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first edition

Joe has spoken. He laughs at the notion of somebody collecting IP addresses (and I laugh with him, for what it’s worth), but then he can’t just shut up.

He tells us first that he is “amused and concerned.” Simultaneously.  It’s all so funny, but he’s so concerned that he’s documenting everything.

Just so he knows, so am I. And I am documenting not just the original version of his comment, but this one too.

second edition

He realized he had a typo and corrected it. Please note that. He corrected a typo, but doesn’t know that he uses run-on sentences and improper punctuation and capitalization throughout his whole rant.

it takes a real low life scum bag to see fit, if even the enabling of a system, that destroys lives and puts behind bars those who smoke and use marijuana. . .

For example, what exactly does this even mean? I think he’s saying that he doesn’t like anyone who thinks pot should remain illegal.

For the record, I actually agree with Joe about legalizing marijuana.  But that’s not the point here, as you will see.

Anyway, he wasn’t finished. He looked at it and scratched his head and wondered what was wrong and tapped on the “edit” button. Is he going to fix that nonsensical sentence?

third edition

Ah, no.  He is not.

He decides that maybe he should add a disclaimer about how everyone knows he smokes pot.  Only not right now.

Why is that?  Why not right now? What does it matter?

Well, it matters because of this.

trial court decision

The Kentucky Supreme Court, in December 2014, made an unequivocal statement in a case called Commonwealth of Kentucky vs. Joseph Andrews that the trial court has the right to revoke probation.  They can set the rules.

commit no other offense

And one of those rules is that the defendant cannot commit another offense during the period when his sentence is subject to revocation.

What exactly is “committing another offense”?


Well, smoking pot is one of them.

no illegal use drugs

They spelled it out for Joe. No pot. No violations of the law. Behave yourself.

That’s his bail papers. But the same conditions apply to his current status.

plea agreement

Highlighted in blue, they make it clear.  Whatever Joe and I may think about pot being illegal, it remains illegal in the Commonwealth.

Just make high-handed statements about how you don’t consider it a drug and you don’t think it should be illegal won’t cut it. It’s sort of like saying that you don’t need any permit to dump human waste on your property. Why do Joe and Nicole keep doing this?

It doesn’t matter what Joe thinks. They will arrest his sorry ass anyway.

Funny how even though he doesn’t

fear those who carry guns and claim to have authority and that we have no rights!

he seems to have thought it over some more  (for two hours because thinking is hard) and did a bit more editing.


But Joe is not afraid. He’s not afraid of “trolls,” or the “statist clowns” or the police or anybody.  Nope.

So why all the edits, Joe?  Methinks you are scared shitless.


38 thoughts on “The Editor”

  1. “even and especially big owl”?

    I’m laughing so hard — I have no retort.

    Let’s hope the admission staff at Mensa International doesn’t see this installment.

    “Hey Simon, yeah, that application from Kentucky . . . yeah, just go ahead and throw that one in the shredder”

    The best part about this whole drama is that they’re convinced I’ve created or masterminded some of their problems. Sorry, but I’m just masterminding the exact amount of time popcorn should stay in the microwave so it’s perfect to eat. Then I read the shit Joe and Nicole post. Watching them unravel themselves is fascinating. And yes, at this point, comical.

    Another great blog Sally!!


  2. He is scared shit less. That’s why he made the edits. But if he’s still drinking beer, then he’s probably doing pot as well.


  3. Ha Ha
    Just when you think dumb can not get any dumber it does.

    This is the person that is suppose to be the one teaching the poor kids. I would have to guess that the kids are smarter than the teacher.

    I am wondering when the wheels of justice are going to grow some gonads and hold Homestead Hubby by his for all the breaking of the laws and of his probation he does? Time for them to stop squeezing and go for the rip to teach him that there are laws in this country and they are to be lived by and it is not Naugler laws.

    Joe wear your orange crocs to court cause they will match your jail garb just perfect.


  4. Your the best!You pin this one and word it so well!He’s a peace of work well S*&t more less.I have been just hanging out with all this and just seeing what I see.

    Thank you great blog!


  5. Oh Al please don’t ruin the popcorn by making it in the microwave!

    I will bring some good home grown popcorn (yes we have a very successful garden) and even the old time pan with the paddles in it to stir it as it is popping. We have given away to friends and family a whole lot of the popcorn and still have a bunch left. It is all taken off the cob by hand and then dried in the dehydrator before being packaged.

    Hell might as well bring some bacon drippings to put on it too as that is the best way to eat popcorn.


  6. Witless and scared shitless.
    Bragging online like a teenager (and even they are brighter than that), except he is a middle aged nobody.

    He tells us to listen to their audio from when the kids were removed.
    I did. He was spineless. Hid behind yet another woman (some unidentified friend who drove him ) while “conversing” with LE at the time of Nicole’s arrest.
    Turned his children in the next day rather than take a stand and face potential charges and incarceration.
    Noted for bullying women and children or anyone he thinks is weaker than he is. Backs up quick most of the time, because he guessed wrong.
    Didn’t show up at breakfast to meet a real man and discuss things like real men do.
    The best he can do is flip a real man the bird ( or even stranger, on occasion blow kisses at other men – I don’t want to examine that one).
    Full of excuses on why he doesn’t act like a man. That’s his world in real life.

    Online, safely hiding, he is the poster child for a keyboard warrior, a loser emasculated troll trying to appear to be something he is not and can never be in real life.
    Doxing, threatening, “pa-trolling” the Internet while puffing his virtual chest out.
    Crowing away online about his imaginary special skills while wheezing from the exertion of tapping away on the keyboard.
    “Bloviating”, changing the narrative to try to make it appear he is a man and not a sniveling little troll hiding behind Nicole’s denim skirt. No wonder she doesn’t let him off his leash very often.


  7. Openly admitting to using drugs around children (especially ones that you do not legally have custody of) is not very intelligent either.

    I personally agree with you and Joe about legalization. But as you point out, our personal feeling dont matter one whit to the court system.


  8. Al, yoy might consider a Whirly Pop. It makes it just as fast as the microwave and it is so much tastier (and healthier) ?


  9. I couldn’t say it any better, so I am borrowing a comment I saw

    “Guy has a rap sheet and is on probation….and admits that he loves to smoke weed. Must be
    the Mensa in him.”

    Deep belly laughs! hahahaha!


  10. Pot is detectable in urine for at least a week and often longer, depending on frequency of use. Be hilarious if J got called for a random drug test. I also believe that marijuana should be legalized, but until it is, it’s not worth the risk of using it. But I’m sure J wouldn’t be deterred by some statist law.


  11. Folks, it’s true. You can’t make this shit up!! LOL!


    By the way, I don’t disagree regarding legalizing weed. Until then, it’s not a good idea to boast that one is doing something illegal. And on social media webz, on a public page. This is not genius. This is Dumbass!


  12. Well, now we know why Nicole works and Joe stays home like a good little wife. No way that guy could work his way up to assistant manager at McDonald’s.


  13. You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to not incriminate yourself. I suggest you study up on these particular rights and then avail yourself of them.

    Dumbass, IMHO.


  14. lol…..I make the nuclear popcorn at work. My wife grew popcorn last year for the first time and it was amazing (made in a whirly pop). But sometimes ya start reading the crazy and it calls for 2 minutes 19 seconds of nuclear fission and ground cumin and butter.

    You can’t make the shit up. (no pun intended), the crazy, the accusations, the assumptions and conspiracy theories. The allegations and libelous nonsense.

    Popcorn and coffee and crazy.


  15. Joe’s comedic, slow role, “edits” on his fog inspired attack, was one of the funniest gaffes I’ve seen on FB.
    Two hours of tweaking his perceived erudite words of attack, until the “Oh shit” light went on.
    Joe shouldn’t play with technology he doesn’t understand.
    Especially, when he is mush brained.


  16. He is scared shitless and probably swirling with worry that someone will send a copy of his admission right on over to CPS and the court house. He was a big man when he and the demon skirt queen were attacking someone on line, but after he thought about it he realized he messed up and went on a edit rampage. Does he not realize we see his edits?


  17. Great post!

    Meanwhile, over at NCN she posts this little gem about fireworks & statist. I seemed to remember last year she had a few fireworks…

    You might be a statist if you celebrate freedom by obtaining permission to buy/sell/use fireworks imported from a communist country.



  18. I can honestly say I’ve seen pot work miracles with two people. The rest I know that smoke use it for recreation. As for me I get sick as snot even if someone’s just smoking near me. Here it’s legal for recreation and medical use. However it gets funny because it is a federal crime still. Before when it was just medical use it was weird you went to a hotel where the drs were once a month in Spokane and brought your medical records they looked at it for five min then gave you a card stating you were perscribed it. However there were no places to get it legally. Now there are pot shops everywhere. However because they can’t use a bank or debit and credit cards they get robbed constantly and they are not able to get insurance either. Another problem is getting people to understand that even though it’s legal you can still get fired if you test positive on a drug test. There are still a lot to get figured out.


  19. I am 100% for the legalization of pot, and have some right now, in a state where the first legal sale was to none other than the state’s prosecutor who was tired of having to charge people for doing something that isn’t dangerous. Pot helps tremendously with my severe anxiety. But even if adults want to smoke just for fun, why not allow it when it mellows people while alcohol tends to make people violent?


    It’s still not legal in Kentucky, and the time to take a moral stand is NOT NOT NOT when your children are on the line. It doesn’t matter what you think at that point. You do what you’re fucking told, and the take legal-to-take action to change things. Which is more important, your children or the right to smoke pot? If you’re told tomorrow that you can’t eat meat or else lose your kids, YOU FUCKING BECOME VEGETARIAN. Is it right that states can dictate certain rules that are stupid? No. But it’s worse to make kids pay the price. At this point, I think we can all agree those kids are better off in foster care right now than with people who won’t take care of them, but Joe won’t agree. Yet he won’t do what’s required of him just because he doesn’t like it and wants to stick it to the man.

    Put your kids first, Joe! Or are you secretly hoping you’ll be arrested so you’ll be sent to a place with your own foam pad on a metal slab to sleep on, and three meals a day that have got to be better than what you’re eating now? If those kids matter to you, give up the pot for now so that your kids won’t potentially be taken away again, get a goddamned job to help your poor wife feed them, and fight through legal channels and petitioning and so on to get your state to legalize a plant that helps people relax. Believe me, Joe, I want you smoking weed. I want you to grow it on your shitstead and to smoke it when you feel anger flares so you’ll mellow out instead of take it out on your kids. But what you’re doing is a probation violation and can get you tossed in jail and your kids tossed back int foster care and Nicole left all alone. It’s not like your wife has friends. You’re not only risking your kids. You are risking your wife being left alone and lonely.

    Is that really what you want? Is that worth weed?


  20. I knew this blog was coming, knew others would catch Captain Editor! Thank you Sally for keeping us well informed.


  21. Too bad these two don’t put as much effort into digging an outhouse hole as they do digging their disgusting hole of deceit. They would be half way to China by now!

    They just don’t know when to shut up do they? Can they really be this dumb, or is this an act to draw more controversy down upon them so that they can take center stage and pull the victim card when the law starts knocking. They’d complain yet again about how their Constitutional rights were being violated. Oh my, the injustice of it all! ?


  22. For me it feels like the last edit wasn’t Joe’s idea but Nicole’s. The timing, the wording – I guess they had a little discussion.

    And now Nicole is posting on her NCN page how police searches without a warrant are against the 4th amendment and includes one about alcohol testing (“The 4th amendment protects you from warrantless searches – just kidding… now blow in this tube”).

    Seems like Nicole is thinking about possible reactions if somebody (like CPS) wants to have a look inside their shack.

    Looks like Joe isn’t the only one who is scared


  23. He sets back his goal of legalization (plus regulation and taxation) of marijuana with every key stroke.


  24. I live in Colorado where pot is legal, but no one goes around advertising that they use it and “love it.” I suppose Joe isn’t considering future employment. Employers here still do pre-employment drug testing and will test you while you’re employed given cause.

    I’ve nothing at all against legalized weed, but every once in a while you come across a person who can’t afford to lose anymore brain cells. ?


  25. Is it right that states can dictate certain rules that are stupid?

    Actually, it is “right.” The word has moral implications, but at its core, that’s our system. We elect representatives who pass laws (and some of the representatives are stupid and some of the laws are stupid) and then a bunch of us say, “Hey, that’s not right. Love is love and why shouldn’t gay people have the same rights as the rest of us,” and time passes and more people agree and finally the law gets changed. That’s how it works.

    Our entire civilization is a grand experiment.


  26. Pot stays in your system for much longer than a week. I believe somewhere around 4-6 weeks.

    #drugtestjojo #hairtest #unschoollife


  27. When Joe chose to agree to probation instead of just doing the jail time, Joe also waived a number of his constitutional rights. That was his choice. When Joe chose to agree to a deferral, of his criminal charges he waived certain rights. He agreed to that when he signed the plea deal/contract for deferral.
    No warrant needed for a urine test, he gave up that right for two years beyond the agreement(s). His choice, and it is all spelled out in the documents for him. No need to be a lawyer or know every little law, his knowing choice spelled out for him in clear English.


  28. Nicole said that the goat case was dropped. Does she not understand the Internet and public records?

    I think she is implying a government/troll conspiracy to target Joe. Seems more likely he got the charges because she is gone 12 hours a day.

    What a strange thing for a married woman to say that the goats were hers. Maybe she should have been more responsible when choosing who she hired to board HER goats.


  29. I cannot say whether Joe and Nicole love their kids or, if they do, what the depth of their affection for their children is. What is apparent are the choices those two have made that result in hungry children, utterly inadequate housing, not being able (disciplined enough) to hold down an entry level job, trying to alienate one’s clientele, and cyber begging at the least.

    Joe and Nicole want the world, country, and community to accommodate their wants. I don’t really know what they want, per se, and I’m not altogether sure they know what they want, either. Their wants and ideals change from place to place and person to person. Accountability for their actions is anathema to them. I don’t really know why (it’s much easier and more effective to say my bad, work things out and fix the problem) but they respond very passionately when accountability raises its head.

    Authenticity seems to be a sore point for the Nauglers, too. Joe and Nicole, the dedicated homesteaders, took off to a motel during their children’s enforced vacation from their parents so they did not really care for the refugee camp. They let their animals fend for themselves during that time. They get into set-to’s with with anyone they have contact with that actually does what they profess to do. The Nauglers seem to be authentic homeless people, authentic failures (which I would not wish upon anyone but that they have very authentically brought upon themselves), and authentically bogus.

    To wrap this up and to return to whether they have affection for their kids, again I cannot say. But their actions suggest that they (or at least Joe) would rather he was not burdened with 11 kids. Joe’s pronouncement of his use of weed during a time when he is legally obliged to strictly adhere to the law does not conform to the normal actions of a parent who puts the welfare of his children above his wants. Aka why announce it if one does not want to dig the hole ever deeper?


  30. Pot use can be detected in hair for months.

    Watch Jojo shave his body clean now. LOL


  31. Sally, we’ve got a problem in my county right now where the council members are appointed by the other council members. One person leaves, and the others pick the replacement. It’s been this way for a very long time. We have UNelected officials who are starting to pass county laws that are starting to limit what we can all do based on the personal preferences of the council who we didn’t elect. We can’t have sparklers anymore because the council decided that sparklers cause too much property damage. Even though the citizens here are asking WTF they’re talking about, the council says they’ve spoken, no sparklers. The council tried overruling the use of medical pot because “what if kids get some?” but the state did overrule that. No concerns about kids getting beer or cigarettes.

    We’ve got a slew of stupid laws limiting things based on the personal desires of people we didn’t get to elect. That’s not right, not at all. And even when people are elected, there’s a point beyond which it’s right. Laws are supposed to protect us from each other, not limit what we can do while sitting on the couch watching a movie or eating popcorn. If a law suddenly came up tomorrow by elected officials saying it’s now illegal to hire women for positions with manual labor, no one would say that’s right just because the officials are elected. If beef and other cow products were suddenly illegal to consume tomorrow, you wouldn’t defend that as right just because the people deciding that are elected.


  32. , you wouldn’t defend that as right just because the people deciding that are elected.

    You’re conflating “right” meaning “moral” with “right” meaning “legal.”

    Everything being done that you describe is probably legal. If you don’t like it (and I wouldn’t like it and totally understand your beef), you can work to change it. I’m not sure how you’d do that, but I would assume the state legislature could step in and pass something to overrule the county council. Or the state court system could get involved.

    That’s not right, not at all.

    You’re complaining that it’s not “right” in the sense of “not fair” or “not moral.” But it’s not illegal.

    We have three branches of government. One of them is the court system. If state and local governments do enough legal stuff that is not morally right, those courts can and will intervene. Ask Kim Davis, or the state of Mississippi.

    BTW, I’m not much of a states’ rights person. I wish to hell we could abolish them and just have a federal system and be done with it, but nobody has actually asked me to decide stuff like that. 🙂


  33. Kaylee, here’s another example, more on topic.

    Is it “right” that the state of Kentucky leaves the Naugler children in the conditions in which they currently live?

    It’s “right” in the sense that it’s apparently not illegal for CPS not to take those kids at the moment. However, is it “right” in the sense of being moral? I suspect many of us would say “no.”

    I think we basically agree about this, but are just talking past each other because of the ambiguity of that word “right”.


  34. Best one yet! Do their followers not catch these posts??? I’m literally speechless I can hardly breathe I might fall off the stool…..
    They need to really just get off divide media, count their “blessings” and run if they even can! I think Kentucky is done with their ass!!
    Oh and pot (I do not touch, but to each is own right? I see where it had positive effects and definitely safer than alcohol!) well it stays in your “fats cells” so the fatter you are the longer it stays in your system! Considering Joe’s pleasantly plump? I’d say he needs a good year to get “clean”!


  35. Sculder&Mully said, “Authenticity seems to be a sore point for the Nauglers, too.”

    They are not a genuine, authentic type. More like the counterfeits being peddled on the sidewalks of New York City. Authentically counterfeit. As long as you know they aren’t genuine, like the purses and watches, well then you get what you pay for. Am I right?

    Whether I agree with legalization of weed or not, Joe’s advertising that he is smoking weed illegally may not sit well with law abiding people. Especially the sort like Joe, who has specific deferment clauses, subject to revocation of the deferment. (4) Multiple positive drug or alcohol tests or high risk behavior.

    Speaking of legalized weed, did you see the news in Denver? I’ve attached the link. “This is one of the results of the legal marijuana industry in Denver and we’re going to have to deal with it.” Even in legalized states, people smoking weed must act responsibly.


  36. That article reminds me how fun unrelated correlations can be. It’s like how sharks must have a taste for sugar and blood cause ice cream sales and the rate of shark attacks rise at the same time. Jaws just wants your Klondike bar, it is known.


  37. Kentucky Bred, I live in Colorado and I really don’t think the attack on the 16th Street Mall is the result of the “legal marijuana industry in Denver.” The 16th Street Mall has always been a hot spot for the homeless, or “travelers” as Mayor Handcock would say-as he doesn’t want to admit that Denver has a homeless problem. You can’t walk the length of the mall without being hit up by some drunken homeless person begging for money. It was that way BEFORE pot was legalized. Many of these folks are already plagued by mental illness and there definitely is a criminal element there. The guy involved in the attack has a lengthy criminal record, as does his father, and had recently come to Colorado. Why Mayor Handcock jumped in right away blaming the attack on weed is beyond me.

    In my experience, most heavy pot smokers are just like Joe. They lack motivation. Joe’s homestead is a direct reflection on his level of motivation. They also spout off nonsense thinking they are smarter than they actually are. Joe thinks he can outwit the legal system, or anyone else in a position of authority and his poor neighbors. Not to mention the divine revelations he’s boasted about that he’s given when he’s high. Oh brother! I could go on, but one thing is for sure-weed isn’t cheap. If he’s buying it, that’s money he is taking away from his family that could be used for necessities. It’s not even cheap to grow your own and if he’s selling it and gets caught, he’s going up river. Oh wait! Nicole’s name is on the land, but she’s got her Constitutional rights and all to cover her butt. Regardless, they’re taking a huge gamble with their children’s lives announcing to the public that he loves to smoke pot in a State where it is still illegal. I kind of feel bad for Nicole being married to such a lazy dumbshit.


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