The Courtney Files

devilrumorphonecallI haven’t read this particular rumor, but I would believe it because the Nauglers have been known to make phone calls in the past. It’s not something they’ve never done.  They are also known to come up with “wild accusations” and “hurtful lies with no evidence to back them up.” Want me to put up a few of them?

morecallsLet me ponder this.  I made “calls” to people in May of 2015.  I did. I make “calls” every single month of every year.  I call friends. I call businesses. I would assume that every person with a phone does.

“Charles” has screen shots. Oh, wow.

So do I.


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  1. yes, please post it all. Either that or a piece on the 3 legged rabbit. I had a bad dream about that poor rabbit.

    Kid 1 “the butcher” dyed her foot fuchsia.
    Mama N “unschooler extraordinaire” wants the lilac coloured tail.
    Kid 2 “because there the are only 4 boys unless one of the other 5 has a birthday” wants a foot.
    What will happen to the 3rd foot nobody knows yet.

    Now what my dream wanted to know was WHERE IS THE 4TH foot?!?!?

    If it were not for that haunting question, I would be more curious about how she prepared that yummy bunny as dinner for 12. When my family of 6 wants “wabbit stew” I send my daughter out to kill 4 at least. (I didn’t teach her the unschool way, I taught her the way my dad taught me. With an actual lesson in safety and husbandry and how not to have rotting pieces of furry appendage laying around.


  2. Today we get a video of a tree falling, why not dig that 900 dollar chain saw out of the mud and use that instead of a ax. You do know that you need to cut up that tree if you intend on building on the land you were going to escape from because of the harrasement. Little hint NN, have you kid notch the tree before he drops it. Unless you want to have it drop on his head.


  3. [Admin: I had to remove that, much as I hated to.]

    If you can’t post this Sally, I understand. I just hope someone is documenting. Is there such a thing as a class action against a person(s)? The Nauglers should be identified as vexatious litigants.

    I miss Lisa.


  4. I thought Lisa was on vacation? I’ve seen comments that said she was sipping cocktails with umbrellas on a beach.
    It really sucks to think that Nicole is feeling victorious. I’m sure she thinks she has won because, Lisa has shut down her FB page. A lot of the anti-naugler pages have gone dark.
    Nicole you will always be a loser! Your followers are not very smart and I’m sure they barely acquired a HS diploma. Many of them have had issues with CPS as well. Because, nothing is ever their fault and they are victims like you. The only humper (Perez) that has met you is only doing it for the fame and attention. You are after all a public figure. If she actually donated money and realized that she has been scammed by a grifter; I’m sure she wouldn’t be that into you.
    Well, I’m off to do some clothes shopping for spring. I love being able to provide for myself and my kids. I love that my daughter is going to one of the top engineering universities in the country. She wants to make game apps and learn computer programming. Unlike Nicole’s son my daughter has a future. You can’t learn everything on YouTube or google.
    Sally, my daughter is going to school for computer science, like Dave. Her boyfriend is going to the same engineering school for electrical or mechanical engineering. They met in robotics club, which is sponsored by by a local aerospace company and their HS. They will both have many opportunities that the naugler kids will never have. My kids are building robots, her kids are making rabbit feet and tails. What opportunities will they have? Why doesn’t Nicole see how educational neglect is not benefiting her children? Let’s say she is training them to wash dog butts…at what point does she start paying them a real salary? She posted once how much she pays them. If they have a SSN they could easily get a real job at 16 making more money than she pays them.
    Okay I’m done.


  5. I thought Lisa was on vacation? I’ve seen comments that said she was sipping cocktails with umbrellas on a beach.

    She is.

    It ain’t over til it’s over.

    my daughter is going to one of the top engineering universities in the country

    A friend was over here the other day with his son who is in 9th grade. He had a project that he needed some help with, using a bandsaw to cut a wooden shape. Dave helped him do it. It was for a boat he had designed for a class in school. When they are all finished, they will have a race. From there, and into next year, they will be designing and building robots and a small house.

    This is light years away from the shop class for boys and home ec for girls that we had when I was in school.

    And more than half the kids in the class are girls.


  6. SD‘s comment includes this burning question:

    Now what my dream wanted to know was WHERE IS THE 4TH foot?!?!?

    I only just realized this is another version of the long-running question about the stick shack: “Where is the fourth wall?”
    Which in itself is pretty funny, since it brings to mind the theatrical idea of “breaking the the fourth wall” – in which actors on stage acknowledge the existence of the audience. I’d certainly call the shitshow a long-running drama – one whose principal character doesn’t just break the fourth wall, but obliterates it, wildly swinging her blinding, doxing spotlight over the seats. “Is there a troll in the house?”

    MetaFourthWallically speaking.

    Yeah, OK, that was pretty weird.


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