The Neverending Tale

Let’s begin at the beginning. That’s always a good place to start.

The closest I can get to the beginning is this.

There was more to that, but it just goes on with how oppressed she is, and it’s my blog, so I cut it off.

The point is this.  Nicole was bullied in school.  She was “socially awkward.”  Her words, not mine.

The Great Bullying of Nicole started in grade school.

But it didn’t end. She was bullied and people said bad things about her and she endured all sorts of mistreatment all her life.

Let’s fast-forward to the move to Kentucky.

Boy, that was bad, wasn’t it?  Poor Joe and Nicole.  The church’s bishop talked some lady into renting to them.  Notice that?  The church bailed them out of a bad situation, back in 2008.

Thank goodness for the church, right?

Well, not exactly.

She couldn’t get along with the landlord.

And then she started being active on social media.

You know, it is one thing to blog.  With a blog, especially if you get hardly any traffic, there aren’t many people to fuss with.  For one thing, most people just read a blog and then move on.  Most readers do not comment. It’s a little bit of a hassle to do so, and so they just skip it.

But Facebook is a whole different thing.  It’s easy to comment on Facebook.  Everyone does it.  People insult each other right and left. Develop a thick skin or restrict your friend list to people who agree with everything you say and then just post cute kitten videos and pictures of your children.

Make it all public and good golly, you’re inviting criticism.

My Facebook page is entirely public. As a result, I sometimes get an influx of “butterflies.”  Butterflies are those idiots who wander around Facebook getting in arguments with libtards, or atheists, or omnivores or people who like Monsanto and vaccinations.  I generally laugh at them, try to determine exactly what species of butterfly I have collected (lunaticus rightwingitus, or batshiticus veganus are two examples).

That’s the nature of social media.

It’s not personal.  Those butterflies don’t know me, don’t care about me, and twenty seconds after we’ve finished yelling at each other, they have forgotten I exist and I cannot remember what fake Latin name I gave them.

Please notice the date here. November of 2013.  This is just about the time when Joe and Nicole moved to the shitstead.

And people were threatening them.

You know who wasn’t?

Al Wilson wasn’t.  I wasn’t.  Lisa wasn’t. Deb wasn’t. In fact, I do not know a single person who she now calls a “troll” who was.

You know why?

In 2013, none of us had ever heard of Joe and Nicole Naugler.

And notice this.

And to be honest, we had this persecution long before my blog and FB.

Read it again.

And to be honest, we had this persecution long before my blog and FB.

Did you catch that? This is a year later.

. . .a small few who follow us with ill intentions. Looking for anything. . Any reason to make our lives more difficult.

Exactly who would that small few have been?

I’ll tell you who it wasn’t.

It wasn’t Al Wilson, or me, or Lisa, or Deb.  I do not know anyone who it could have been, because none of us ever heard of Joe and Nicole Naugler at that point.

And here we are another year later.  This time she’s going after her employer. The contract stuff is about Patricia. We’ve already discussed that here.

The other stuff, where she refers to her employer as a plural, is probably not Patricia, but it’s unclear.

What matters here is that she is still bitching.  Two months before The Great CPS Caper, she’s griping about how mean everyone is to her, and about how everyone lies about her, except when they don’t lie, but then they tell the truth with a “negative disgusting tone.”

The whole “troll” thing is nothing new.  This has been the pattern of Nicole’s life.

Her idea of persecution is having anyone disagree with her for any reason at all.





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  1. For the record, the Bishop who helped them when they moved here was not Bishop Highlander. He tried and did help them later and let’s just say, no good deed goes unpunished. The Bishop who helped them at that time went even further by setting up monthly food deliveries. Enough groceries that there would be no need to spend a penny on anything. The aid was extensive. The ward was welcoming. The Bishop even offered Joe a job at the company he oversees. Guess who didn’t want to work? Guess who went on to stalk and harass said Bishop and his good family even up until recently. Said Bishop has since moved up to greater responsibilities in the church. Some of us will never forget the Sunday the Bishop’s minor child was accosted in the hallway after church though. Why? Joe was upset about the chuckwagon being cut off and oh of all offenses the Bishop voted for Obama. I believe he said the child’s father was the anti-Christ. Thankfully the child has a bold mother who shut that down real quick.
    What else can be said other than some people are professional victims. Guess who fits that description?


  2. I heard the term “Crybully” a year or two ago. It’s someone who bullies, throws their weight around and generally is a dickhead. And when they get called out in it, they sob and weep, pointing fingers while playing the victim. She’s a Crybully. He is, too. It must have worked wonderfully as children, which is why they’ve kept it up. Here’s the thing: it works best when you are a cute child, with parental figures (church elders) or teachers (church elders). But if you’re a foul-mouthed, sex obsessed, accused pedophile, or a stinky, sloppy, over-bred, shrieking freak? Well, people aren’t going to buy it anymore. No one is that much of a victim, ever. People start to see the common denominator. And they won’t piss on you if you’re on fire. The bridges that they ever managed to build have been blown up by themselves. And the folks they’ve fucked over have made sure no one will be fooled again.


  3. this is great. You have made a great time line. I wonder if Nicole cringes when she reads the truth about her life.
    Your writing is like holding up a mirror to Nicole so she can see hersel clearly. All she has to do is read this blog to see her as she really is. She hates you Sally because she hates herself when she reads her own words and logic that you write. It’s sad really. Instead of looking at this blog as some sort of therapy she could use on herself or for some self reflection, she complains. I’m surprised she hasn’t used your insights to her life to better herself. If I was to read a blog about me and if some stuff about me that wasn’t nice, I am sure I would be hurt and mad, but I’m also sure that I would learn something about myself that would make myself a better person and how not to treat others badly. I don’t feel bad for Nicole like I used to when I thought that it was all just hardluck that had befallen them. It has never been hardluck, just laziness, pot and poor choices. How else can you explain her circumstances?


  4. DAMN!

    I have a visual of Sally, dropping the mic, and crip-walking off the stage to Jay-Z…

    If you feelin like a pimp ma, go and brush your shoulders off!
    Ladies is pimps too, gon’ brush ya shoulders off!
    Get, that, dirt off ya shoulder!


  5. The Nauglers are the most irresponsible parents on this planet
    Getting pregnant year after year and not making a proper home for the children they are responsible for and the stillborn
    Kentucky cps are unbelievable letting this situation carry on and no improvement in those childrens lives


  6. I just cannot imagine how god-awful it must be to go through life constantly starting, or finding battles to pick, and fight with other people. In my experience, most people are pretty nice. You know, they’ll help if you need a hand, they’ll share a laugh, a joke and even a meal with you, and they can display breathtakingly unselfish acts of kindness when someone is struggling or in need, often no matter the reason for that struggle. Take Deb and her animal fostering, and her generous donation of trolls resulting in kids going to camp, for example.

    I’ve been on this earth longer than either Joe or Nicole. I’m old enough to know that if you walk into a room, and it’s full of arseholes, you might be unlucky. If you walk into another room, and it’s full of arseholes, you might still be unlucky. But if everywhere you go in life, you walk into rooms full of arseholes, or towns, or even cities full of arseholes, then sadly, the problem you have is that it’s actually you, who is the arsehole.

    Joe and Nicole are nasty, mean, ornery human beings, who go through life, trying to take what they can get for nothing in return. They are the arseholes, not anyone else.


  7. “…got rid of a lot of stuff. I just hope it all went to a good home.”

    Did they dump stuff on the side of the road? Or did they go out of their way to find a Goodwill or charity shop of some sort and give it to them to dispose of? Or did they go through neighborhoods, looking for evidence of trash day, then leave deposits? I’m imagining they left behind something large and bulky, the sort of item that requires a few phone calls, a special pick-up and a fine if you just leave it out willy-nilly. So they may have cost homeowners money (fines, court fees) too.

    I doubt we’ll ever know, but Joe and Nicole abandon animals so I can easily imagine them abandoning trash. Someone else will clean it up. It’s magic.

    Or something.

    “I don’t make donation posts very often but we appreciate every single donation that comes in. Our internet family is amazing!”

    Man, she must have lit up when she found out that you could have a PayPal button embedded on a blog and the day FB had the “send money” option was better than frozen watermelon sticks on a hot day in August. Funny how it’s her internet family that is amazing, rather than anyone else. I bet she and Joe have burned through a lot of familial ties – and money.

    I bet Nicole didn’t have many friends growing up. It wasn’t because of her last name. It was her behavior and personality. Still holds true today.


  8. She reminds me of an elderly family member. He was one of the biggest gossips I have ever come across. Always talking trash about others, stirring the pot, telling lies, and distorting the truth. He was miserable, hateful, and often vicious. When called out on his behavior, he would immediately respond with “quit picking on me”. Then default to deny, cry, and promise to change. Unsurprisingly, change never happened. He had no real friends, and didn’t understand that most people had his number. He was notorious for throwing tantrums when he didn’t get his way. At home. At the pharmacy. At the grocery store. With the next door neighbor. To hear him tell it, everyone loved him. He missed the eye rolls and faces that were made when his name came up. He got away with some spectacularly bad behavior because most people didn’t want to deal with him, including family members. His sense of entitlement was off the charts, and he could not stand being ignored. Like Joe and Nicole, he was a bully. And the only way to deal with bullies is go toe to toe with them. They back down, they crumble, and they cry.


  9. The big differences between those earlier times and now is 1) the Nauglers tried to outrun CPS and Sheriff Pate caught Nicole, and 2) Nicole and Joe do not have absolute control of the narrative anymore. Before, when they were trying to mess over the LDS Church and then hastily left, the church folks pretty much shook their heads and did their best to let it all go. However, those who were there at the time did not forget but generally tried let it go.

    When Naugler Family Disaster Inc. went viral to capitalize on getting caught and having their kids taken by CPS, the media got involved and people responded to it. It was surprising to me how many people told the unflattering-to-the Nauglers truth and how similar the stories were from people who had never met nor conversed in any way. The Nauglers expanded their persecution of others who disagreed with them to anyone who said anything, anywhere on the World Wide Web that did not glorify the Nauglers. Unfortunately for the Nauglers they miscalculated and assumed that a bit of organized bullying and cyber-intimidation would shut everyone up. They did not expect to encounter people like Sally, Lisa, or Deb. They already hated Al and the Sneeds because they weren’t afraid of the Nauglers. So the Nauglers have lost control of their fake-for-public-consumption narrative and their desperate efforts to regain control backfire all the time and make them look as stupid, ridiculous and pathetic as they really are. They really are losing their ability to bite much any more (both literally and figuratively).


  10. “I try not to post drama but I have a lot in my head.” — Nicole Naugler

    Truer words have never been typed.


  11. The crazy runs deep doesn’t it? The paranoia and setting blame on everyone but themselves is strong with those 2. We grew up with the words “You only have yourself to blame”. Yea, sounds harsh doesn’t it? But it’s not, it’s tough love and being taught to own up to your own bullshit actions. Clearly, not every little thing is your own fault but it’s words to live by because it makes you really think about how something happened and why. You pick it apart to see if somewhere along the line YOU did do something that resulted in said situation. Odds are that you did, most of the time you did do something that put it into motion, good or bad.


  12. We all know people like these two. There the family members we try to advoid and when through karma we are in there midst. We do our best to get away from them, they drag us down and make it look like its always someone elses fault that were like we are.
    They are like a plague of locust, draining the resourses as tehy cruise along leaving a wake of misery anywhere they sit there asses at.
    It cant be said enough NN and HH, HH get off your ass and get a fucking job , learn how to be a man and a father, both of which you are neither right now and I seriously doubt you know how considering your past. Nicky, you are your own victim. you were hated as a child and it carried over in to being a vagina with a zipper. Your not a momma bear, your a rat, you feed off others like a rat feeds on garbage at night, take away that fucking cell phone and your fucking tablets and your nothing, you have a few hanger ons that dont have two nickles to rub together and you beg them for money, SO what is it nicky that your going to court for this time, I hear its your signage, what pray tell did you fuck up this time? LOL who gets the blame for you fucking up Nicky, Catch any wild wolves at the shitstead lately?


  13. It was surprising to me how many people told the unflattering-to-the Nauglers truth and how similar the stories were from people who had never met nor conversed in any way.

    This has been my experience. When I speak (through the magic of the internet) with people from all over the place and who encountered Joe and Nicole decades ago, they tell the same basic story.


  14. Who is lurking in the trees Nicky, who might it be that you think may be laying in wait to do what?, there is no one you fool, not a living soul, some freshly dug dirt that contains the body of a child that is your FU to society, how the fuck do you live with yourself knowing YOU and Jabba were the blame.


  15. You should have been a research journalist. Or maybe not: if you were as good a professional nurse as you are a blogger/non-professional reporter/semi-retired farmer, then you were an AMAZING nurse, and your patients were really lucky to have you!
    Anyway, thanks for the time, energy and effort you pour into your blog. Truth matters. As the daughter of a very dysfunctional mother, I find your posts validating and therapeutical 🙂


  16. Outsider,
    I personally find your posts super creepy and inappropriate.
    Unhelpful at best. Kinda psycho, really. Take a chill pill.


  17. Am I reading it right or does NN say she found a job with a local groomer AFTER they arrived in Kentucky?
    JN had no job lined up & neither did she? What kind of parent moves their family 20 hours & several states away with out having a plan? ( And I know, insert NN plan jokes in here!)
    Also even 9 years ago $300 deposit seems low to me? What did they expect?
    I know when we rented a home in Arkansas 16 years ago our deposit was $750 for a 1100 sq ft home in a rural area.
    If I’m way off base please help me get back in line!


  18. So telling that even as an adult she still describes her disruptive behavior of repetitive talking in class as, ‘not chatty, but just giving her opinion, with too many detentions’.
    A lack of control and impulsively with the belief that everyone else needs to listen to her, certainly will lead to being ostracized as a child (and apparently now carried into adulthood).
    She mislabels this as ‘bullying’, which is nothing more than a convenient avoidance of any introspection or changes to her maladaptive behavior. But then in her mind she is always right, so there’s that hurdle too.
    She must have been quite a challenge while in school. Little wonder her choices for her own kids preclude public schools. Tragic legacy for her kids.


  19. I think you would have been friends with my mother. She died 16 years ago today, so I’m sure it’s just confirmation bias, but your writing and approach to so many things remind me of her. It’s a good thing, I promise!


  20. Sally…this is perfect.


    Man, I wish you had access to the dozens more entries like this over the years. I know she deleted a shit-ton of stuff just after the kids were taken and she finally put two and two together that her online rants could be used against her.

    But yeah, she’s left a hell of a paper trail over the years. Particularly if you use resources to access old deleted pages and entries.

    The saddest part is how they’re modeling this victim/persecution complex for their kids. So, in addition to being grossly uneducated, the kids will also have neurotic fears of society. Gee…great. Parents of the year.

    Kentucky Child Protective Services, where the hell are you??


  21. Also even 9 years ago $300 deposit seems low to me? What did they expect?

    I thought so too when I read that. I’ve been a landlord. No way would I do that.


  22. Take a chill pill.

    I have meditated more than once about simply not approving some of “outsider’s” comments. Thin ice.


  23. So she wasn’t just being “chatty” in school – even then, she couldn’t stop herself from offering her “opinion” to her fellow students — so much so, that she got into trouble and had many school detentions. Nicole has never figured out that offering your opinion, unasked for, makes you a pain in the ass. The fact that she couldn’t keep any friends is not surprising. She had baby after baby, so she could have some “friends” who couldn’t leave her, at least not until they were 18 years old. As Putin’s boy would say, “SAD!”

    Sounds like they had to get the heck out of Maine fast. Probably left behind a trashed rental property and many months of unpaid rent. Pathetic losers, the two of them.


  24. For all of NNs statements about being an extreme introvert, her attitude doesn’t mesh with her self professed attitude. INFJ, yeah right. She read the description and liked it, she clearly didn’t take the comprehensive test and answer accurately. She cares an awful lot for someone that says they don’t give a shit what people think about her. She talks an incredible amount for a person with a F or N. She’s a tough talker with tissue paper skin.

    I don’t put a ton of stock in Meyers Briggs, but I’ve consistently tested out INTJ for the last 20 years. I’m not proud of my personality type, and I know it makes me a prickly woman to deal with. I’ve been trying to be a friendlier and more empathetic most of my adult life, but its honestly very difficult to do. She thinks only about the perceived strengths in the type she claims, even when the traits are negative. The types are supposed to help you improve your weaknesses, not wallow in your failings.


  25. KatataFish, yes. It’s so sad that the kids are on the receiving end of N & J’s deterioration. They don’t have the chance to be just kids, and their parent’s vitriol against the world is the only influence they know. It’s tragic.


  26. Something very telling written by Nicole was that she researched state homeschooling regulations/laws and they needed to be LAX.

    HSLDA link (Maine):

    I spotted two points in particular that may have persuaded the Naugler parents it was time to pack up and move:

    14. What am I required to teach for each grade level?

    The notice of intent states that you must cover English, language arts, math, science, social studies, physical education, health education, library skills, fine arts, and in at least one grade from 6 to 12 Maine Studies, and at one grade level from 7 to 12 the student will demonstrate proficiency in use of computers. However, there are no specific curriculum standards or requirements for Maine homeschoolers. What you choose to use and how you choose to teach these subjects is up to you as the parent.

    16. How do obtain an annual assessment?

    Options for annual assessments include standardized achievement testing or portfolio reviews by a Maine certified teacher. Both of these services are provided by Homeschoolers of Maine.



    Annual assessment results must be submitted by Sept. 1, along with a Subsequent Year Letter, to both the Maine DOE and the local school superintendent’s office.

    Students must annually submit the results of an assessment from one of the following options:

    Results of a standardized achievement test
    Results of a test developed by local school officials (must be arranged with school system before school year starts)
    Review and acceptance of progress by a Maine-certified teacher

    Yep. Accountability to anyone, for anything, isn’t their strong suit. Hence the bankruptcy, the check kiting, telling their landlord they can’t enter the property without three days notice BUT insisting that they can go take whatever from whomever they wish because ‘the landlord said it was ok’ to do so. The cognitive dissonance is like wicked bad feedback from the soundboard.


  27. The vast majority of the MB tests seen today don’t test the continuim. The lump you as all I or all E…and so on and so forth, and they exclusively use positive terminology to determine type. The options on the tests are often extremely limited, and very abbreviated compared to the original test. An Ominivert is essentially missed completely with those types of tests. The actual MB test is basically a scale on each type and you figure out where you are on that scale. Have you seen those political axis tests with a graph? You know how you will lean more right/left etc? That is how MB results are supposed to be. When it comes down to it very few people are 100% Republican or Democrat, most people are on the spectrum between the various political ideology. The exact same thing is true of MB types. The actual MB test when administered properly isn’t a feel-good test that affirms that no one understand you because you are uber-special and rare (NN likes to think she is a special flower..ha… her type is absolutely not the most rare, if that even is her actual type; which I highly doubt is true). The properly administered test merely helps you to understand how the way you interpret xyz is different than how another person interprets it as zyx or even yxz or xzy. In its best form the tests is more an aid in helping you understand how another person ticks rather than you communicating how you think/feel/believe. The very idea that the test could be used as some kind of introduction to you as a person is ridiculous. My husband and I both have the same type, but we are completely different people (he’s nicer).

    I honestly think the MB test is most useful with children when combined with a learning style test. Sure their type will change as they grow, but it does help you communicate with them and help them learn in the present to know basic personality and learning style.


  28. What happened in Maine that they suddenly packed up and bolted for KY without jobs lined up or much of a plan? Were they in trouble with the law? Was CPS about to crack down on them? Were landlords going after them over damaged property and unpaid rent? Did they pick KY because of the nonexistent child welfare laws because I can’t get my head around why CPS hasn’t permanently taken those kids. As badly as I feel for those kids, I’m afraid it’s too late for them, I’m afraid that 11 Nic and Joe 2.0’s are going to be let lose on society. Why exactly did the younger daughter run away before they became infamous?


  29. Magenta says,
    I personally find your posts super creepy and inappropriate.
    Unhelpful at best. Kinda psycho, really. Take a chill pill.

    THANK-YOU! Someone had to say it. Creepy AF!


  30. @3boysmom,

    It isn’t you.

    I cannot fathom relocating 1,000 miles without either financial backing/extensive resources (haha!) OR a committed (no pun intended, but interesting word, no?) offer of employment and such.

    This times 1,000 even and especially when there are young dependent children involved. This falls under the category of “responsible parenting”, and we all know that Nicnag and the Profat have no concept of what this means. In Nicnag world, if she has a boob out, she is responsibly parenting. In the mind?? of the Profat, if Nicnag is knocked up, he is a responsible parent.

    Also, if I went on a long road trip (20 hours) with several small children (they had to have had at least six by this time, and J would have been the eldest at about nine), we would be sleeping in a place with beds, a shower(s), and a toilet(s). It is not my thing, but camping would work as well, so long as you were prepared. I understand that this was unplanned due to mechanical issues, but the “unplanned” and most likely the “mechanical issues” fall under the “Responsible adulting/life skills” category. The only skill IMHO either Nicknag or Profat have is grifting, and that is not sustainable in the long term.

    But sleeping in the car, in an unfamiliar town with six kids, and looking for a safe place to park WITH MY SIX CHILDREN, and no bathroom facilities? HELL TO THE NO! This falls again under the “responsible parenting” category.

    I guess that the lack of bathroom facilities is not a problem, since the kids have been “free ranged” (unparented?) such that they will stop and drop a load wherever the urge strikes them, but for 99.9% of the population, this situation would be hellish. This again falls under the “(ir)responsible parenting” category. Can you imagine the smell in that van by the time they arrived? Shivers…

    On to the $300 deposit: My understanding is that the customary/norm is first month’s, last month’s, and a security deposit. I last rented nearly 30 years ago, and the total of these three would have been nearly $2k then. (Though I live in an extremely expensive area of the country.) Even in a low cost area nine years ago, it is difficult for me to fathom that it would have been <$1,500. Yet Nicnag paid $300 and was unhappy with her accommodations? This one also goes under the "Responsible Adulting/Life Skills" (Common fucking sense, or lack thereof) category.

    It also somewhat explains how NicNag, Profat, and 11 children ended up living on a shitty piece of land under a "Rent to Own" contract, and living in a "Rent to own" Garden Shed without running water, sanitation facilities, and such.

    It almost seems as if Nicnag and the Profat take pride in flying by the seat of their pants, which is really just a lack of "Responsible Adulting/Life Skills"? It is very bizarre. Those poor children: piss poor parents, piss poor living conditions, no education, and no socialization beyond their siblings…..and.even and especially being "told" by word or deed every day that paranoia is normal, and outsiders are to be feared.

    Kentucky CPS, where the hell are you???


  31. On the theme of “the more things change, the more they stay the same”:

    Somehow I ended up on YouTube last night with her vlogs. More of the “Muh rightS” and endless persecution. Yawn.

    What was interesting was that she did a video tour of the previous “Rent to Own” Cabin. I had to count windows and really pay attention to ensure that the tour was of Rent to Own (RTO) 2015 vs RTO 2017.

    Toward the end of the video, she takes the camera to the front??? corner of RTO 2015, and explains that this will be the location of the shower and toilet in RTO 2015. Deja Vu……exactly the same location and similar dimensions as is “planned” for RTO 2017.

    I will believe it when I flush it……


  32. . As badly as I feel for those kids, I’m afraid it’s too late for them, I’m afraid that 11 Nic and Joe 2.0’s are going to be let lose on society.

    Well consider this. My father was an overt racist. My mother is still a religious fanatic, and my sister is currently doing missionary work in Germany.

    Children are not clay. They are impressionable, yes, but not totally without resilience. These kids are going to struggle, because they lack all sorts of things, including education, but none of that is set in stone.


  33. The properly administered test

    It’s rubbish. It’s like reading tea leaves or Tarot cards. Toss it.


  34. In Nicnag world, if she has a boob out, she is responsibly parenting. In the mind?? of the Profat, if Nicnag is knocked up, he is a responsible parent.

    Nailed it! (no pun intended Joe)


  35. Take a chill pill.

    I have meditated more than once about simply not approving some of “outsider’s” comments. Thin ice.

    At the risk of veering into BO’s paranoia-land, is there any chance “Outsider” is a Nic-Nog alias? This creep of a commenter adds nothing to the conversation and alludes to being on the Naugler property. Me thinks this is Nicole or a humper planting false “evidence” of troll stalking at the Shitstead on Sally’s blog. Think about it! I can hear the delighted shrieking now…”See! There’s even “proof” on Sally’s blog!! In the comments!!” This is just the sort of game Nic-Joe enjoy immensely. My bet is, she has already taken screen shots and will try to use it in court against her perceived “enemies.” The Naug’s may not be smart or kind, but they are devious.


  36. I still have hope for the kids. I have a friend out west who grew up in a bus. Her father also thought he was a prophet. Her education was minimal. But yet she’s flourished. She’s currently finishing up her degree while being a mom and a wife. And if you met her you’d never know the background she came from. So despite it all I still have some hope for at least some of the kids. It won’t be easy but it can be done.


  37. Okay, I think there is a difference between being socially awkward and being contentious. My thirteen-year-old grandson is socially awkward but everyone loves him. I’ve had friends who were socially awkward and they were a little quiet and less likely than others to enter into a debate. But, I’ve known people who were contentious and all they ever wanted to do was complain, argue, piss folks off, etc. When two contentious folks end up living together, they spread that shit around and it becomes toxic to neighbors and family members. Contentious people don’t even see the glass half empty, they see opportunities to incite ill feelings. People like her and that thing she calls a husband is they really think they are so much better than those of us who sort of like taking showers regularly and you know who are concerned with keeping raw sewage in a safe place while it is either treated or while it decomposes, and who believe in giving our children tools to work with and an education to make using those life tools easy. Too bad we cannot make just one state or half a state and let all those off grid wannabes settle the wilderness and live like their great, great, great grand folks did. I wonder how long it would take Thing 1 and Thing 2 to get a road built…

    Also, I am a little creeped out by the person who keeps posting about hanging shit in trees…WTF?


  38. is there any chance “Outsider” is a Nic-Nog alias?

    I have Outsider’s IP address. It has remained static during the entire period s/he has been commenting here, with only one change and then that remained static. (This happens sometimes when the internet provider changes an IP address.) The fact that it is static would indicate that it is not a variable VPN (fake IP). Both IP addresses point to the same city, which I will not mention, but which is not in or even near Kentucky. So I would say no.

    Of course that means that unless this person took recent road trip in between comments, there was no “stalking” at the shitstead.

    Whether Nicole understands it or not, screen shots are not evidence and cannot be introduced in court to prove anything unless they are verified and that costs money. In addition, I have and am now making it clear that Outsider needs to get her/his act together and tone it down or s/he will be gone. (God, that sounded a whole lot like Joe saying “even and especially,” didn’t it? )


  39. Re Outsider, yes, creepy creepy creepy. I also initially thought s/he might have been one of the Naugs, but I went back and re-read his/her posts on a few of posts and s/he sounded rather convincingly consistent as far as the details about his/her life go. I don’t think the Naugs would actually put that much thought and time into anything, much less into a sock’s fake background. I mean, they certainly never went to all that trouble with Charles Smyth. Now Sally confirms it.

    Re Nicole’s obsession with her “diagnosis” as an INFJ, it’s funny how she can’t stand people telling her what to do, but then she is extremely happy to let Meyers and Briggs tell her WHO she IS.


  40. Trying to catch up on the saga here. Been running from the hurricane.

    The thing that gets me is, how bad did that rental house have to be for the original three-sided stick shed to have been the acceptable alternative? Oh, that was fine? She’s full of shit! Oh, and the tears. Puh-leeeeze!

    And, BTW, I am in a fully self-contained, with 3 forms of energy, running and tanked water, gray and black water holding, 4-wheel drive, I can go anywhere, and bring my livestock and dogs with me, setup. THAT is being prepared and responsible with the lives of others and mine aren’t even human. I wouldn’t have these animals if I could not protect them from harm. Yes, it takes money (my husband and I WORK!), but so does having children. How about having only what you can support? There’s an idea.

    On a sad note, but not devastatingly so, there were hundreds of travel trailers and even and especially (just can’t resist using that phrase) many people living in their cars at the rest areas along I95 in S Carolina. A lot in the WalMart parking lots too. Good news, other than the Keys, everyone has homes to go home to.


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