MinnietestifiesMore than one photo was taken in the courtroom today.  This one was done by an undercover photographer. The other one (at least one) was taken by that intrepid reporter, Nicole Naugler, right out in the courtroom, after she cried and fussed about “stalkers.”

Here’s what I can say about court for now.

Joe was offered a plea deal, which was basically a slap on the wrist. We have no way to know if he actually took the deal or not, although he’d have been out of his mind not to do so.

We will know more when the documents become available.

This is not the same county as the menacing conviction, so whether or not Breckinridge County will follow up on what would appear to be a violation of Joe’s Alford plea deal on that is anyone’s guess.  They might.  And then again, they might not.


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  1. Dammit, Minnie! No one likes a snitch! Anyway, she took pictures in the courtroom? And cried? Please tell me the judge shut that shit down. (And that is one cute dog. Her coat is killing me!)


  2. Holy strange matter out the tailpipe! She took photos in the courtroom? Did she get to keep her phone? She is not good around courtrooms after stalking Lisa and pointing her camera at police officers’ nether regions. Do you know who the judge was? She wept and wailed in the courtroom too? Must have been quite a day for the Medusa.


  3. A. Minnie is absolutely precious and I believe whatever she has to say because I have always preferred dogs to people .
    B. From this point forward they may as well just let Jabba joe plead guilty to being an asshole and just give them a couple of hundred of either his wives or whoever they are scamming hard earned dollars and call it a damn day because that is what keeps happening!


  4. She took a photo of Lisa. Right in the courtroom. After she had whined and cried to the bailiff about how Lisa was stalking her.


  5. She posted yet another photo of a kid playing in the dirt. Please, someone who has a bigger screen/better resolution than I have, what’s going on around the little boy’s elbow? It looks red and green in one place. Maybe just a temporary tattoo?


  6. Just read a news article and had to laugh.

    Wonder what Joe thought of this? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    Hey, dumbass….maybe you should have voted? Bahahahaha

    The Obama administration made it clear it would not crack down on states with legal recreational pot, reports CBS News correspondent Barry Petersen. The Trump administration is sending out quite different signals, and that is causing a nervous ripple through the pot industry.

    Colorado is making a lot of green with $1.3 billion in annual sales of legal pot. But White House press secretary Sean Spicer said there may be a crackdown.

    “Is the federal government then going to take some sort of action around this recreational marijuana in some of these states?” a reporter asked.

    “I think that’s a question for the Department of Justice. I do believe that you’ll see greater enforcement of it,” Spicer responded.

    He said Mr. Trump supports marijuana for medical use. But in fact, federal law makes all pot illegal.

    Bruce Nassau runs TruCannabis and is chairman of the Marijuana Industry Group.

    “When you heard Mr. Spicer’s comments, was that a threat?” Petersen asked.

    “Well, you certainly have to assume that it is something of a threat,” Nassau said.


  7. @Sally – “She took a photo of Lisa. Right in the courtroom. After she had whined and cried to the bailiff about how Lisa was stalking her.”

    Nicole has to be the dumbest bitch on the planet. Really. Really. Fucking. Dumb. FFS Nicole, the courtroom is a public place. That means anyone can enter the building and sit in a courtroom unless they are being unruly and are removed, or are testifying.

    Or…..wait…..maybe Nicole is a closet lesbian and has a thing for Lisa. After all, she already has a video of Lisa, now she wanted a picture too. I am an ardent supporter of the LGBT community but for gawd’s sake Lisa, please run!!!


  8. Oh dear, she is not well ( …I can visualize his happening).
    I would wager that Joe refused the deal, because of his selfish pride – geez. It’s almost as if he enjoys court. I bet it makes him feel like a big boy lawyer. What a loser.


  9. I wonder if this event took place before or after her bizarrely positive Blessed Little Homestead post…


  10. Holy tacos, Batdog! Since when have pictures been allowed in courtrooms like that?

    Please fill me in on what I’m missing. What was today’s hearing for? I haven’t had time to dedicate to following this story as closely as I’d like. It’s Girl Scout cookie season. There goes my time and diet.


  11. She took a pic of Lisa in the courtroom? Shocking, right?
    What a bitch; she calls harrassment while openly harrassing Lisa.

    As always, it is Opposite Day for BO. I don’t know what ever made her think that she is so special that rules and laws do not apply to her?

    I am sure this picture will be an important part of her hundreds of thousands of SS documentation for her defamation and libel cases…..haha….

    The most important question of the day while we wait for documents: Did Medusa wear the lovely demin skirt to court? That thing has to be so filthy that it could walk away by itself. They are so disgusting in every way.

    Since I know you read here: Medusa: the 70s called, and they want their skirt back IF you could sanitize it first. Note: This may require burning.


  12. Minnie is adorable and completely credible. Look at that face. Would she lie? Of course not.

    “She took a photo of Lisa. Right in the courtroom. After she had whined and cried to the bailiff about how Lisa was stalking her.”

    Why in the world wouldn’t the bailiff ask if she had filed charges against Lisa for stalking her?

    I wonder if he later found out that Lisa was an attorney and if he had the sense to realize he had been played for a sucker. Back of the line, buddy.

    Why don’t they go back to Texas, from whence they came? I’m so sorry that Kentucky is currently stuck with them.


  13. She now says her phone rang & she got up to answer it. I was called for jury duty not too long ago & there were huge signs everywhere to turn your phone OFF. If it rang while court was in session it would be confiscated. How can they always get away with breaking the rules??? It’s really revolting to me that they never have consequences. Good people are hurt by them all the time, yet no one seems to have motivation enough to make sure they learn from their actions. Another plea deal, another slap on the wrist, etc. I just don’t understand. Am I just being naïeve in my thinking here?


  14. “she had whined and cried to the bailiff about how Lisa was stalking her”
    I recall reading that at least one person advised Nicole to let her attorney know when someone was stalking or harassing her in court. The attorney could then request to the judge to have that person be removed from the court. I guess Nicole was just taking their advice and making the request to the bailiff.

    Thank you for the update.


  15. And of course she is spinning the story.
    Wish I could hear the podcast tomorrow for what Lisa will be talking about. I just don’t have time for the podcasts.

    By the way Minnie is adorable.


  16. I would wager that Joe refused the deal, because of his selfish pride – geez

    So far, he’s never turned down a plea deal.


  17. What was today’s hearing for?

    Going to the neighbor’s shop and yelling at her, calling her names.


  18. Medusa has posted her revision of what took place on court yesterday. She took no pictures (uh huh). Of course it is completely flattering to her and completely out of character for the hag that lay in wait for Lisa and stuck a phone in her face at the last little Hardin County court experience. Again, whatever dreadful thing Medusa says is done to her, she is the one who actually does it. Very peculiar sort of thing much like out of control parents who are provoked by their kids (usually something inconsequential) and then whale on the kids. And then tell the kids how much the parents have suffered and it’s entirely the kids’ fault. Guess Medusa is not used to dealing with adults who aren’t intimidated by her and who call out her lies. Heck she is a walking talking lie.


  19. Now she claims when her phone rings it flashes. I call bullshit on that because when she first posted about it 5 hours ago there was NO mention of the flashing ring. If this had ANY credibility she would have mentioned the flashing ringtone first and foremost. She is so full of Shit, it’s coming out of her ears. She waits 4-5 hours to mention the most important part of her spin?
    On that note, my husband’s flashes when it rings. There is a significant different between the flash and the ringing flash though, the ring flash is very bright and flashes really fast. I don’t think I have to explain what a camera flash looks like.


  20. They’ve been pushing the “Don’t let the government force you to take a plea” thing pretty hard lately, so if Joe did, it’s just more hypocrisy on their parts.


  21. Sign a few papers- go on your way. Again!

    It really does not send any message other than – keep it up, insignificant consequences. So sorry for Viv that she’s going to have tolerate more of the same.
    i just don’t get it either.

    Congratulations Sally, you’re the best!


  22. “Again, whatever dreadful thing Medusa says is done to her, she is the one who actually does it.”

    There is a subset of the population with a particular label in the DSM-5 who exemplify this very tactic.


  23. So let me get my head around this ……. regardless of whether a photo was taken or not …… Nitcole not only has her mobile on (well of course she does – she is surgically attached to it!) ….. she also had it set so that it flashes if she gets a message/call/reminder to take a breath …. while she is in court??
    Phones are allowed to be on in court in America??
    I know exactly what would happen in our courts if someones phone showed any sign of being on ….. as for one that flashed brightly saying “Hi Judge ….. couldn’t give a fuck about your rules – I have a right to have my phone on and I will answer it” …… they would be in contempt and at minimum – would be marched out and banned from entering again!
    I have had judges halt proceedings and march out of court because someone kept coughing!

    On the basis that I have eyes and clearly saw that Nitcole was the one who gleefully rounded on Lisa and not the other way round ….. I am guessing that being allowed to sit peacefully in the lobby is an alternative way of saying she was removed from the courtroom and told to sit quiet or else?

    They really are bat shit crazy! they have so much to lose yet continue to massage the truth at every opportunity.


  24. Nicole would not like going to the courts in the Detroit area. NO PHONES ALLOWED. They are very strict about it too. There are signs on all possible routes into the building and on all doors. They ask everyone upon entry and xray purses etc. Which reminds me of a story, one coupled stashed their phone on the person of a 2-year old child. During court proceedings the phone rang. The court officials jumped into action as if it was a weapon or something. The couple was shamed in front of the whole courtroom. They were also held in contempt? and fined. I could so see Naugnuts trying something like that, because they use the children for that kind of shit.


  25. On a lighter note, I have decided to refer to my place as a “homestead.” It’s actually a mobile home park, but WTF. If I can keep my pets and a few tomato plants alive, then I certainly deserve to be known as a “homestead.” Let me walk across the street and tell the neighbors! They may want to play along! So if someone is picking me up, they can “meet me at the homestead.” If they want to know what I’m doing, well, I’m just hanging out and drinking beer at the “homestead.” Has a nice ring to it!


  26. I was in a local courtroom one time on a child support/custody matter. While there, someone’s cell phone rang. All eyes turned to see who the culprit was; the judge stopped mid sentence and looked sternly out into the seats and the bailiff also looked for the culprit. It was very embarrassing for the individual, who was immediately told to turn off their phone and also advised if it happened again, there would be a problem. There are signs posted at all courtrooms in my county that advise cell phones are to be turned off, or turned to silent/vibrate. Nicole just ensured that this particular judge will be much more likely to remember her and Joe the next time either one of them, or their children, are up before him/her for any reason. She just cannot help herself, can she? Pathetic when you do not have the self control to turn off your phone for half an hour or less. Truly pathetic.


  27. No cell phones in the courthouse in my state either, and the rule is strictly enforced. Everyone entering a courthouse and their belongings goes through metal detectors. If you have a cell phone, you either take it to your vehicle, or, if you are lucky, there are lockers. Depending on the jurisdiction, there is some leeway for attorneys, but that phone better be on mute in the courtroom.

    Big, bad Joe not take a plea? Puh-lease.

    @ BLB, Minnie is adorable.


  28. I need to comment, but I’m speechless. The naugs actions are exactly the reason they continue to get away with their shit. They take absolutely no responsibility for anything. Never had and never will since they keep using pregnancies, living in filth, bazillion kids, ‘no’ money..yadda yadda to bamboozle everyone.
    They break every rule of humanity…not necessary laws, but just being human beings.
    Move, just gawddamn move, nauglers. You’ve seriously worn out your welcome.
    Not so speechless, huh, but there is so so much else I would like to say but it would help no one but me, just getting it out of my system.
    Good job, Sally, you know I support you!???


  29. Minnie may be a moron, but she was cleaner and more appropriately dressed for court than the blessed duo.

    Perhaps she could give NN some style tips?


  30. So who got hit with an EPO?

    I know that this is going to be difficult as shit for everyone, but I’m going to shut down conversation about this for right now. Court’s a comin’ and when I have documentation and clearance to use it, believe me, I will.

    I don’t want anything on this blog to jeopardize anything or anyone.

    Take a big deep breath and let’s all be patient.


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