The Fake Attorney

During the brief time that Cathy Harris and her minions had the pages up that were called Truth Seeking 2nd Edition and Manipuhaters (in several incarnations), we were introduced to a purposely obviously fake profile named “Beth James.”


It seemed that whenever “Beth” spoke, everyone stood back in awe and listened intently. The idea was to get us all to be very afraid of “Beth James.”


It was all sort of vague, and nothing was really claimed outright, but the inference was clearly there.


Interesting choice of words. They have investigators on their team.


Even “Beth” herself weighed in and told us we’d all be surprised to learn “who is monitoring that page.”

And again notice the choice of words: jihadists of cruelty who prey upon Cathy’s dear soul.


As you can see, we weren’t taking it all seriously enough for them, so they threatened some more. This sort of thing is documented more fully here.


“Beth James,” in all her talking, tells us some stuff about herself.

She has lots of phone conversations with Cathy. They are obviously very good friends.

And she tells us stuff about Cathy – like Cathy isn’t emotionally capable of setting up that page, and that Cathy says that Camille didn’t do it either. Funny how the stuff that Cathy wants us to know, “Beth James” very helpfully makes sure is revealed.


More threats. Now it’s a prison sentence because Cathy might kill herself because people said mean things about her on the internet.

By the way, the thing she’s bitching about, the personal information that Cathy wanted Dan Keller to remove, is that Cathy claims that she was raped by Carl McIntire while Dr. Bob Jones Jr. watched. Just wanted to get that out there again, since it irritates Cathy so much when I say it.


There are a couple of these, where “Beth James” is very irritated that people dared to report her fake profile (against the rules of Facebook) which she is using to threaten people with prison sentences. How dare we do that!


I’m old, and one of the things I’ve learned over a lot of years is that when people make disclaimers over and over again when nobody has said anything – they are generally telling you something you need to pay attention to.

Odd how “Beth James” says she’s never seen Cathy set up a page doing stuff. You know, like she’s known Cathy, well, all her life.


As you can see, we got sort of tired of her complaining about her fake profile being reported – and reported it yet again.



But one thing “Beth James” was good at was giving free, unsolicited legal advice.


Lots and lots of it, including insinuations galore.



Unconscionable, she declares.

And some more drivel.





A couple of times, “Beth” treated us all to lengthy essays about odd things. In this one, she’s apparently a psychologist or psychiatrist. The implication here is that Cathy’s adoptive father, Richard Harris, abused her (hell, almost everyone she has ever known raped her, so that’s nothing new) and we are all in cahoots with him. Because I really, really go to bat for fundamentalist preachers. They are some of my favorite people. You can tell if you visit my Facebook page and read a little bit.

Anyway, Cathy is this terrible threat to him because she has an ongoing case with the FBI/grand jury/law enforcement of some type – which has been going on almost as long as she has had terminal cancer.


What is striking about this little essay was the similarity in language and just the way it feels as you read it with the comments made by “Concerned Pastor”. Go read it for yourself. And “Concerned Pastor” is supposed to be none other than Richard Harris. Isn’t that odd?

But do notice how deferential the Court is. Oh, thank you for this learning experience.

And from the Queen herself: This.


Again, read this rant in light of the “Concerned Pastor” letter. Notice the grammatical errors and run-on sentences. Pay less attention to what she is saying and more attention to how she is saying it.


Sigh. There’s a second page, complete with all the worship of the Court, including the Queen. Thank you so much, Beth James. Thank you.


We were also treated to “Beth James’s” opinion about lots of stuff, like the character of “professing Christians.”


And the minutia of past history.


The Queen especially liked this one and adopted it, as you’ll see.


A little hint, here, I do think.


They do finally declare flat-out that “Beth James” is an attorney. I have to admit that I laughed out loud when I read this originally.


See? I told you Camille liked that “diabolical projection” thing. She explains that “Beth James” is an attorney. Be afraid.


But then they tell us just a bit more. “Beth James” is a lawyer that Jeffrey Hoffman knows. That narrows it down considerably. From a set of all the lawyers in the known universe, we’re down to the handful that Jeffrey knows. And while he has lots of friends and probably knows a good many lawyers, well, how many of those lawyers would be interested in this?

But we were left right there, hanging, back in September. The Barney page went up, and their pages came down within a few hours. They’ve never posted a word since, except for the stuff Dan Keller puts on his Storify page.


Until now.

This is from Dan Keller’s abominable Storify page, dated January 30, 2014.

And this narrows the possibilities for the identity of “Beth James” down considerably, from the entire universe of lawyers, to the lawyers that Jeffrey Hoffman knows personally, to the lawyers that are/were part of the GRACE team that Jeffrey knows personally.


From the GRACE report itself (page 11), we get this. The GRACE team consisted of five members.


We get a little more from the footnote on the same page.

There were/are two lawyers on the GRACE team: the lead investigator and the project director. We are told that the project director is GRACE’s Executive Director. That is Boz Tchividjian.

The only other lawyer on the team is the lead investigator.

I have asked several people who were interviewed by GRACE exactly who was present at their interview and they all told me the same thing: the lead investigator, a clergyman, and a psychologist, along with a law student who took down what they said.

The lead investigator is/was named Charissa. I do not know her last name, but it doesn’t matter. She and Boz are the only two lawyers on the GRACE team known to Jeffrey Hoffman personally.

I strongly suspect that they are the only two lawyers on the GRACE team, period, but that’s beside the point.


That works both ways, Dan. So, now we’re faced with two possibilities:

Dan Keller is wrong or Dan Keller is right.

Dan Keller is wrong.

If this is the case, then the possible identities for “Beth James” go pretty much through the roof, don’t they?

Well, I will leave that to you to decide. I think I’ve hinted broadly at my own idea. The person has to be someone who has a reason to invest all this time and energy into creating a fake profile, who doesn’t mind impersonating an attorney, and who is happy with lying through her/his teeth.

The person has to be someone (or is faking being someone) who writes with a particular style, using all caps for EMPHASIS, who thinks that “malignant narcissist” should be capitalized like a proper noun, who knows a great deal about Cathy Harris’s life history, and who has a lot of animosity toward Beth Murschell and Jeffrey Hoffman and at the same time, knows who Jean Shumaker and Sherry DeHaven are and seems to understand how they fit into this particular little war.

In short, this is not my next-door neighbor.


Dan Keller is right.

And this is where it gets more interesting.

Go back up and scroll through what “Beth James” posted. I have used almost every screen shot I have to give as complete a picture as I possibly could of what she had to say.

Dan Keller is telling us that Charissa, the lead investigator in the GRACE investigation of Bob Jones University, during the writing of that report, went to Facebook, made a clearly fake profile and participated in threatening a whole bunch of people with prison – including me. She gave out ridiculous (and erroneous) legal advice repeatedly. She lectured everyone on psychological aberrations, something she is absolutely not qualified to do. And she did so to vociferously defend a person who was interviewed by the GRACE team – presumably by her.

If this is true, what does that say about the credibility of the GRACE team or the validity of any report generated by them?

Before somebody says, “Oh, gee, what does it matter? Dan Keller has this stupid Storify page that nobody ever reads and who gives a shit?” – consider that Camille Lewis seems to have completely believed that “Beth James” was Charissa, or at least that “Beth James” was an attorney. Consider how many people she is capable of influencing.

Furthermore, what is the possibility that, if the Queen told Dan to take something down, Dan would comply? I suspect it’s 100%.

This declaration has been up now for several days, long enough that if Camille was going to object due to the sheer idiocy of it, she would have already done so.

But you see, there doesn’t have to be any controversy about this. Either “Beth James” was Charissa or she was not.

It’s very simple.

All that needs to happen is for either Charissa herself or Boz Tchividjian to make a simple, short statement.

Judging from what I’ve seen in the past, the chances of that happening are slim to none, though. Boz has a tendency to spout some cliches about Jesus and togetherness and sadness at the animosity displayed and claim that he is going to be above it all.

If he chooses that route this time, then this rumor stands.

And from where I’m sitting, it looks like Bob Jones University has every right to put the entire report in the trash can and sue GRACE for fraud.


Do you suppose we will?

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