The Courtroom, Part 4

Court part 4

[NICOLE is playing recording]

ERIC (on podcast): LISA, VIV’s got a couple of pictures. She wanted to know if she can post them. How about this? Send them to her.

JUDGE: Stop it there. Can, do you mind to come up here closer to. . .

BOLUS: Cause I can’t hear that.

JUDGE: . . . because I can’t hear that. It’s just a garble to me.

LISA: I can’t hear it either.

JUDGE: I’m going to want you to lay it right up next to that (motioning to microphone)

NICOLE: It is my. . . it’s a horrible podcast and I’ve recorded from device to device.

JUDGE: That’s okay. It’s just that I’ve got to try and hear it and. . .


ERIC (on podcast): LISA, VIV’s got a couple of pictures. She wanted to know if she can post them. How about this? Send them to her.

SOMEONE ELSE: (unclear)

ERIC: Okay. Got it. Well, I didn’t know what the legalities are.


LISA: (on recording) Message me. Message me.


LISA: Message me. (garbled stuff) . . . Breckinridge County

[More garbled incomprehensible stuff]

NICOLE: And that’s where that clip ends. It is hard to understand. That was Ms. Luthi speaking to, um, Eric and Vivian, the couple that just left, about the pictures that they took while they were in court in Hardin County and then they referenced the incident in Breckinridge County as you heard. I know it’s hard to hear, um. . .

JUDGE: I did hear the reference to that but I didn’t hear any kind of threatening statement.

NICOLE: No. It was the fact that they sent Ms. Luthi photographs to post on her page. And then they were questioning the legalities of sending those photographs and Ms. Luthi. . .

JUDGE: I did hear, though, those things.
NICOLE: . . cackling and saying ‘just send them,’ ‘just send them.’ Just message me, message me because that’s what she does – she encourages people to message her photographs. People go out and take photographs and message them to her so she can post them on her Blessed Little Trolls page.

JUDGE: Do you have any other documents that you think you have that you want to show at this time, Mrs. Naugler?

NICOLE: Uh, yeah (shuffling through yet more pages). I’ve handed some out to the County Attorney, he may have them on file. . .

JUDGE: Which County Attorney?

NICOLE: Hardin County and Breckinridge County attorneys both have them in their possession. I’ve turned them in. I don’t know what happened to them after I turned them in. Um, I can (continues to shuffle through papers)

JUDGE: What do you think those pages are gonna show? Are there gonna be statements that you believe would uh, uh. . .

NICOLE: They just show. . .

JUDGE: . . . appear threatening in nature?

NICOLE: Um, threatening in, in what manner?

JUDGE: Threatening of your, uh, health or life.

NICOLE: Mental well-being, yeah. Um, these are kind of. . . these are hard to understand, let me pull them, I know I’ve got a few more. Um, again, some of these are from other pages that, um, don’t. . . I have this one only because it’s in my file for somebody else. Um, I’ll put these in order for you. But these are just some of the screen shots of the Blessed Little Trolls and Their Minions, um, talking about my son’s criminal activity of that day, which there wasn’t any. It was an, um, assumed, um, but just. ..

JUDGE: Anything that you want to show I’m happy to make a copy of and we’ll put it in our file and we’ll show it to Mr. Bolus as well.

NICOLE: Okay (massive amounts of paper shuffling ongoing, mumbling which is unclear) . . . on the blog. I apologize. Like I said, I’ve got a lot of them saved onto disks that are in the process of printing but with trying to run a business and a family, I don’t have as much time for this as I’d like to have. Um, and these are all for the other case.


(speaking softly to JOE) These are. . . I’m trying to find. . . these are all other individuals, I have. . . I’m seeing, I apologize, I don’t have anything on hand because I have, seem to have handed out all of my copies that I have printed but I can provide them.

[NOTE: She is in COURT. NOW is when she is supposed to provide them. NOW. #unschoolingfail THIS IS THE REAL WORLD.]

JUDGE: So most of those pages are things that you’ve given testimony about, is that correct?

If they’re things she’s given testimony about, um, I think that that’s really gonna cover it. Um, right? Since she doesn’t have those other, she doesn’t have the documents to support at this time.

Anything else, Mrs. Naugler?

NICOLE: [who continues to shuffle through papers] I’m double-checking for any screen shots. I believe

JUDGE: Sure.

NICOLE: . . . that, um, just going over my notes one more time and make sure I didn’t miss anything. I’ve tried to be clear-headed but I. . . Yeah, this doesn’t have an actual date, it just has a Friday, but this where they, they discussed us. I don’t think, I don’t know if that’s relevant to you or not, but they discussed. . .

JUDGE: If there’s something you want me to see, I’m happy to look at it.


JUDGE: And, um, can we get the bailiff to, to show it to Mr. Bolus.

NICOLE: It’s really vague. I think that the fact that you don’t have her. . . because she takes down her Facebook page before court. Well, she took down her Facebook page after the IPO and put it back up and said there was a new admin but it went down, cold silent, so anything that was dated, cause I usually take screen shots and they say, I don’t know if you use Facebook, it says, you know, Friday, but if you go back and screen shot something earlier, it will give you a date, and so I was unable to do that for some of these and, um, I have them in a file in my computer but I have not printed them all out.

But here they are just talking about all in the family and a family affair which was based on information that had, they had, which they just got from my neighbor which they use to harass me, I guess. (starts to cry yet again and FINALLY hands something to the bailiff).

JUDGE: Let Mr. Bolus look at them and if he wants copies, he can have them.





BOLUS: And Your Honor, I’m gonna object. I’m seeing a, I’m seeing a hearsay document. . .

JUDGE: Is it a Facebook page?

BOLUS: It is a Facebook. . . it is a post to a, to her Facebook page by Bethannie. . .


BOLUS: . . .Horn

NICOLE: Ms. Lisa Luthi runs that Facebook page and she commented on it.

BOLUS: That’s not the same thing. That’s not her.

NICOLE: No, but there are comments on there from her.

BOLUS: Yes, I see the ones. . .


JUDGE: I think he’s just objecting to the one that had, has the other’s person’s. .

NICOLE: Yeah, but it, it gives context to the whole response, because if I just show the response. . .

JUDGE: I’m gonna overrule that.

BOLUS: Thanks.

NICOLE: But I don’t know what other purpose, I mean, it would serve to run a Facebook page such as that other than to stalk and harass somebody and to put them in fear and just to, overall, just to stress me out. She has stated that she wants my children to be somewheres else and they have tried everything unsuccessfully, and the more that they try unsuccessfully, the more aggressive she becomes in her campaign against my family to achieve whatever goal that she thinks is gonna be ideal for my children, which in her mind, per her statement, is that our family is, um, you know, to get my husband back in jail, to get me in a mental institution, and to have my kids in good homes.


The meme war that Nicole submitted as “evidence” was actually about this.  This is the accusation Nicole made that the neighbor, Ron Sneed, had stopped beside the Blessed Little Shithole and pulled something out of his pocket.  It was not anything she saw. It was Jacob and Faith who were there and they fed this crap.  Jacob and Faith.

When the incident with the other, younger son occurred, Lisa and Bethannie were not happy about it happening, but did not want to discuss it on public media due to a minor child being involved, so they referenced Jacob and this incident instead. That’s why there was a meme about McDonald’s on there, because at the time, both Jacob and Faith worked there.

Regardless, it was a silly meme war that meant nothing at all and certainly was not threatening in any way, as you can clearly see.

What is disturbing to me is the brain-dead supporter who says “Grab a shotgun.”

BOLUS: That’s not been part of her testimony about the mental institution, Your Honor.

JUDGE: Once we get copies, I’m gonna let you cross-examine. Is there anything else at this point?

NICOLE: It’s, it’s not, it didn’t happen. It’s been taken down. I have nothing else at this moment, um, that I can play.

JUDGE: After cross-examination, if there’s more you wanna say, then we’ll give you an opportunity then as well.

NICOLE: I appreciate it.

JUDGE: Mr. Balus, do you want to ask quest- It’s Mr. Bolus, I’m so sorry.

BOLUS: That’s no problem.

And Your Honor, before I begin with cross-examination,

JUDGE: You’re wanting me to rule on your (chuckles)

BOLUS: Yes, ma’am.

JUDGE: And restate it again for me, will you?

BOLUS: Yes, ma’am. Essentially, it is, it’s a rule 12 motion for failure to state a claim, and right now it’s in the nature of a directed verdict. She’s not made the allegations that are required under 456.010 in terms of the definitional aspects of it where it says, it specifically refers to stalking in this chapter refers to prohibited stalking under 508.140 and 508.150. 508.140 requires, uh, explicit or implicit threats with intent to place that person in reasonable fear of sexual contact, as defined under 510.010, serious physical injury, or death.

NICOLE: I object.

BOLUS: Stalking two would require allegations with regard to sexual contact, as defined in 510.010, physical injury or death.

JUDGE: Uh, I’m gonna overrule at this time and let you cross-examine.

BOLUS: Thank you, Judge.

Mrs. Naugler, in, could you please, as we sit here today, aside from the one set of documents that you have handed, you have nothing in your possession (unclear) Facebook pages or comments that have been made by Ms. Luthi. Is that correct?

NICOLE: I have nothing printed.

BOLUS: You have nothing printed. You have nothing printed with you today. How many times have you seen Ms. Luthi at your home?

NICOLE: At least once that I’ve been able to identify her.

BOLUS: At least once. And when was that?

NICOLE: It was, um, that I have personally identified her at my home, it was about two summers ago.

BOLUS: About two summers ago.

NICOLE: At the beginning. . .

BOLUS: And what was she doing?

NICOLE: She was driving by slowly with her window down and her phone taking photographs.

[NOTE: For the record, this is impossible for several reasons. First, Lisa was in Europe for the period after the children were returned two summers ago on an extended trip. Second, she cannot put down a window and stick her phone up and take photographs from the passenger window – she is too short. Third, Lisa has never been down that road but one time and Nicole nor anyone else was home. Nicole has never seen Lisa at her house.]

BOLUS: Okay you’ve not seen her again since that event two summers ago. . .

NICOLE: [interrupts] I work. I run a business. I am hardly ever home. My children have, uh, but that’s . . .

BOLUS: Okay, and what kind of vehicle was she driving at the time?

NICOLE: Um, honestly I don’t recall.

BOLUS: How close were you when you saw her?

NICOLE: Um, I would have to say twenty, it was when our house was closer to the road, so, it was fairly close to the road, maybe from here to Mr. Butler.

BOLUS: What were you doing at the time?

NICOLE: I was in my yard.

BOLUS: Were you working in your yard?

NICOLE: I, uh, don’t recall, like I said, it’s been some time but I was outside with my family.

BOLUS: Okay. Were you looking at the street? Why would you notice her coming down the, your road?

NICOLE: I live on a single-lane dirt road. If anybody drives down my road, everybody notices.

BOLUS: Did she stop?

NICOLE: She drove very slowly.

BOLUS: Did she say anything to you?

NICOLE: She did not.

BOLUS: Okay. Did you say anything to her?

NICOLE: I did not.

BOLUS: Why did you recognize her at that time?

NICOLE: Because she was already identified as one of the people who had been acting aggressively in my who-, in my case, in my case, and actually I believe that was after her appearance in court with my neighbor.

[NOTE: This is completely impossible. Timeline doesn’t work at all. The two time periods are about a year apart.]

BOLUS: When was the first time you ever noticed Ms. Luthi, um, taking an interest in your case?

NICOLE: Um, I don’t recall the timeline, I was under immense stress during the time that my children were gone (starts crying), but it was before they were returned. In July, they were returned July 2, 2015, so it had to have been prior to that.

BOLUS: And, did you try to have interactions with her and her life?

NICOLE : Uh, no.

BOLUS: Did you contact her mother?


BOLUS: Did you ever post anything about her mother?

NICOLE: No, I have not.

BOLUS: Are you aware that anybody has posted anything about. . .

NICOLE: I have seen a lot of mud-slinging from both sides of supporters and non-supporters, and, um, I don’t post those things.

BOLUS: Do you have a great deal of interaction with people that you, that you deem are doing mean or harassing things to you?

NICOLE: I intera- I have a page that has 45,000 people. I get messages from 45,000 people all day, every day, and interacting on my personal page.

BOLUS: You raise money off of that page, do you not?

NICOLE: I do not. And I don’t think that’s relevant.

BOLUS: Where do you raise money? You raise money off of . . .

NICOLE: I have a business. That’s where my income comes from. And I will not answer any more questions regarding my income.

BOLUS: You what?

NICOLE: I have a business that raises my income and I will not answer any more questions regarding my income.

BOLUS: Well, the reason why I’m asking these questions with regard to your income is that it is relevant to the fact that you are in a number of interpersonal battles with a number of people.

NICOLE: Irrelevant.

BOLUS: And. . .

NICOLE: That is irrelevant to Ms. Luthi’s behavior towards my family.

BOLUS: Well, let’s talk about your interactions with people.

And Your Honor, I’m going to approach. Can I show these to her?

JUDGE: Certainly.

BOLUS: Thank you.

To NICOLE: (unclear)

NICOLE: That is my personal page.

BOLUS: Okay. Can you tell me what that is?

And Your Honor, we’ve had an order of separation. . .

NICOLE: Yes, this is my

JUDGE: Just one minute. Just one minute.

Okay. You just said what now?

BOLUS: We have an order with regard to separation of witnesses and he’s playing shadow counsel over here (motioning to JOE) to her left. It’s one thing for him to provide, I think, emotional/moral support, and I kind of let that one go, but for him to be consulting with her and providing advice along the way. . .

JUDGE: He’s not going to be able to give any testimony because he’s here in the room.

BOLUS: Right.

JUDGE: (to NICOLE) You know this, right?

NICOLE: Yeah, this is my personal Facebook page where I documented people who were directly and tar- specifically targeting my family.

BOLUS: And so you identified all of them.

NICOLE: I did.




Note: there may have been other lists of names, like the List of 55, but I’m not certain exactly what Mr. Bolus introduced in addition to this stuff from Nicole’s imitation Blessed Little Blog (that copies this one), if anything.

BOLUS: Okay. Now, I’ve got another page here, and I’m gonna have you. . . I’m going to go ahead and introduce this as Respondent’s One (unclear) Thank you.


JUDGE: Respondent’s One (to CLERK)


NICOLE: This has nothing relevant to do with my, with Ms. Luthi’s behavior towards myself and my family. This doesn’t even regard – reference her. At all.

BOLUS: You reference Ms. Luthi in there, don’t you?

NICOLE: No. I talk about the blogger. Unless Ms. Luthi is going to admit to being the blogger, uh, that writes Blessed Little Blog, this has nothing to do with her and has nothing to do with my case of Ms. Luthi stalking and harassing my family.

BOLUS: And what I’m going to show is that Mrs. Naugler has, and I’m going to introduce this, as Respondent’s Two. It’s pretty foul. . .

NICOLE: I’d like copies of that.

BOLUS: It’s pretty foul in terms of tone and what I’m showing is the court is Mrs. Naugler’s tendency to go above and beyond in engaging in very rough verbal conduct with people who she deems to be her, her enemies.

JUDGE: (to CLERK, unclear)

BOLUS: Now, with regard to the number of times you have seen Ms. Luthi at your business, could you please describe the dates?

NICOLE: I don’t have any dates, as I’ve told the courts just moments ago, that I only know this by references on Ms. Luthi’s page, and her podcast, which I don’t. . .

BOLUS: How many times have you interacted with her directly?

NICOLE: Only once, when she followed me to court on January 30.

BOLUS: When she followed you to court. Were you not waiting outside of the court when she left? Did you not have the video going at the time that she stepped out. . .

NICOLE: When I realized, I was walking through the double-door courts, when I realized the people that were actually in the courtroom with the other people we were in court with, I realized who that was, and I had to set my recorder, set my recorder as I walked out.

BOLUS: And you waited for her. . .

NICOLE: I did not wait for her.

I did not wait for her.

BOLUS: You did not wait for her.

NICOLE: She got up immediately after I did and followed me out. After that incident, the bailiff then made. . .

BOLUS: Is it your position that she is not allowed to attend sessions of court?

NICOLE: It is my position that her behavior is alarming to my family. . .

BOLUS: Is it your position that she’s not entitled to be in court?

NICOLE: [getting loud and snippy and talking all over BOLUS]. . . and serves no legitimate purpose. That is my position. My position is her behavior serves no legitimate purpose and causes alarm and mental distress.

BOLUS: Well, my question to you is. . .

JUDGE: Mrs. Naugler, I need you to answer Mr. Bolus’s question.

BOLUS: Is it your position that she’s not entitled to be in a public courtroom? In a public proceeding that the law she can come. . .

NICOLE: [interrupting] It’s my position that she can be anywhere she chooses to be so long as she does not engage in stalking and harassing behaviors.

BOLUS: Okay. So is it also your position that you can have a very, very public presence that you are entitled to no criticism whatsoever?

NICOLE: I’m not talking about criticism.

BOLUS: . . . to your public presentation?

NICOLE: I didn’t say that.

BOLUS: Okay.

NICOLE: I didn’t say that at all.

BOLUS: To your knowledge, she wasn’t under any bar to attend in court, was she?

NICOLE: I’m sorry, what was that?

BOLUS: She wasn’t, she wasn’t prohibited from attending court?


BOLUS: She’s not prohibited from even coming by your place of business, is she not?

NICOLE: No, she’s not.

BOLUS: Is she prohibited from driving down your road?

NICOLE: No, she’s not.

BOLUS: Has she ever made any statements to you that have threatened you with sexual contact?


BOLUS: Has she threatened you with any statements that she’s going to bring about your physical injury?

NICOLE: No. No verbal statements. No.

BOLUS: No verbal statements, no written statements either. Have there not been?

NICOLE: Her, her behavior. . .

BOLUS: There’s no. . .

NICOLE: Her behavior has continuously escalated for the past twenty-two months. Her obsession with me is concerning. I’m. . .

BOLUS: Okay. I’m not asking. . .

NICOLE: I’m not sure what she’s capable of.

BOLUS . . . you that question. What I’m asking you is, what I’m asking you is did she make any statement that has anything to do. . .

NICOLE: She has not.

BOLUS: with your physical safety. Has she threatened you with death or made any statement that somehow you’re going die as a result of any interactions with her?

NICOLE: [No answer audible, but I assume she answered no]

JUDGE: Anything else?



46 thoughts on “The Courtroom, Part 4”

  1. I literally choked when I realized my little meme war was all she had.
    That was beyond pathetic.

    The paper shuffle was just icing.

    May I one again point out how disgusting it is that she threw her kid under the bus?
    Also, her treatment of Alex.
    Just a stone cold bitch


  2. As I was reading this, I couldn’t help but wonder, why did she file an IPO against Lisa for a Facebook page and not Sally for a blog? What is her thinking? I don’t think she had cause to file against anyone. I just don’t understand, why Lisa and not the dozens of others who criticize her.


  3. And hook line and sinker. She just had her ass handed to her on a silver platter.
    She should have been arrested for purgery right there on the spot.

    Lisa’s attorney is awesome.


  4. why did she file an IPO against Lisa for a Facebook page and not Sally for a blog?

    Because she’d seen Lisa in real life and she’s never laid eyeballs on me. It’s hard to argue that I am “stalking” her when I live so far away.


  5. Did she get a new skirt for her big day? New skirt. No evidence. All that documenting and nothing. That toodler must be working with the trolls.


  6. I have to tell you, these have been the highlight of my days.

    N has no idea how to legal. At all.


  7. Did I really just see that they submitted memes as evidence of stalking? Memes? What the fuck? I’m boggled that the judge didn’t roll her eyes so hard that they popped out the back of her head. I’m pretty sure mine just did.


  8. Nicole and Joe always wanted to be on a reality show. Sorry–have a reality show. That’s the only half-sane reason I can come up with for calling public commentary about public information stalking and filing an IPO for it.

    Nicole has such class! The snake hair denim skirt and mega hippie tote bag briefcase with a pile of jumbled irrelevent papers class! It is so endearing to interrupt a real lawyer in his questions to you, to refuse to answer questions, to interrupt a statement by the lawyer “I object!” What a TV drama/ tap dancing show.

    This is the thing about normal reasonable people versus the Nauglers. Most normal people with jobs that require much less initial investment than a JD does have some experience with presenting logical and cogent arguments with relevant verifiable facts. Most normal people learn that BS’ing will, sooner or later, land them in a pile of fecal matter commensurate to the amount of BS generated. I know that the Nauglers were, a number of years ago, given many generous opportunities to get jobs, work with neighbors positively, and work with people who could have and did try to influence matters to their benefit. All the Nauglers wanted then and now is money handed to them for nothing and to be honored as if they had accomplished or achieved something worthwhile, which they have not. In my opinion, their fake lives are unraveling and they are steadily sinking into the humongous pile of bull and people poop they have generated.


  9. Mr. Bolus was very calm, especially given that Nicole was pretty damn hostile. She certainly doesn’t like answering personal questions. She seems super defensive about the financial questions and I laughed that she thinks she can deem what is or isn’t relevant in a court case that she chose to pursue. Don’t want to be questioned, then don’t take people to court! It’s pretty damn simple.

    I’ve suggested it elsewhere but I think Nicole should invest in colored folders for future cases that she wants to bring. At least make herself look organized. They aren’t that expensive. She can find a 100 pack for about $15 on amazon. Seems like a reasonable investment.

    I’ll admit I’ve already watched the entire court drama and #5 is classic. Full of funny stuff.

    Have a great time marching tomorrow.


  10. so i followed the video link and caught part 5. Shes in lala land thinking she has a civil suite.


  11. Some answers, in my opinion, for the Free Jinger commenters.

    It was family court and Nicole was representing herself. Family courts have a tendency to give far more leeway when it comes to the rules of evidence. Courts also will at times (varies greatly based on the judge and the type of court) give a lot of leeway to someone representing themselves. The point of such a hearing is to get to the truth and afford protection to actual victims of domestic violence. The judge both did not require Nicole to authenticate the screenshots she also did not stop Nicole from testifying to hearsay, you know all those “she saids” “she admitted”. No harm, no foul, there was no stalking. The judge did a great job in my opinion.

    Nicole may represent herself (pro se). Joe could not represent Nicole as he is not a licensed attorney nor was he a party to her petition. Also since Joe was present and active during the hearing he could not be a witness either.


  12. Sooo. If N will be called as a witness in J’s jury trial, then she can’t be in the courtroom prior to being called to give her statement? And yet, anyone else who chooses to be there can be, due to the public nature of the court? OMG …


  13. All this time I keep expecting Nicole to get a clue and just stop her crazy. Time and again she shows out and looks the fool. If there are any suits following this one, she is just, well, off the hook.

    She has surely watched this video in its entirety and seen for herself how horribly she handled this whole ordeal. Crazy to have brought the cases before the courts in the first place. Even nuttier to show up with nothing to back up her claims. And just downright embarrassing how she handled herself in a courtroom.

    All this time she writes about documentation, proof, rights…….and she’s got nothing; the same thing she’s had all along. Nothing.

    I am actually embarrassed for her.


  14. Dear Nicole, (we all know you’re reading this blog)
    I was wondering if you’re at all embarrassed by this. Do you replay this in your head? Are you seriously going to spend money on sueing others based on what is said on FB?? Stop reading what you don’t like. It’s that simple. Your business is booming, your man doesn’t need a job, you can buy junk at the store. Stop worrying about how others see you. And that’s what this is all about isn’t it?
    You don’t like how other people see you & your husband. You want the “your” public to see your husband as a loving husband & father, even though he calls women “cunts” & doesn’t show any love towards you regarding your health or finances. Three years on a piece of land & no noticeable improvement. No orchard, not even a fruit tree put in. Nothing. Does he clean house, do laundry, shop for the groceries, you know, all the stuff that you do.. You want your “public” to see you as self sufficient & smart & together, when so many of us see a a homeless person, trying to scam everyone for money, because YOU know that Joe is unable to HOLD down a job, provide health / dental insurance or anything at all for his 13 children & wife. You fire back that you aren’t materialistic, that it’s family & only that. Yet, you’ve banned your own family from aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents (you know, grandpa knee).

    It must be hard to be you. So conflicted. So frustrated. So overwhelmed. You keep digging that hole. Deeper & deeper.

    Maybe your anger at your life should be directed at those who truly make a difference in your life. And who would that be? Only you & then Joe. In that order.

    Here’s a great little read (quite funny at times) that might help you.


  15. Sally, you’re awesome! Thank you for doing this blessed blog. On some days it’s the icing on the cake, you are thoughtful, witty, kind, generous, intelligent, likeable, useful, handy, pretty, creative, energetic, handy, amazing, funny, self sufficient, a great teacher (unteacher?), mom, aunt, sister, wife, neighbor, blogger, and any other thing that is good & desirable. All things that Nickie wishes she was. I do wonder if Nicole had married a good man if her life would be different.

    Thank you for being you!


  16. First thank you for this. I have truly enjoyed the transcripts and progression.
    I knew the Nog’s weren’t winning this. I knew it would be ugly. I never expected this!
    They remind everyone endlessly, that they’re documenting everything! They use it as a threat. Yet here she is, finally standing in front of a judge, her shining moment when she’s going to take down one of her trolls and shes claiming she didn’t have time to make copies of evidence???
    Did she really think crying and saying ” She’s mean!” was going to be enough? She’s nuttier than we ever imagined.


  17. I have known people who think and act like her and him. They make these grandiose plans but never seem to see them through. Wen these grand plans fall through, the first thing they do is find someone other then themselves to blame, its much easier that way. I watched all 5 episodes and I give the Judge , Patience of the year award. As for Lisas Lawyer, Kudoes, I only wish he would have sent her over the edge by pressing the income stream line of questioning,


  18. Nicole was getting mighty testy there. I laughed.

    Nikki, Nikki, Nikki. This is court and your time to provide evidence for your claim. This isn’t somethimg where you can turn in your homework before the end of the day and still recieve full credit. You have one shot and you blew it by blundering like a half-wit.

    I imagined Nicole to have an annoying voice, but it actually is kind of pleasant. That ks is the only compliment that I will give her.


  19. If N will be called as a witness in J’s jury trial, then she can’t be in the courtroom prior to being called to give her statement?

    That is correct. And yes, anyone can be there if they wish.


  20. Thank you for being you!

    Golly gee. You have not ever witnessed me swearing at Frances when she smacks me in the face with a wet tail full of manure. 🙂 Or on the days when I decide that I simply am not going to do the damned laundry.


  21. As for Lisas Lawyer, Kudoes

    I told Lisa and Dave both that I think I am starting to have a massive crush on Todd Bolus. 🙂


  22. I imagined Nicole to have an annoying voice, but it actually is kind of pleasant.

    You are hearing Nicole under extreme self-control. When she loses it, she talks very rapidly and very high-pitched, and mostly she just talks over anyone and everyone.


  23. Seeing that this case was heard in family court by the same judge handling her CPS case, I wonder if any of the evidence she did/did not present for the IPO’s can be used against her in the CPS case. She keeps screaming she wants that case closed, but her performance in the IPO case is a clear example of most likely why her CPS case is not closed.


  24. I know this is probably “irrelevant,” as the Mrs. put it. But how are they paying for this? I’m concerned that what little money they have is being taken from the children, who need books and resources for education, and being burned on frivolous lawsuits.
    Also, she mentions that county attorney is present. Is it possible that this courtroom mess could be presented as a pattern of erratic behavior and harm their later cases?


  25. OMG, what a moron Nicole is. I love how she “objects” when she does not like the evidence presented or the line of questioning, yet provides no legal reason for the objection.

    Nicole, Esq (you can look it up later, Nic) court does not allow you to shut down lines of questioning nor evidence…..just because you don’t like it, or it gives you the Sads; you need to state a LEGAL (like from the law, you know?) reason why the evidence or questioning does not adhere to the legal principle you are arguing. And such documentation, such preparation, such Facebook lawyering! You sure showed Lisa how things are going to be under your reign as Princess of Breckinridge County! Wow!

    Nicole, I think you may want to brush up on court procedures and protocol before your next humiliation….oooops, meant trial.

    I thought that the judge gave Nickie an incredible amount of latitude and demonstrated unbelievable patience with her silliness and lack of preparation, but she clearly saw the situation for what it was quite early on.

    I seriously would love to see Lisa, Eric, and Viv sue YOU for the money they spend defending themselves against your ridiculous/frivolous allegations. It would be karmic.

    So, 2017 was going to be the year that you took control of things and held people accountable. How is that working out for you so far?


  26. Sally,
    Thanks for transcribing the recordings. We all know that nicnaug will convince her “supporters” that the judge is friends with the trolls and the judge is crooked. When she loses big, she blames the system in one way or another and creating dots that she can connect from the judge to Lisa will be her way to convince her not-so-smart followers. Her logic might go like this: Well, the judge knows Lisa. They drive on the same road and Joe has seen them using the same grocery store. In fact, my son saw the judge eating at McDonalds the same month that he saw Lisa drive by McDonalds. They both are stalking him and his girlfriend so they both had to quit their jobs. M–o–o–n spells bad judge. We need help paying for all these lawsuits so that we can keep our family safe. Send me what you can but save the prayers because prayers don’t buy Hardees. The End.

    You know that when they left court, the Naugs had a huge fight. She will accuse him of not proving enough help and he will accuse her of being an ignorant cunt. She will screech and cuss and he will grab her arm and try to calm her down because all women respond so well when a big, fat, unclean idiot grabs our arms, even if that creep is a husband. I would suspect if their shit shack was large enough and had many doors, there would be much stomping around and slamming of doors.

    Nicole, because we know you read, here’s a little piece of advice that I give to my grandchildren: just let it go. If Kole takes your truck, Kobe, let it go and find another truck. Baby Girl, if Bella keeps following you around, let it go and embrace her love…it’s not every day we have someone who worships us the way a younger cousin worships an older one. Just let it go…but for you, Naugs, I’ll add a qualifier…let if fucking go and you may end up having enough time to do something constructive like plant a garden or clean your nasty hair.


  27. But how are they paying for this?

    Paying for the court stuff? They aren’t. Al is. Everyone who lives in Breckinridge and Hardin Counties is.

    It costs nothing to file an application for an IPO and Nicole played lawyer.

    The County Attorney was present throughout the entire hearing.


  28. This is all getting to Nicole. She posted that she will have another Q&A session Sunday at 6 m on her Nicole C. Naugler page. Because it is NOT going to be family friendly, it will not be on BLH.

    Thanks for all the transcribing, Sally. I am having difficulties with my speakers, so the final piece of court is still something of a mystery to me. Although I gather it ends happily. What a shame Lisa had to be put through all that. And like everyone else, I can hardly believe after all the shrieks about documentation, she came up empty handed.


  29. Nicole gives off this impression online to her audience that she is full of confidence and knows everything she has done in life is absolutely perfect. She refuses to admit her weaknesses, her insecurities, she just knows she is all knowing and everything in life is going swimmingly. Tomorrow she will address the “gossip”surrounding her family and then she vows to move on. I wonder if she will address this court appearance. I truly wonder if she sees what we have seen in the videos. Or does she truly believe in her warped reality that she lost due to a technicality? Too bad no hard questions will be asked of her. She’s done a marvelous job of eliminating real discussion because everyone that questions her is blocked. Tomorrow will be nothing more than a her whining about trolls and the big bad mean government that wants to hold her down. And then she’ll go back to her lawsuit papers and posting memes. She won’t move on, she never does. Yawn!

    @Theskyisfalling, hysterical article you posted. Some harsh truths in there. I think I’ll forward it to my teenagers.


  30. OMG! On Nicki personal page she has a article up called Let the Children work. Go look at it & read the article. Hey Nicole how about a article called Let Joe Work? Then maybe he could earn money, be in the adult world around new technology, contribute to society, learn a skill & feelgood about himself.

    Joe, go to the coal mines & work along side adults. Joe get a fucking job.

    Nicole you truly are evil. It’s ok for your kids to work, but NOT joe?? Just how many women has he gone after in the real world? Cause I think that’s why you want him at home, where he doesn’t do any homemaking skills what so ever.

    Oh she is also giving us a one time deal to her the truth. Such a suckball bitch.


  31. Minimalism= A back seat full of junk for the kiddos ? (Although, I’m happy they do get little treats from time to time.)

    I caught myself shouting “You’re a liar!”, “That’s not true!”, and “I can’t believe this shit!” throughout the whole court proceeding. I cannot even fathom how any of her supporters can watch this and still believe anything she says.

    I changed my name to AngelaB to avoid confusion, since someone else is using Angela.



    Kentucky Resident Believes Everyone Will Be As Impressed By Internet Memes As She Is


  33. I just don’t understand any of this at all. Nicole claims to document “everything” and yet she had no “Lisa File” full of “evidence” to support her claims. As often as she has gone to court you’d think she would be prepared. Especially considering Lisa is a retired attorney who hired legal counsel to represent her in court, which wasn’t a secret. I fully understand you can’t produce “evidence” which never existed, but I think Nicole fully believed that screenshots of “gossip” would be enough to support her claims of…whatever. When asked to produce “evidence” of a specific nature pertaining to her actual claims, she only had excuses and screenshots of a “meme war” taken out of context. Such a waste of time. The judge was amazing and gave Nicole every opportunity for a fair hearing of her “case”…as fraudulent as it was!

    This was nothing but lies, hearsay, and gossip! If seeking out pages containing gossip about yourself causes such mental and emotional distress, then STOP doing it! It’s so incredibly simple.

    On a side note, if Lisa had posted on facebook about driving by Poopstead, Nicole would have had those screenshots. If Lisa had posted about going to the business, Nicole would have had those screenshots AND timestamped photos from her security cameras of Lisa on the sidewalk in front of the business! If Lisa had posted about making friends with certain neighbors to get “dirt”, Nicole would have had those screenshots. If Lisa had made multiple requests online asking for photos and information, Nicole would have had screenshots. If Lisa had posted photos and information, Nicole would have had screenshots. (There is a difference between “posting” and “sharing”.)


  34. I’m running late getting here, but this is worth reading. I swear I can’t do the video. Thank you Sally, you are a jewel.
    Have all of you seen she’s doing a Facebook live at 6 tonight? She’s a hot mess but I am going to try to watch.


  35. Someone correct me if I’m wrong on this…

    But in order to have copies of screenshots admissible…..don’t they have to be authenticated?

    If anyone could just print a copy of a post and call it true…imagine how easy it would be to control the narrative by altering the text. Isn’t there some process that you have to do to prove the copies you are providing are taken as is from the web and have not been altered?

    Or are we not telling Nicole that, yet….or how much it costs? If I’m not completely mistaken about this (and I might be, depending on the type of case).


  36. “M–o–o–n spells bad judge.”

    Jeanie, you made me laugh out loud! I use the M–o–o–n reference a lot myself 🙂


  37. Have all of you seen she’s doing a Facebook live at 6 tonight? She’s a hot mess but I am going to try to watch.

    I think it’s tomorrow night.


  38. But in order to have copies of screenshots admissible…..don’t they have to be authenticated?

    My understanding is yes and if it mattered, I suspect the subject would have been pushed. It didn’t, so it wasn’t. Additionally, in the case of the meme war, Lisa didn’t say “Oh, that’s not me. That’s been altered.” And in the case of the other stuff, Nicole didn’t object, so that’s pretty much authentication.

    But yeah, if it’s contested, getting authentication can break the bank.


  39. Not sure what her live FB feed is gonna do. Court video speaks for himself. WHAT GOSSIP? What lies? I seriously think this is a fish for money type scam.. cue tears, what am i gonna do. How about get off the internet and attend to the people that need it. 0-o DURRRRRR


  40. No offense to Native Americans, but watch tomorrow at the News Conference thrown out by the Naugs. It is going to look like the night before a raiding party, dancing around the campfire, working themselves into a foaming at the mouth mob.
    She missed her calling, I have been known to play a few games of cards at the casino, and she far outweighs some of the dealers the waay she shuffles those papers. I cant imagine the amount of ink those papers cost her. At least 20 trips to Hardees


  41. M–o–o–n spells bad judge.

    I laughed, but the truth is that the judge gave her an incredible amount of leeway.

    I also join Sally in fawning over Mr. Bolus. Nicole, sweetie, you can’t haul someone into court, make accusations, then refuse to answer their attorney’s questions on cross examination. You don’t get to tell someone else’s attorney’s what’s relevant.

    She REALLY got worked up about the fundraising thing. This is the family judge, right? I’m guessing she didn’t want her to find out about all that sweet, sweet GoFundMe cash.


  42. I didn’t even realize that the Go Fund Me was brought up.

    It wasn’t. What Todd asked her is if she made money off the BLH Facebook page and that’s when she more or less showed her ass.


  43. i know what happen to her evidence and why it was lacking.

    I was just reminded of the FB live she did right after court the first time. She told her followers to give her evidence. Message her it. links, urls, screenshots, etc.

    they must have dropped the ball and didnt do it. Dang! 45k followers and none of them did their part. I figured at least Charles would have helped her out …. oh wait …. oops.


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