The Goats Yet Again


The goat issue was dropped.

No, it wasn’t.

drop definition

When a case is “dropped,” it means that the neighbor said, “Oh, gee, I was mistaken and they weren’t his goats” or “Joe and I had a cuppa and came to an agreement so we don’t need to proceed with this.” Or perhaps the government said, “Gee, this is stupid. We aren’t going to proceed with this.”

That is not what happened at all.


Here’s the citation.  Joe is making a collection of these. I imagine they will frame them and use them to decorate the garden shed.

bond fee

And here’s where Joe paid his little bond fee.

court record

And here’s the court record.  On April 12, they set his bond (he paid the fee above). On April 15 they served the neighbor with papers so he would appear in court along with Joe.

And on April 26, they entered a “deferral order.”

What in the hell is that?

deferral order 1

Here’s the first page. See?  It’s called a “deferral order.”  They state clearly that it’s good for 2 years provided Joe complies with all the other provisions of the order.

One of those provisions is that he not commit another criminal offense. The Kentucky court system is really being very lenient with Joe. This was actually grounds, if they’d wanted to be picky about it and “persecute” him (which is what Nicole is trying to imply), to revoke the whole agreement he has on the menacing charge and put his sorry, lazy ass in jail.

But they opted not to do that.

Instead they said, “Joe, quit breaking the law. Stay away from your neighbor (and that includes shooting birds at him).”  It also includes refraining from driving out in front of the daughter and causing an accident and then claiming “vehicular assault.”

deferral order 2

And they added, “Quit letting your animals run all over the damn place.”

They also made him up give up his constitution right to a speedy (or even a slow) trial. I find this sort of hilarious.  Mr Reincarnation-of-Hamilton who tells us all the time about his “constitutional rights” seems to waive them a whole lot. He does so every time the legal system challenges him.  And he does it really fast.

And notice on the court record above it says “Continue 4/27/18.”  That means that this deferral lasts until then. If Joe is a really good boy and doesn’t get caught publicly announcing that he smokes pot and tosses human feces all over his property, they will actually conclude the case in April, 2018.

Until then, it is not dropped.  It is not over.

Nicole knows this. She uses that word to convey false information to her casual readers who will then feel all sorry for her because the county is just so mean and they are picking on Joe because of trolls.  And send money.

The case was not dropped. The sewage dumping case is not dropped. Nothing is dropped.

And Joe publicly brags about smoking pot.


The land is not in either of their names. The land is owned by the Kentucky Land Company. When/if the Nauglers make all the payments on the land, the KLC will then sign over the deed into their names.  Until then, they do not have title to the land.

Their land contract is not like a conventional mortgage. She tries to pretend it is, but it is not.

It doesn’t matter who signed the actual contract with the Kentucky Land Company. They are married. Their debts are shared.


23 thoughts on “The Goats Yet Again”

  1. Sooner or later her followers will realize how much of a liar she is and then they will all disappear.


  2. She habitually lies. And misleads. So often, a little vetting of what she said, and more often than not she has lied. I mean, she is developing a reputation now of consistently lying, she is not to be trusted.

    If Nicole thinks the goat issues have been dropped, she may want to check her source. Maybe he was lying?

    2 months and 8 days on the deferral. 22 months left for Joe to stay out of trouble. The goat issue isn’t dropped, Nicole. Better ask Joe.


  3. I made it on the blog! And haven’t been blocked from BLH ….yet

    Oh, you will be now. 🙂


  4. I had to enlarge it to make sure, but the description of Joe seems to indicate that he is 5’8″ – and weighs 280 pounds.

    Obviously someone is eating plenty at the Blessed Little Homestead.

    (Sally: I realize this is off-topic, so delete if you feel it’s inappropriate. I think it’s relevent to the general subject of the adult Nauglers and their life-choices, though it has little to do with goats running amuck or additional run-ins with Naugler neighbors).


  5. Nicole might want to be careful what she wishes for. After all she is on a deferment too.

    So if she breaks the law she can get put in the crowbar hotel.

    It amazes me how stupid these two are. Maybe she wants to go to jail then she would have a vacation = no work, no kids and not putting up with Jojo’s shit.


  6. Obviously someone is eating plenty at the Blessed Little Homestead.

    I approved this, but it comes dangerously close to fat-shaming. However, Joe is a lard-ass and I suspect would be in far better shape if he ditched the weed and went and pulled some.


  7. Sooooooooo, Nicole is planning to point out that the land and goats are hers and not Joe’s if it begins to look like Joe may have to pay more than some little court fees.
    Does she actually think that illumination will cause the courts to drop the case?
    Probably not. They are married and live together.
    Surely she doesn’t think of this as sacrificing herself for her beloved.
    How romantic.
    Well, not for the kids.
    The children, again, get the short stick for their parent’s witless shenanigans.


  8. Old time farm girl wrote – “It amazes me how stupid these two are. Maybe she wants to go to jail then she would have a vacation = no work, no kids and not putting up with Jojo’s shit.”

    My thoughts have gone in this direction as well. I often wonder if Nicole and Joe actually want the children removed by CPS again so they can set up another cash grab. I still wonder if they intentionally had their children removed last year. The timing of when the go fund me was set up is suspect.

    Having the children removed because they are both in jail would play right into her victim mentality. The-it’s not our fault the trolls set us up plan. MORE money please.

    They use the kids on a daily basis to beg for cash. Having them purposefully removed into state care is not a far stretch. Her children are her bargaining chip, human shield and nothing more. She does not see them as autonomous human beings with the same rights as her and fat-ass. If only she gave her kids the same rights that she gives herself and Joe. Maybe then she would actually be a mother to them instead of just a slave master to her human property.

    I pray that the kids will be removed permanently. I give up on the hope that the Naugler parents will ever straighten themselves out.


  9. I am almost at the point where I think these two almost want to go to jail. No taxes, free meals, little conformity .


  10. Nicole has this tendency to say that anything involving authority is done, taken care of, a non-issue, etc. I don’t know if she really believes it or not but it could be attributable to any number of things. One could speculate ceaselessly and fruitlessly what her motives are. I certainly have tried to make sense of her actions (and her husband’s actions) and, short of them telling the truth candidly there’s no knowing.

    What is more salient is that the mister and missus have shown themselves to be anti-social and destructive neighbors and citizens and to be some of the most neglectful parents I have ever seen. I have seen them in action with my own eyes for a number of months. My essential conclusion is my initial impression of them, from having seen them. That conclusion is that Joe is the pleasant con-artist and unpleasant bully. Nicole is…I don’t know. She is more defensive of her husband and his welfare than that of her children (her children must fend for themselves while she backs up her husband). The dynamic is weird and definitely unhealthy for their kids. It’s flat out annoying, inconvenient and harmful for anyone who doesn’t lavish praise on them.

    For whatever reason, they don’t comprehend or be able to stand normal life. Joe cannot stand those who sees through his facade and he cannot stand those who aren’t intimidated by him (aka his prey don’t cooperate). Nicole probably thought things would be better when, with every move, they have descended lower and lower in their standard of living. My impression is that Joe is very much in control of what happens, who does what, and who gets what at the blessed little refugee camp. That is purely my opinion based on seeing them in action for a number of years.


  11. Maybe Nicole should have asked why Joe received the goat gate citations instead of her BEFORE Joe entered his guilty plea! Now she wants to go back and play it from a different angle? Sounds like a scam to me.


  12. Maw consistently states that the kids are in on every decision made. I, for one, hope not. What a huge load for them to carry, now and in later life. Maw and Paw( mostly maw?) Have made their own extremely poor decisions, will not take responsibility, and it will fall on on the children to take the brunt of all this. This is the most basic sense of child abuse, imho.


  13. Dropped from BLH today. I posted regarding rules in our society and compliance. How living off the grid doesn’t mean you raise your children in a shack and to loathe the government. Then poof….I’m banned. Woa is me


  14. Dropped from BLH today.

    You now have official troll status. Feel honored.


  15. Is there evidence that they are legally and officially married? I could see them eschewing that particular convention (aka going through the hassle of dealing with paperwork and paying a fee).


  16. Sculder&Mully, your observation that Joe is the one really running the show is very interesting. Maybe just because we hear Nicole’s voice more, or because she is the one we see actually working (at least occasionally) I imagined her as the stronger personality. What a strange dynamic.


  17. I have stopped trying to figure out the naugler family dynamics! But, that’s okay, since they haven’t figured much of anything out yet, but…they have *plans*. Wonder how much time maw spends on her binder full of plans? ( easy peasy for her, she just uses pinterest, Amazon wish lists and veiled begging)

    Wait..those ARE the naugler family dynamics! What am I thinkin’?


  18. Bethannie- will those jackets be baby shit brown? You can call yourselves “The Stink Ladies” like Grease- wait, no, that makes you look bad. Have to get creative on this one.


  19. I thought both of their names are on the contract? I so wish I could post on blh. They don’t even own that land yet.


  20. Baby shit brown with urine yellow lettering, in keeping with the general ambiance, is my request.


  21. I thought both of their names are on the contract

    Nicole says not. Just hers. But the contract is not the deed. They don’t have the deed.


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