The Fake Activist’s Words

From the Calgary Herald, June 20, 2012, a report that there would be no charges filed at Prairie Bible Institute:

Fossen said she was hoping charges would be laid, but if not, that the school would identify perpetrators of sexual abuse and make a point of saying their alleged crimes were wrong.

We realize that a lot of these cases cannot be proved in court. The legal system is never going to try these cases because they’re old, there’s no evidence, we don’t have the DNA, we don’t have witnesses.

So, Linda Fossen believes that even with no evidence, the supposed “perpetrators” should be identified publicly and told that they are wrong. Really? She actually said this? Surely it’s a misquote. Please let it be a misquote.

It’s not.

This is one of my favorites. It made me laugh. I am so very glad that I am not Linda’s standard for truth, since she clearly doesn’t have one.

By the way, they did, in fact, scrub that page within a few hours of my uploading “Victimizing the Dead.” I did the upload at about 6 p.m. and they started scrubbing a bit after midnight. Did one have anything to do with the other? I couldn’t say, but it sure looked like it from here.

Typical Fossen spewing of stuff. She accuses Cathy Harris’s adoptive father of running a FB page when she has no idea about whether or not that might be true. It doesn’t matter to her. She just says it, and therefore it’s so.

Um, no. Just no. The page in question started in early 2012. She doesn’t co-administer it. But, you know, in Fossenland, that doesn’t matter. She just makes shit up.

And here we have it again. The man is guilty, because Linda was “abused” by her father and she therefore knows everything. She is the Decider. I’m not quite sure why she would grant him a trial. What’s the point? She’s already declared the verdict.

And you see, if he doesn’t plead guilty, it’s not because he’s not guilty, but because he’s not “accept[ing] responsibility.”

In the same series of comments, Linda assures us that the facts of the case, which make some people doubt the validity of the charges, just make Linda more certain that he’s guilty. In her bizarre world, the more innocent you appear, the more guilty you actually are. In a YouTube video of her being interviewed on some lame Christian TV show, she stated that “1 out of 3 women will be sexually abused before they turn 20.” Do you realize what she’s saying? She’s saying that a very large percentage of men (it’s mostly men involved here) are child molesters.

I like men. To my knowledge, I have never been acquainted with one who molested children. Linda would have me believe that fully 1/3 of the men I’ve known in my life were, in fact, child molesters. I think not. A far simpler, more plausible explanation is that she’s nuts.

A little addition: Linda’s “explanation” for this is that child molesters generally abuse more than one victim, so really there are only, oh, say, 54 of them in the whole United States. (Don’t flip out. That’s a slight exaggeration.) And that is a typical defense from the “experts” who came up with that “1 out of 3 women” figure.

One in three women experience sexual or physical violence — most likely from their intimate partner. CNN, June, 2013

Note: An “intimate partner” is not part of your life when you are a minor child.

And this page from Women Organized Against Rape (WOAR) cites figures that are all over the map. I’m not sure how anyone can know how many rapes are not reported. I’d love to see the way that sort of study is done. A more honest way to put it is that X percent of assaults are estimated to be unreported.

And here’s one more, from a feminist site. At the end of the piece, there are links to several more sites.

But, what is not factored in here is this: the people citing the “1 in 3 women will be abused as a child” figure are counting those who “recover memories.” Those aren’t verifiable at all. Furthermore, the overwhelming majority of women who “recover memories” of abuse name their father as at least one of their abusers. That’s a whole lot of fathers.

And let’s remember this: Linda Fossen says she was abused by two people: her father and her brother. That’s two. Cathy Harris was supposedly abused by who knows how many. Six? Fifty? And Cathy is not really unusual. Many of the “recovered memory” women, especially those who stay in therapy for a long time, “remember” more and more abusers: in addition to their fathers, they add in grandfathers, brothers, uncles, the next-door neighbor, the postman, their teachers, principals.

So, in addition to the serial molester, we have the serial accusers. I’d love to see some statistics comparing the two groups.

It’s never, ever okay to say “I do not believe that Carl McIntire raped Cathy Harris while Bob Jones Jr. watched.” Oops. It’s not okay. If Cathy Harris asserts that to be true, then, by golly, no matter how absurdly ridiculous it might be, it’s true.

But all the gavel pounding that Linda does is because, well, she’s on a “mission from God.” I think I’ve heard about that before, haven’t I?

Only wasn’t it Beth?

I guess “missions from God” are only valid if Linda approves of them.



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