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  1. Meet Ron Sneed. He is an upstanding man and beloved member of the community who has the misfortune of having the Naugler parents as neighbors.


  2. I wonder hy they both cant just shut the fuck up nd let nature take its course, and it will soon enough.
    One of these days one of those little ones will take a header into the shit filled pond, One of these days were going to see the ME pull up in the driveway and thn they will find out the assholes were glued to there phones while one of the kids,……………Just what the fuck is wrng with them, seems just when shit settles down, Jabba and the blessed bitch stir up there nonsense,, Joe, no one gives a fuck, go work in a food kitchen. Nicole, groom some dogs for free, invite a vet in to give dogs and cats there shots, do some good in the community have a change of heart. Quit begging Jabba, go get a fucking job you almost killed your wife, now go get a job


  3. What is going on in Naugler land? She’s listing all of their animals for sale with some passive aggressive remark about “being put in a position” that forces the sale. Did their livestock get out and damage property again? I thought the horse was somewhere else?


  4. I hope Mr. Sneed won’t suffer more harassment because of this. It is pretty clear that when the Ns feel persecuted (which could be something as simple as a “like” on a post) they attack with as much force and malice as possible. While I’d love to hear Mr. Sneed’s side of the story, I really hope he won’t be forced to “pay” by the Ns for his honesty.


  5. Well done! I try to avoid any videos of them actually speaking because it makes my blood boil, but this made me realize the foolishness of it all. Looking forward to the rest!


  6. My understanding is that the horse is somewhere else. Maybe they ticked off the person caring for it, or maybe they can’t pay for the boarding anymore. I only see the horse and 2 goats for sale. I believe they have chickens too.


  7. Selling an unregistered, barely trained, unshown, unvaccinated horse in late August is not likely to end well for the mare. Which is a shame. I hope {child’s name] contacts equine rescues in the state and BEGS until one of them agrees to take in the mare. I think Beauty is unregistered.

    Nicole insisted that [child’s name] bought the horse, so really, I hope she lets [child’s name] sell or give it away.

    In that particular market, she’s likely to go for meat. Which is legal and better than starving or dying of some preventable disease, but still sad.


  8. If the horse was being boarded, I assume they probably never paid for it and were told to get it the fuck out. I feel sorry for the girl, just another dream ruined by there shit parents who think its more important to spread there brand of reality.
    Your a brave man Mr. Sneed, your more of a man then that piece of shit prays he could ever be.
    As for the goat, I would not be suprised we get a post next week of the kids lining up the goats head with a taped up 22 since no one wanted to buy it, but lets face it, the ones who like her post or remark dont have pot to piss in so they will get one meal from the goat an the rest will rot since they cant put anything in a non existant freezer.


  9. I just fucking love this! Cockroaches scurry in the light. I say, shine on. I do want to say that the snippet of how they surrounded Linda in her car is actually frightening. Who the fuck do these people think they are? It’s high time the Sneed family is heard.


  10. I only see the horse and 2 goats for sale.

    The goats are not marketable. Nobody buys scrub goats. The horse is probably not marketable going into winter. And the chickens are nothing but crappy game crosses. They’re worthless.


  11. The goats will probably be joining Ranger very soon. I’m sure “the rest of the story” of how the N’s PUT THEMSELVES in this situation will be forthcoming. More free ranging or are they that tight on cash? Curious.


  12. “Unfortunately we have been put in a situation in which we have to sell Beauty”.

    So, it looks like Nicole is blaming someone and or something for having to sell daughter A horse. It doesn’t sound like she is taking any responsibility as usual. It would be wonderful if she said that she realizes that she must put her family first and that the money it costs to house, feed and care for a horse and goats is beyond her means and therefore unfair to not only her children, but also unfair to the animals. To actually humble herself and say that she is going into a new direction where she is putting the basic needs of her children first. The basics not being pets that she can’t afford. The basics, as in housing, bedrooms, bedding, food, stability, safety, security, a safe vehicle for transportation, with secure child seats & seat belts for all. That the money that will freed up from not having to spend it on luxury pets, will be spent on educational expenses for her children, like trips to museums, art galleries, science trips & trips to local universities and colleges to see all that they have to offer (like museums, art galleries, science labs, etc). The extra money from not having to feed those animals will help with maintaining and improving the land. That one month of no pet expense means she can rent a dumpster to take away the trash, or will help with sanitation needs on the land. Money that was spent on hay can now be used on something that will help them in the long run. Or maybe she can start a savings account where she can put 1 tenth of what she would be saving by not having the expense of the pets on a savings account for a rainy day. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if she did this? I think we would all be cheering for her.

    Nicole, every new day is a new beginning, just like a baby is a new beiginning. You don’t have to continue on this path of destruction. You can make good choices. You can make wise choices. Same with Joe. Joe can get a job. He can help build your empire as well as raising 11 children. Work together. Work smart. Work hard. Work will give Joe self respect. It has to be so hard on him seeing you do all the work, knowing that the financial stability of his family rest on you alone Nicole. Your children see this and know it too. The guilt they must feel when they express their wants must be hard on them. Maybe not the littles, but the middles and older ones need to be able to say they want more without the guilt of knowing that you alone can’t afford to meet their needs.

    We would all be cheering you on if you put your kids first, didn’t buy animals you can’t afford to keep in a manner that all animals deserve (regular vet visits, quality food, housing and care). Put your kids first. The hobbies, homestead, off grid, pure bred dogs, FB, blogging, etc last.
    Your Kids health, education and welfare should be your mantra, not educating the masses on childbirth, cops, circumsission, your rights and government. Work within your sphere of what you can control. Your sphere is your family. Don’t worry about teaching us your beliefs. Worry about teaching your family. Worry about your children. We will cheer you on. Apologize to those you’ve wrong, do the right thing.


  13. I just watched it again. I’m really looking forward to seeing the whole thing. And I’m feeling heartfelt sympathy for Mr. Sneed. It’s absolutely ridiculous that in his twilight years and after all his hard work to build a productive life, he has to deal with this shit. He seems emotional about it. I hope like hell that fucking gang of reprobates gets moved on. And I will say this as a small farm town girl: People can forgive a lot if you’re a good neighbor, but if you’re a bad one? Community will shut you out forever.


  14. I don’t think anyone would pay money for those animals. And Nicole certainly isn’t giving them away. They will go the way of Ranger – she’d rather kill/have them die then be responsible and have someone rescue them. I guess that’s not surprising. She essentially did the same for her own unborn offspring.


  15. go the way of Range

    The goats, maybe. The horse, no. It’s a pretty big task to get rid of a dead horse.


  16. the snippet of how they surrounded Linda in her car is actually frightening. Who the fuck do these people think they are?

    Old Miss I had the same thought–totally frightening! It also reveals (yet again) how aggressive Joe and Nicole really are. If I was as frightened as Nicole claims to be, I would have tucked tail and ran YEARS ago and not a trace of me or my family would be found on FB or anywhere else on the web. Yet not once have they evidenced fear…only aggression and mania. Like so many people have stated before, as soon as the attention of the “trolls” is elsewhere and not on Nicole, she goes out of her way to stir things up. It is the never-ending Naugler LIES that anger people the most, not the un-enviable Naugler “lifestyle” (ugh! repulsive). Their self-deception is nearly as big as their colossal need for attention.


  17. They have a lot of land. It wouldn’t be that hard to bury a horse somewhere. They could just cover it with leaves and branches and consider it a start to a compost pile.


  18. They have a lot of land. It wouldn’t be that hard to bury a horse somewhere.

    It’s not that easy. They do not live in the wilderness. The buzzards would be horrendous. All their neighbors would know.

    We’ve done something similar with pork bones and skin – and just that was noticeable. We ended up burying that.

    Really, they can’t just kill the horse. Really.


  19. They have a lot of land.

    Actually, they don’t. They have 28 acres. We have about twenty and live in an area that is just about the same population density. And our place is SMALL. Our neighbors all have fifty or sixty acres. The Sneeds are right next door, much closer than our neighbors are to us (on either side).


  20. Goat is pretty tasty. Slaughtering, butchering, and preparing (jerky would be a great idea since I wouldn’t trust a freezer hooked up to a generator turned off and on according to the blog) two goats before winter is an excellent idea.


  21. Am very much looking forward to the interview! Nothing quite like eye witnesses to the Naugler’s nonsense.

    About the sale of the horse and the goats….I’ve got some theories….

    Say we take Nick at her word….. They are dead broke and desperately need cash…so sadly have to sell their animals.

    I don’t believe this.

    And here’s why. Since Nicole has been sick, who has been learning to groom and taking up the slack, and essentially has a fuck ton of responsibility on her shoulders? Miss A. does. I don’t see Nicole taking away “her dream” if she’s doing damn near all the work to carry the family.. Particularly given the fact that Nicole knows damned well and good they’re not going to get any money for the animals. (that said, they clearly will lose less money, which might help a lot)


    (the following are possibilities, NOT facts, nor am I representing them as such…just sayin….these are the possibilities that came to my mind…so take that with a grain)

    1. Nicole managed to get in a pissing war where they board the horse. Because God knows Nicole’s pissing wars are much more important to her.

    2. They really are THAT painfully broke….which, frankly, I have a hard time believing because at the grooming page Nicole is talking about buying new equipment while her old equipment is working fine….upgrading to extra sets of $200 clippers, etc.

    3. Selling the horse and goats is a punishment. A. is getting to that age when she might rebel…particularly with all the recent pressure on her. She and her folks might not share her vision for her future. Threats of selling the horse and pet goat might be a leverage point. (which would be incredibly scummy and wrong, but I wouldn’t put it past Joe or Nicole)

    4. The whole thing is just a scam to try to get people to give them money. They’ll say the horse is being sold…when it’s just being boarded somewhere. They know the pics of the horse and concern for the horse and her young owner generated a LOT of attention…so maybe this is an attempt to pull at heartstrings and cash in on a few bucks. Was strategically place right before Sunday morning.

    5. Maybe Miss A. has grown tired of working to pay for a horse she rarely gets to see. Maybe her interests have changed, and there’s something else she’d like to save for. Maybe A. is more mature than Nicole (not hard to achieve) and realizes that fencing large animals without electricity, and keeping a single herd animal…is probably not in the horse’s best interests….or her family’s when the horse in question is an escape artist.

    Meh…who knows? This is all guesses.

    But I agree, the passive aggressive “we are forced to do this” is pure bullshit. No one is forcing the sale of the horse, except Nicole. The blame rests squarely on her and Joe. They made the choice to have a horse. Horses are expensive. Duh.


  22. Slaughtering, butchering, and preparing (jerky would be a great idea

    They aren’t going to do that.

    Come on, guys. If they kill the goats, they’ll waste them. They don’t really know how to butcher properly, and I assure you it’s not easy when you don’t have a power meat saw (ask me how I know this).

    They aren’t going to kill the horse. She isn’t even on their property in the first place.

    I have no idea what brought this sudden “let’s sell all the animals” thing on, but it’s a joke. The horse might be fine, but the goats are junk.


  23. Can someone explain about there not being a market for the horse going into winter?

    Why is a perfectly good horse going for meat?

    I’m totally farm and horse illiterate.


  24. Some one did ask why she was selling all the animals. I doubt they will get a response.
    My husband says when we get enough land he wants at least one horse. I told him no. They are a waste of money and nothing but hay burners.
    I honestly don’t know how they can afford all those animals. I have two dogs and two cats. I spend almost $70 a month on dog food. Yes my dogs are spoiled and get fed grain free food. I spend about $25 a month on cat food. They are spoiled as well. They get fed grain free as well, cause all the other cheap brands made her sick. Since I put my cats on grain free, she has not gotten sick. Pets are expensive.
    Can’t wait for the interview video to come out. Can’t wait for the Nauglers to get their asses handed to them on a silver platter.


  25. We have mobile slaughtering around here, and I can take carcasses to the butcher down the street (I am surrounded by beef farmers). I know it would cost a bit, but it would be better than selling for next to nothing since they clearly aren’t a well bred type. Although if they are able to be bred, goats milk can be excellent if you actually take care to feed them well instead of making them walking weed wackers. Two good milk goats for a family that size isn’t a bad idea. We are contemplating mini cow ourselves, but I need to research more. My husband leans towards goats because they are normally cheaper. I honestly lean towards mini cows because their eyes don’t creep me out, and they are cuter.


  26. The girl is probably going to be at the salon more often. As such, she cant take care of her pets properly. Also, the boarding fees may have piled up… Or both. To be “put in a situation” means there are new circumstances to consider, likely having to do with time and/or money.

    Those goats are better off dead, than chained up 24/7. Its a harsh reality, but a more humane one.


  27. Oh, poor Beauty. Poor daughter. I saw this coming from day one. And so should the Nauglers.

    Nicole and Joe, Beauty may be a mere horse, but you’re a pair of heartless jackasses.


  28. I agree they would waste the meat if they killed the goats. The meat could easily be smoked or salted and there would be no need for refrigeration. They won’t do it because it would require work first and know-how second.
    Every once in a while around here, in my neck of the woods, a horse needs to be put down due to an injury or an illness like colic. A notice goes out on a community forum and a musher will respond and humanely dispatch the horse. I’ve done it a couple of times. I even dispatched a 30-year-old pack mule one time….still remember her name. She happily ate carrots and didn’t feel a thing.
    Killing a horse is a distasteful business for me. It makes me sad, even though it’s necessary. Once the animal is dead, the real work begins. Butchering a horse, like a moose, is a LOT of work. Joe would never, ever get off his rotund MMA ass and do something like that. In fact, has he ever hunted anything – besides women?


  29. I do want to say that the snippet of how they surrounded Linda in her car is actually frightening. Who the fuck do these people think they are?

    Nicole actually said, “Get her license on file.” Who the hell do they think they are? Keeping files of license plates of cars that drive by, neighbors vehicles, random people who upset them…

    Sorry about using the child’s name, I was a bit upset on her behalf and forgot to use her initial.


  30. Called it. Right out of her playbook, imo. The sudden “forced into a position to sell” the horse and goats posts that went up on BLH a mere two hours after the trailer was posted have morphed this morning into BLH spinning it and blaming the neighbor for their sale while laying the heartbreak of their child at the neighbors feet.

    “Lie, spin, shift blame, play on the heartstrings of the followers, lie, spin, repeat,” imho.

    BLH is claiming “escalated harassment” from the neighbor and others. The BLH is claiming that there have been accusations that the horse got out again even though the horse isn’t on the homestead. BLH is claiming the child is heartbroken. BLH is on “Mr Toad’s Wild Ride” of speculation as to what the interview entails. Based on lies and speculation BLH is aiming their followers who are either ill informed or just easily led, imho, right at the neighbors.

    All this based on a trailer of the upcoming interview with Mr Sneed.

    No accusations of “livestocks at large” is currently being made. No escalated harassment. Simply a neighbor who has had enough with Nicole and Joe’s constant lies and false accusations on social media and has made his own response video to counter the myriad Blessed videos, vlogs, posts and comments regarding his family.

    Hint: It isn’t isn’t harassment of any sort to counter false accusations and falsehoods that Nicole and Joe have done, said, posted, blogged and vlogged about their neighbors.


  31. No accusations of “livestocks at large” is currently being made.

    There is none. Nobody has said anything about any animals.

    She’s trying to anticipate what is in the interview and spin it her way. She’s so wrong.


  32. Although if they are able to be bred, goats milk

    Those are not dairy goats. They are scrub goats. They are worthless. A doe might give a cup of milk twice a day, which is not worth bothering to do.

    The Nauglers do not have farm-quality livestock. They have leftover crappy livestock that somebody probably gave them. Their chickens are the same way. They probably don’t lay but two eggs a week each. Maybe.


  33. Some one did ask why she was selling all the animals. I doubt they will get a response.

    Oh, she answered. It’s the mean evil trolls who are “instigating” stuff with their neighbor. And spreading rumors about the horse being loose (only I haven’t heard any such thing.) She’s trying to guess what is in the interview and get ahead of it.


  34. Nicole responded they are selling the horse and goats due to harrasment. I think the trailer of Mr. Sneeds interview brought this on.


  35. Can someone explain about there not being a market for the horse going into winter?

    It’s far cheaper to feed a grazing animal during the summer, because they eat grass. This is Kentucky. Growing grass here requires practically no effort and little money. We fed seven adolescent Jersey bull calves all summer long. They got one pound of grain each every evening. Other than that, our cost was zero.

    Our next door neighbor just cut and baled his field, and we bought all the hay, 23 large round bales. They are stored in our hay shed for winter. They cost in total $575. That should be enough hay to feed the two donkeys, any calves we have (the seven boys went to the dairy – they can’t be here after Frances calves), and part of Frances’ diet (she also gets some alfalfa hay when she’s lactating, and we keep that separate. It’s not free in winter.

    Think about it a little like boat. There is always a pretty good market for boats in the early spring. People buy them to use them all summer. Come winter, they don’t want to store them/pay for them so they often sell them, and this creates a buyer’s market.

    Add to the winter feed cost the situation that currently, in Kentucky, there is a glut of horses on the market. It’s relatively easy to find one for free. If nobody wants a horse, even for free, there’s nothing else to do but send the horse to the butcher.


  36. Possible theory. Heavy emphasis on the word possible. They are trying to raise money to reimburse Lisa her legal fees. If they were go to court, a lot of stuff that they do not want to come out would, and they cannot have that.


  37. Plus the horse lacks registration papers, training, a show record or anything that may make her a step up from a grade mare with very limited prospects. She’s not built for jumping, if she does have cow sense that is a costly sport, if she has speed she could be trained as a barrel horse but the time to do that was this spring and summer, then compete with her. She hasn’t trained her for competitive trail riding, reining, or endurance. If the daughter had joined 4H she would have made friends with other horse-loving kids and when the inevitable happened, she MAY have been able to give her to someone who was better prepared to care for her and with more resources.

    Hay is inexpensive in KY (I envy you!) but you still have to store it properly. When I get round bales I put them on pallets, cover them with a tarp that has a board sticking up in the middle so it sheds water like a tent. The square bales (40 – 50 pounds apiece) go in the little hay barn. If it rots, it’s ruined for horses as their digestive tracts are MUCH more sensitive to mold and mildew than most cows and goats.

    Also – never- EVER – feed a horse grass clippings. They will colic and it will be horrible, painful and a good way to kill them. If you grab a handful of grass and offer it, that is one thing, but tossing grass clippings over the fence or dumping out a bag of grass clippings for them to eat is a big no-no. Never ever is more like it. (Just in case they move Beauty to their place and think about doing this. Don’t.)


  38. Ah damn…I didn’t get to read the post where she bitches about “harassment”. Anyone have a copy, or can give any more detail?


  39. Ah damn…I didn’t get to read the post where she bitches about “harassment”. Anyone have a copy, or can give any more detail?

    Hang tight.


  40. What a load of DOUBLE TALK. Just read Nicole’s explanation for why she took the horse posts down. Here are a few observations:

    “I took down the post about the horse and goats because we have been provided a few solutions.”
    Has some poor fool offered to board the horse for free? Has someone offered to pay the board?

    “We can’t afford to keep her where she was at as hay isn’t cheap and grazing is limited.” Duh! This would be the same situation at the shitstead. Horses are expensive. And the fact that she’s not even going into the cost of hoof trimmings and wormings and regular veterinary care make me so sad for this horse.

    But lets look at that line a little more closely….

    “We can’t afford to keep her where she was at as hay isn’t cheap and grazing is limited.”

    was Ok, so the horse has been moved someplace cheaper/free. I bet the people who have been boarding since March are incredibly relieved. Five months with the Naugs is long time.

    “Abigail pays for most of this herself, but it’s still a burden.” Ok, Nicole, explain this one. How is it a burden if you knew what the kid was getting herself into, and she’s living up to her responsibilities? And if Miss A. is paying, how can YOU not afford it?

    OK….later in the same thread, Nicole says this:

    Blessed Little Homestead: Aside from the corrupt government which is everywhere and a few local nut jobs, people have been very kind and supportive. So much so we have a thriving business and a wonderful support system.

    Lets re-read the important part of that: we have a thriving business

    Recently, Nicole has disclosed that Miss A. is learning to groom and is helping a lot at the salon while she recovers. For the sake of argument, let’s say that Miss A. works two of the five days they are open each week. They work 9am to 4pm. So, 14 hours per week. (I doubt she’s given this light of a schedule. Wouldn’t remotely surprise me if she’s working all five days, but lets just estimate a nice conservative low number.)

    Minimum legal wage in Kentucky is $7.25/hr. Lets say Nicole GROSSLY undercuts this and pays Miss A. $5/hour under the table. (I’m not saying she’s doing this….but given her attitude about taxes and government, etc…I don’t think it’s an unfair guess)

    $5 x 14 = $70 per week (approx. the cost of two groomings). x 4= $280 per month.

    I’m guessing Miss A. is getting $250-$300 a month…or should be…at the rock bottom minimum.

    I might be wrong on this, but I think Miss A. could easily find a private farm willing to board her horse for $150 or so dollars a month. She would have money left for hoof care and routine vet care.

    So where’s the hardship? Why don’t they “have a choice”?

    More bullshit grifting. More failure to think through choices. More hurting their own kids. Fuckers.


  41. Her brained must be fried, she is back on govt built roads and how shitty they are meanwhile she thinks a business will build a road to there own business just build roads all over hte place, now I have idea what fuckking planet she and the sperminator come from, but walmart is not in the business of building roads that all lead to walmark. they use existing roads built with taxes you dick
    Face it Naug your behind on your bill for your (DAUGHTERS) horse and that poor girl has to suffer because its easier to blame AL then it is for you to admit that you two fucked over your own child, how many other kids did you fuck over, I know one recently, William the one you said you didnt need prenatal care for since you know your body so well, we see how that worked out, damn, you use your children like human shields,


  42. I think it is assuming a lot to think A is paid by hour. I’d bet she gets to keep her tips, but outside that she doesn’t get anything. Working full time as a hair dresser I could make up to 1k a month in tips in a good month (lots of perms etc) and about $250 a month at the minimum (usually slower months like October or April).

    Unfortunately, it isn’t illegal to have your underage kids work and refuse to pay. It’s unethical, but not illegal.


  43. I know our family has more income than the Ns. We don’t have livestock yet because we know it’s a long term, as well as economic commitment. You can’t just go on vacation for a week when you have livestock. You have to care for them thru all 4 seasons, and that means they have to be fed when they can’t feed themselves. This means preparing for fall/winter in spring/summer. It isn’t cheap, and in many cases it is more expensive to raise your own than to go to the store to buy it.

    Homesteads aren’t necessarily cheaper than conventional shopping. I thought the Ns are still in denial about this fact.

    Do they even have adequate shelter for their animals? Or do all the animals just fend for themselves?


  44. and in many cases it is more expensive to raise your own than to go to the store to buy it.

    In most cases. I would say in almost every case. The only exception to that would likely be raising a beef or another grazing animal (lamb, etc, provided you aren’t breeding them). And that’s assuming that you already have good pasture and it’s already fenced in.

    We probably spent $4K fencing in our pasture because two $50 donkeys kept getting out.

    Pork is very close to free for us but that’s because we have a source of excess milk that would go to waste otherwise. The free pork has to have the cost of keeping Frances fed factored in.

    Do we break even or make a profit? I think we do, but our hourly wage is probably under 50 cents each. We like doing what we do, so we do it. It’s better for us than watching movies would be.


  45. Didn’t they ‘butcher’ and eat the other goat that A had to shoot?( shown in perpetuity on Facebook, gun to head of goat, being held by another sibling and A with the gun.
    The goat roast was even publicized.. I think it was nasty tough, and basically inedible.I see maw forcing A to do the same thing again, but the goats will be disposed of some other way.
    Maw and paw, not only being irresponsible parents, are soulless empty vessels.
    (I started this yesterday evening, and my internet shut down, but I wanted to post it anyway, even though maw says other arrangements have been made. She lies like a rug, so I don’t ‘believe anything she ever says in the first place)


  46. I SO cannot wait for the finished interview/s to be aired. But, I have to say, it is pure genius to put this trailer out ahead of it the way you did. I am actually enjoying waiting for it because of the “squirm” factor. Take your time, milk it, we’ll be waiting.


  47. I think–mind you, I am applying maritime Alaskan standards here, so I’m probably missing something–that if Joe did actual work around the homeplace (assuming that he was one of those people who can work but can’t handle a regular job), they could probably raise an annual pig and a laying flock with an occasional stewing hen. That plus the fish pond if they hadn’t literally trashed it, plus a vegetable garden, plus the orchard they might even be picking fruit from this year if they’d put trees in right away, plus informed* hunting and gathering, plus government aid, could add up to a plain but healthy diet for all of them.

    Of course, we’ve seen what their notion of animal husbandry is, so never mind. (eyeroll)

    *Learning to tell frogs from toads, for example. And learning to tell water hemlock at all.


  48. Do they even have adequate shelter for their animals? Or do all the animals just fend for themselves?

    Hahahaha! They don’t actually have adequate shelter for themselves, what makes you think they would put any effort into taking care of their animals that are supposedly going to feed them? Poor Alma appears to be on a sheet of plywood UNDER the shed. The shed that is being held up by cinderblocks. Not cinder block pillars. I’m waiting for it to collapse. I only hope no children or pets are under it when it does. I do have visions of the fate the Wicked Witch of the East suffered.



  49. I think it is ridiculous for the Naugler to expect us to believe that the child in question has any say in “her money”. If she has any control over “her money”, is she going to be paying for a horse she can’t (or rarely) see? Don’t get me wrong: I was a young woman who loved animals. I am a grown woman who loves animals and a more than healthy part of my income has always gone towards my animals. But when you are young, living in a garden shed, washing dog butts because she has no choice, eating dented can surprise, shitting in a bucket while watching your father lay around grunting and sweating just with the effort of scratching himself and making yet another raving Facebook movie posting and when your mother almost dies and you lose an infant sibling? After all the chaos of the Social Services intervention? After years of watching your mother behave like a lunatic? Yeah… first priority is definitely handing over “her” cash for a horse.

    If the horse hadn’t been part of such a public spectacle and hadn’t been the focus of such scrutiny it would have been gone long ago. It’s a classic example of Defiant Naughler Disorder again. People said they couldnt have one (in their mind). People got mad about the horse (in their mind). So clearly, the reasonable thing to do is keep the horse and constantly remind everyone you have it!

    The Naughlers are making a show of tabulating and disbursing earnings for this kid. It is “her” money until they decide it isn’t. It is all to give Nicole something to write about and look like a wise parent about. I’m guessing this kid would much rather an actual home with privacy and a toilet than a bank account her mother can blog about to make herself look better.


  50. Tekla said “I do have visions of the fate the Wicked Witch of the East suffered.”
    Can you see the orange crocs peeking out from under the fallen shed?


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