The Calling

I remember once, many years ago, my brother-in-law wanted a new truck. He didn’t need a new truck. He didn’t need a truck at all. He never carried anything in the bed of a truck. I’m not sure they really could afford a new truck.

But he wanted one.

So he said that “God” wanted him to have a new truck.  Why? So he could haul around young people.  I’m not kidding. It’s not really safe, you know, to haul kids around in the bed of a pickup truck, and I really think that a better choice would have been a van, but he didn’t want a van.

He wanted a pickup truck.

And in the religious world, the best way to convince somebody that what you’re doing is a good thing is to blame it on “God.”

When I was faced with higher education choices (there weren’t many in my world), I told my mother that “God” wanted me to be a nurse.  I had been “called.”

It was the only thing I could think of  (at the time) that Bob Jones University didn’t offer, and I wasn’t going to go to BJU come hell or high water. So I became a nurse. There was no other reason.

Everyone did this. I used to think about how disingenuous this was, and rationalize it by arguing that “God” placed the desire in your heart for the thing he actually wanted you to do/buy/be, and therefore it was all good.

Really what people were doing – what I was doing – was just making up a lofty-sounding reason for what they were doing or wanted to do.

But I repeat: everyone did this.  I suppose they still do. And that brings me to this:

Way back in the spring, when this little “war” was in the skirmish stage, Karen Nelson Lee took a private message between her and Beth Murschell and went public with it on the now-defunct Facebook page called “Truth Seeking 2nd Edition.”  I think everyone knows what I think about people who do that sort of thing, so I won’t elaborate on what a slimy person she has to be to do that.

But in the message, Beth mentioned that she felt “compelled by God” to speak out.

And they howled. They shrieked. They mocked her endlessly. This literally went on for months. In fact, Dan hasn’t shut up about it yet, and Beth hasn’t even been on Facebook for a very long time.

They were horribly offended.

This comes from Camille’s blog.  From a little piece she wrote in August, 2009 about her (presumably self-diagnosed and alleged) Asperger’s syndrome, which she uses regularly to excuse every shitty thing she does.

It seems that “God” has “neurologically wired” Camille “to be a whistleblower.”

It’s true, she says. She knows this because some dude says so – he “surmised” it. [Bear with me. This is how Camille does “research.”]

Nobody was offended.  Nobody shrieked. Nobody howled.

Nobody dared.


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