The Fake Activist

I really like the truth. I gave up a lot for it when I deconverted from Christianity. I don’t take it lightly. And I absolutely despise fakes. Fake profiles, fake identities, fake blogs, fake accusers. This sort of thing is the modern day equivalent of anonymous letters.


Despite the fact that Facebook asks its users to use their real names, a whole of people don’t. I understand some of that. Some people are simply concerned about privacy issues. I had one Facebook friend who had two profiles – one for her family and her acquaintances, and a second one with a false name where she could interact for real. In her case, it was her parents that drove her into anonymity. In other cases, it might be an employer. I understand it.

But this isn’t about fake profiles to protect the innocent. This is about fake profiles used to attack other people. It’s hiding in the shadows slinging mud. It’s also a lie. And when asked directly about this, Linda, via her fake profiles, just lied. Over and over again.


At one point, I asked her how she could possibly know all about the current “survivor war” when her profile had only been created about three days previously. She replied that her sister was on Facebook and kept her current. It was so lame it made me laugh, but the fact that Linda is inept doesn’t change the fact that she lies.


Linda did a rant on the now-defunct Truth Seeking 2nd Edition page confessing that she was using two fake profiles. Of course, she says that she used them because she wanted to defend her friend Cathy Harris, who is apparently incapable of doing so herself. Here are snippets from that “confession.”


It seems that Linda has been “defending” Cathy Harris for quite some time now. Joanne Cummings was a new one, but Bee Malone has been around for quite a while.

So here are some excerpts from Linda’s very long rant.


Naturally, in Linda’s view, her fake profiles are entirely justified because she, like Superman, is on a mission.


Bee became so obviously fake that Linda switched to a new fake profile, Joanne.


What Joanne and Bee had to say is irrelevant here. The point is that this woman doesn’t mind hiding behind fake profiles and lying incessantly when it suits her. For the record, I have never had a fake profile on Facebook, ever. My current profile is almost entirely public. As Camille K. Lewis put it (while using her fake profile):



And while this is clearly not Linda Fossen, it’s an example of yet another fake profile. Nobody seems to think this is in any way odd or wrong or maybe just not a good idea. This person claims to be an attorney, which we now know was a lie,  and sees no irony in doing so while using a totally fake identity to threaten other people with legal action.

NOTE:  Beth James was Cathy Harris.

Have you ever gotten an anonymous letter? I have. It’s not pleasant. What it leads to is suspicion – of everyone. You wonder, who could this fake person be referring to? Who are my friends? Who are the people who are not my friends?

All three of the women I’ve talked about here on this web site know exactly who I am and how to contact me. I have never hidden a single thing I’ve said about any of them. I’m not one bit ashamed of any of it, nor do I regret any of it. But they bash people and talk about them and malign their characters and lie about them, and they do so from the relative safety of anonymity.

It’s not about “setting up a Facebook page.” It’s about honesty. It’s about allowing other people to have opinions that differ from yours without beating them mercilessly until they either run and hide or submit.


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