards” of cleanliness.

    See Joe’s rap sheet here? Joe was GUILTY of menacing. The Missus recently tried to deny that stating that he “took a plea”. An Alford plea results in a guilty verdict, regardless of him “maintaining” his innocence. He was CONVICTED of menacing, regardless of the sentence being fairly light.

    Nothing to spin here. Poopgate is just another in a long line of Naugler losses against the law. It’s no wonder JoeCole is wrathful and birthed yet another nasty critic harassment page, “Are You For Real?” Like raccoons when cornered, the Nauglers get mean.


  17. What Dinah said. We don’t have to tell anybody in any government office if we decide to move across county (borough) or state lines. No government official has written either of us a personal list of dos and don’ts. CPS has no idea who we are.

    And all it took was following Wil Wheaton’s First Rule.


  18. I’m astonished that a judge has to order one not to stockpile literal shit! Honestly before this case I had never heard of people just shitting and pushing wherever and I grew up in the backwoods Deep South but by the late 70’s when I was born pretty much everyone had indoor plumbing ! My only experience with an outhouse was one time at a neat place that trains missionaries that our kids went on a field trip too! I was terrified a snake was going to bite me in the ass and have never pissed so quickly!!!
    I vaguely remember the thing with octomom and her kids going anywhere! Is this just a thing when you lose control of your very large brood of kids and you no longer care where human waste goes? I just don’t get it!!! I’m so very thankful my whole life I’ve had indoor plumbing and that my kids have had it their whole lives ! Forgive me if this has been asked because I don’t follow things as closely as before and this whole Naug Saga has been one literal cluster fuck of horrible third world things that I had no clue existed in our first world country!!! But they can have a proper outhouse with at least a 6 foot hole ( because apparently tape worms can only travel up through 5 feet! Dear Hod this thing has been one big unschooling lesson on the grossest of gross!!) But that would take a permit and approval and possibly heavy equipment? ( I may be a country girl but I’m a hair and make up artist and have never dug even a one foot hole!!!) oh and the one thing that Joe lacks most , hard work. So the only solution is a ports potty or real life septic tank right ?

    My only experience with court is jury duty and speeding tickets but is it this common to break so many laws so freaking often and get away with it?? Also do people normally fight this stuff ? I normally just go online and pay my speeding tickets because they are well earned ! Unless I get one in my home County by the police departments or the sheriff because if you actually go to court and plead guilty they will cut the fine down! To be honest one time I just went ahead and paid it online then to because I didn’t feel like getting up early for court the next day! I mean it seems Jor has repeatedly broken various was and gotten away with it! In SC lapsed insurance will get your tag and lisence pulled and an expired tag will get your car towed and possible loss of lisence !!!

    I got a ticket for no insurance and no tag because we had just bought a car from Auction that day and were driving it but i called the insurance company before the auction and they said any car we purchase is automatically covered the first 30 days. Also in Alabama you have 20 days to get a tag and your bull of sale is proof when you get pulled over . We had recently moved to SC and I didn’t know you had to get a temporary tag before your car touched the road. It sucked but it was my fault for not knowing the state law here and assuming that it was the same as Bama. The cop could have been hard on me and towed my car but instead I was polite and went to court and the judhe and the cop talked and saw I had all my proof and I just paid court costs!!! They are over 40 and can’t seem to have proper registration , up to date tags and car insurance !!! Not to mention they destroy any vehicle they have because it is not taken care of!!!

    Sorry for the novel ! I’m just catching up with everything because even though I only have 2 kids not 11 , I don’t have an unlimited amount of time to be in the Internet!!!


  19. Re: One of the conditions of Joe’s deferral order
    “The defendant shall not hold, stockpile, or dispose of any human waste in any manner without prior approval of the Breckinridge County Health Department.”

    Just how is this going to be enforced?
    They have a lot of acreage to secrete a lot of shit.
    Will there be periodic inspections?

    I’m disappointed in the outcome. What was the point of Jeremy coming to inspect? He saw they were dumping their shit on the ground, and nothing happens.
    Seems the Nauglers get more breaks from the evil statist establishment than your average citizen would. Sigh…


  20. Long-time listener, first-time caller. I, too, am very interested in what will become of the existing biohazard. Also what any results of neighbors’ land pollution tests will show.

    Have the neighbors tested their land? Mr. “Idiot” Hinton was apparently just looking for solid waste, which lo and behold, he found. That doesn’t say good things about the local groundwater. I feel for y’all’s aquifer and hope the damage already done is not *too* bad.

    Btw Sally, apologies for the burner email I use for comments like this. It’s a little crass, I know! -.-


  21. Sally, This may have been your finest, lol, but I know there is more to come as they still are “documenting” for that big case when their ship comes in… (Hint, Nauglers-just buy the damn lotto tickets.) I’d bet too, everyone in the court system now wants to put on sunglasses and hip waders when Naugler cases are heard.
    So, what could they have done with all of this wasted time and money? Run their kids to scouts, 4H, soccer, riding lessons maybe? Nooooo, normal is BAD! Instead fritter away those possibilities for your kids ma and pa while entertaining your delusions.
    Well I am unschooling on freedom ala Naugler style:
    1. Pay the man and “your attorney” for your constant habitual court losses. (Good lesson for a strong advocate of consequences. NN)
    2. The man now dictates where you shit and other details on mandatory disposal of your shit… (PreK lesson for us traditionalists.)
    3. The man dictates how you behave towards your neighbors. (PreK lesson here also.)
    4. The man tells you you cannot drink beer nor partake in illegal drugs such as pot. (Early early PreK.)
    5. The man supervises and retains legal custody of your 11 children, because you won’t stop breeding but don’t take care of your offspring humanely. (Traditional middle school lessons in health classes.)
    Slow learners I’d say but thankfully, for the rest of us, we have The Man who will help ’em along. And they seem to love their frequent visits with him, along with little “souvenir” reminders. It’s all good.


  22. Somewhere Nicole wrote that she’s not a “friends person”, which I take to mean that she doesn’t particularly want them (reciprocity and having to BE a friend in order to KEEP a friend is such a drag). But she certainly does lean on those “friends” to offer her $upport whenever they find them$elve$ dragged off to ¢ourt! Or to buy bows, or recommend her business to others – despite having been washing dogs in cold water in order to save on her gas bill.


  23. Artfully written, funny as hell, two thumbs up.

    Seriously though, a big Thank You to Mr Hinton and the Judicial System who continue to protect the health and welfare of our community from these shit hoarders. After seeing repeat offenses on the criminal record, you certainly have shown great restraint in your dealings with the Nauglers.

    On another note Nicoles recent answer/update on her blog to this blog shows her intention to violate the court order and add still another “Souvenir” to her husband’s lengthy record.


  24. Dinah,

    One of the biggest problems that Joe and Nicole have is that other people also have rights. That is, at least in part, why laws exist–to protect the rights of the citizenry. The Nauglers assert that they have the right to ‘enjoy their property’ and live amidst their human waste. There are a few problems with that beyond the ethics associated with the environment but primarily because this practice violates the rights of two groups of people. Those two groups of people are the Naugler children who, unlike what Joe and Nicole say, really have no choice but to live as Joe and Nicole choose. The other group of people are those in the surrounding community. They have rights to be free from nuisance behavior of non-law compliant people. They have rights to travel on public roads (however remote) and not be stopped and heckled by Joe insisting that he owns the road. They have rights to let their children go get gas without being leered at by Joe. They have rights to have non-contaminated water. They have rights to go about their business at their homes, churches, community without being menaced, stalked, or otherwise abused. Joe and Nicole will say they are victims of such behavior but they, not the citizenry, are the ones perpetuating these acts.


  25. Dinah-you are exactly right!

    Nicole has the “gubment bad” voting block locked, but none of these people ever stop to wonder about why someone would want to dump their human waste on the very same ground that they praise the Naugs for letting their children run “wild and free” on.

    I personally am not a big fan of the government either. That is what initially attracted me to this story. I have to bite my tongue sometimes when I see people saying things about Christians or conservatives because I AM both of those things…..but that doesnt preclude me from seeing that people like the Nauglers are the exact reason WHY the government became overgrown and bloated. Someone has to monitor obnoxious folks like them to prevent them from infringing on my rights to raise my kids free of ingesting poop from the aquifier, as well as the Naugler kids rights to be kids and not chattel of their parents.

    Nikki, people like you and your husband have destroyed the ideals set forth in the “1787 document” Pull you shit together (literally) and stop screwing up this country for everyone else. Since you husband is a law scholar I am sure he can school you on the steps needed to renounce your citizenship. Pack your shit (the whole pile please) and go elsewhere. Apparently you are fond of Canada.


  26. I keep thinking of poor Joe. While “I know my rights” Nicole is bantering all over the place on social media, it’s Joe looking all hen-pecked. He’s the one signing over his rights, and yet another deferment. I imagine since he is the supposed roo, he takes one for the barnyard. Well, looking like 3 now, deferments.

    That’s quite a history. 16 court records on 3 pages, over 6 years.

    I hear a jingle just now, “I fought the law breaking, and the law won”…


  27. I have to bite my tongue sometimes when I see people saying things about Christians or conservatives because I AM both of those things…

    I am neither (I bet you didn’t realize that!) and I know that who I am shows in my writing. I cannot change that and hence, don’t apologize for it. I do, however, want to make it very clear (channeling Bernie there a bit) that I am not purposely trying to be offensive. I just am who I am. And I am never targeting any particular individual with my darts.


  28. So does the deferred prosecution mean that they have to appear in court again in a year and show proof they have had a port a potty service for the past year? So even if the Nauglers pee and poo where they want, they still have to pay for a year of service?


  29. I do not take offense to your page. Tou have your rights to your beliefs, and I am well aware of those beliefs when I visit your page. It is, after all, your pagen i am the guest here.

    I am more referring to passing comments I read sometimes about the stupid right wing or deluded religious people on other pages or blogs. Not all conservative or libertarian people hold the extreme beliefs the Naugs do.

    Actually I dont believe they actually hold any beliefs at all, other than whatever happens to suit them at any given time. They are wholesome church goers if the church is footing the bills. They rage against government overreach in order to procure donations. Meanwhile they drop the f bomb and slander their neighbors, and wilt in the face of the evil statists time and time again. They give actual principled people a bad name.

    It is Wednesday, soI am headed to the park. Unlike the Naugler children, my son will not be bathing there though.

    This blog post was a hoot by the way.


  30. Did I read this correctly: removing the Blessed Shit Pile(s) is pending? Meaning they’re still going to make them clean up, just not right now?

    Seems like that’s as pressing as banning them from continues to be shit hoarders…


  31. I though according to both N and J, that he was some kind of a bad ass…you know, take no shit from anyone, especially the man. But, when I read the transcript of Hinton’s visit to inspect the blessed little shit-don’t-stink pile, Joe acted like a little bitch…I try not to misogynistic here but really, he talks all big and then the man gets there and all that shit about shit he has read becomes dribble…J says, “Well, we don’t need – we’re not gonna – we don’t need to prove a negative. I mean, if you’re coming at us and you’re trying to, to, show cause of something that we have done wrong, you need to prove that. You’re gonna need to prove all of that. And that’s what I’m saying. I’m requesting any documentation, any certified documentation, of how, because it’s very clear that, in the thing, we have a right to compost our waste. And the guidelines that are set forth, we are following it as best we can to the letter. And when I say ‘as best we can’, that – I’m not saying – we’re following it the way it’s supposed to be done.” Then he backtracks. “We are following it to the best we can to the letter.I’m not saying–we’re following it the way it’s supposed to be done.” What a little bitch….Either you follow or you don’t…Then there’s this: “There is no contamination run-off, there is no sickness, there is no anything being caused, or to show cause from our compost.” Sick babies lying on the ground around the fire….throwing up….right, no sickness. All his rambling and talking in circles just shows he hasn’t read diddly and neither has N cause if she had, she would have been up there screeching about how it’s supposed to be done and with exception. They are freakin’ frauds.

    Then, he gets a little backbone because he cannot support what he is doing so he does what he knows will raise an eyebrow. “This is direct harassment that we are documenting coming from some of the locals, who we have heavily documented, are gonna do this. Um, and, you’re just, as far as you and your agency, we’re gonna need proof of any of this.” This and proof of this….talking in circles J….and then the guy goes and looks at the shit pile…it’s totally messed up the way he struts around like he is the man but that little rolly polly nasty ass shit stock piler is just a great big ole bag of wind.

    I, too, wonder what the judge requires them to do with their existing stockpiled shit. Will they have to have someone come up in there and clean it all up? For the life of me, I cannot believe that the Ns think it is much better to break the law than it is to do what is not only best for their family but also their neighbors. Their notion that following regulations is giving in is a typical angry teen attitude. Very sad for the children.


  32. Amie said “I personally am not a big fan of the government either. That is what initially attracted me to this story. I have to bite my tongue sometimes when I see people saying things about Christians or conservatives because I AM both of those things…..but that doesnt preclude me from seeing that people like the Nauglers are the exact reason WHY the government became overgrown and bloated. Someone has to monitor obnoxious folks like them to prevent them from infringing on my rights to raise my kids free of ingesting poop from the aquifier, as well as the Naugler kids rights to be kids and not chattel of their parents.”

    I totally get where you are coming from. I waver back and forth about big government. I am definitely a conservative leaning libertarian but alas I have learned to just avoid politics. Locally though some of my favorite politicians happen to be big time liberals. Honestly I just want good people in government. As a libertarian I get lumped in with people like the Nauglers. As homeschoolers first, unschoolers second, we also get lumped in with folks like the Nauglers. It’s understandable though, the craziest people tend to draw the most attention. The average people just living life, educating their kids and tending to their families don’t draw the ire of the public. So when something negative comes out I try to just keep scrolling. I know it’s not representative of my family or my children.

    I grew up in a very diverse community, both politically and culturally. It gave me an appreciation for people with different viewpoints than mine. Life would be boring if we were all the same.

    And Sally I am sure you and I would agree on very little when it comes to politics. But I am sure we would agree on the fact that our littlest citizens need protection. This is after all about the children. I don’t give a damn how Joe or Nicole choose to live, as long as their crap doesn’t infiltrate the surrounding area. I don’t care if Joe and Nicole choose to be uneducated. I don’t care if they choose not to get medical care for themselves. But I do care about the children. And I do care about the community.

    I think many posters on BLH assume the Nauglers live out in the vast wilderness. Wasn’t it Pace that described it as “virgin land”? Well it’s not, you can see their home from the street. They aren’t living out in the middle of nowhere. They have neighbors and those neighbors are impacted by the Nauglers actions.

    Anyhow back to the original reason for me posting this, thanks Sally for speaking up. Even when you speak negatively about homeschooling I have no issue with it. I agree wholeheartedly with some of your issues, especially in regards to the Nauglers. And sometimes I just roll my eyes and move on. Hahaha! Hope you don’t take offense to that either.


  33. . Even when you speak negatively about homeschooling I have no issue with it.

    I am not an opponent of homeschooling. We did it very successfully for 5 years. In fact, I attribute at least some of Nathan’s success in music to homeschooling. But it has weaknesses and people ought to be aware of those. No system is perfect.

    When we begin to think that our way is the only way and it has no flaws or room for improvement and it’s not permissible to criticize it, we’re in big trouble.

    This is why our governmental system has worked as well as it has for a couple of centuries. The idea is to have opposing views that can come together and settle on compromises that fix the biggest issues. To do that we need strong, good, honest voices from every point of view. And that also means that we engage in vigorous and yes, sometimes acrimonious debate. I think it is President Obama who keeps saying that democracy is a messy business. He’s right. It’s not pretty to watch the sausage be made, but damn it sure tastes good.

    But back to controversy. Can you imagine how different this all could have been had Nicole and Joe simply invited Jeremy Hinton to come out to the property, without threats of suing him or shooting people, and just explained what they wanted to do and showed him a beautifully set up humanure system with a little shed all neat and clean and a lovely contained set of compost bins with a thermometer handy and lots of sawdust in a big pile? He might have ultimately said “no” (I have no idea) but he would have been exposed to a thoughtful, reasonable approach, which is what you get when you read the Humanure Handbook. And he might have said, “Gee, this is all interesting, but I cannot approve it right now. In the interim, let’s dig a hole and you guys put in a traditional outhouse and we’ll revisit this when I have a chance to do some research.” And they could have graciously agreed, and Jeremy Hinton wouldn’t have become “that idiot” that Nicole thinks doesn’t know how to do his job. He might even have become their friend.


  34. I also wanted to add that unlike Nicole I believe in freedom. Every year, heck everyday, my children have the option of going back to public school. They’ve been in public school, they have also participated in public school even as homeschool students. Public school or private school are always options here. It is not something we diss. It’s an option. I truly believe in school choice. I’ve had years where some of my children were in public school and some were homeschooled. College is also something we encourage. I have adult children currently in college because that is the next stage of life. Kids grow up, they move on. Unlike Nicole I also know where my children compare to their peers. We test annually. I live in one of those horrible states with homeschool oversight. Oh the horror! It’s okay though, I don’t mind oversight as I know I am not neglecting my children. Sure it’s a pain. It’s one more thing to do. But when it comes to my children and the other children in my state I am grateful for oversight. I don’t like seeing kids abused and neglected. I don’t believe parents have the right to abuse or neglect their children. I don’t see my children as my property. I see them as my responsibility. And that is one area where Nicole and I disagree completely and it’s why I am totally fine with homeschool oversight laws.

    And yes sometimes my grammar is horrid which is why we have online teachers to help our children. Homeschooling doesn’t have to mean the parents teach everything. Their are amazing resources out there. Perhaps someday the Naugs will see fit to utilize them.


  35. “He might even have become their friend.” Or if not a friend, at least an advocate.

    Nicole should consider the following poster when she goes on and on about how she isn’t a person with friends:

    Just in case the link has to be snipped it reads, “Dysfunction: The only consistent feature of all your dissatisfying relationships is you.”


  36. Typing on my phone and not proofreading means errors. Yes I know the difference between there and their. Oops!! I am only human.



    I’m sure that many people who read hear know of cases in which compliance with local ordinances is impossible because of circumstances. The people who go to P and Z, or whatever commission is involved, with clear, dispassionate explanations of what they were able to do instead and how it does no harm tend to get variances. The ones who make big preventable messes and bellow and stomp around…end up like the Nauglers.


  38. My word how incoherent Joe becomes when he’s not getting what he wants! So different from the many years ago when he actually spoke cogently, even well. But on those occasions he was doing a sales pitch of sorts to show he was a great guy and one of the guys. When he didn’t get what he wanted he became incoherent. Boy do I feel sorry for Mr. Hinton having to go through all of that.


  39. This site is great!! I have been follwing this crazy family since their story appeared on info wars. I feel sorry for the neighbors of this clown show. I also feel for the children. I can’t imagine having to poo in buckets living in the United States. If they want to live in a mud hut they are welcome to go to Africa!!!


  40. I would be beyond PISSED if I found mystery TP on my property. Fucking gross. Only an idiot needs to be court order to not dump shit everywhere.
    “she just has to fill it in and submit it and they’ll be back to shitting in buckets and dumping it on the ground.”-Almost a year later people! When will the few followers start seeing this trend? From a post earlier this year it’s pretty clear they aren’t even using the porta potty, so where is this Hinton guy now?


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