The Courtroom, Part 5

Court part 5

BOLUS: I have no further questions.

JUDGE: Did you want to give any other testimony at this point, Mrs. Naugler?

NICOLE: Um, I did want to address that 508, um, 130 as used in KRS 508.130 to 15, 508.150. Unless the context requires otherwise, to stalk means to engage in an intentional course of conduct directed at a specific person or persons, which is myself, which seriously alarms, annoys, intimidates or harasses the person or persons, which is myself, and she has done such with her behaviors for twenty-two months, her obsession with my family, has caused more than just seriously alarm, and three, serves no legitimate purpose.

I cannot imagine what kind of purpose it would serve for her to run this page and to continuously be involved in my family to make acquaintances with my business neighbors and my personal neighbors which she had no knowledge of prior to my case being public and for her to continue to do so and in a manner that causes alarm.

And it says, the course of conduct shall be that which would cause a reasonable person to suffer substantial mental distress. (starts crying yet again) Her behavior has caused extreme emotional and mental distress to me for the past twenty-two months. She has been the spokesperson, so to speak, with her Blessed Little Trolls page and her advocacy on the blog that is written about me, Blessed Little Blog, that her friend writes about me, that they have done nothing but continuously try to stalk and harass and her obsession with my family becomes more enhanced the more unsuccessful they are. They have been trying for everything from making continuous false allegations, and I say they as the separate group of people which is separate from the incident with her, but she, as part of this group has done nothing but try to instigate trouble with my family, instigate trouble with my business neighbors, and Ms. Luthi is at the helm of this, with her page that she runs, publicly runs, Blessed Little Trolls and Their Minions.

JUDGE: Hold on just a minute. At this point, what I hear you making is a closing remark, not testimony, okay, about facts. And I don’t want to cut you off but I want to say, I need to, uh, complete the hearing.

NICOLE: Can I ask Ms. Luthi what her purpose of her page is?

JUDGE: Just a minute. Do you want to, um, do you have a witness to call?

NICOLE: Uh, my husband.

JUDGE: Can you tell me – do you want to call Ms. Luthi?

NICOLE: Well, what I would like to ask her what her purpose is if it’s not to alarm. . .

JUDGE: Then you want to call Ms. Luthi?


BOLUS: (unclear) it would be in her case

JUDGE: She’s been sworn.

BOLUS: She’s been sworn.

JUDGE: Shes been sworn, so state your name, ma’am.
LISA: My name is Lisa Duran-Luthi.

JUDGE: And you may ask. . .

NICOLE: Ms. Luthi, do you run the Blessed Little Trolls and Their Minions Facebook page?

LISA: I’m one of the administrators, yes.

NICOLE: Did you create the page?

LISA: I’m one of the administrators that created the page, yes.

NICOLE: What was the intent and purpose of this page been?

LISA: To protect myself from the attacks from your followers, 45,000 followers, who have printed my home address, pictures of my home, pictures of my children online, directing them to come to my house in a Waco-type deal. Okay, and it has always been my intent that. . .

NICOLE: Do you have evidence of that?. . .

LISA: it’s to document

NICOLE: You’re talking about actions that another person.

LISA: Ma’am. . .

NICOLE: [Talking all over Lisa, and that’s hard to do] Do you have evidence of those actions?

JUDGE: Ma’am. Now, now, now, now, ladies. Nicole – Mrs. Naugler, I need – if you ask a question, you’ve got to let her answer it before you ask another question. So, I need you to. . .

LISA: That was my original intent and I called it Grandma school. They put pictures up of me online in June, I guess, after I made a comment on the Breckinridge County Sheriff’s page, um, saying, “Give Grandma a kiss”

NICOLE: Who’s they?

LISA: I’m sorry, okay, at the time it was one of the many followers, I believe at that time. . .

NICOLE: So I directly did not do anything to your. . .

LISA: it was Donny Cook who is a friend of yours.

NICOLE: I directly did not post anything against you. Was it something that I posted?

LISA: Ma’am, that’s who I discussed in the beginning, was them. Eventually, the page morphed. Mrs. Naugler’s family takes no more than ten percent of my page. Okay, it has a page that has science, art. . .

JUDGE: Okay, Ms. Luthi, I need you to answer the question Ms. Naugler posed. Ms. Naugler the last question was?

NICOLE: I, honestly, I just forgot what I just asked.

JUDGE: Did you want to ask another question of her?

NICOLE: (mumbling) What did I just ask her?

What have I posted that would instigate you directing your page at me in any fashion?

LISA: I don’t direct my page at you.

NICOLE: Why do you refer to me on numerous, almost all of your posts? You refer to my home and my family.

LISA: I do not.

NICOLE: Why did you take your page down after the IPO was served?

LISA: At the advice of my attorney, it’s unpublished.

NICOLE: If the page is not directed at me, and if it’s not about me, why would you remove it from the internet?

LISA: At the advice of my attorney.

NICOLE: What advice was that?

BOLUS: Object.

JUDGE: What again? I didn’t hear what your question was.

NICOLE: I asked what advice, and I understand the objection.

JUDGE: Right. Okay. Sustained. She knows.

NICOLE: Will the page be resumed, after. . .if the IPO is not, will you resume posting about my family on your page?


NICOLE: Will you resume going by and encouraging others to send you photographs of my home or business?

LISA: I’ve never done so.

NICOLE: I just played the audio recording where she said “Send me” – you heard the audio recording where she said, “Message them, message them, message them.”

JUDGE: You’re asking questions right now.

NICOLE: I’m sorry. Did you not say in the podcast with Naugler Nation for people to send you photographs of me?

LISA: I told them to message me, because I was trying to change the subject.

NICOLE: How many podcasts have you done discussing my family and my case?

LISA: I have no idea.

NICOLE: Just a guesstimate?

LISA: I think I’ve been on three to four podcasts where they were still discussing your family, though I often attempted not to, and I’ve been on two podcasts where your family was not discussed at all, possibly three.

NICOLE: Why would you engage in a podcast called Naugler Nation? What was your, um, what was your. . .

LISA: I was invited to be a guest speaker.

NICOLE: And why did you accept?

LISA: Why not?

NICOLE: What was your, um, relationship with my neighbor, Ron Sneed?

LISA: Mr. Sneed contacted me in April and asked, um, a couple of questions because he’d already been to the County Attorney, and he wanted some moral support. He didn’t understand what court was like, so he asked if I would be willing to come with him.

NICOLE: How did Ron Sneed come to know your name?

LISA: I don’t know. I didn’t ask him.

NICOLE: How did you come in contact with my business neighbors, Vivian Smith?

LISA: Once again, they contacted me. I was in California at the time that your kerfuffle happened.

NICOLE: Why would you be the contact person for two people who I am neighbors with? Why would they contact you of all the people who have commented and interacted on pages regarding my family, why would . . .

BOLUS: Objection to the form of the question. There’s about three different subjects in there.

NICOLE: Why would you be the contact person regarding my family?

LISA: I don’t know.

NICOLE: Why have you spent twenty-two months, twenty-three months now, as of this past week, focused on my family, obsessed with my family?

BOLUS: I object to the second. . .

NICOLE: What is your obsession with my family, Ms. Luthi?

BOLUS: Again, I’m going to object to the form of that question.

NICOLE: What is your interest in my family?

LISA: Mostly to defend myself. I believe you have a number of blog posts with my name on it, you continuously for, on your Blessed Little Homestead page and on your various manifestations of Nicole Naugler pages, have published any number of falsehoods about me.

NICOLE: I have only documented . . . those posts only document the interactions you have instigated at my family [JOE reaches out and taps NICOLE’s arm, obviously trying to convey some sort of cautionary message or something like that]

Um, how can I be sure that your behavior towards my family, that. . . nah, sorry.

[And she starts crying again]

Do you understand how your behavior on your pages has emotionally harmed not only myself and my husband, but my children?

BOLUS: Your Honor, I’m going to object to the question.


When you post on your pages, do you consider the effects it has on my minor children?

LISA: That’s why I have it set to 18.

BOLUS: (unclear, but objecting)

JUDGE: She’s asking if she does or doesn’t.

BOLUS: (unclear) . . .effect on her minor children. . .

JUDGE: If she considers that. Not if she has any understanding. If she considers that, is I think is what the question is.

LISA: Yes, I did. That’s why my page cannot be accessed by anyone under the age of 18.

NICOLE: Do you understand that you don’t have to be 18 to feel the effects of what’s posted on, on, those pages?

LISA: (unclear, very faint)

NICOLE: You encourage people. . . nevermind. . I can’t. . . I need a break (weepy).

[The unfortunate domestic violence advocate who came to work that day leans over to comfort weepy Nicole.]

JUDGE: Any other questions, Mrs. Naugler?

NICOLE: (blows nose) Um, just one more. Ms. Luthi, have you at all, at any point, given legal advice or recommendations to anyone who has contacted you via your Facebook page or your personal page?


JUDGE: All right. I’m sorry. Is that it?


JUDGE: And did you want to ask any questions of your client, Mr. Bolus?

BOLUS: Can you please describe to the court how many times you had driven by Mrs. Naugler’s home.

LISA: One time.

BOLUS: And what were you doing?

LISA: I was visiting Linda Sneed. We were going out for lunch and nail – um, having our nails done. I actually called the house first before I went there to see whether or not they (gestures at JOE and NICOLE) were home and when they told me they weren’t home I drove to the Sneeds. I picked Linda up and we went off to have our adventure of having lunch. When I was returning her, I called the Sneeds again, they were home, so Mr. Sneed came out to the main road and picked Miss Sneed up from my car because I refused to drive down that road, and that was the one and only time I’ve ever been on the road.

BOLUS: How many times did you, uh, did you go by the store?

LISA: I’ve never been to her store. I went twice to Viv and Eric’s store.

BOLUS: And what were those dates?

LISA: Uh, I’m sorry, I had to write them down. That’s why I’m retired. Uh, January 7 of this year, 19, uh, 2017, and uh, February 25 of 2017.

BOLUS: And your trip to the Sneed home was when?

LISA: It was, I remember that day because I had a car accident in Elizabethtown. It was October 29, 19 – 2016.

BOLUS: And aside from those, from those episodes, had you ever seen. . .

LISA: I had never seen Mrs. Naugler until she accosted me in the courthouse on February 1, 2017 in Hardin County.

BOLUS: Okay. And specify for the court, have you ever made any kind of a statement which would relate to any kind of threat?


BOLUS: Of a sexual nature?


BOLUS: of either Mrs. Naugler, any of her children, any member of her family?


BOLUS: Any statements that could be deemed as a threat of physical injury or death?


BOLUS: to any of them?


BOLUS: I have no further questions.

JUDGE: Any other questions, Mrs. Naugler, for Ms. Luthi? All right, did you want to call any other witnesses?


JUDGE: (To Bolus) Did you want to produce any other witnesses, at this time?


JUDGE: So that’s the evidence in the case. And so, did you want to make any other remarks, Mrs. Naugler?

NICOLE: I just wanted to reiterate, um, he keeps referring to, um, sexual or physical, um, stalking, and I wanted to be clear on the definition of stalking that I have read in the 508.130 clause, which refers to, um, mental stress, alarming behaviors and intimidation and harassment, which is why I filed the IPO.

My request is that Ms. Luthi just leave my family alone. I’m concerned that it being twenty-three months and they have still continued to achieve their – her goals of having what she states, you know, like I said before, of causing us stress, basically of having our family broken apart, that her behavior has escalated. Um, she continues to be more aggressive in her posts, more assertive in her posting online about me, more focused on us than she has been in the past. It just continues to escalate and I’m concerned that this escalation at one point, you know, may lead to some of those other ones, but mostly the mental distress that I have to go through every day of having these people targeting me, online and in real life.

And um, I just, I would just, I just want it stopped.

JUDGE: Where’s the green book? Do you have a green book? Right here.

BOLUS: Your Honor

JUDGE: If you don’t mind. . .

Oh, Mr. Miller is the one who had the green book.

BOLUS: All I have are the, are the pages.

JUDGE: Pages. Right.

BOLUS: Yes, ma’am.

JUDGE: If you’ll bring us one. In the meantime, you wanna make any comments?

BOLUS: Yes. In response, as, as the testimony came out today, for what, for what happened here, once the, once the pleadings got filed, Ms. Luthi withdrew completely from any discussion with regard to, to these folks.

But, even more importantly, one of the things that she is, that Mrs. Naugler is making a mistake of, is reading the stalking statute, reading that 130 section into the IPO statute and the IPO statute does not include that. The IPO statute is very narrow. It’s very specific.

And the reason for that, that’s because what we have is a proceeding that is designed to take place not with the usual realms (unclear). . . we’re looking for severe conduct that needs to be (unclear) immediately. That’s why what we look at in terms of the definitional aspects of that particular chapter, we are dealing with 140 and 150 and that’s (unclear.)

She hasn’t made that case.

JUDGE: Thank you, Mr. Bolus.

[JUDGE reading, NICOLE and JOE shuffling yet more pages and talking to each other]

Mrs. Naugler, uh, in reading 465.010, definitions for the IPO statute, that was provided earlier by Mr. Bolus. . .

NICOLE: Right.

JUDGE: Section, uh, F, no that’s section 7, stalking refers to conduct prohibited as stalking under 508.140 or 508.150. Not 508.130 as he described. He’s correct in his remarks about the law.

That being the case, looking at Stalking Second, the court cannot find that, uh, Ms. Luthi has stalked, um, as described in, uh, 508.150 or 508.140.

So, given that, the court will have to dismiss the complaint, and I’ll sign those documents to that effect here in just a moment.

[JUDGE confers with CLERK]

NICOLE: When will these copies be made available to me?

JUDGE: I’m gonna fill them out right now.

NICOLE: Okay. And the court transcripts will be made available.

JUDGE: I’m sorry, what?

NICOLE: And how long for the court transcripts so I can file my civil suit.

JUDGE: You’ll have to, um, go to the clerk’s window and talk with them about that.

NICOLE: Okay. I appreciate it.

JUDGE: They can give you a better idea. I just don’t know that answer.

JOE: Do you know how many days we should wait?

JUDGE: I’m sorry?

JOE: How many days we should wait?

NICOLE: We’ll ask them.

JUDGE: You can ask today and they will give you an idea about how long it will be.

NICOLE: Okay. That’s fine.

JOE: We’ll just need these for our civil. . .

CLERK: (unclear)

JUDGE: All right. We’ll make copies for both sides. And, uh, as soon as you get your copies, you all will be free to go.

Um, Mr. Butler, you have matters for us to address.

NICOLE: Your Honor, are we free to go?

JUDGE: Yes, ma’am. Well, do you want to wait for your copy, your order, copy of the order?

NICOLE: (speaking to either JOE or the advocate woman or both) She said under oath that she’s not going to talk about me.

Why does it matter what a woman who lives in a garden shed thinks about anything?  Coming up. . .


32 thoughts on “The Courtroom, Part 5”

  1. “She said under oath she’s not going to talk about me. ”

    But what about her 1st amendment rights, Miss Sovereign Shit-izen?

    Your case falls apart there.


  2. CIVIL SUIT?????




    OMG, seriously rolling on the floor over here:)

    Oh, Nicole!

    For fuck’s sake, you MORON, when will you learn?

    Jesus Christ you must be bored. How can you be THIS bored with 11 fucking kids?

    Perhaps Nicole would like to review case law in the matter of “Sticks and Stones-vs-Names that Never hurt you.”

    Nicole, there appears to be a very simple solution to your emotional stress about things that are said about you on the internet: STAY OFF THE INTERNET:) Stop combing external sites for something to get your panties in a wad about. You do this to yourself. You can’t control free speech. You are not above criticism when you make yourself a public persona. You’ll live longer, and your kids won’t have to deal with your unstable freaky assed temper tantrums…..if you use some common assed sense and stop searching for things that upset you.


  3. Nicole sure had a meltdown when the Go Fund Me was brought up. But my favorite part is when she decides to blow her nose…good Lord!

    Did anyone catch when Nicole was asked why she felt Lisa “was stalking her”? And her answer was “…she wants my children in a good home”. I couldn’t believe Nicole didn’t correct herself. It felt as if Nic was admitting that her kids live in a crappy home!


  4. Oh she gonna be big mad. Guess that’s the downfall of YouTube law school, you get to fast forward through the part that explains your loose interpretation of the law doesn’t make it the law. No amount of crocodile tears will make it so either. For someone(s) who continuously drone on and on about how they’re documenting, they sure didn’t have much by way of documentation. Oh but it was the kid who screwed up her “case”. I have a suspension that bag was about as organized as her thoughts, all over the place. But of course her spin on this will go one of two ways, the courts are against her and her family or this is what they want, laws to be so confusing people can get harrassed if they don’t know specifics. No Mrs. Hotmess just like pretending to be a Dr doesn’t make you a qualified surgeon, pretending to practice law doesn’t make you a JD. But you’re right, education is for statists.


  5. Well, it seems the civil suit was right on the tip of both N & J’s tongues. What a surprise! And where in those proceedings did N hear Lisa say under oath that she wouldn’t talk about her anymore? SMH. Thanks Sally! I find it much easier to read it than to listen to it.


  6. Nicole sure had a meltdown when the Go Fund Me was brought up.

    It wasn’t about GoFundMe. It was about her using her BLH page to make money right now, today, online. You know, the page she pays to advertise.


  7. And where in those proceedings did N hear Lisa say under oath that she wouldn’t talk about her anymore?

    Obviously, she didn’t say it. Furthermore, nobody can be held to some supposed “promise” they made about the future under oath. That’s so stupid it makes my eyes water.

    I could promise, under oath, never to eat chocolate again in my lifetime, but it’s not a crime if I decide three days later that I really didn’t mean that.

    Lisa is not prohibited by law from saying or writing anything she likes, nor from going anywhere she wishes.


  8. Why didn’t she just hand over the whole folder of “evidence”? In that big pile the only thing she could muster was a meme war? Man alive. It does not get any better than this. I can’t wait for the civil suit, no offense to Lisa. Couldn’t Lisa just counter sue? She even asked for the transcript, that’s awesome lol because this video transcript thing has worked wonders for her hasn’t it?


  9. Okay, reading over that, where does Lisa say she won’t talk about Nicole anymore? She does say she won’t republish her page, but that wasn’t a promise, it was just a statement of intention at that point in time. What was point of this charade other than to test the waters, annoy Lisa and cost her time and money, and to intimidate anyone else who disagrees with her from saying anything? I don’t think Nicole accomplished what she thinks she did.

    Thank you very much for doing all of this Sally, and I’m sorry you had to go through all that Lisa.


  10. Okay, reading over that, where does Lisa say she won’t talk about Nicole anymore?

    She didn’t.


  11. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but why were her sources of income brought into question?

    This doesn’t have to be answered of course, but I just can’t see where this question went or where it was going. Which is why I’m not an attorney!


  12. why were her sources of income brought into question?

    Here’s the relevant section:

    BOLUS: Do you have a great deal of interaction with people that you, that you deem are doing mean or harassing things to you?

    NICOLE: I intera- I have a page that has 45,000 people. I get messages from 45,000 people all day, every day, and interacting on my personal page.

    BOLUS: You raise money off of that page, do you not?

    NICOLE: I do not. And I don’t think that’s relevant.

    The major point is in Bolus’s original question – he asks Nicole if she has a lot of interaction with people that she perceives as saying mean things about her ——- and then she retorts that she has a bazillion followers. He follows that immediately with the question about her raising money on that page.

    Because IF she’s raising money on that page, and IF the criticism is dampening that money-raising effort, those two things would explain why she is so aggressively going after anyone who criticizes her.

    Her response is exactly what I expected.


  13. But Nicole does in fact raise money from her BLH page. She has done fundraisers, shared her go fund me, sold bows, auctioned art work, etc all from her BLH page. She wouldn’t know the truth if it bit her in the ass.

    It sucks that Lisa had to pay money to defend herself from Nicole, but at least in the end Nicole was exposed for the idiot she truly is. It’s quite ridiculous that it went to this extreme. Just as Nicole is free to say shit day in and day out about cops, cps workers, and government workers, Lisa is free to say shit about Nicole. All of us are free to counter Nicole’s comments. She claims to be an anarchist, so it’s laughable that she used a court to try to shut someone up. Lisa didn’t threaten Nicole in any way, shape or form. Nicole is delusional. She does need to put on her big girl panties and grow up. The world isn’t always kind. None of us are free from criticism.


  14. Oops sorry about that error. I just remember the GFM and her page being brought up and she flipped out…from weeping to the wicked witch of the shit-stead!


  15. Because IF she’s raising money on that page, and IF the criticism is dampening that money-raising effort, those two things would explain why she is so aggressively going after anyone who criticizes her.

    Would it now also be equally hard to prove that the online criticism has affected her business or money making schemes? She said she doesn’t earn money from that page. To turn around and say that it does impact her finances (remember: dog grooming is booming and she couldn’t be busier), would be admitting that she not only uses her page to make money, but that she perjured herself in court denying that the page made money. I would think that an admission of a substantial financial gain from an online presence would perk the ears of the IRS, would it not? Pretty sure she refers to the BLH as an LLC.


  16. You know, Nicole had her rear end handed to her that day. It was time for her to show relevant documentation. She didn’t because she had no documentation to show. As with all of her plans absolutely nothing materialized and it was, as with all of her failed plans, someone else’s fault. In this case she decided that one of her children was at fault for her failure to be prepared.

    Nicole is the toddler. She acts like one. When things don’t go her way she throws a temper tantrum. When she has absolutely no leg to stand on she tries to compensate and manipulate by getting emotional and defensive. Nicole is very vindictive and brutal. She tries to find her “enemy’s” vulnerable point (whether it is a personal tragedy, parents, friends, children, whatever) and remorselessly goes for the jugular. I guess she’s used to people throwing their hands up and doing what she wishes. Nowhere in her childish little mind does she comprehend or care about the effect she has on others. But, she absolutely cannot stand it when she loses. Nicole cannot seem to understand that she is not dealing with nice church people any more. She is dealing with people are not willing to be her apologetic doormats anymore. And Nicole simply cannot deal with the playing field she’s on.


  17. You want to know who the real trolls are? The humpers who tell the bat shit crazy Nauglers to ” file restraining orders and sue people for defamation, slander, and liable (sic).” How those trolls must laugh when the Nauglers dance at the end of their strings. It’s like dangling a lifesaver in front of a drowning man. “Just swim a little closer. You’re almost there. Just a little closer,” as they keep piloting the boat a little further away. Laughing their asses off.


  18. Would it now also be equally hard to prove that the online criticism has affected her business or money making schemes?

    Yes. Impossible to prove.


  19. At times, I almost feel sorry for them. They actually believe that they are going to bend the world to their will, but they are not clever enough to do so. All they seem to do is blame, stir up shit and whine. People in their community might be frightened in the beginning but I’m pretty sure that passes. For all the bluster and intimidation, they’re really just loudmouth nuisances. I’m thinking that all of this litigious nonsense is them trying to punch above their weight. Like everything else they do, it will all come to nothing. To use an old-timey term, they’re riff-raff. I’m not certain how they can ever re-brand themselves as anything else now.


  20. Nicole is very vindictive and brutal. She tries to find her “enemy’s” vulnerable point (whether it is a personal tragedy, parents, friends, children, whatever) and remorselessly goes for the jugular.


    Attempting to control and intimidate any opposing views to her narrative (and likely revenue stream) in this manner was so beautifully brought into evidence by Todd Bolus in video 4. It was very chilling to see Nicole’s reaction after Mr. Bolus presented the evidence to the judge of how she treats folks who oppose her views. Apologetically, he said the language was “pretty rough”. The camera cuts to Nicole at that moment as it follows sounds, and she is actually laughing about this. The importance of the video cannot be understated, as in this section it truly reveals more about her character than words alone could possibly convey.
    She appears to be taking some enjoyment out of doing this to people and this is where she loses any and all respect or sympathies on my part.

    Now, despite the folly of her legal action and publicly displaying her foolishness and ignorance, she seems to relish the idea of using the courts as another form intimidation and retaliation.

    I hope, in due time, there will be significant consequences brought against her, not only for abuse of the system she so vehemently speaks out against, but also for HER continued harassment and for the losses suffered by those who simply express opposition.


  21. My entire life the one thing that I have consistently done is to stand up to bullies. I stand up to them for myself and I stand up to them for others. I have a solid personal belief in what is wrong and what is right, and it’s not that dogmatic. I just believe that you should live and let live. That people can do whatever they want to themselves as long as they actually understand what they are doing (mental illness would be an exception depending). What I find to be wrong is when people do what they want at the expense of others, particularly vulnerable others. That is my line in the sand. You want to eat dog shit? Ew, but fine. You want to feed dog shit to your crippled grandmother andor your children. No.

    I suppose it is why since I was a child everyone told me to be a lawyer from family, teachers and the guy at the deli. There was never any doubt for me or for others that my purpose was to help other people.

    So why did I make my Facebook page? Bullies. Not only to protect myself but to protect others. Now that the page is down I can tell everyone that many a time what you saw on my page were diversionary tactics. Not just because the Blessed bullies were coming after me, but because they were coming after others. Others that often I perceived were more vulnerable than I. I would purposefully make myself their target, because as you have seen I can take it and I can dish it out. At this point in time the page is unnecessary. A community has been formed, several communities have been formed, and it is not as easy for the predator bullies to single anyone out anymore because there is safety in numbers. The predators have been defanged and they are not to be feared. They are a laughingstock.

    That is not to say that the page didn’t morph into many other things. Truth would be one of the bigger concepts. Charlatans of all kinds have been my concern. A lot of people spend a lot of time lying on the internet. They rely on no one calling out their lies. They ban and block anyone who might shine the truth on them. They troll them and try to intimidate them just so that they can continue to lie and often the entire purpose of the lies is to somehow enrich themselves at the expense of others. So back to my number one rule of life. I don’t care what you do as long as you are not doing it on the backs of others.

    I also have to say that this whole experience opened my eyes to a myriad of bat shit crazy going on. The whole cult of willful ignorance being one of them. So I also started to join other people online in the pushback. I still cannot comprehend why people wouldn’t want everyone else to reach their full potential. Nor do I understand why people wouldn’t be interested in truth and facts. I’m afraid I’m never going to understand it, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t keep pushing for a golden age.


  22. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question, Sally! I have a bad habit of over analyzing everything. Sometimes I just need it spelled out for me. I lack “tact” so I would have been a horrible attorney if that was the profession I had chosen! Attorney’s are a different breed and I admire their wit and intelligence!!! “Why not?” was the perfect example…I laughed so hard!

    So it was one simple question which could now lead to a multitude of consequences…or just none if the Nauglers would just stop all this silly nonsense.

    BEC moment: She had said she gets messages from 45,000 people all day everyday. She normally has a 100% response rate, so does that mean she reads at least 45,000 messages everyday and then sends out at least 45,000 messages everyday? That’s a total of at least 90,000 messages! With there only being 86,400 seconds in a day, that would be an extremely impressive skill to behold!!!

    Oh, and just a few random thoughts since I refuse to comment on any facebook page in regards to the Nauglers:

    1. If Sally ever wanted to contact me or know who I am, I provide her with my email address! I may post under an anonymous screen name, but I’m not hiding from Sally!

    2. If I was ever invited to lunch with Sally, Al, Lisa, Debra, Viv and whomever else they decided to invite, I wouldn’t miss it!

    3. I just recently found an amazing facebook page showcasing some amazing artwork! I already knew this gentleman was incredibly intelligent, a pilot, a hero (even though most hero’s don’t view themselves as such), and a man who knows how to work hard! What I didn’t know was how extremely talented this gentleman was when it came to art! Wow, very beautiful artwork and quite impressive!

    4. I finally tried one of the bath bombs Lisa highly recommended! It was an absolutely wonderful experience! I definitely plan on buying more!!!


  23. Important individuals and nations have enemies. Few of us are that important. Nicole and Joe most assuredly aren’t that important.

    They have critics. They wanted their plight to “go viral”. It did. They continue to be of interest to various people for lots of different reasons. They are discussed and there are people who believe they’re more pure than the driven snow and others who don’t agree.

    What they did that was fundamentally stupid was to select individuals who posted on sites ABOUT the Naugler family but not ON their page(s) and then decide to try to harass, intimidate or ridicule. In my case, they insisted that I don’t exist. I do, very much so. Unlike Nicole, I take my FB privacy and that of my friends and family very seriously. I don’t parade my family on the internet and beg for donations.


  24. I think if Sally, Lisa, Viv, Debra and Al were to meet for lunch and invite any of their admirers to join them, they would need a convention hall. ?


  25. MIM, maybe a large field and a big bonfire! Set up some tables and chairs. Maybe get a few grills going! Everybody bring a dish! Potluck style! We can talk about art, farming, politics, AND Francis! Whatever other tangents come up are welcome topics of conversation!

    I have my own views on politics and religion, but I don’t get offended by opposing views, and I actually enjoy hearing or reading about them. Critical thinking and intelligent conversations can be hard for some people!


  26. Perhaps we should plan a road trip/post trial victory celebration for the jury trial.

    After Nicole’s less than stellar performance at representing herself, I am very curious to see the next circus. And it is not family court, and with a jury seated I can’t imagine there will be as much patience shown as at this last debacle. How I would love to be watching!

    We could have a big BBQ/bonfire after, live stream it and take questions about the proceedings.
    Perhaps Frances could attend, and we could have our pictures taken with her.

    Seriously though, would this last ridiculous display affect their CPS trial? The judge seeing how much time they waste on spite and nonsense, that must be hard to overlook. If they were both working, or fat ass was at least making progress on the homestead or the children’s education or some f@@$ing thing it would be one thing. But they have made it clear that court is their priority, without doing one damn thing to prepare themselves for it. Documenting my ass.


  27. Nicole was all concerned about what Lisa said under oath. Funny, because Nicole lied under oath by claiming that she doesn’t use the BLH page to raise money. That’s a boldfaced lie and anyone following the saga knows as much. So why did she misrepresent the truth? She doesn’t want the government trying to get a piece of their ill-gotten gains, since Joe participates while owing a load of child support?


  28. I read the part where it appeared in the face of things that Lisa was going to stop talking about the Naugladites, or that this is what NicNacs takeaway was and all I could think was “Nooooooo!” Do not let this woman prevail! Then I read the transcript again and realized that once again, NicNac got it completely wrong. My excuse? A criminal level of sleep deprivation. I don’t know what hers is.

    The Naugladites have been on my mind a lot this week for some reason. See, I have been awake for an hour, every two hours feeding our new puppies that we bred. We have a genetically and health-tested, titled dog with an outstanding temperament who rejected her litter. It happens to the best of us. She has had more pre-natal care than NicNac has ever seen. By choice. How is this possible in a first world/developed country? A dog has better pre-natal care than a human! Then, as soon as we thought there was a problem with her labor (meaning she wasn’t having any) we took her to our world class reproductive vet, and good thing we didn’t follow the advice NicNac gives people to do for humans because had we done the same for “just” a dog, the results would have been tragic. Listen to the mother and her body? Uhh huh. “Silence,” said the partially detached placenta! So now I am up every 2 hours feeding 8 puppies that are only 5 days old. And that takes an hour. And I live in their out building right now, which is still nicer than a three-sided run-in or a garden shed. There is electricity. I sleep in a box with them so they can have the social benefit of snuggling with a larger mammal (Comparatively larger. Watch it.). It is hard getting up after only an hour of sleep every 2 hours, but because it is difficult I am not going to tell everyone I know to come get them or make someone else do something about it or I will shoot them, like a certain other Naugle-headed “dog breeder” did when she couldn’t handle her responsibilities for what she created. And because it involves animals you may be wondering about the poops. Or maybe you weren’t and NOW you are. Well, even the puppies don’t “pupmanure”. Even the mother dog knows you CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN and so do we. Cotton rounds and washable reusable towels and pads for now, and compostable paper training when they are older. Dogs don’t keep their excrement anywhere near where they are by nature. Why is this aspect for my puppies better than the sanitation for certain infants and children? How is this possible? Oh well, don’t dwell. I’m sure there is a whole commentary about the state of things in a world where German Shepherd puppies have a better quality of life than certain people do in one of the richest nations in the world BY CHOICE. Think about it. The newborn puppies that are crawling up my pants leg and up my sweatshirt as I type right now are having a better experience as well as a cleaner and safer start to life than certain newborns will.

    Please keep the blog posts coming because I love reading them and they keep me entertained during these long stretches. Thanks for the transcribing work too! I’m sure after doing that you must feel a lot like I do right now!


  29. I’m just catching up on the comments but I want to echo that WuzUpMyKnitter is a hilarious name, and I wish this poster tremendous luck in keeping those puppies alive and well. It’s sad that we know your dogs have received better health care than many of the Naugler human children. Good for you for not trusting nature. Mother Nature is a bitch who doesn’t care if we live or die.


  30. Wow. Catching up on all your blogs. Just got to these. Boy, Nic can sure turn those tears on like a faucet, can’t she?

    That judge was a SAINT! I would have gone bonkers with all the paper shuffling and unpreparedness from Nic.


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