Thank You


I want to thank you all for the messages about Minnie.

It appears that Nicole has been snooping around on my Facebook page, scrolling way back in time and she found this.  She thinks that somehow our dog having an accident equates to her animal cruelty and threats to put her dog down if people didn’t step up and fix the problem that she created.

This accident happened last winter before we went on our cruise.

Dave had Minnie outside, and turned his back for two minutes and she headed for the road. As I have mentioned, I think, she is eleven years old but behaves like a puppy. She thinks that everyone is coming to see her.

So when a car came down the road, she went out to greet it, and ran right into the moving vehicle.

The woman driving (our neighbor) was horrified, thought she was dead, and rushed up to tell us.

We thought she was dead, too. Dave got her and was walking back up to the house, thinking about where he would bury her, and I came over and realized that her eyes were flickering slightly.  She was not dead.

But I thought she could not possibly live.  She had blood draining from her nose and mouth, and quite obviously had a serious head injury.

So we got in the car to take her to a nearby vet to have her put to sleep. Thankfully, he was closed.

We then headed to a nearby town (30 miles) to our usual vet.  She had a pretty massive seizure while en route and I thought she would die then.  Dave and I both were crying most of the way there.

When we arrived, I jumped out of the car carrying her and ran into the office. They treated us like it was an hospital ER, which it actually is if you think about it.  After they took her away, we waited.  And after about an hour, the vet came out and gave us the news.

Yes, it was a severe head injury. He said her prognosis was 50/50. He put her in a 100% oxygen tent and she stayed there for 48 hours (to provide as much oxygen to her brain as possible until the swelling began to subside).

The issue once she looked like she might live was what her quality of life might be like.  We honestly were not sure.  The vet was much more optimistic than I was, frankly, but the three of us discussed it and we were in agreement that if she had severe brain damage that would make her life miserable, we would put her to sleep.

She came home three days after the accident.

Mullins Minnie

Here she is. The vet holding her is Dr. David Mullins, Midway Animal Hospital, Somerset, Kentucky.

She was a pitiful sight.  (She had just had a bath, because Dr. Mullins said he couldn’t release her in the condition she was in  – she had peed and pooped herself a bit, and had dried blood all over her head.)

But we were glad to see her alive and conscious.

me and Minnie

After we got her home, we realized that she was walking in circles. Literally walking to the right in a circle.  She could not walk straight.  She had lost all spatial recognition and if you put her on a chair, she would just walk right off the edge.

Dr. Mullins said that was okay (!!! and I said it was not okay, and he said that yes it was for the moment), and that he thought she would slowly improve.  His guess was a week.

It took about two weeks.  She spent about a week never barking a single time, which was beyond weird.  Her circles gradually got larger and then she began walking straight for very short distances.

He asked me on followup if I thought there was any brain damage, and I replied that it was impossible to tell since she had little to no brains in the first place.  (I told you all that she’s a complete moron, didn’t I?)  This accident is the reason we refer to her as Minnie the Muddle-headed Maltese.

But here’s the deal.

It was a preventable accident.  However, it’s a pretty long way from our house to the road and Dave just had no idea she’d run straight down there.

And, once the accident had occurred, we took her straight to the best vet in the world and she survived quite nicely.  It cost about $400. We did not have to mount a GoFundMe and beg strangers to pay the bill.

She never goes outside without a leash on now, ever.  She cannot be trusted and we tell her so frequently.

Accidents happen. They happen to everyone, to adults, to children, to children that grow up and become adults, to pets, to livestock.  It’s not having an accident that makes you irresponsible.

What makes you irresponsible is when you fail to provide a remedy once the accident has occurred, and more importantly, when you repeat the same things over and over again (getting pets and livestock you are not prepared to care for and cannot afford) and expect a different result.

My sincere thanks to all of you who messaged me privately because you were concerned about her.


Here she is, as I type this, sleeping on a chair right behind mine.  It’s her chair and where she always sleeps when I am working at my desk.

Oh, and before you can say anything –







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  1. What a lovely little story of hope, strength and perseverance. I’m happy Minnie has you to love and care for her.

    My brother inherited a brain damaged dog who walked in circles. If you called her from a distance, Oscar would run in large circles coming toward you, morphing into smaller circles, until just spinning when she finally arrived. It took time for Oscar to cross a field but it was worth it. Even with her concentric habits she was able to pull salmon twice her size right out of the river. She usually dragged them home and dropped them in the indoor swimming pool covered in muck. Never once did she drop a fish in the outdoor pool. I loved that dog.


  2. I’m glad Minnie is ok. We adopted a weim when he was about 4 years old from people who realised they had more dogs than they could handle. Within 2 days of him coming to live with us we were all playing in my parents yard when a work Truck came speeding by and the dog tried to attack his front bumper. (My parents have a huge yard in the country).
    I called every possible vet and didn’t care what it cost, the same as you assuming it would require him being put to sleep not fixable. The vet was able to get him right in (of course this would happen after hours). Luckily he had no broken bones but did require stitches, drainage tubes and some open air lacerations. I don’t recall exactly how much his bill was but I know that in the first month that we had him he cost 3k between vet bills and airfare to Anchorage. Yes things absolutely happen even when we’re careful. But I would have never attempted to sew his wounds and certainly wouldn’t have had one of our kids “put him down”. I don’t have xray eyes or anyway to know if he had internal damage, luckily there are people that are actually trained and will do this all it requires is payment for their expertise and time. Which I think is more than fair.


  3. I’m so glad Me nine has such responsible parents to know a serve injury requires medical treatment, unlike perhaps a hatchet wound to the head or 2nd degree burns on a hand that are “treated” in an unsanitary, unsterile environment like the BLShitstead. If she treats her children that way, you can only imagine the treatment the animals would (or wouldn’t) receive.


  4. My brother inherited a brain damaged dog who walked in circles.

    Yeah, it was just like that. She very gradually quit doing it, but it was quite a while. We had decided that just walking in circles wouldn’t be cause to have her PTS. She didn’t seem to care and we didn’t really either. I was unnerved about it at first, but got used to it and then it went away.


  5. The vet said that she would not have survived if we’d just brought her in the house and put her in a dog bed and waited. She survived because of medical science, concentrated oxygen and drugs to reduce the swelling (steroids and diuretics). He also said that if she’d been human, she would have had brain surgery immediately, but they don’t do that with dogs.


  6. Ugh. Such gross people they are. Completely unhinged and just gross. Glad your pup is ok. What a will to live Minnie!


  7. I am happy she is okay. My mom had two maltese for many years, they were not the brightest dogs but they were her babies after her children grew up and left home. After they both died of very old age she started acquiring other dogs. 🙂

    She has a Pomeranian that came from a puppy mill that was finally closed down thanks to wonderful animal rescue folks. For the first 6 months that she had him he would walk in circles. He was kept in a small crate for most of his life and that was all he knew to do. Three years later he’s still not the brightest bulb but he no longer walks in circles except when he’s nervous.

    She has two other dogs that came from similar backgrounds, one was from an animal hoarding situation and the other came from another closed down puppy mill. That’s it though, no more dogs for her, they now have a complete animal family. Plus they’ve had some animal scares and like you they didn’t need to do a gofundme to pay for the vet bills. They know though their financial limits. Responsible adults only take on as much responsibility and they can reasonable handle. Unfortunately Nicole hasn’t figured that out.

    Once again so glad your doggy is okay. And sorry Nicole is trying to dig up so much dirt on you. It’s quite pathetic.


  8. Nicole and Joe make no attempt to confine their animals, and a rope to a tree doesn’t count. Minnie escaped once in what was an accident rather than running to the road because no one cares to stop her. HUGE difference.

    I genuinely laughed out loud at the last picture with the date. What a great way to head Nicole off.

    Honestly, if I thought my dog was dead, I’d hold her until she was stiffening, then bury her. Minnie’s so lucky you saw her flickering, and thank goodness for that vet. But my god, only $400. It was $80, AFTER a coupon from the Humane Society where we got our newest cat, for just the rabies shot and a flea treatment. Earlier this year, a cat of ours got sick, and the stop in at the animal ER was $180, and the estimated cost per night for treatment was about $600 per, for a 3-5%-chance (we had her put down since a $2400-estimate for a 3-5% chance was something we couldn’t justify). My kid is still upset over looking that cat, which is why we got the new one.

    I’m sure the animal lovers commenting here have similar stories about at least making an effort, at least seeing a vet.

    I honestly expected your bill to be a lot more than $400. Nicole has even less excuse to not be getting her animals care.

    I can sympathize with people who get animals and can afford reasonable care, preventatives and stuff, and then something catastrophically expensive comes up, or a job loss happens. I can. Those things happen, and having animals shouldn’t be limited just to people with enough money to guarantee there’s never a money problem. But when you don’t have a job or can’t care for the animals you have, or worse, you have to do a fund-raiser to pay the $50 the Humane Society wants for an older animal (don’t get me started on that one), then that isn’t a good time to get an animal! Animals aren’t rights. They are living beings WITH rights.

    So. Nicole! Yeah, you! I know you read here. GET YOUR ANIMALS VET CARE. You are in an affordable area, obviously want me to think you’re rolling in cash, so spend some fucking money on your animals, or at least something other than Hardees! And stop bringing more animals to that shitstead. I get that your kids want more animals, but how about raising them to learn that other living things have rights as well, and that sometimes you can’t have what you want? Give them a proper home first. THEN maybe think about animals!


  9. When I lived in a fly in village, I had a litter of pups born on Labor Day. It was a difficult birth and I had the mom in a kennel at the airport, waiting on a plane that would fly her a few hundred miles south to where the vet was. He was ready and waiting. This is what responsible animal owners do. During the wait she finally birthed the last very large pup who was unfortunately still born. I sent her and her other babies down anyway just to make sure all was well.
    One of the pups was hydrocephalic. I asked the vet the pup’s prognosis and he said it was a crapshoot. I named the pup Gump and was inspired by his tenacity to live. Gump will only run in a straight line when pulling a sled – otherwise he just runs clockwise circles. He is sweet and goofy and has been a light in our kennel for 12 years.


  10. My dog too smart for her own good some times cost me almost $300 for being naughty.
    I had made a trial run of cupcakes for my grand daughter’s first birthday. The ones with the mile high piped frosting. The frosting was made with Crisco so it had a lot of fat in it.

    I put them on the wire cooling rack after I frosted them almost in the middle of the table. We had (I moved it after her antics) ladder back chair by the table. Little Missy tipped the chair over and used it as a ladder to get up to the table. We guess she pulled the rack towards her hooking her nails in it. She pulled it until the cupcakes fell on the floor all 18 of them.

    We knew which ones our male ate cause he took the wrappers off what he ate. He ate 5 of them. There were 3 left so she ate 10 wrappers and all. She was 3 months old when she did it. My first thought was oh no all that sugar. Well called our vet right away and she said yes sugar was a worry but the fat was more of a concern due to the pancreas. She said no supper for her that night and bring her in first thing in the morning unless problems came up. We had to get her to drink as much as we could.

    She did fine through the night except for hanging her head over the edge of the bed to vomit huge glob of frosting all over the males back who was sleeping on the floor.

    Took her to the vet first thing in the morning. After the exam, testing and 4 different medications I was close to $300 lighter in my wallet.

    She did not get anything off the table again cause she got yelled at for it. So she tried the counter about 2 months later as she was tall enough standing on hind legs to reach. She got into peach roll ups that were fresh out of the oven. She got her butt spanked for that and she does not bother the counter now either. But she does have the biggest sweet tooth of any dog I have ever seen.

    She is our money pit when it comes to vet bills. To confirm pregnancy we invested over $400 and it was a false pregnancy.

    I have spent almost a grand in health testing for genetic defects on both dogs together. Then they have their yearly vet visit and shots.

    Emergency vet visits for the male right after we got him he had bad hot spots due to climate change bringing on allergies. First week he was with us we spent $340.

    Then his brother attacked him when we were visiting there and ripped a chunk out of his ear that was almost $400 as he had to have surgery to fix it.

    We buy our dogs and cats too toys just like we would for our kids when they were younger. Hell we bought a van when we just had the male so he would have more room to move around when he went with us. Not much room in the back seat for a 100+ lb dog. Good thing we did as we added the female to the mix almost 2 years later.

    If you can not afford to vet your animals and buy things to keep them happy and active then you have no business owning a pet.

    Our dogs are never ever ever outside alone. They are always on a leash when outside of the fenced yard. It is our responsibility to keep them safe.

    My dogs are worth every penny I have invested in them.

    Glad Minnie made a full recovery. I doubt that any animal at the Shitstead would ever have a buck spent on it for medical needs. A 22 shell would be used instead.


  11. Generally speaking, the vet would have called you on it if Minnie had been subjected to cruelty. An accident where a pet runs out and gets hit by a car and the owners go to significant and expensive lengths to save the animal is so far from cruelty that it’s laughable. For Nicole and her devotees to attempt to draw a parallel between Minnie’s accident and Nicole’s internet announcement that the world had a week to save a healthy dog from Nicole’s cascading consequences of irresponsible dog breeding (.22 caliber PTS) is off the charts ridiculous. It’s sort of like, I don’t know, the local peewee football team trying to take on the Green Bay Packers and whining that they got smushed.


  12. How gracious not to attack the neighbour,how would Nicole have handled such an incident? Ms Davis you owe no one but the treating vet any explanations as to to the how. would she have been as accepting of responsibility as you were,she would have seen a gfm account & also proof of victimisation,she is an attention whore,but doesn’t realise attention doesn’t equal respect,you have respect she has attention,but not the attention she craves from those whom she wants it…she has become blatantly hostile & argumentative with those on her pages & in some cases completely deleting posts whilst looking for any that may take heat from her…Minnie is adorable & very very lucky,thanks for your time.


  13. I honestly expected your bill to be a lot more than $400.

    So did we. We anticipated something over 1K. She was there for three days, in what amounted to intensive care, over a weekend. But this same animal hospital once saw her because she had a dew claw that got infected. She only has one, and it grows in a circle and is difficult to keep clipped properly. Anyway, I took her in and the vet pulled the claw right out (it grows back) gave me an antibiotic for her. When I went to the desk to pay the bill, the only thing I was charged for was the antibiotic. I asked, the girl went and asked and said that was correct, that the vet said he hadn’t “done anything.”

    He also said that “the next time” she has to be anesthetized for teeth cleaning, he would remove that dew claw completely. There is no “next time.” She’s eleven and has never needed her teeth cleaned. Still doesn’t. We keep waiting. It’s kind of amazing. I always get the vet to check, but he says nope, not yet.

    It’s a super place. I love those people.


  14. How gracious not to attack the neighbour,

    The neighbor was crying. She was so shaken we were worried about her driving home (two houses down from us). We went straight to her house after we got home from the vet to tell her that Minnie was alive, and then when she came home from the hospital, we took her down there briefly for the lady to see her. She thought she had killed Minnie and she was devastated.

    It was not her fault. It was entirely our fault.


  15. so sad… so very sad… first your a bad mom now your a bad fur mom too. Is this really the best dirt shes got?
    Give Minnie a hug for me.
    Give yourself a hug for me too.


  16. My goodness….a pet owner accepting responsibility for the unfortunate situation. And then paying hard earned money to help their beloved pet. You might as well be speaking Chinese to Nicole.


  17. My neighbor has always let her dogs roam free. It’s a miracle that neither of them were ever killed. However, two weeks ago I was slowly driving down the driveway because the OTHER neighbor has a dog behind an invisible fence (and I don’t trust them to work 100% of the time) and I had my head turned a few degrees. If I had turned my head any further I would not have seen in my peripheral vision her dog bolting out from between the trees and right in front of my wheels. I slammed on the brakes and just missed her. Then she darted back and how she didn’t get hit by my rear wheels I will never know.

    This dog has taken off and galloped towards the road, come over to my house, who the heck knows where this little dog has roamed and it’s only a matter of time. I have a beginning driver in the household and while the kid drives slowly, inexperience may lead to a dog’s death.

    Despite all of this, she refuses to have a collar on that dog. I’ve never seen it on a leash. Trusting to luck is just plain stupid.

    Yet, if something should happen to that dog I fully expect she will try and sue the person driving the car. Despite her dog being without a collar, leash and clearly not under someone’s control.

    She may have more money than Nicole and Joe, but she’s just as irresponsible.

    Sally and Dave are not irresponsible, nor did they blame the neighbor. Learn something from this Nicole.


  18. My dad & stepmom adopted a tiny dog years ago that had suffered a head injury and he walked in circles. He loved going to the lake with my dad. He would swim circles around the boat while my dad fished. He lived a very spoiled life. It looks like your Minnie is just as loved and pampered.
    Nicole is as clueless about pet ownership as she is about parenting. How her children have survived is beyond me.


  19. I was sitting here thinking about how much control we(more you) have over Nicole. And of course we wouldn’t if she didn’t read this blog, but I think she is waiting like we are for your next blog post. Cant you picture it? #Minniesnotasdirtyasyourkids


  20. #Minniesnotasdirtyasyourkids


    Like this.

    She always insists they’ve just been “working,” or “playing.” But they are always disgustingly dirty. She probably should focus less on my dog’s so-called lack of grooming and her own family’s lack of hygiene.


  21. Nicole told a lady named Jill that Minnie needs a new home. She told Jill to drive to your address and she can have Minnie for free. Jill says she’s driving from Atlanta to get her. I’m hoping that Jill knows it’s all lies and she’s just stringing her along.


  22. Nicole thinks she’s terribly cute. She’s a grown woman and behaves like a bad-tempered child who needs a nap desperately.


  23. My kids wanted to watch a Christmas movie tonight because, you know, it’s Halloween. They picked “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.” I love this movie so much. Highly recommend if you have never seen it. It’s old- has Hot Lips Houlihan in it. It’s such a cute movie. Then it hit me. The Naugler’s are the Herdman’s. My viewing experience will never be the same.


  24. Dear Old time farm girl:

    Please don’t hit your animals. It doesn’t help and, in fact, makes them aggressive and afraid of you.

    Thanks in advance!

    PS – keep the posts coming Sally! Love ’em.


  25. If Nicole asked for donations, I’d throw some cash at her. I feel like I owe her. I laugh almost on a daily basis at all her crazy. For real. Entertainment for Days.


  26. Judging from the first picture in this blog entry, Minnie is clearly a chicken killer! I’m sure that chicken was squeaking in protest as it was being mauled by Minnie. What hypocrisy Sally! ?? ? ?


  27. I think it’s nice that Nicole’s true colors are shining through.

    I suspect that if Jill pulls into the driveway to rescue this pampered little dog, the Davis’s may invite her in for a beverage, show her around the farm, enjoy pleasant conversation, then send her home. I wonder how Jill will feel about that afterward and if Nicole will get the result she wanted.


  28. Nicole is a bad tempered child in an adult body that has procreated with the sorriest excuse of a human she could have picked. She can’t handle adulthood. Her devotees are about the same way or willfully ignorant.


  29. Question about Minnie’s treatment – was she given mannitol in addition to the oxygen tent? Just curious.


  30. Accidents happen. I had a dog back out of a martingale when he got spooked and run into the road. Poor woman who hit him had no chance of stopping in time. She was crying hysterically. Amazingly, the old boy only had a broken leg. Sadly, it was bad enough that it needed to be amputated. Emergency care and surgery =$4000. I didn’t even blink, just plopped down my credit card. I have a good job, and I can always make more money.

    I also, at one point, had the joy of owning a dog who would make Minnie look like a genius. He got stuck in an open door. The wind blew it partially shut and he was between the screen door and the main door. He couldn’t figure out what to do and fussed until he was rescued.


  31. Please don’t hit your animals.

    Well, that depends. I have a cow and raise calves. Young bull calves often want to play with humans, and that is absolutely the worst thing you can do with a Jersey bull calf. They put their heads down and play butting heads. If you engage with them, you teach them that you are a bovine, a peer. Then they grow up and become the most dangerous farm animal out there. They go into adolescence and see you as a rival. Every year, some farmer in America gets killed by a bull that he raised from a calf.

    The way you stop them from doing that play thing is to smack them, hard, on their snout (it’s tender there), every single time they do it. They learn relatively quickly (Jersey bull calves are also almost the dumbest animals I have ever encountered, second only to chickens) to quit it.

    Frances even tries it every now and then. She is not play-butting. She is actually putting her head down and waggling it as a signal of dominance. (I have seen her do that to a large bull calf and knock him off his feet. If I let a 1200 pound animal establish dominance over me, I would be in big trouble. So she also gets a smack on the snout accompanied by “NO.”

    It doesn’t make any of them aggressive. It establishes me as “human” and “dominant” and not part of the herd.

    I’m not beating them. I’m simply making sure I’m safe. As long as I am safe, they are safe. When I become insecure, their security is at grave risk.

    Here’s another example of a situation where you absolutely have to hit a cow.


  32. Judging from the first picture in this blog entry

    And you win the internet today. I didn’t even notice that until you said that. 🙂 She has, in fact, killed that chicken. We had to finally toss it. She had reduced it to shreds and I was afraid she’d eat it. She now has a purple dachshund. It looks like a purple penis, so we call it her “purple dick.” She loves her toys but has very special favorites.


  33. was she given mannitol in addition to the oxygen tent?

    No. Lasix and Decadron. At least, I believe that’s right. Along with an antibiotic. If I run across the vet paperwork (if I kept it), I’ll check.


  34. a Sally leghumper 😉
    I do not beat my dogs they get a swat on the rump, just like I did with my kids when they needed it.

    Doing it right does not cause aggression. Have you ever seen how a mother dog corrects her pups? Believe me that is harder and more harsh than a swat to the rump.

    I was told by a woman whom I know that correcting my dogs with a swat was going to break their prey drive. She has like 14 dogs and they have to live in crates 24/7 only out about 5 times a day for potty and running time breaks in the yard cause they will fight to death with each other. My dogs have free roam of the whole house. We used crates as puppies until they were house broken and we knew we could trust them not to get into things that could hurt them. Now they only get crated for a short time when company comes. Once company is here and they see they are okay they come out of the crates to visit with company.

    My dogs have manners they do not get on the counters or table where they are not suppose to be to steal food. Hell even my vet said when I called about the cupcakes “Smack her ass and put her in her crate”. LOL

    I think my training practices work great for my dogs. How many male dogs do you know will leave a female in flagging heat alone when told leave it? Not many. He sniffed her, was told leave it, gave a dirty look as if to say oh why and laid down next to her. When my dogs hear leave it they know to stop what they are doing and stop immediately no matter what they are doing. Most times I do not even have to say leave it instead only click my fingers or some times just say “nein”. If I want them to stop doing something fast they hear nein with the snap of the fingers and will lay down right away looking to me for the next command. I can put their food bowls down and tell them leave it and they will until I tell them okay.

    I have physical limitations and there is no way that I can physically control a dog that is all muscle and over 100 lbs so I need voice control over my dogs. It is very rare now that they are trained that they get a swat but when they do they know I mean business. Just two days ago Fed ex guy came to deliver something and they were carrying on like they wanted to tear him up – they were protecting me cause they did not know that man. I yelled nein followed by leave it with in. Both dogs immediately stopped barking, charging the storm door, turned around and went in the house and laid down watching me at all times. They did not even try to bolt to the storm door when I opened it to take the package. But they both kept their eyes on me at all times. My dogs can and will do personal protection if needed thus their watching every thing. Personal protection is another reason for total and complete control over ones dog.

    I have never seen any aggression from my dogs other than protection mode when it was and is needed. They are not even aggressive towards each other and eat side by side with out aggression. Pretty damn good for two raw fed dogs. If one does not eat all their meal the other one will not even go eat it cause that is not their bowl.

    I do know for sure I would see major aggression from both dogs if anyone but family ever tried to get near my 3 year old grand daughter. Both dogs would fight to death to protect her. That is the kind of aggression they are suppose to have when they are personal protection dogs.

    So I guess my training practices work very well.


  35. I had to take my 15 month old puppy to the vet after hours once. He started having seizures. Found out he had an infection and running a fever. Got put on med. A few days later he wasn’t acting right when my daughter went to get him out of his crate in the morning. Wouldn’t budge. Was disoriented and confused. Called the vet right away. Sadly he passed away in the vets parking lot before I could get him in. But my after hours bill cost me almost $300. Also got a refund on the medication.

    Vets are worth the money.


  36. Old time farm girl, your dogs behave far better than mine. My excuse is that my dog weighs eight pounds and it has always just been easier to pick her up than to actually train her. We had a Maltese before, many years ago, and like an idiot, I did obedience training with her. She learned, but she hated every minute of it, and hence, so did I. They are just not genetically disposed to it – it’s something like trying to train a cat.

    So when people come here and Minnie goes berserk, we put her in the bathroom. 🙂

    However, if she weighed enough to actually hurt me, I’d get serious about training.


  37. Farm Girl, we, like you, preferred to treat our bigger dogs like mama dogs. This has included a pinch behind the ear. If mama dogs nip pups to train them and set limits, that must be how they’re mentally wired to learn. The aren’t humans who can eventually be reasoned with. They are animals, and need to be treated as animals as a method of showing them respect. In this house, we strongly believe that treating animals like humans disrespects them. We love them all dearly, but we must acknowledge their limits that come with them being animals. And since they are a hyper breed and were each expected to be about half my weight as adults, it was important to establish dominance for my safety as well as theirs. No one cares how loved an animal is if a big hyper dog won’t respect boundaries because going after that kid with the ice cream cone is more attractive than a positive-reinforcement treat, and then knocks that kid down to get to that cone and hurts the kid. Especially the big dogs, they need to learn that NO means NO, not just that there are treats when they decide to behave. I’d rather have people think we’re meanies than to have our dogs hurt some of the kids in the neighborhood playing too rough and not understanding the meaning of “no” and “stop” and getting put down for it.

    Sally, like you, our small dog is easier to pick up than to train. She moves so fast and is so small that she can get under a couch. If she gets into something she shouldn’t, going after her to stop her becomes a game. But she’s also a rescue who came from a horrifically abusive home (her little body has a lot of bones that were broken and not set right, and so her frame feels all crooked, and she’s less than half the size her breed is supposed to be on the small end because she was so starved), which makes us nervous to even raise our voices in her presence since loud voices scare her into peeing. So she’s not trained to behave, and we’re still working to housebreak her. Hard to do with so damned many rooms and floors in this place. She can find somewhere to hide when it’s rainy and she doesn’t want to lower her princess ass over some grass. Her best friend is our newest cat, who is a 5-month-old kitten who is as big as she is. They think they’re the same breed and play rough with each other. Fun to watch.

    I love my animals so damned much it hurts sometimes.


  38. She has to pass time while shes waiting for the last dog to go home? Wait. Dont you have your kids there with you? It wasn’t really that funny, hardly worth the effort. But as long as it made you laugh to yourself thats all that matters. Wouldn’t that time have been better spent actually MAKING bows? You could be like those fundraisers where they sell an item and tell you what it supports, for example, a bow purchase today will support the purchase of a bullet, you know something like that. #dontquityourdayjob #bowsforbullets #kidswhatkids? #charlesisgettenitgoodtonight #EWWWWW


  39. My 91-year-old mom has 2 cats, spoiled rotten. My niece who lives with her broke up with her “groomer” boyfriend and came home with Lucky, a Maltese mix. She was the runt of a litter, has one large eye and one small eye, and is blind in the large one. It doesn’t hamper her in any way, she gets up on the couch, the chair, and shuffles outside to pee. She also is trained to pee on a pee pad but poops on the carpet if she’s not let out early enough. I think your Minnie and our Lucky are related. She has nipped me once and got a fast pop on the nose for that. She has figured out which cat to annoy and they have gotten into it a couple of times. Lucky is also the most finicky dog I’ve ever met. Mom and Nov have bought all kinds of treats and she’ll go for a couple days and then turns up her nose. Has to be one kind of wet food and none other. Of course, my dogs benefit from her finickyness. Treats galore.
    If Jill is real, I hope she has a lovely drive up from Atlanta, share some fresh butter and a lb of bacon and let Minnie out of the bathroom.


  40. Lucky is also the most finicky dog I’ve ever met.

    LOL Yes. Fish is not food, according to Minnie. Beef is food, but sort of meh. Chicken is real food. Chicken is the ice cream of food. And liver (any kind of liver). Liver is really good food.

    Minnie uses a WizDog. We bought two of them when we lived in Alaska. Taking a pup outside to go potty at 20 below zero is not my idea of fun. I even made her fleece booties because her feet would freeze, but mostly she used the WizDog. (One for upstairs, one for downstairs)

    She uses it only when she can’t wait now. With a milder climate most of the time, we can take her out.

    On a leash. 🙂


  41. A family member now has two little dogs. The second one was literally tossed on the side of the road – probably not long after having had yet another litter of puppies – and was unsurprisingly battered and broken. She appears to be a bit older due to the silver hairs on her black muzzle but it’s hard to say with little mixed breed dogs. At any rate, she is a truly sweet dog. She has bladder issues though. I’m going to send the WizDog information on because while she goes outside into their fenced backyard very often, sometimes she has accidents, winter is coming and they’re moving into a new place and I can envision the stress making her bladder control even more of a challenge.

    Thank you, Sally!


  42. “And liver (any kind of liver). Liver is really good food.”

    Nope not Lucky. Mom was making chicken livers (she loves to eat them for dinner) and put one down for HRH. Smelled it and turned up her nose. She doesn’t even like bacon….BACON!!! I think when mom’s gone she sneaks down to the cat area and eats their food. Mine love overcooked bacon- my husband does not know what soft is. They eat primarily salmon and sweet potato dog food from Costco, that’s what the rescue feeds their dogs. I buy sweet potato treats by Abound. We have a dog door so they have access to a large back yard, of course, if it’s pouring, which is not very often, they go up on the covered patio and do their thing. Easy to sweep up and get rid of, since we don’t use it.


  43. Blessed Little Dog Rescue Page? What? Nicole you are killing me, you are going to help save dogs? That is fucking fabulous!! You were off to a good start with finding a home for Minnie, maybe you have found your niche. Dog trafficking. #whatsyoursisminedogrescue


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