Nicole says she’s afraid. She’s so scared that they need to move “ASAP.”  It’s awful. She’s being stalked, and harassed, and everything.

Hell, a neighbor even stopped on the road, got out of his truck and took something out of his pocket.


So, when you’re so frightened of people who take things out of their pocket that you need to move, what’s the most credible, reasonable thing to do?


Why, post photos of your son and his girlfriend posing with their ultrasound, of course.

NOTE:  The two people in this photograph are no longer children. Jacob Naugler turned 18 today.


Faith Raymer has been quite willing to share information about her relationship with Jacob very publicly (which is why I reported the situation in the first place – I did not breach any confidentiality or anyone’s privacy in doing so).

And I probably would have simply let Jacob’s birthday pass by without notice had it not been for the comment about the neighbor.  That came from Jacob. Faith was quite likely with him.  If Jacob wants to play in the sandbox, we’ll give him space.


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  1. From the Misses…

    So I found out some of the source of the gossip going around about me, my husband, and the supposed baby left in the car story. I hope the dickhead doesn’t get caught violating the smoking ordinances. City says 15 feet, any closer and I call and report you. Remember I’ve got cameras out front.
    You can thank chopper Dan for outing you last night. And just to be clear we never left the baby in the car.

    Yeah and you follow rules? Why should someone conform? Do you follow rules? Good luck with that.

    …..loads up drones….


  2. She basically outed herself. She is the person on the BLTATM mirror page. It’s been obvious from the start.


  3. Is this the 70-something year old neighbor? Jacob was intimidated by an old man who stopped his truck, got out for a moment and then got back in and left?
    Maybe I should be scared too? I have elderly neighbors who often come and go. Sometimes they get in their cars and then get out for various reasons. I had no idea this was threatening behavior.

    Nicole, stop stalking your elderly neighbor. He managed to live in peace before you moved your clan in and I assume he would love to be left alone not have your kid watching his every move. It’s not like he has been charged and convicted of menacing. Your neighbors will come and go. It’s what people do. Jacob being by the road when they leave is called a coincidence.


  4. N claims that SHE is being stalked but she is the one who knows when the neighbors come and go, who visits the neighbors and how often these visits occur. She also seems to think that she should be contacted in order to pre-approve any of the neighbors friends. Stalker Nicole is always on the lookout! I still can’t figure how this imminent danger only extends to the county border.


  5. Yup. The young master is an adult now. His behavior is fair game. I’m pretty sure he learned about all he’s ever gonna know from good old Dad. Start getting gals pregnant at a young age? Check. I wonder what else he’s picked up? The predilection to threaten and menace? What the hell is his baby momma thinking? And don’t anyone give me the “young love” or “teens are careless” or “it’s a blessing” bullshit. It’s a fucking tragedy is what it is. It’s soooo much harder for young people to have a life (pay rent, food, clothing) than it was 20 years ago. It’s even harder raising a baby with insecure job prospects. And if someone was raised to hate the government that might be able to assist them, well, none of this augers well. That young woman would do well to run home and say “Mom, I fucked up. Help me!” Because there sure as shit will be no help from the freak show of his side. I already can imagine the FuckNuts holding the baby hostage by brain washing the young woman. “If you do this, we’re keeping the baby!” Oh, it’s gonna be such a shit show.


  6. Jacob has his own personal driver now. Harley and Joker, out to cause mischief in and around naug-land. Ah Jacob, we had high hopes for you, but I guess the oldest apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
    Sad, this is a legacy the neighbors and surrounding communities do not need.


  7. Suited up with my own white sand bucket and shovel, waiting for the rest of the crew to show up. I’m sure their sandcastle will be bigger and better than anything I could imagine or build. But that’s only because I live in reality. They don’t. They live in “Sandcastles in the Sky”.


  8. I can hardly even blame young Naugler. With all that his crack pot parents have drilled into his young mind, what can be expected? I still hold out hope he will come around to some sort of normalcy. I wish him and Faith all the best even if I worry for them a bit. I wish Jacob well in pursuit of trade school and hope it will help him find a good trade to support his new family. I’m almost positive he’ll do better than his own father.

    My sons would have gone to the road to see if the neighbor needed any help with anything and likely stayed there a good while yacking.

    It’s a shame. Good neighbors are hard to come by and the Naugler’s are just too paranoid to allow themselves that benefit.


  9. Nicole always is so quick to whine about “pigs” and statists using them for their own benefit. Once again she proves that she is a hypocritical bitch.

    And Jacob welcome to adulthood. It does take a man to become a father, it merely takes a penis and some sperm. Teenage pregnancy is not something to be proud of. I have two sons older than you and one about your age. All of them have managed to not get a girl pregnant because they are smart enough to know you don’t make babies before you can pay for them.
    So sad that you are just doing exactly what you parents have done. Don’t you remember when you had a real home. Your mother posted about when you were a baby and were upset with the Christmas lights on the tree being taken down. You realize your parents have fucked up so much now that your little siblings don’t even get to experience Christmas, unless mud counts. Don’t you want more for your own family? Great you want to be a dad, the first thing you should have done was prepare to be a dad. You should have gone to school, trade school counts. You should have gotten a decent paying job, no flipping burgers doesn’t count. It’s really sad. I’m glad you are happy to be welcoming a baby into the world but your parents have shown that being able to have sex and breed doesn’t make one parents. Good luck! You and Faith will need it. Oh and when she leaves you and takes the baby, statics say that will probably happen, please do a better job that your deadbeat asshole loser of a father and pay child support. The only hope I have for you is that you won’t be as big of a waste of air as your dad.


  10. I agree with you, babies cost money, 100%. Jacob and Faith have taken the first tentative step toward a lifetime of poverty for themselves and their baby. Their only hope is if Faith smartens up and asks her family to help them go down a different path. Step 1, Jacob, distance yourself from the drama your parents live in and use that energy to get your GED.


  11. Wow 2 in one day from the nicnag
    Wow ..must not be celebrating a child B-Day..instead let’s be a moron .

    Hey Chopper Dan.

    Fuck you 😉

    But no, that’s not how it went down. You are a liar and I can prove it.

    When are you going to swallow that pride and actually do what you say and stop being involved in my life. You are a creep.


  12. I realize my last post sounded really harsh but as a mother of teens and young adults I just can’t be excited about young, unprepared people becoming parents especially when they’ve been raised by the Nauglers. Other children at least have exposure to the real world and aren’t isolated as much as the Naugler children. These kids are being brainwashed. I’ve seen what Jacob has posted in the past on his public page, not sure if it still exists but it did at one time. And it is clear that he thinks much like his parents, so I am skeptical that he will deviate from their parenting style and I can’t get excited about that. I’d like to be hopeful but when you combine statistics on teenage parents and being raised in a cult like environment it just doesn’t bode well for the young couple.

    I would love nothing more than to be proved wrong.


  13. At this point, I have no qualms about using their names either, since they’re now both willing participants. Jacob and Faith have given permission for a photo with identifying information to be shared, when they know Mother Dearest is making a thinly-veiled money-request. I hope they can grow up fast enough to get out of there fast enough that no lasting harm is done to their lives, but who knows. Faith’s parents seem excited about the baby, but that’s not unusual. When your daughter is having a baby and you can’t do anything about it, you can get mad and shun the baby or get a bit excited about the baby for the sake of the baby. I was born to a teen mom, and it hurt all my life, and to this day, to know that neither side of the family supported her choice to have me, and were mad. No one was excited for me. Faith’s family could be excited, or just pretending for the sake of the baby.


  14. @Dinah – no, you were not harsh at all. This situation is tragic. JoJo wrote that it’s perfectly acceptable for young teens to give in to their sexual urges. I am not a prude but this statement reveals all I need to know about this disgusting individual. My parents told us that yes, we would have urges, but that engaging in sex should be an intimate act with someone we love and who we are committed too. That involves maturity, not an erection. They discouraged us from engaging in casual sex but told us that if we were going to have sex, we needed birth control and they would help us get it.
    Now here is Faith who broke up with one boyfriend in August, found another in Jacob and is now pregnant. And here is Jacob, just 18-years-old today with his first girlfriend and he got her pregnant. He has no high school diploma, no real job that would provide enough to support a family and is living in an un insulated garden shed. He also has dreams but none are realistic. Trade school? You need at least a GED and have to pass a test. Father? It takes more than just creating the baby. Farmer? We have all seen how the animals suffer and die on the shitstead. Jacob has tried to grow a garden and has managed to grow a few things but he has no proper knowledge to be a real farmer of crops.
    Jacob also parrots all the anti-government crap his parents do. He is no different, sadly, than Nicole and JoJo. I am sure you are all familiar with Charles Smyth. Well guess who Charles is behind the sock? Yup, Jacob, Nicole or JoJo. It is easy to tell when it’s Jacob because of the maturity and hot-headed responses.
    The only hope in any of this is that Faith will run from the shitstead when the honeymoon is over. Her family is wise in keeping their personal feelings quiet and publicly supporting her.
    One of the responses today questioned Nicole on how teen pregnancy could be celebrated. Oh how ironic when the BO haughtily suggested there was nothing wrong with children being born to people who didn’t believe in the government recognition of marriage. Nicole, aren’t you the one suggesting your lovely, hard-working mother of 2 neighbor is a whore because she has children outside of marriage? Never mind that you had 6 on the ground before you entered into the evils of government recognized holy matrimony – or unholy in your case.


  15. Jacob, you are now an adult. Please be a better man than your father. Please be a better father than your father. That child and the mother of your child are your top priorities now. Childhood has ended–not that yours was all that carefree, but the core truth is still valid. The things your parents tell you have just dropped far, far, far down your priority list. Cold reality is just outside the wall of that little shed, and no amount of ranting online will keep it away for long. Face it like a functional adult. Don’t be Joe or Nicole.

    I’ve posted reams of advice here, as have others. Look through the post archives.

    And get Faith and the baby off that place and away from your parents ASAP. Leave and cleave, mister. Or end up like them.


  16. Daydreaming here. If I lived in the area I would like to drop off a Christmas dinner at the Nogs. It would make me happy to know the kids were fed well, if just for one day.

    Maybe some blankets too. They might need to be used ones though, or Nicole might try to sell them.


    I’m sure if I was able to do this good deed IRL it would not go unpunished.


  17. If I lived in the area I would like to drop off a Christmas dinner at the Nogs. It would make me happy to know the kids were fed well, if just for one day.

    And doing that is what Nicole counts on. It’s what she and Joe “do” for a living. You’d be enabling them.


  18. Her comment this morning about not using “those products” referring to feminine hygiene. TMI.

    But it brings up a question. Do they have garbage pick up? I assume they don’t. What happens to all the empty tin cans etc?

    I don’t have garbage pick up. I put out food scraps for various wildlife, take two sacks a week to be recycled, and take two sacks a week to the parish dumpster. That’s just for two people.


  19. Do they have garbage pick up? I assume they don’t. What happens to all the empty tin cans etc?

    They have to do what you do – haul it away. I assume that there is garbage pickup at the business and they take it there. Or the dump. This is typical for folks out in the country. We haul our trash too, what we don’t burn or feed to chickens or pigs.


  20. Im amazed that Jacobs girlfriend would want to be a part of that gene pool. Does she know Nicole and joe? God help that baby.


  21. I am aghast! Jacob Naugler is a child! An adult in the eyes of the law, sure, but a child-victim nonetheless! An adult-child-victim.

    Of course he would report something “suspicious” to his mother – it is the only way to truly receive her attention!! Poor kid. I bet he relished every second of her raving response. Those 10 children must fight for it – that is, when she is actually home. The most incendiary one wins.

    And all of you adults, many of you many decades – nay, generations – older and wiser, talking down to him, calling him out, writing him advice as if he reads here – for shame! He is but a child, a victim of circumstance! A product of an abusive home! Sooo naive, so immature. Very well years behind his peers.

    Inviting him to “play in the sandbox”? This repulses me.


  22. Jacob Naugler is a child!

    No, he’s not. He’s an adult with a pregnant girlfriend.

    Poor kid. I bet he relished every second of her raving response. Those 10 children must fight for it – that is, when she is actually home. The most incendiary one wins.

    Very well years behind his peers.

    Really? I find your observations interesting. You do understand that Jacob reads this blog? He’s reading your words, where you said that he’s “years behind his peers,” and that he’s a “poor kid.” Aren’t you doing exactly the same thing you are accusing other people of doing?

    Inviting him to “play in the sandbox”? This repulses me.

    I am damned if do and damned if I don’t. I stopped him from participating here and Nicole and the leghumpers excoriated me. I wait until he’s 18 and then I’m excoriated again.

    I would suggest that if you are “repulsed,” you simply click on the X at the top of your page. This will all disappear and you’ll feel better.


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