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 The Check

In spite of Cathy’s loud protestations that she hasn’t named her abusers (Comment Moderation notice), she keeps producing supposed evidence that ties her guardian, Cleo Smith, to the ministry and person of Carl McIntire, with the implication being that Carl McIntire was one of her abusers.

Carl McIntire was a fundamentalist preacher, radio broadcaster and political activist during much of the Cold War era. He seems to have started the long, slow slide into obscurity and near bankruptcy in about 1970. He died in 2002.

Cathy claims that McIntire paid Cleo for years to abuse her. She writes about this, but doesn’t use McIntire’s name. However, on Facebook, she repeatedly produces “evidence” to prove the McIntire claim.


Here’s the check.

In case that’s all really hard to read, it’s from the Christian Beacon (which was the McIntire organization’s newsletter), payable to Cleo Magsam (her maiden name) Smith, in the amount of $1500, dated December 8, and we don’t get to know what year this was — it’s pixelated out. Since the Christian Beacon was in existence from 1936 until 1976, which was about the time of Cleo’s death, this check could have come from any of those years.

The pixelation across the bottom is the MICR coding, which came into wide use in about 1960 and was required by 1967. However, the amount obviously was written by an automated system, so that would date it probably into the seventies, narrowing the window considerably and putting the check in the time period Cathy is claiming. I have no guess as to why Cathy doesn’t want us to see the year. Nor does she want us to see the signature, although the handwriting looks female to me.

The note on the bottom left says: “Monthly payment thru December 1st.”

So what does all this mean?

It means that for some reason, the Christian Beacon paid Cleo Smith $1500 for something, and the something was monthly. Since the check was written on December 8, and it says the purpose is to pay the monthly payment through December 1, and we don’t have any years, there are really only a couple of possibilities.

1. The Christian Beacon was late.

2. The payment was an annual payment paid in a lump sum once a year. I do that with insurance. I don’t make monthly payments. I pay the whole thing for a year so I don’t have to bother with it. If that’s the case here, then they paid up to December 1, XXXX, (which would include the whole month of December) and were sending a check for the following year. That works out to $125/month.

In 1970ish dollars, $1500 per month would be astronomical for almost anything, and I’d include rape in there as well.

So, what did Cleo have that Carl McIntire’s organization wanted enough to pay her $125/month? Cathy wants us to infer that he wanted to rape her.

But Cathy also tells us that Cleo owned real estate in Philadelphia/ran a real estate business. She had rental properties, Cathy tells us. And Carl McIntire held “Cow Pasture Rallies” at her farm.

So could this be a rent check?

One other thought: What is the likelihood that this man, with pretty wide holdings, lots of businesses and ministries, would get a secretary to make out a check to pay a pimp for the use of a child for rape? That check went through the business’s system, its bank account. It had to be accounted for as an expense.

I bet Ted Haggard paid his male prostitute with cash.

And an itty bitty update

Somebody helpfully pointed out something I overlooked. This purports to be a cancelled check from the Christian Beacon written to Cleo Smith. If I write you a check, and you cash it (as this one appears to have been cashed, with the nice “PAID” stamp on it), do you get to keep the cancelled check? No, you don’t. The cancelled check returns to me. It was written on my account. A check from the Christian Beacon was returned after it was cashed to the Christian Beacon.

So how did Cathy get it? They closed down in about 1976 when Cathy was about twelve. Did she go dumpster diving? Did she walk into their office and threaten to notify the police that Carl had raped her unless they turned over a cancelled check that proves nothing at all? Did Cleo demand that she get all these cancelled checks “proving” she’d pimped out Cathy for years and then Cathy found this check in her effects?

It makes no sense.

Unless it’s a rent check and was somehow left behind when the tenants moved out.

And another update, July 27, 2017. 

I know all about the check now.

The Orphan List


This photo of a handwritten scrap of paper was posted with the caption “Who is the orphan?” The conclusion we are supposed to reach, of course, is that the “orphan” is Cathy and that this is money paid to Cleo to rape her.

The paper appears to be an old envelope, with Cleo Smith’s name and address in the center. There’s also the name “Lew Canby” (which is surely “Lou” – I doubt there’s any argument about that) below it. Lew’s name is also in the upper right hand corner with two entries, similar to those on the List. And there’s a note in the bottom left corner in red ink. But the center of attention is the list on the left.

Here’s what the List says:

5-4-70 5.00 NS
15.00 KO
10.00 Radio
6-30-70 10.00 Radio
10.00 Shelton
8-4-70 45.00 WXUR

10-7-70 5.00 Vic March

9-1-70 10.00 WXUR

12-15-70 35.00 orphan(s)

Since the List is handwritten, it’s hard to tell if the word is “orphan” or plural: “orphans.” It really doesn’t make a difference.

Cathy wants us to believe that Carl McIntire paid Cleo $35.00 for pimp money.

But if that’s true, what in the world are all the other entries? What is “radio”? And what/who is “Vic March”? Are these people or organizations that McIntire is paying as well?

These are organizations or events that Carl McIntire was pushing. I have no idea about “NS” or “KO” and the amounts involved are very small. But all the rest are McIntire holdings. “Radio” is obviously his radio program. “Shelton” is Shelton College, a small college he bought and moved to Cape May, NJ in 1963, and operated, moving it to Florida and then back to Cape May and finally closing in the 1980’s because it lacked accreditation (oh, gee, does this sound familiar or what?)

“WXUR” is the radio station that McIntire established near where Cleo lived outside Philadelphia.

And “Vic March”? That’s not a person. That means “Victory March.” Carl McIntire held several of these during the Vietnam War. They were the opposite of the war protest marches. There was one on October 3, 1970, just a few days before the date of the entry on the List.

So what is the List? Was McIntire paying money to his own holdings? I sort of doubt that.

This is not a list of money being paid to Cleo Smith. This is a list of donations that Cleo was making to McIntire’s organizations.

I make lists like this one every year, sometime in March, usually. Note that every entry is in 1970 and they go more or less from early in the year to December. She’s listing her donations for her taxes. She’s doing her taxes. Or she’s getting the information ready for her tax preparer. This is a list of what Cleo donated to the McIntire holdings in 1970. I make such lists on any scrap of paper I find lying about, as did Cleo.

But what is “orphan(s)”?



And this.


From the linked history:

One of the highlights of the radio ministry has been the annual Korean Christmas Offering.

And when does Cleo donate $35.00 to the “orphans”?

On December 15.

Why go to all this trouble to show that the Check is not a pimp check and the List is not a payment for rape?

I like the truth. That’s why.

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