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  1. Powerful indeed.
    Might I suggest that the talented creators give more time for viewers to read what is on the screen. I had to keep pausing the video to read it. Maybe I’m just slow .


  2. Nice video!

    According to Nicole’s blog Oct 23, 2016

    45,000 go fund me money
    -4,000 go fund me charges
    -3,000 fence and building supplies (all I saw were a couple of hundred dollar rolls of welded wire)
    -1,000 dumpster (fair)
    -4,000 tools, equipment and materials (whatever the hell that means. those must be nice tools)
    -4,300 van plus repairs
    9,000 GARDEN SHED
    -2,000 walls and insulation (huh? where? I see $500 worth and that’s generous)
    -3,500 on bedding (WT actual F???)

    The rest they lived on May to October.

    I wonder if “the rest we lived on” translates to “what we spent on hotels and Joe’s pot habit”?

    Yep…it was that nine grand. That’s the problem. Right there.


  3. How dare she say the only reason those children were removed was because they didnt register homeschooling


  4. Put this on your blog Nicole
    Let people see the conditions your children live in
    Actually you Nicole and Joe are the ones who put these pics and videos online for everyone to gawk at
    How can your supporters say such things as “we love the way you live “


  5. Visually stunning recap of the Naugler Show now beginning its third year.

    What will this new year bring the audience?

    There is the continuing criminal cases of the State v. Pa Nog. What plea deal is poor Pa Nog going to be compelled to take this year? I’m betting good money that there will be more criminal acts down the road because Ma and Pa Nog love their Hardee’s dates after.

    There is baby gate.
    One kid moved out moments after reaching his 18th birthday, but no worries Ma Nog made sure she got a new one in her belly to replace him. Or was it in hot competition with her new daughter in law? Only time will tell on which baby passes the finish line first. Don’t worry even if Ma Nog’s baby comes 3 months later she will tell you that it’s only because she has the gestational period of an elephant. She got pregnant at the same time as the daughter in law Ma tells us. Think about that.

    There is they’re moving, they’re not moving, they’re moving again. Stay tuned.

    Plans. Years of plans. Will this be the year that they finally build a cabin? Grow a garden that doesn’t die? Fencing that doesn’t fall down? Water catchment? A shower? Will they finally get that permit for humanure composting? Go totally solar? Become self sufficient? Stop laughing. It’s only been four or more years that they’ve been Homesteading in the wilderness of their minds. The kid did build them a nice outdoor kitchen. Now if only somebody else would clean it once in a while.

    There is the lawsuits, they’ve got lawsuits for everybody. They’re the Oprah of lawsuits. They’re even going to take the man down with their lawsuits. At the very least hopefully all these lawsuit paper threats will get the man off their backs and shut up their critics.

    There is the continuing saga of CPS involvement.
    That CPS and family court just won’t quit trying to make sure those kids are safe. No worries Ma and Pa Nog have a new scheme up their sleeves. They’re going to dump all their “documentation” online as soon as they find a site better than YouTube, because you now, no one watches YouTube.

    There is their activism.
    Ma and Pa Nog aren’t just fighting for their rights they are fighting for everyone’s rights. On social media. They’ve posted on the Governor’s Facebook page. They’ve posted on other Facebook pages fighting the man. They’ve posted on their own pages. They’ve got this sitting on your ass posting online activism down pat.

    Can they keep up with the Schwabbs?
    There’s a new couple in town (online) fighting the man. They’re running ahead in the race right now to be the most popular and get the most comments on Facebook. They have even taken it off Facebook and have taken it to the streets. Which leads to the next question.

    Will Pa Nog do a hunger strike on the steps of the Capitol Building in Frankfort? How many Hardees burgers can a little hide under his shirt to sneak to Pa. Who wants to bet that Pa Nog gains weight during a hunger strike.

    Just the tip of the iceberg folks. Third year of the Naugler Show promises to be more of the same old same old, but you know these wily Nogs. Anything can happen and it does.


  6. That song is pretty fun and fancy, far too good to waste on the Naug ranch.

    Or maybe it was quite well matched because I didn’t vomit once after all that.


  7. All the Nauglers’ finest moments set to music, with owls. Wonderful. 🙂

    I haven’t seen the Bradley Butler/With a Bucket video in a while. Nicole, I know you were upset when you were filming that. Having one of your kids in legal trouble due to your own stupidity will do that, I guess.

    Just a hint for future videos- don’t aim the camera directly up your nostrils. 😉


  8. She wants a RuTube account….like me….if she just calls me I’ll fuckin walk her thru it.

    She’s stubborn like that.

    I don’t know why that rocket surgeon husband of hers can’t figure it out, it only took me a minute and according to Nicole i’m a prime example of a loser.

    Anyway…offer still stands


  9. LeMacho – Joe the rocket surgeon forgot to eat his special breakfast. Milk sandwiches.


  10. OUTSTANDING! Love it! I couldn’t get passed the barking goat without cracking up! Oh my, that made my face sore from laughing!


  11. Why, El Macho? Why would you want to *help* Nicole do ANYthing? Seriously wondering.


  12. Oh hell, I’d offer to help Nicole put shit up, too. Particularly recordings of events, interactions with law enforcement, CPS, neighbors, etc.
    She almost always manages to incriminate herself. She can lie and spin, but recordings don’t lie.
    Post away, goofy Nauglers. The more you do, the more that shit comes back on you.
    The more inciminating crap the Naugs put online, the better the odds that the kids will escape one day. (the fact that they still haven’t figured this out baffles me) But yep…I’m all for it, too.


  13. [Admin: Let’s don’t do this.] This woman and husband are pure evil, There doxing ,there hate for the LDS while sucking at there feet.


  14. “Why would you help Nicole”

    Are you kidding?? Its like giving someone a shovel to dig their own grave thats why.


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