The 7th Amendment

Here’s a fun fact:  Using an exclamation point (or two) doesn’t make your comment true.

Joe, you dumb fuck, read this.

Read the whole thing here

Mr. Clement goes on to explain in detail why this is true.

Mr. Clement is an actual, real family law attorney, unlike Joe Naugler, who is an unemployable dumb fuck.

Oh, and children are not property.


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  1. Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

    In my humble opinion if they continue to do the things that they have been doing they may very well finally get even more days in court before a jury of their peers (not a hand picked Facebook audience of the cognitively limited). Both in civil and probably criminal court. As usual I suspect it won’t turn out the way they want it to. Not even close. It will be no one else’s fault but their own. Actions have consequences. The downward spiral into being “that family” will be complete, imo.


  2. Obviously there is a reason why the case is still open. But we will never know why.
    I give props though to the person who told her to stop having kids.


  3. I think Nicole needs to read her 14th amendment meme again….this time from the perspective of her children.

    The kids are ALSO people within the state’s jurisdiction. They are being protected under the law.

    Joe and Nicole can’t fathom this, of course….because they think their kids are their property.


  4. Hate to help Joe Naugler – patron prophet of deadbeat-dads – butsomeone should assist in translating his otherwise unintelligible grouping of words and exclamation marks, into, pretty much anything else, so that we may better shut him down entirely.

    Then again. Maybe he uses so few words because his fat ass has become so accustomed to having to eat them – so much so, those white buckets fill up fast!

    I think that he is trying to point out that…
    -“The Fourteenth Amendment guarantees that parents will not be separated from their children without due process of law except in emergencies.” Mabe v. San Bernardino Cnty., Dept. of Pub. Soc. Serv.s, 237 F.3d 1101, 1107 (9th Cir. 2001).
    -“Officials violate this right if they remove a child from the home absent information at the time of the seizure that establishes reasonable cause to believe that the child is in imminent danger and that the scope of the intrusion is reasonably necessary to avert that danger.” Rogers v. Cnty. of San Joaquin, 487 F.3d 1288, 1294 (9th Cir. 2007)

    But all said and done, there is still no basis that his 14th amendment rights were violated – none, whatsoever. Their behavior is contentious – scary, even – and everyone can see it but themselves. Joe’s scary behavior is what prompted it all, too – before officials mistook the depraved stick shack for animal housing, before it was obvious they were fleeing. Secondly, Nicole made strange claims and then proceeded to admit to the Sheriff as to how they could be reasonably taken as a threat.

    BTW. It is fucking hilarious that, even through the filter of a computer, Joe cant help but degrade something as dignified as the constitution, by posting the quote in a weird, juvenile font.


  5. Nicole? Why do you want CPS to wait till one of your children is maimed or killed before they step in?

    Isn’t it better for you that they don’t let you get to the point where you are criminally negligent? Why would only beaten kids need protection?

    Why do you want continual court interventions? CPS made its case for involvement and does its mandated monthly visits. If things get worse on the Shedstead, than I’m sure they will step up and visit more regularly. If things get better, they will come less frequently.

    As an outsider, I think your case is an excellent example of the system working. The children were taken in the crisis moment until it could be established that the situation you were in had stabilized sufficiently to send them home with a plan of care.

    The “record 8 weeks” was in my view, because Joe did his “yes sir, yes Sir” and convinced you to comply. His cowardice once again saving you from your own ODD big mouth syndrome.

    That shows that nobody is out to get you, they are out to protect your children. Part of protecting them, is to let you parent them as you choose so long as your choices do not deprive them of safety, food, clothing and shelter.

    I have almost no problem with your oddball lifestyle. (The educational neglect being my only beef with your parenting) my gut is that not a lot of the trolls would care either except you pretend it’s something it isn’t. Calling what you do homesteading is offensive in the same way calling myself a suburban soccer mom would be offensive lol

    Having CPS involved may be embarrassing and probably annoying, but in the big scope of things aren’t you even a little bit greatful that your worker is so non-judgemental and tolerant of you doing things differently? Aren’t you glad they aren’t charging you with crimes or framing some of the dumb shit you do as meriting of a permanent removal of at least some of the children?

    Next question!

    If you have a horrible mouse problem, but a perfectly good mousing cat at your shop, why would you wait until the damn cat was attacking people at the shop to finally bring it home to catch the mice??? … Wait! What? The cat attacks people at the spacious comfortable shop so you bring it home to live in room full of non-space-respecting kids???? And let it sleep with one of them? See, now that’s fucked up. That’s the dumb shit that keeps you on the month visit rotation. Posting about it, will probably bump you up closer to the weekly visit list!


  6. I also find it interesting that Nicole states that she would not call cps on anyone, but just stated that she reported a possibly drunk/impaired driver, and turns it into a smear on someone she ‘worked for’
    Maybe it’s her self-important infj thing that makes her so frickin’ mean and stupid. She’s been without drama for a few days, so her infj (heheheh) personality makes her start something again on someone else’s fb page.


  7. No, Nicole, a grown young man pulling a rickety contraption made of ill cut waste lumber on a bicycle is NOT “a pretty cool set up”. Nor does it scream “this kid is a future master woodworker”.

    You know what WOULD be “a pretty cool set up”?

    If this kid had a job independent of his parent’s slave wages so he could buy his own used car. If he had a driver’s license. If he could take classes at community college, or go anyplace with other people his age. If he had a life beyond caring for a dozen kids he never chose to have. If he had some basic privacy and didn’t have to sleep piled on top of other people.

    It would be “a pretty cool set up” if his parents were there to help him with his mistakes instead of him being expected to clean up their messes.

    It would be “a pretty cool set up” if he had any hope of gaining autonomy from parents who have crippled him intellectually, indoctrinated him with paranoia, and withheld his ability to gain any semblance of independence from them.

    It would be “a pretty cool set up” if this photo didn’t make an eerie prediction of sad and hopeless future.


  8. I never thought that I would agree with any of Nicoles anti-goverment rants, but yes, I want kinder eggs!.


  9. Finding a Cuban cigar in the US isn’t that easy. Kinder Eggs on the other hand are secretly/openly sold in just about every ethnic food shop around. We’ve been buying them across the country for years. Try your closest Asian or Slavic owned specialty food shop.


  10. What on that list is she or Joe being stopped from doing? Seriously, is the taxing her to have a business her problem in all this. They do everything on that list and to date are not in jail so what is her fucking problem.


  11. I had to look up kinder eggs never herd of them. To them it must be like wearing VERSACE demin skirt.


  12. while the rest of the country eats hot dogs, watches fireworks and just enjoys the day, these two pimples on the ass of society continue there bitching and moaning about the evil statist. Heres a hint, go take care of your kids and put down the damn phones for at least one hour. pathetic just pathetic.
    If you get stopped like you whine about, just remember, you probably deserve it 🙂


  13. great unschooling lesson, address a envelope, But before you send that payment off you might want to do a bit of checking, get those N;s facing the right way an. last time I checked Louisville ended with a E not a S. But hey you tried I give you that much.


  14. The handwriting looks comparable to my kindergarteners at the start of the school year. He still has fine motor issues but is improving. My guess for the age of this kid on handwriting alone? 5-6 years old
    My guess knowing it’s a student of the Naugler Unschool Academy? 9-10.

    Those kids are problem solvers and probably a few could really excel in academics if given an opportunity to really shine. They aren’t dumb, they are handicapped by mom and dad’s lack of education and lack of drive to educate their kids.


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