A Taste of the Tozars

I have more to say about the Tozars than Cathy ever did?  Really?

What follows is just a taste of the Tozars.  I got some of Cathy’s comments in various places about them.  And the stuff from the fake Tozar page is not complete, in part because I was just grabbing what I could before Cathy took the page down. Cathy herself, using her real name, is not present. That’s because by that time she had blocked me.

I present the Tozars, as created by Cathy Harris.

Notice how Teresa carries on with her apology? This is what you have to do if you offend Cathy Harris. Teresa understands that.  You have to genuflect and cower.  I don’t call her St. Catherine of Victimhood for nothing.

And this is interesting, as an aside. Cleo was not IFB (independent fundamental Baptist) at all.  But this was early in 2011. Cathy hadn’t gotten her terminology right.  Carl McIntire was a Presbyterian.

An interesting thing here that I want to point out is that “Ed” and “Elizabeth” have no friends except Cathy’s friends. They don’t appear to know anyone else on earth.

All these names that are tagged? Cathy’s friends. Some of them have wised up in the years since all this happened, and are no longer her buddies, but there are almost no names there I do not recognize.

See how Cathy uses “Elizabeth” to blast away at Richard Harris?  She uses the story that somehow “Elizabeth” and “Ed” went to Harris and asked about their daughter who went missing. And Harris lies to them.

Does this sound familiar?

Lara is talking about Jocelyn Zichterman. Cathy and Camille decided they hated Jocelyn and set out to destroy her, something they’ve attempted again and again since. I’ve experienced their wrath, of course, but I’m not the only one. And “Elizabeth” is all interested in this stupid shit.

I wonder as I look back at this if Lara feels betrayed by this. She apparently does not, since she has remained a leghumper.

Is there any reasonable person who would believe that a woman of normal intelligence who had lived in America since 1962 would be so completely unable to write English?  This, of course, is Cathy’s imagining of how an immigrant would write.


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  1. I put this up so you guys could see how bat shit crazy Cathy is. It wasn’t just a fake FB page purporting to be her parents. It was her actively deceiving people she considers her friends, people who have supported her and given her money over and over again, and doing this not for a month or two, but for years, from the spring of 2010 until well into 2014, unless I am mistaken.

    And I spoke with one of Cathy’s victims who had conversed with “Elizabeth” on the phone. She could hardly believe it when I explained that she had been talking with Cathy. I could tell that information just stunned her. When I added that Cathy didn’t have a daughter, had not been married to a policeman who died in the line of duty, and was not an RN, well, that just added to the horror she felt.


  2. Is there any reasonable person who would believe that a woman of normal intelligence who had lived in America since 1962 would be so completely unable to write English?

    No. I have relatives who were immigrants and while they never wrote or spoke English beautifully, they were able to read a newspaper, carry on a conversation and write coherently. She’s full of shit.


  3. I don’t know this Cathy woman other than what I have read here. With that said, two things really stand out to me.

    There was a time when I looked at the vast amount of energy that con artists pour into their schemes and couldn’t understand why anyone would expend that amount of time on a scam. While I’m not a psychiatrist and don’t consider myself an expert, I do have a theory about this- when an average person tells a “social lie” like “Oh honey, those paisley spandex pants look great!” Or “I have been working on that report all morning, but my computer shut down etc. etc.” the goal is generally to ease social discomfort or avoid conflict in order to preserve social relationships. Generally, these lies are followed up by strategies that further support this goal (working your ass off to finish the report, etc….). That’s why they are often viewed as “white” or innocuous lies.

    However sociopaths and malignant narcissists don’t lie to preserve social relationships or to avoid conflict. They lie to exert control and to gain attention, material objects, etc… I know that this seems obvious to some, but I think for other people, they presume truth because within the frame of reference they use for themselves, this behavior doesn’t make sense.

    So for those who are supporting a con artist with the argument of “there is no way she would lie about this because it wouldn’t make sense for ME (and by extension her) to do so- understand this- this behavior makes absolute sense– if you recognize that con artists and sociopaths get off on controlling and manipulating others- every single time they push the envelope of getting you to accept yet another ridiculous claim or statement, they score a “win”. Attention is always a win for them. Most of us basically healthy individuals would rather have no attention than negative attention. That is not the case for individuals like C, NN, or RR. For them, attention is the ultimate in validation. And before some naive person tries to tell me that this means that we should just ignore them- I would ignore them, except for the fact that this isn’t a zero sum game. By ignoring this behavior when we see it, we allow others to be victimized. There aren’t a lot of good options for dealing with these people. The only one that I have found effective is publicizing the behavior in order to reduce the victim pool as much as is possible.

    Secondly, this Cathy person reveals herself to be profoundly racist in how she portrays her clearly fictitious immigrant parents. I have extensive experience with immigrants from three continents. Even those with extremely limited English skills don’t type out their accents. These “accents” do not even reflect actual Eastern European accents as much as they seem to be “Boris and Natasha get on Facebook”. All she needed was a “hellllo dollink” and a “shut up your mouth” and I would have been able to win at Bullwinkle bingo.


  4. The only one that I have found effective is publicizing the behavior in order to reduce the victim pool as much as is possible.

    My entire motivation in a nutshell. Thanks for a very interesting comment.


  5. This. She could have at least studied what spelling/grammar issues they would have by region. The very broken writings look insulting.

    On another note, I noticed they have declared themselves done with answering you. I wonder how long that will last. (Wry grimace)


  6. You know, if a person is deceased you can request information from the FBI via the FOIA to find out if they were subject of an investigation. Doesn’t cost much if they were (paying for the paperwork and postage).


  7. Rhy’s comment is spot-on. This entire saga reminds me of “The Woman Who Wasn’t There” documentary and Tania Head (real name revealed later is Alicia Esteve Head). Except her whole thing started on a Yahoo support group before Facebook was even around. She came up with elaborate stories of being a 9/11 survivor when it was later revealed by the NY Times that she wasn’t even in the country at that point. Fascinating how people insert themselves into these made-up scenarios for attention or a feeling of self-importance. Rhy is exactly right. Many individuals are able to look past some weird stuff because most reasonable people just aren’t wired to outright lie like that.


  8. Cathy, you moron, YOU have stated that the FBI is involved. I’m dropping my request in the mail tonight. I’m including the print-out that shows Carlton, Cleo & Lou’s gravesites. She is buried next to her husband. Lou has two plots between Cleo’s grave and Lou’s. They are unfilled. I wonder if they were intended for you and your future husband or child.

    Cleo could have let the state put him in a pauper’s grave, but she had him shipped across the state.

    Cleo may still have living relatives who remember her. They may not agree with Cathy’s characterization of her. Maybe they will share their recollections if asked.


  9. I was typing on my phone earlier and I made a mess of it. To clarify, going left to right when looking at the Smith family plot it is as follows: Carlton V. Smith, Cleo Smith, plot, plot, Gold Lewis Canby.


    Page 62/148.

    Cleo has other family members buried there (Magsam), including her older sister (Edna Ruth Kemp). It’s astonishing to me how you can turn a kind gesture into something ugly and sordid. It shouldn’t be of course. You’ve spent a lifetime lying, getting caught, then doubling down.

    Are you still working at the worst nursing home in Lehigh Valley?

    Maybe I’ll bump into you at Asher’s Chocolates on the 30th. You have a distinctive appearance.


  10. Speaking of writing style – this is not the writing of a reasonably educated 9 year old.

    Also, July 6, 1974 was a SATURDAY.

    July 6, 1974
    May 18, 2010 – 20:10
    Today is Sunday. I got to went to Sunday school and church. The D’s picked me up. Dady sed his hed hurt. He fell down drunk last night. He went to drink with Pete C and when Pete C bot [brought] dady home we tried to git him to bed. Dady nocked me down. I hav a black nose and eye. My lip was bleding. Mrs. D asked if I fell off my horse, I sed I did because dady and momy be sad if I tell on them and be mad to.

    I had fun in Sunday school. Mrs. S says we are goin to hav a contest. Who wins first will get a new bible at the end. I am gona win!

    I got 3 gold stars. One for being quite [quiet]. One for singing loud and one for just becuz. Mrs. S is nice. tomarow is the first day of Bible school.


  11. Just look for the Weebles Wobble But They Don’t Fall Down lady buying 200pounds of chocolate for herself while telling everyone in the shop that she is Our Lady of Perpetually Fantasized Victimhood.


  12. Thanks, guys! I really wish that I didn’t have first hand experience with this shit. If anyone is interested, one of the books that really helped me to deconstruct the fraud I experienced is “The Sociopath Next Door” by Martha Stout. It’s a book geared towards laymen that really lays out how this pathology is more common than most people realize.

    The Tania Head story is fascinating to me because it really shows how this behavior feeds on itself and how “normal” people can get caught up in supporting it.


  13. Has Cathy ever admitted that she made up the Tozars? I know she now claims that Richard Harris concocted phony birth parents, but what about the fake FB page and the conversations that never happened?


  14. Has Cathy ever admitted that she made up the Tozars?

    Yes. She says the phone conversations never happened, but that’s not true. Several people told me they talked with “Elizabeth Tozar” on the phone, and they all didn’t make that up separately. But yes, she admits that the fake FB page was totally fabricated. She took it down shortly after we published the proof.


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