The Land Company Petition

Here’s the infamous petition, for posterity.

petition1petition2petition3petition4This is, of course, satire.   Some of the commenters may not have understood that, but it’s satire.

Nicole was not amused.


It’s just another ignorant prank. . .

Well, it’s a prank, all right, but it’s not ignorant. It’s based entirely on Nicole’s own words written on her own public blog that she then advertised on her own public Facebook page asking people to read.

What are simply hilarious are the comments though, both on the petition and on Nicole’s FB page.

First, the petition’s comments.

petitioncomments1petitioncomments2“Good Sense,” honey, it’s satire.  You know, like the Onion.

petitioncomments3And Richie Magner wins.  Hands down. The best comment ever.

petitioncomments4petitioncomments5petitioncomments6petitioncomments7petitioncomments8petitioncomments9Funny stuff, huh?  But not as funny as Nicole’s fan comments.

petitionBLHcomments1It’s not entirely their fault.  Nicole naturally did not include a link so they don’t really know what it’s about. But god damn, these people are so quick to decide that a firing squad is in order.  Without knowing the first thing about it, they assume that 1) “it’s fraud” and 2) that the petitioner is “collecting money.”

Could that be because they’re so used to Nicole doing exactly that?


These people are ridiculous.

Actually, the person who did this petition (and I have no idea who that might be) is clever as hell.

Notice how somebody asks what it’s about and Nicole just doesn’t bother answering?  She doesn’t wanna talk about it. Wonder why?

And they top it off with the requisite Bible verses.  “Consider it all joy.”  Oh, Iggy, it is.  It’s just delightful reading.

But here’s the deal, on a more serious note.

The lie here, the deception, comes from Nicole. I have a very credible, reliable anonymous source who went and visited with some of the “higher ups” (as Nicole calls them) at Kentucky Land Company and asked some questions.  You know, investigative journalism.  You go ask.

And here’s what the “higher ups” had to say.

There was no contract almost signed. There was no denial of any loan or deal. There simply wasn’t any land at all.

The “higher ups” had heard the rumor that the Nauglers were moving, but not from the Nauglers. They heard the rumor from somebody at the health department who asked for permission to go out and inspect the property when and if the Nauglers did, in fact, move. (I found that interesting, indeed.)

And that’s all the people at Kentucky Land Company know about any of this.

In addition, I have another reliable, credible anonymous source who tells me that there is a very limited amount of possible land across the state line that would fit Nicole’s 30-mile radius of the shop criteria.  And that land happens to be prime farming land, horse-raising land.  Good, maybe even incredible, pasture land.  The sort of land where rich folks build beautiful horse farms.

Raw land, across the state line, meeting her criteria, doesn’t sell for twice what the Nauglers paid for their crappy property. It sells for orders of magnitude higher.  Raw land sells for more than my whole farm with a house and barn and garage and fencing.

Kentucky Land Company is in Kentucky. Its counterpart (so-called “sister company”) across the state line is Indiana Land Company. So I looked on their website at what they have available in the area that meets Nicole’s criteria.  A 33-acre plot?  Nearly $80,000.  A 20-acre place for $109,000.  This is raw land. You get the idea. They currently have 28 acres of pretty shitty land (pun intended!)  Imagine what twice that acreage would cost.

I have long wrestled with the whole issue of whether Nicole and Joe believe their own lies, whether they convince themselves that their alternative facts, their version of reality, is real.  I have wanted to believe that they do, that they have looked at the world from such a weird place for so long that they are being as honest as they can be and it’s just all getting warped someplace.

But this is evidence that I have been very wrong.

Nicole knows what happened with Kentucky Land Company. She knows that they were not denied a loan based on harassment by “trolls.”  She made the claim anyway, knowing it didn’t happen.

She didn’t convince herself it did.  She knows it didn’t.


whygoasklenderWhy would anyone go ask KLC about this?  I mean, why?  After all, they aren’t getting anything done because Nicole has to write lots of shit explaining why they didn’t move.


Nicole told everyone to go ask.

So somebody did.


54 thoughts on “The Land Company Petition”

  1. I honestly believed Nikki’s claim. I also wanted her to move, because of the level of hell she is causing neighbors on both sides of the homestead.

    What a disgusting person. To make up a story like that, so she can attempt to blame another life failure on “trolls”, is over the line.

    How can anyone believe a thing she says?


  2. Just one more in a long list of lies.

    What bothers me the most? Those kids old enough to know the difference in the truth and a lie are seeing their parents do this, time after time after time.

    Children learn what they live.


  3. Are you sure it’s satire and she’s only denouncing it because of the comments? She has fans who believe that they’re on this wonderful, ideal homestead living enviable lives. To me, it’s a Poe.

    I hope KLC takes some sort of action against her for such a blatant lie, and that the courts are made aware of this.


  4. To me, it’s a Poe.

    A POE is a form of satire.

    KLC does not care. I don’t know how many times I need to repeat this: they do not care. Kentucky Land Company, because of their business, is used to dealing with deadbeats. It’s what they do. Granted, they have some customers who buy from them solely because KLC happens to have the exact piece of land the customer wants at a reasonable price, and that customer could get a bank loan if they wanted to but just go with KLC. However, that would be rare, because if you could get a real bank loan, you’d qualify for a much lower interest rate and far better terms.

    KLC’s basic customer base consists of people who cannot get a conventional loan. They have a huge turnover. I don’t know what the percentage is of folks who default but I bet it’s high.

    They are used to being accused of everything you can think of, and they just don’t care.

    KLC is aware of the ongoing drama between the Nauglers and their neighbors and their sympathy is with the neighbors, but they just want their money. That’s why they are in business.


  5. This means that most people were right all along and that there was never a move in the works at all. The “move” was all just another deception, in a very long line of lies, to grift yet more money from innocent people.

    Maybe there is something to one person’s comment that the attempt to get donations for gas money for the move was just an attempt to collect money for up and coming court cases.

    What vile things J & N are. There just doesn’t seem to be a strong enough word to describe these two.

    Thanks for the facts, Sally. As always, it’s great to have a source or truth.


  6. more and more frequently I find myself trying to figure out the satire from the truth (i figured the petition was satire, BUT it does seem like everything is getting more outlandish and over the top, so I wasn’t discounting the fact that it could have been penned by one of them or their fans. I get that same disconnect reading comments too. The actual blessed fans seem to be so completely blind to anything remotely resembling the truth, that this could be how they truly see it. Some of the comments leave me confused about whether the author of the comment recognizes the sarcasm/satire or is just someone with Zero thinking skills who believe whatever they say reagardless of how ridiculous or improbable. I tend to overthink things, so I am probably adding extra layers in my brain that don’t need to be there.


  7. Unbelievable, how many times can one cry wolf? I too was in hopes that they would move and give some relief to their current neighbors. I know that they have to be tired of that shit.


  8. Nicole posting that she won’t move doesn’t sound at all like a woman who fears her neighbors. Which puts paid her claims otherwise.


  9. My oldest boy ships to Fort Benning next week. It has been a really emotional, busy week for us. THANK YOU to whoever posted this petition
    That was the hardest I have laughed in a long time!


  10. Amy, I feel ya. My oldest left for Fort Benning a couple of weeks ago. The struggle is real. Sending hugs to you.


  11. So, the Nauglers are desperate to raise money. So desperate that they came up with the phony “we’re moving, can you help us with gas money?” story. But they’ve gone to the well too often, only have a few supporters left who are willing and able to offer more than indignation and suggestions to sue, and in a few months Nicole will not be able to work. Going viral hasn’t worked out quite as hoped.


  12. All this was done for attention and donations. Her fucking supporters are a special kind of stupid. Poor Nicole, needs to bring this shit on herself…to feel valued! Jesus woman! Pay attention to your god damn kids. I doubt her kids know fact from fiction or alternative facts. Too bad for the poor neighbors. I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before the authorities are called again on those stupid menacing idiots.


  13. Thank you MyohMy. I am super proud and super nervous. He does not seem old enough to go 🙁 Best wishes to your family, as well!


  14. If the health department wants to run tests, then why don’t they just do it? Doesn’t make sense to me to wait until after they move.


  15. Amie and MyohMy…..good luck to your boys. My husband did his basic training at Ft. Benning as well.


  16. Blessed Little Homestead: Nope. The people who wanted us out of the county so badly shot themselves in the foot and are now stuck with us (smiley emoji)

    Call me cynical, but does that sound like a woman “who fears for her life and her family” to you?


  17. If the health department wants to run tests, then why don’t they just do it?

    Nothing was said, to my knowledge, about “running tests.” They wanted to inspect the property, I assume, before allowing it to be sold to anyone else.

    It is extremely difficult to monitor where a person defecates when they live on 28 acres of land, and when the person has indicated that she is hell-bent to do it all her way regardless of what the courts, the health department, or Jesus has to say about it.

    I assume that the health department does not consider this a big enough public health risk to have a shooting war over it.


  18. There is something quite sad about reading what the land company had to say.
    Sally is right in saying that they know about the shitshed but they only care about getting their money. Sending anything to them is pointless unless you want to give them a giggle.

    The sad thing is that Nikki felt the need to lie about moving and people brought into that. They may even have sent money. Yes people were guessing that they were never going to move – but I think people were hoping that they were wrong. What a shit thing to do to not just people who support her but also to her children. They would have known about “the move” as she has already said that they read things on the internet. I sort of hope that most of the children remain oblivious to the whole thing. Those who do know – please keep it from the little ones.

    Plus, if the health people were interested in inspecting the property, they clearly have concerns so why the heck aren’t they doing something about it? Are they so scared of the Nogs that they won’t stamp their feet and get a proper look at what is going on? I find it so surprising that a potential health hazard is seemingly ignored.

    As for the petition. As Al would say – funny shit!

    Lisa if you are reading …… I really miss the interesting posts you used to put on BLTATM. I feel as if my favourite newspaper has gone.


  19. Are they so scared of the Nogs that they won’t stamp their feet and get a proper look at what is going on?

    Are you willing to face the Nauglers and the business end of a rifle over some shit?


  20. Nauglers….here’s a tip that really could help:

    I’ve recently read that there was once a septic system on your place from a previous dwelling. Ask the health department for the site plan, and locate the cap for the septic tank. Build a childproof structure around it with a removable and replacable cap….and start dumping your buckets of shit into the approved covered septic tank. Start cleaning up previous poop dump sites.

    This will do SO MUCH to improve your relationship with your lender, the health department, and your neighbors. If you want to shit in a bucket….be my guest…..but dump that stuff in an approved septic system where it belongs. Shouldn’t cost much of anything to get a site map for your property to find it, and you might even be able to get rid of the porta potty.

    This would help your relationship with the community quite a bit. If people see that you’re trying to respect other’s rights…they’ll be far more likely to return the favor.


  21. I love the one comment about how the BO come to hers restaurant several times a month, sometimes have 1 or 2 kids. So, money to go out to eat, but they wanted money to pay for moving expenses.


  22. It’s quite obvious that N has nothing but contempt for anyone who disagrees with her. But this blatant scam to get “gas money” for 100 trips for a non-existent move just shows the contempt with which she also treats those who agree with her. These are the people that she commiserates with over CPS issues and the mean gubmint. She doesn’t just bite the hand that feeds her, she keeps chewing until she gnaws off the whole arm. She doesn’t give a fuck for anyone unless she can get something from them.


  23. I love the one comment about how the BO come to hers restaurant several times a month, sometimes have 1 or 2 kids.

    Remember, satire. Probably not true.


  24. “I love the one comment about how the BO come to hers restaurant several times a month, sometimes have 1 or 2 kids. So, money to go out to eat, but they wanted money to pay for moving expenses.”

    Particularly as the person who posted that comment states they live in Texas. That was at least 6 children ago.


  25. Okay, so NicNaug’s little plan to scam money from her little followers that resulted in her creating this outlandish story about the land company higher ups refusing to let her buy more land because you know all the drama reminds of that show on TLC where a man has four wives and one of the wives had an online or cell phone relationship with a woman pretending to be a man (catfished she was). The catfisher presented herself as a millionaire business man and his/her outlandish stories were so crazy, I wondered how in the hell she thought anyone would believe her. NicNaug is like that woman. Both get caught in their lies and then they have to come up with some other outlandish crap. I sometimes wonder how many of NicNaug’s followers really believe her. The first time I went to her FB page and started reading and finding news reports about the crap and I mean crap, I quickly came to the realization that something wasn’t right in the world of the blessed shit shack. The more I googled, the more I realized that holy crap, they cannot possibly believe half of what they are saying…then I found this blog and absolutely was thrilled that there were other rationale folks who were not buying their lies.


  26. Are you willing to face the Nauglers and the business end of a rifle over some shit?

    Take the cops out there for a civil standby. If what they’re doing can contaminate the drinking water for enough people, then something needs to be done.

    The Nauglers should bottle up their particular type of Teflon and market it under their own name. They’d make a fortune for the most non-stickingest non-stick stuff ever known to man. I can only think of a couple examples of people who’ve violated laws as often and long as they have without any serious repercussions.

    It’s awe-inspiring.



  27. I totally believe you Sally but I had to check myself about the land the sister company has available. Nothing comes close to double or even the size of what the Naugs have. I figured she was lying but this is just proof that once again is pretty damn easy to find.

    Her leghumpers though are delusion or paranoid or both. They don’t bother to google or ask simple questions. The only bright side I guess is that their supporters seem to be drying up. There is no way they’ll ever get another gofundme lottery win again. The sad thing is that the kids end up suffering. Although they are already suffering, things can only go further downhill.

    There is no point in making suggestions to Nicole. She does things her way. She won’t listen to anyone who is willing to offer advice. She is a perpetual tantrum throwing toddler. She’ll just continue to lie and piss and moan. It’s pathetic for a grown woman with 11+ kids to act this way. In the end though I am merely a spectator. I do feel for the community though and maybe someday the Naugs will go away.


  28. You do understand that a reasonable solution is not what they want, don’t you?

    Yep, Sally, I know that.

    But I keep hoping that one of them will grow some sense.

    Just making a point that people really DO try to be helpful and offer decent suggestions on here, too.

    Would be nice if they took a few of them….but I know better than to hold my breath.


  29. If Nicole or Joe are talking, they are lying. It’s that simple.

    Here is what she posted on her NCN page today in response to a story about parents who likely give a shit about their children: “I didn’t use too worry. I find myself worrying more. Have we just been lucky? Will it run out? I don’t think I’m strong enough for something like that. I’m feel like I’m barely holding on now.

    First of all, she doesn’t worry about her children. Not. At. All. I have seen some horribly neglectful parents in my work and seriously, not a single damn one of them compares to Nicole or Joe. And with all the shit I have seen, that says a lot.

    Second, yes Nicole, you have been really fucking lucky that none of your kids have died. Really and truly lucky. However, luck does run out. And you are going to know that one day. The tragic thing is that one of those children are going to pay the price. You are such a disconnected bitch, that you will try and turn a profit off of it.

    One thing I feel very happy about is that you are feeling the walls closing in on you. And I think that very, very soon those walls are going to include bars. And then you can think of me.


  30. Are you willing to face the Nauglers and the business end of a rifle over some shit?

    Good point! ……..errrmmmmm NO! 🙂


  31. What do you expect from the Nauglers? They are the exact same con artists they have ever been but they now present it all over Facebook for anybody to read. The only differences between now and the yonder years is they went viral in a World Wide Web con and this blog. This blog simply shouts out the lies, cons, manipulations, and the just lovely character of ma and pa Naugler and is a hugely necessary counterpoint to their fabricated narrative. They don’t care about what they do as long as they get something out of it. To them, going to court, having no-contact orders, the Ewok serving jail time now and then is no big deal. They have never faced really serious consequences for their actions other than their slow-motion train wreck decline. So why would they think that a manipulative lie about moving with a plea for funds to pay for 50 road trips is any big deal? To them it’s not. Medusa and the Ewok think that they were so very clever and just laugh at all the people they suckered. They will continue to do so as long as the Ewok and Medusa can live with the continuing decline.

    Their kids are the least of their concerns except as instruments for manipulation and as slave labor (she employs them and to her being employed is slavery). They don’t care about neglecting their kids because they aren’t concerned about the consequences. Sure the state took them for a while but that was okay. The Ewok and Medusa got a lot of money for their kids being taken and they got to live as they wanted to for a time in a hotel. It was pretty cool for them. So no, the Ewok and Medusa will continue being malevolent con-artists as long as they aren’t concerned about consequences. Personally, I think the deal breaker would be if Medusa was jailed for an extended period. The Ewok would not be able to function and would abandon the place and the kids and take the most functional transportation. But nobody wants to hand Medusa any severe consequences because she is the bread-winner and the children would supposedly suffer. They do now anyway but that’s fine for the Ewok and Medusa. They can always blame “trolls” for any problem and use that as their platform to con more money for pot.


  32. Take the cops out there for a civil standby

    A health department official and a guy from the state have already been there. I have to assume that they are better aware of the situation than any of us are. They know what the risks are better than we do (unless you’re a scientist who works in public health, but even then the state dude, who is just that, has been there in real life).

    So I will defer to them.

    However, I understand the frustration.


  33. Hey Sally, could you put a timeline on here so we could put it side by side with NN’s blog post? There was the “Gotta move ASAP” in February & that doesn’t match with AT ALL with what she says was happening in her blessed little fantasyland. Also I thought I remembered a post that they had already started moving bicycles? I could be wrong. Her FB posts do not line up with her Blessed blog posts at all!


  34. Well spoken, Sculder&Mully. My thoughts, pretty much exactly.

    I view most everything Nicole and Joe direct and produce for their reality show, is just that. Show. For ratings. Viewership. And subsequently for monetary profit. “In it to win it.”

    They will not be the first ones busted, for the fake sensational reality show. I imagine many people are now only viewing as spectators, here to watch the show. They will not get a dime, their only profit is my time. Free ranger, watching for entertainment.

    Thanks as always for this blog. It’s like Cliff Notes, a literal study guide. lol.


  35. Also I thought I remembered a post that they had already started moving bicycles?

    She didn’t say that they had started moving anything. She just talked about how they had a couple dozen bicycles, either whole or parts.


  36. what I find interesting, is that per Nicole’s blog regarding this, she states that it will help their defamation case. I know she says she will represent them, but her word will fly in Court. She will have to have proof that the land company is denying them other land based on what she says, which is the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard. If she had an attorney, I should hope they will tell her just that. Who do they think they are that they can just make something up and use it as evidence in a case? That is beyond disturbing thought processes. There is such a lack of thought in that, that it is ridiculous. Whoever did this was clever. But it would seem as though to do one of these petitions, proof of the alleged discrimation against them would first have to be proven. Not just Nicole’s word. I guess that means anyone can do one of these for whatever injustification they feel necessary. I wonder how Nicole found out about it? I’m so confused with all that is taking place, it isn’t funny. I will say this, a pregnant lady needs to be doing nothing but focusing on the pregnancy. herself and the baby- not social media- not looking for trouble around every corner. As for Joe being a prophet- that just makes me puke. And he needs to keep his mouth shut. Talking about their “stalkers” having Stockholm syndrome- what? If people truly believe that they are such God fearing people, then they should wonder why he isn’t doing as the Bible instructs him to do- orders him to do- take care of his family.


  37. Two things.

    First is a confession: Every time Sculder & Mully says “Ewok and Medusa” I feel the itch to design two hysterical teeshirts logos bearing these labels with photoshop, print them on iron-on film…and send Joe and Nicole matching teeshirts.

    Second: 3boys idea of a timeline is interesting.

    On February 27 Nicole states:

    We had a few delays in our move but we are still on track.

    This is like….two weeks before the post about the alleged last minute refusal from the land company.

    About a month ago, Nicole was saying:

    I am excited for this new chapter and close the old one. I think it will help my children heal. It will help my husband and I heal. We need our life back. I know we won’t be the same, our experiences will linger with us, but we need closure.

    They seemed pretty hell bent to leave. I have to wonder what happened to change their minds?

    Surely there’s more than one land outfit in the world? (I’d hazard to guess, that there is probably more than one in Kentucky) Plenty of privately held land contracts out there. If they “hit a roadblock” with one, why give up? Why not persevere and find a different piece of land?

    And now we have this anonymous report that there never was any land, and no deal had ever been made.

    All signs point to this whole thing being a deception. And Nicole’s snarky little “they shot themselves in the foot, now they’re stuck with us” comment sure as hell didn’t give much credibility to the idea that they feel “threatened and afraid”.

    I have to wonder….what the hell was the point of this? Do they WANT to look like liars and drama queens? Because that’s really all they accomplished.


  38. I wonder how Nicole found out about it?

    I found out about it because someone posted a link in the comments on this blog. Nicole reads this blog.

    Nicole states a lot of things about their supposed “defamation case.” Take it all with a very large grain of salt.


  39. Does anyone know what became of J&F’s shed? Still at the ‘stead or re-homed?

    It’s gone, from what I understand. I assumed it was returned.


  40. She had to blame someone for the non move, KLC was just the right ones to get the blame, with some secondary blame on the (trolls). Of course thats enough to get the humpers up in arms.
    I cannot for the life of me wonder how they must spend there days. It has to be one of constantly being on the net searching for ammo on anyone while hte kids just wander in and out of the lawnmower storage shed foraging. Who does that ? In my minds eye I still cannot play out that scene, now she is going to drop another kid who she will take care of and like the Duggars pass that kid off to the girls to raise while she continues her self perceived attack on her family. I am willing to bet this time next year she will be (blessed ) again, I sure hope not


  41. Notice there is no mention of the kids healing. She screams all the time how damaged and scared her kids are from everything. So why did she not include the kids in the healing?
    Easy peasy cause those kids mean nothing to her. Jojo is her life. In her warped mind with out him her life would end.


  42. Wow! Someone really dug deep leaving a comment with my name on it, considering I haven’t commented on the “Blessed Little Train Wreck” in ages, (since the beginning.) They said a couple months in, (on 4th of July,) numerous, disgusting things, about military & their families, & put a home-made bow on a veiled threat towards my military child. The only ones I know that would feel the need to drop my name ARE them, considering nobody I know has even heard of them. Funny how that works. I suppose they are pretty desperate by now trying to bring me back into their drama.


  43. What ever happened to Jocelyn Zictherman?

    Her last name is Zichterman. And I am almost certainly the only person reading who knows who in the hell you are talking about. You’re on the wrong blog.

    The answer to your question is “I don’t know.”


  44. I hav a hard time spellng her and hubby Joe’s last name. Only asking because it seems like you knew Camille at some point.

    I hope everything turned out ok for her, and Tina A.

    I’m not that interested in the Nauglers. But the old IFB wars, now that’s a party!


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