The Landlord

This audio file predates the Shitstead. I’m not certain which house this was, but it was in Kentucky.

The point of going into this is to focus on a couple of things.

First, this is not their first rodeo with CPS.  It’s happened regularly.

Second, Nicole has been an ass for a long, long time.  This is more of her strident bullying voice talking over the other person and declaring her “rights.”

Loud knocking at door.

Nicole (speaking to child, I think, in a low voice): Go back in (unclear). Go.

Nicole: Hello

Landlord: Hello

Landlord: I just want to do a house inspection.

Nicole: I told you already, that when you called the CPS this morning, that they came by and did an inspection and if you have any questions, you can ask them, or you can give me a two-day notice that you want to come do an inspection.

Landlord: No, we agreed. . .

Nicole: Kentucky law says you have to give me a two-day notice. Other than that, I don’t know what else to tell you.

Landlord: It also says when you’re behind on your rent. . .

Nicole: Yeah, three days late, that’s about it, and it takes more than. . . file an eviction. That’s fine. We’re moving. I’ll give you a notice right now. We’re moving, because we have a window that doesn’t have a window. You told me six months ago you would fix. We’ve had plumbing problems, we’ve had all kinds of problems. You keep saying you’ll come by, there’s a leak in the wall, you say you’ll come by, you say you’ll come by and you don’t.

[Loud music begins playing.]

Nicole: I literally have (unclear). I have a window here that she says she’s going to fix. And yet, (unclear). That’s not good. That is a (unclear).

Landlord: I just want to look.

Nicole: You can give me a condemn notice and you can come back with (unclear) lady or whoever else that . .

Landlord: No, I . . .

Nicole: The law says two day notice. Other than that, you need a warrant to (unclear). You don’t have a lease. We don’t have a lease.

Landlord: We had a lease.

Nicole: You’ve never sent me a lease, we don’t have a lease, we’ve never had a lease. You don’t have anything signed by me. You need to give me a two-day notice. That’s what Kentucky state law says. If you want to speak to the two officers and the social services lady that was here this morning.

Landlord: I just want to see my. . .



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  1. Anybody that moves into a Rental in Hardin County NEEDS TO KNOW THE LAW. Hardin County does NOT go by the Kentucky Landlord tenant act. In Hardin Count LEASE IS THE LAW. If the lease says I can inspect your rental if your late on rent then the LANDLORD CAN INSPECT YOUR RENTAL! That is the freaking LAW of Hardin County. Clearly Nicky has no clue what she spits our of her mouth. She is a true bully. So to anybody else moving into a rental in Hardin County READ THAT LEASE Carefully cause that is the law!


  2. Just for shits and giggles..
    How badly was this house trashed?
    Is this one of the one they had from a church member?
    She sure loves posting audios.
    Sally, you have the patience of a saint, I don’t have it to transcribe all of her bull. Hey, btw thought she was hauling people into court for cease orders or something. I reckon she is the only allowed the first admendment.


  3. I remember running across this recording. Nicole was her typical over-the-top bitchy and screamy. So much of what Nicole used to have up has been taken down or hidden. There was also a comment made on one of the news articles, something that a woman from Nicole’s church wrote about visiting her house while Joe was in jail for child support non-payment. She reported horrific conditions at the house (I think this was the house they were renting from another church member?)

    Here’s a summary of Nicole’s posts AS REPORTED BY A POSTER named TaterTot. I CANNOT VOUCH FOR THE ACCURACY OF THESE SUMMARIES….but I will say that they sound right to me….and like the posts I read when they were publicly available. They are consistent with my memories of reading the same posts.

    ***** (Following post made by “TaterTot”…again, I cannot guarantee the documentation is accurate, it’s been a couple of years)

    Alright here is the summary of the remaining chronicles of the blogspot. The new blog has only 3 posts for June/July 2014 and April 2015. I summarized those at the end. Sorry for the repeat summary of the custody I typed this over 1-2 days.

    February 2013: Joe gets arrested for failure to appear in court. They live in Breckinridge county and he was called to appear in Hardin county. Their vehicle registration is expired so I imagine they didn’t update their address with the court. They were supposed to pay $400/month for child support and he has $14k past due. Eventually the judge lets him out of jail at the end of the month and now he pays $75/month. I’m guessing they didn’t update their income over the years, hence the large amount of overdue child support. Nicole got a new job but it is only for 2 days a week. () and with Joe in jail she only works once a week. Their “rental” is actually an owner-financed home w/property.

    March 2013: the head covers are back. (Maybe they wore them this whole time?) The kids want sleeping “nooks” and not rooms so the pressure to build the cabin is on. Nicole is working 4-5 days a week by the end of the month.

    April 2013: Nicole reveals her husband has an associates degree which he earned after 14 years as a stay at home dad. Following Nicole’s first pregnancy he use to work but as the first child got older and slept less they needed him to quit his night job so he could tend to the child during the day while Nicole groomed dogs. His job paid less than hers. Anyways 14 years later he went to school but after graduation found he only could make $9/hour and so he remained the homemaker.

    Summer 2013: Nicole’s work is steady. The family goes to Missouri to investigate an “opportunity” but it didn’t work out. (My interest is piqued. Homestead opportunity? Commune? New job??? We may never know)

    September 2013: Nicole is pulled over because one of her sons wasn’t buckled. The cop tried to get into her van and look at the seatbelt. She goes crazy and demands a warrant while she records the convo. Three cops eventually are on the scene (in total). The main cop sarcastically calls her husband a constitutionalist. Their $50 ticket is dismissed after 3 rounds of court. She claims it is because the cop who gave the ticket was having sex with a minor.

    Late in the month, Nicole states their financial situation is dire and they have had no job growth. She longs for a simple life away from materialism so she can teach her children not to be materialistic. They have been raising goats and breeding them. (Currently the family lives in a mobile home with dreams of being off grid but they need to prep the MH)

    October 2013: They are moving onto 28 acres of property that has 65 adjoining acres and a stocked pond. There is electric on the edge of the property but hooking it up will be the same price as doing solar so they will do that. At the end of the month their cabin is delivered! They cleared debris to make space for it. Joe has been busy building a giant table and the compost toilet. Pics of the cabin:

    November 2013: The goats are being kept free range on the property. Joe installs the wood stove/chimney so they can stay warm and cook. Before they had only a kerosene heater for heat and cooked over an open fire outside. They use a few gallons (of gas) per week in the generator to charge their phones & laptops and plug in the small kitchen appliances (like a good processor). Nicole states there are two requirements to homesteading: hard work and money. She reports they have lots of the former and little of the latter. They have decided to spend $50/week insulating the walls (she works based on commission). 11 days after they moved in, someone reported them to the state (they don’t know who). Joe was on the phone for an hour with the state. They spent 5 min discussion their living conditions and the rest of the time Joe have his testimony. More info on the cabin:

    Dec 2013: One of the kids has been crazy about raising chickens for months. Finally he is building his own coup. (they were always checking out books on chickens from the library) A few months ago the kids watched the neighbor but her a goat they were babysitting. This month, the kids wanted to butcher their own goat. Nicole uses the laundromat in town, paying $7/5 loads. She seems to joke about opening her own laundromat closer with investor backing. At the end of the month Nicole starts a new job and joe is working 3 nights\week at s fast food place.

    January 2014: Nicole feels they should have been better prepared for winter. She wants flooring because plywood is too hard to clean and wishes they had insulation before they moved in. Fortunately they had their wood stove. Nicole’s older son usually lights the kitchen fire but caught his jacket on fire because he started the fire with (propane ?) gas this time. She is horrified. He survived of course. The pregnant goat had her babies and they are no where to be seen. Nicole suspects they were stillborn. Nicole says Joe is worn out for lack of sleep and feels in the spring his work schedule won’t work. Joe has to shave for work. Nicole and Joe aren’t pleased. Joe skips a few days of work. Nicole prods him to go back. He goes. They write a letter to the employer questioning the policy regarding facial hair.

    Feb 2014: the county finally partially takes care of the road outside of their property

    March 2014: Nicole births #10 in the cabin. Daughter cuts the cord. Joe is home too.

    April 2014: Nicole has been taking the kids to work with her but will soon have a pump so she won’t have to. She thinks the pond looks funky and wants to fix it. It was fairly clear when they moved in (past pictures show this) She wants to make it a natural pool. The kids seem to be eating frog legs or maybe just catching frogs. Nicole has changed jobs and will start at a new place soon as a groomer. Her previous boss had less work than the boss said she would and the boss is acting like she is giving Nicole charity. (Don’t even know what to say here lol) So Nicole quit. But she has a new job again which starts in may. She wants to sell more dog bows. There are multiple ruins on the property which were once mobile homes. They have been at work cleaning it up. Nicole has hesitantly been returning to church after the fall out with the ward. No head covering in sight.

    May 2014: #10 has a name. Older kids have been making sleep structures outside for fun. All of the kids seem to enjoy camping outdoors. The cabin is still on site. Joe is teaching one of the girls to hunt. Nicole is working to establish a good supply of milk but until then the kids are still coming to work with her. The compost toilet has been moved outside but the wood stove will stay inside until chilly mornings of spring are over.

    June/July 2014: the previous grooming job that started in May has been replaced by a new grooming job at a dog boarding/grooming place. The garden isn’t a total failure but not enough to sustain the family without store-bought produce. There is not enough money to prep the cabin for winter with insulation. Nicole is stressed by the financial situation and feels maybe they should have worked in the rat race and then saved a few years before going off-grid but because her oldest is 16 she feels like she would have deprived him of a childhood like this. Nicole reveals she once dreamed of going to college and working to save animals, living in huts, and taking pictures. But she met joe and got pregnant so her plans changed. Nicole sounds distraught about the financial situation but is happy as a mother of 10.

    If you follow the link to what remains of the old site, be warned, there are plenty of pictures of Nicole with babies hanging out of her arse. You might want to avoid those pages.

    But so much has been deleted.

    I remember reading nearly all of the missing posts. I wish I’d taken notes as TaterTot did.

    I think that’s the biggest problem with Joe and Nicole. All the evidence is there in the history, but they delete it and change the narrative and there’s no one who cares enough to keep them honest. And the next set of rubes step up to pay the bill.


  4. I doubt there is one single residence that they have rented or leased that was left in decent condition or without arrears of rent due.


  5. What the actual hell happened to these people? They had more kids than they could afford. I swear Nicole has a death by childbirth wish.

    The sad think is you really can’t fix stupid. Nicole and Joe are just plain stupid.


  6. I am not a doctor nor have I ever played one on TV, but Nicole acts like a schizo. Not the over-the-top ones you see in movies but the type that sit too close to you at the bus stop and want to talk about Jesus until a family member or social worker comes and leads them away (if you’re lucky.) I wonder if Joe realizes that this isn’t normal or if he’s been around her so long he can’t see it.

    Keep pointing out the BS. Anyone who says the anti-Nauglers need to grow up or get a life have never had to deal with people like this. Banding together and telling the truth is the only way to stop them.


  7. Nicole has selectively convenient amnesia about how awful they have treated people and expect everyone to go along with it. Nicole and her loser of biblical proportions husband seem to think that if they declare a more flattering fiction of how things have transpired, then it must be so and everyone will be stupid enough to buy it. That’s why she hates this blog. It calls out Nicole’s convenient stupid lies.


  8. Looks like I missed some fun while I was vacationing with my family. The madness just never ceases with Nicole. Sigh.

    I’ll need to catch up on the blog and the podcasts. I read a little here and there where I had down time but not enough to be anywhere near caught up.


  9. Nic posted that she wouldn’t let Q be coerced into taking a plea. If the DA offered a deal and Q’s defense attorney thought it was in Q’s best interest, could Nic refuse it? She would want to assert her viewpoint on “rights” and Q would pay the price. Or if CPS has legal custody they could agree to the plea?


  10. That is an interesting question Tori.

    If she did pull a stunt like that it would not reflect well in her CPS case for sure. I dont think a lawyer can force a client to take a plea though, even if they are a minor. Unfortunately my gut tells me that the kid would not take a plea even if one was offered.


  11. “Nic posted that she wouldn’t let Q be coerced into taking a plea.”

    Well, the translation is that Nicole is ready, willing and prepared to lose him for some period of time.

    “Next time you gamble, bet your own life!” Mirage The Incredibles


  12. Nicole shouldn’t be fucking talking about her minor son’s case online. Normal fucking people do not do that but then again most people don’t need a revolving door installed in the court house for them. I can count on one hand the number of times I have been to court. Once when my son was hit while riding his bike, the driver refused to accept responsibility, she said he ran into her even though his bike was crushed under her car. She was a nut, the judge was not happy and my son had to testify. It was a joke, she defended herself, the prosecutor and judge kept rolling their eyes and the judge kept telling her what she couldn’t say when questioning my son.

    The other two times were with the same son, both for traffic tickets. He didn’t go to fight them, he went because it’s cheaper to go into court to plead guilty and pay the tickets. He no longer drives because of those tickets.

    Honestly those three times in simple court cases were enough to stress me out. Nothing major was going to happen but still they caused me quite a bit of anxiety. I can’t imagine being so blasé about court. I can’t imagine being a parent and having my child facing those kind of charges. Honestly I’d be talking to a lawyer and shutting my fucking mouth online. But I’m not a nut job (Sally, “nut job” is not a medical diagnosis).


  13. If KY juvenile court is anything like the jurisdiction I worked in, the GAL will be allowed to be party to the case. I pray that happens here. I also really hope that the judge is able to see that the Nauglers are getting ready to throw their poor kid under the bus for the sake of their ideology.

    It’s hard to believe the charges were false when days before they were issued, Joe and Nicole called the child in question “the enforcer” in their Q&A video.


  14. They not only laughed while calling him the “enforcer”, but they already knew about the charges against him at the time of the Q & A. I’d say taunting is more like it.


  15. I remember someone talking about the doublewide? They lived in and left poop buckets and trashed that house too ?I think it was Etown?I believe it was when they movied to the woods and CPS was looking for them?


  16. And the stupid ass records and posts it somewhere. NICNAUG, when you read all these posts, I hope you really pay attention: most folks are not proud of having department of children services investigate them; most folks are not proud of being behind on their rent; most folks are not proud of living in a house that has a window or more out; and finally, most folks don’t brag about all those fucking court appearances. But you, oh my, you have no shame because you think nothing of recording conversations that not only reveal how inadequate as a person you are but how big of an asshole you are….damn.


  17. @Tekla: Precisely! This is when I wish the comment area supported images, because the one from Shrek with Lord Farquaad – “Some of you may die – but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make” – would be posted directly under your comment! ?


  18. So today she is blabbing about moving and a fresh start and all that shit. Hey Nicole, you’ve had how many fresh starts? How many residences have people helped you obtain? How about vehicles, clothing, furniture, food? You just don’t get it, you don’t need a fresh start away from the trolls. You need to accept responsibility for being an utter fuck up, change, get some help, getting spayed, and grow the fuck up. Tell Joe to get off his ass and be a man and support those kids. So sweetheart moving isn’t going to help unless you get your head out of your ass.


  19. I don’t think Joe is a MAN. Why can’t he get a job to bring in some money? Why haven’t they asked themselves why they don’t have money? Where was Joe?? Does he hide when the rent is due?? Why why why why why why won’t he get a job? Why do I care more for their kids than they do?

    Get a job Joe! Have some pride!
    Do it for the kids!

    I wonder if Nicole feels humiliated by any of this??

    Nicole, your fresh start starts everyday. Every time you pay your bills on time. Every time you’re thankful & don’t trash your many many opportunities you have had.

    I’ll let you in on a little secret. When you work to buy your own car, pay your own housing, buy your own chain saw & what not, you will take better care of your stuff. You appreciate the hard work that goes into obtaining those things. You will actually see for yourself that 250 a week is WORTH yours & Joes hard work. It sure didn’t mean crap to you when we handed out money to you. Why? Because you didn’t EARN it! You DID nothing to get that chain saw, van, shed, rental, clothes, food & all that was GIVEN to you. You have become what you so despise..only instead of using the government (who REQUIRES you to fill out paper work & prove that you need assistance) you & Joe beg for stuff under the guise of auctions, dog bows, etc..

    Go fill out the paperwork for assistance. Yeah, you got a lot of kids, so it will take some time (work & effort), but it’s better in the long run for your kids & yourselves. I bet Joe could even get job training to go with that AA he earned. You could get your teeth fixed. And mostly, you won’t be the whore of FB asking for money. Really, what is the difference Nicole??? Other then you don’t like filling out paperwork.

    Just Do It.

    Make a fresh start. Get off FB. Get a suit for Joe. Help him with his resume. Send him out to get a job. Or are you afraid nicole? That someone might steal him?


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