Taking Care of Emergencies

Nicole has posted audio of a telephone conversation with Sheriff Pate. As you read this, keep in mind a few things.

First, it’s hard to hear what Pate says. She talks over him, and then Joe  jumps into the conversation, and they both talk over him.  His audio is not as loud and even when I turn it way up, I still can’t understand much of it.

Second, this audio clearly is not from the beginning, nor does it end at the end. This is the middle. We have no idea what is missing.

I’ve been there.  Joe recorded us on the road and conveniently left out the part about the beer, and then lied to Nicole (I guess) and said he never had any beer.

So don’t take this as any sort of proof of anything at all, although what she thinks it’s supposed to prove is beyond me.  That Sheriff Pate is reluctant to deal with these lunatics is quite understandable, and as always, he is patient and never gets testy.

Here you go.

NICOLE: So she’s thinking these things while he’s giving information.

PATE: There’s been a lot of things on that (unclear) need to tell her.

NICOLE: Well, that’s fine, but she needs to stop. . . um driving by my house, swearing at my family, making false. . .

PATE: (unclear)

NICOLE: I am, but he tells me, I have an email saying that I have to talk to you about it. He says, you need to take that up with the sheriff. The sheriff says I need to take it to you. So, I mean, Bradley Butler told me, I need to take it to you. So then what do I do? You tell me to take it to him, he

PATE: I will tell you. . .

NICOLE: They say it’s up to you.

PATE: that basically the state police need to . . . (unclear)

NICOLE: The state police. . .

PATE: . . .but you all have not been

NICOLE: Well, I understand that. I understand your position but

PATE: . . . pleased with our services

NICOLE: Well, that is. . .

JOE: that is irrelevant

PATE: have a responsibility, but I think you ought to contact the state police if you have a. . .

NICOLE: Right, which we do and they tell us that they can’t do anything, that it’s up to the, the sheriff’s office

JOE: We’ve recorded all the conversations and that’s what they’ve told us. . .

NICOLE: That’s what they’ve said

JOE: that it’s up to you – you’re the highest , they have certain things like murder, stuff like that.

NICOLE: But they say that every time I call, they say to call, to call the sheriff’s office, call the sheriff’s office, and I have, I have taken, and I’ve taken it to, and I’ve taken it to the county

PATE: . . . if it’s an emergency situation

JOE: Well, emergency situations like that we can address ourselves

NICOLE: Linda told them that Q pulled a gun on her

So, Joe is gonna “address emergency situations” himself. Or he and Q?  Or he and Jacob and Q?  Or what about he and Jacob and Q and the daughter who is such a crack shot?  Is that what he means?  I suspect it is.

But beyond that, I think Nicole is wanting to show us that Pate really did say that the Nauglers were not pleased with Pate’s service.

You know, I worked in hospitals for years. I worked in a same-day surgery, running the recovery room, for a long time. I worked in ICU. I worked occasionally in the ER.

I had patients who were coming out of anesthesia and were off their rockers. I’ve had patients who were deathly ill or drugged out of their minds and had no idea where they were or what was going on.  I’m not talking about these folks.  They received the best care I could possibly give them. I kept them as safe as I possibly could even if that meant restraining them.

But occasionally, we’d get a patient who was just an asshole.  Complete and total asshole. Unreasonable. Demanding. Complaining. Total pain in the ass. The kind of patient who said “Do you know who I am?” or “I have rights.”

And we took care of Asshole Patient.  We gave Asshole Patient all the same care that Nice Patient got. Nobody got cheated. Asshole Patient got what he paid for.

Except that it was slower. Not detrimental-to-his-health slower, but gee-I-have-to-go-to-the-bathroom-right-now slower.  He got his pain meds, but Nice Patient got his faster and with a smile and a joke and some small talk.  Asshole Patient got his when we jolly well got around to it and we said nothing or as little as possible. Nice Patient undoubtedly had a better experience than Asshole did.

In addition, when it came to some injections, and some IVs, we got to pick the size of the needle we used.  When it came to catheters in bladders, we got to pick the size we thought was needed as well.  We also removed stitches, and that can be done the more-or-less painless way, or it can be done, well, not so painlessly. Ditto when it comes to removing adhesive tape, or turning a patient in bed.

Remember that when you’re tempted to be Asshole Patient.

And Nicole and Joe Naugler are quite definitely Asshole Patients.



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  1. I see Nicole has now posted that she knew about the complaint on Q on January 25th, when she was at the courthouse for other business.


  2. I was in a terrible wreck some years ago, I might have been that Asshole patient. I had a sweet male nurse raise my gown to check the heart stickers. “You saw my panties, you have to marry me” he laughed. “NO, get your supervisor, you have to marry me” he turned up the morphine drip & left laughing I was told. I just kept yelling. I not sure Pate would be as patient in my part of KY. I’d vote for him to say the least. Perhaps someone can suggest he run for Governor. He’s a real jewel & all of KY needs him.


  3. If I had to interact with people who have quite openly stated that they think I am corrupt and would love nothing more than to get me fired from my job then I would be very leery of dealing with them too. I am not sure why the Nauglers dont get that. The man is just trying to support his family and do his job. I think he has been more than reasonable with them, especially after all the horrible things the Nauglers have done and the way they smear Pate all over the Net


  4. You can’t be a complete ass to ride cops and expect them to help you in NON THREATENING situations. That town has every right to be judgemental and biased. You can’t complain about how a sherrif does his job then expect him to go head over heals to help. Listen to the tone and how you approach people.


  5. No wonder the sheriff does not want to work with these two in any way. Recording, threatening, talking about suing, screaming about rights,
    and on and in.
    They are dangerous! Joe states they will take care of emergencies. Now that statement right there is disturbing.
    Wow just wow.
    The sheriff is a very smart man.


  6. Sally I’ve had similar situations.
    I took care of ventilator patients, most of whom were immobile.
    I took care of all my patients with equal care, but some with more love.
    My team made sure their every need, if possible, was tended to. We understood how frustrating not being able to even scratch what itches.
    However, those who were nasty before they became injured or ill, tended to remained nasty while they were on ventilators and dependent on a well trained team.
    It used to amaze me how the nasties seemed to forget who was in charge of the wall plug to their ventilator.
    Rest assured no one ever pulled the plug.
    But there were family members we had to keep an eye on.?


  7. Listening and watching the *sweet,chaotic, fake family video* (said sarcastically, except for the chaos) the Mr and Mrs produced, I’m sure I heard the Mr call the 16 yr old son, ‘ The Enforcer’….with a smirk. Does the Mr realize what he is doing? Does the Mrs realize that the Mr and other members of her family are likely lying to her about some events? …and then allow the Mrs to broadcast private, probably false, info about her son, etc?
    What is worse than this train wreck, other that it’s self imposed?


  8. I hope to hell your asshole patients enjoyed that 16 gauge needle. That’s the size I’d be tempted to use.


  9. Sheriff Pate was the most patient person anyone, aside from Mother Teresa could have been on the first “runaway” incident and the following incident when the children were taken. Watching those videos Nicole posted just about made me cry, not just for the kids, but for Pate. You could tell, well I felt I could tell, that it was tearing him up to not be able to do his job at the hands of their resistance. His obligation as he repeated over and over, even bringing up the child that probably would have died (the one he was on Oprah for), had he not persisted. I tried to put myself in his shoes. I imagined him going home, possibly unable to sleep because of it. Because I just believe him to be that type of person. I almost expected him to go against the Judge and go ahead and enter property and deal with the ramifications later, if there had been any. You could tell he felt that strongly about it. I don’t know why the Judge didn’t allow him to go ahead- if it was due to process or what. That was in the first prefab shed. I still feel had they allowed him to follow his gut, the situation wouldn’t have spiraled downward in the way it did- ultimately resulting in their children being taken. But not until things had gotten real bad. I don’t know if he could have found any reason for removal of the children then- probably not. But I watched that video over and over and then listened to the one when children were removed thinking “how can he do this”? Most authorities would have asserted force and not taken that crap. But then for her to tell him with the runaway incident that he didn’t work for her. She didn’t employ him. However, apparently, this isn’t the case when they want the authorities involved. But Sheriff Pate, his Deputy and any other law enforcement that had part in those incidents were above Saints in my opy. Pate is the reason I registered to vote. I hadn’t met him personally. Had no dealings with any law enforcement here. But I had heard many good things about him. People would come to the door handing out their stuff for people running for office and I would turn them away stating that I didn’t vote because i didn’t know of a politician I cared to vote for. Then someone came to my door handing out pens/note pads and just said they hoped I would get out and vote. Nothing else. Of course the pen whatever had Pates name on it and I told them to wait- I would register to vote for him. So I did. However, the first President I ever voted for was Obama- did it twice and wish we could have kept him. Now we have this. Sorry I got off track there but, much respect for Pate.


  10. I have been obsessing over this train wreck all dam day. Nicole slow down! Holy shit. The insanity, I just cant even…….there must be alot going on behind the scenes that we have yet to learn.
    IMO They are pushing pushing pushing either because they are afraid of what is coming with court or because they need another payday and think going viral again will get it for them.
    News Flash!!!!!! This is about to backfire on your asss big time Nicole. Just look at the comments on Wave 3. Your not fooling anybody anymore. The only thing you are getting out of this going viral again is more scrutiny. Lord please let Dr. Phill answer your call. Maybe public humiliation on a national scale will finally get you to pull your shit together for the sake of those children.
    Good grief. I’m going to bed. Thanks Sally, for the safe place to vent. I am sure I will be checking in tomorrow because once your sucked in its impossible to look away.


  11. An anecdote I heard Somewhere A Long Time Ago: This was back in the days when taking a bedbound adult’s rectal temperature with a glass-bulb thermometer was best practice. Patient was in a situation that required a lot of people to enter and leave the room frequently. Patient was compos mentis but, shall we say, not easy to work with. Oh, let’s just say “insulting, skeevy, and constantly threatening people” and have done. Patient was arranged on stomach for temperature to be taken with aforesaid rectal thermometer. “These things take time to give an accurate reading,” the very patient nurse said, and left.

    Every member of patient’s medical team found a reason to enter the room in the next few minutes.

    Very patient nurse had not used a rectal thermometer. Very patient nurse had used a daisy.


  12. Sheriff Pate deserves my St. Joseph’s medal that my Nana gave to me before she died. She believed that it would help ground me and remind me of where my strength came from. I thought nobody could be crazier than my militia neighbor, who believes helicopters are dropping listening devices into the ground, but I was wrong. Nicole and tubby hubby have taken crazy to a whole new level! I can’t even begin to imagine how the children are suffering at the moment and how much beer Joe is drinking. I really hope his ass is thrown in jail tomorrow and then CPS takes the kids.
    @ Sally and all nurses – I have loved my nurses. Having a life threatening illness and an eye disease that would like to blind me, means I have endured a lot of tests and surgeries. After I had eye surgery, I was blind for 3 days and the nurses were so gentle and lovely and calmed my fears. After a thoracotomy, they listened to me and helped me fight through the pain when I wanted to just gut it out. I actually write letters to my day nurse. I loved and appreciated my doctors, but it was the nurses who cared for me.
    Apparently they also loved me. When I was rolled into surgery, and under the influence of something, I promised everyone a puppy if they didn’t kill me! LOL.


  13. Damn Sally you are a savage! ( That is what my teens says when someone is a badass lol) I have huge kidney stones that I have to be put under anesthesia to remove . I had three this last summer . I always feel bad for the nurses in recovery because I come out crying and wanting my husband! I am always nice to my nurses and thankful for the care I receive. However pain medicine turns me into a mega Bitch and my husband gets the brunt of it and I have to apologize in advance and hen lots afterwards! I’m still trying to catch up on everything that has happened in the past week and a half! I only have two to homeschool but we actually homeschool and have been super busy so I get a couple of hours to catch up! Enjoying all the blogs and thank you for condensing the events so I can actually get caught up !


  14. My idiot brother was that patient. Long story short, left a work party where drugs and alcohol were available, crashed his motorcycle. He was in icu for a few weeks. Between injury and the withdrawals from alcohol, nicotine and whatever else, he was the patient from hell. He was the least critical patient on the floor but he was the most difficult. Eventually they put a sign on the door that said “PITA” for pain in the ass. They worried I would be offended, not so much. They assigned an ex-marine male nurse to him and he didn’t take his shit at all.


  15. Happened to see this posted on the Blessed FB. I’m sure it’ll be down tomorrow.

    Peter Weiss:

    How much money do you need for gas?

    I think the fights with the neighbors and business lady are lame. I can tell y’all are gung-ho on going viral again but I think you need to get more creative this time.

    Put joe in a dunk tank in the center of town, advertise it in advance. Guarantee there will be an all day line people willing to pay to dunk him.

    Nicole: Charge for a vow of total internet silence. People can pay for for every 20-30 seconds you are able to stay off social media. This could add up.

    What about a Fb live feed from the state ordered portapottie, wearing the chewbacca mask?

    How about a white bucket challenge with the whole family. Never mind. No water. Or ice. I’ll come back to this idea.
    I’ll keep brainstorming.
    Hope this helps. Easier than organizing an auction cause you must be tired af.
    Like · Reply · 36 mins


  16. The fact Pate even gave them the time of day, says a lot about his character.
    They have dragged this mans name through their shit infested mud, and yet still, his there trying to show them logic.
    Something that is missing from both of these irresponsible adults brains.
    How many other people would want to even look at people that have been so vile to them?


  17. I do not understand how she got pregnant. They live in a small shed. There are no rooms. There are no private areas. There are 11 children there. There isn’t even a curtain around their bed. They have teen kids living in that one room shack. Do they wait until the kids go to sleep? How do they know they are asleep? Do they sneak out to the van??

    I would think CPS would be concerned about this.


  18. I still wonder what kind of “check-up” the child needed to go to the doctor so close to a family court date. Nauglers trying to make a good impression? CPS ordered something?
    And then of course pictures of food, of children at play…

    Suddenly Nicole focuses on these things, so apparently having the whole process take so long might have an actual positive impact of some kind. Hopefully it’ll still take a few years to resolve then!

    And of course Nicole is afraid of her children being tested in some way. There is nearly no test these kids could not fail. So instead of tests Nicole want people to write letters because she and other people saying that the kids are “healthy and smart” should totally have the same weight for the court as a test conducted by professionals.

    The Nauglers just don’t get it.
    They could just provide their kids with the bare necessities like enough food, education, birth certificates, and everything would look much brighter for them.
    But no, better run, move the whole shitshack take all the problems with them and repeat the same mistakes over and over again.
    I just can’t get over how they apparently are too blind to see the harm they are doing their children in the long run.

    And now they add yet another one to the collection.
    Children are wonderful.
    But they are a drain on resources.
    And even if you don’t have to buy anything, not take the baby to a doctor or spend any money on it, the baby is still a drain on a very precious resource – time.
    Time that could be spend with the other children (one on one time with a parent is something very valuable for children), time that could be used to improve the whole family’s life in myriad ways.
    Or, after she foists off the baby to the other children, it is time these children could have used for their education, for the enjoyment. They already have enough work to do as it is. They don’t need to be parents to their younger siblings.
    Limiting family size is a sign of responsibility. And responsibility is something the Nauglers dearly lack.

    CPS won’t be happy to hear about the upcoming arrival of another Naugler.
    I wonder if they will interfere.
    Maybe the fear of that if the real reason for the move. The timeline would match.


  19. I am simply stunned.
    They set up a news report (which has clearly not got the result they were hoping for) and in it ….. they not only tell anyone who watches that their MINOR Son has gun related charges against him ….. they also show said Son in the shop!!! WTF???
    Nikki ….. regardless of whether those charges are genuine or a set up …… here is what you have just done to your Son. You have just told any future employers that your Son has been charged with criminal activity. Not only that ….. but just you have also put his face out there so that any future employers will also have no doubt what your Son looks like. I know that you think that he will work for himself and that he will stay on whatever “homestead” you think you are going to build up but that may not happen and he may want/need to look for a job outside of your/his plans. Many employers now use google and social media to see what is out there on potential employees ……. even if his charges are dropped, the record will still be out in google land because of everything that you have done. You can delete on your own social media accounts but you cannot delete in other places. You do realise that you have effectively attached a ball and chain to him in your desire to either go viral/get revenge/protect your rights/blah blah blah.
    I understand that your rights are your priority and you will go to the ends of the earth to protect them and ensure that no one else’s rights supersede yours, but you are a Mother and that is your Son …. Your Son ….. YOUR SON!!!!

    Sherrif Pate (is that how you refer to him?) has had to deal many times now with the shitshed crew. He has had his own demons to deal with but, to me, appears to come across as respectful and professional despite the awful things that Nikki and co have said about him. I bet he would help with the gas money to help get them out of his jurisdiction!

    Today’s p.s. Charles ……. I don’t care if you are Nikki, Joe “The insidious”, Son no1, The enforcer or any other person known to them. You are not helping in any way with your puppet show. In fact, you are making a complete idiot of yourself/yourselves. Nikki reads here and perhaps should take off the anger/victim/out to get the world glasses and take a hard look at the damage being done to them by “Charles”. If it is you and yours (and you have outed yourself on a fair few occasions!) then time to put this puppet to rest. If it is not you …. you clearly know who it is and maybe you should consider asking them to back off a bit. You need the supporters to pay your gas money and he/she/it has scared away more than a few by being as rude as …….. hmmmmm …. let me think about who.

    Sally ….. you are a crazy woman! I can’t imagine how many times you listened to all these recordings to do these posts. But thank you as you saved my ears 🙂


  20. It’s so elementary. In my line of work, I deal with the good the bad and the asshole. I get recorded too. People yell the fact at me. That changes things. I don’t mind being recorded, go ahead, if you feel you need that, do it. Yell it at me, and I instantly go into self protection mode. I’ll certainly keep talking to you, but let me tell ya, I will be sticking to every dotted i and crossed t of the Act or legislation that is governing the situation. There will be no latitude or leniency, I will not exercise any of the discretion I have in applying the rules. You will get cold hard facts.

    Last week a woman who doesn’t like my decisions and trust me, I have bent over backwards to assist her and her children decided to mumble “fat bitch” as she passed me in a hall. I said nothing. But yesterday I witnessed an infraction of hers and instantly issued a $150 fine. No warning, to opportunity to remedy, straight to a fine. Not because I should have, but because I can. Yep. You called me a fat bitch, I fined you for something I caught you at.

    Than there is nutty/mean guy. He wants me to “punish” someone who offended him. The offense was legitimately inexcusable and there have already been some legal consequences to the offender. Nutty/mean guy has a valid point, and I certainly can dole out the “punishment” that he wants, but today I am meeting with him for a final time to make it abundantly clear that this is a 2 way street, and there is a very very decent chance that the offender will come up with a very strong case against nutty/mean guy and I will be forced to exercise the same “punishment” on both of them. Careful what you wish for nutty/mean guy, I’m not saying I won’t help, or won’t investigate, I’m saying that I already know enough, to warn you that you won’t like me finding what I find, because once I find it, I won’t stop that bus from backing right over you.


  21. How can anyone continue to want to live this public spectacle is beyond me! How can you conceive children in front of other children? Have sex with your children present? Your kids are fucking mortified Jo n Nicole of the life you put them into. You think they are happy but deep down they are ashamed, embarrassed, hungry, sad, confused and have planned escapes. All of this shit you go thru is called The Result of Your actions. Please go away. Go off the grid. Go get a life


  22. I hope WAVE3 shows up at court in order to get the rest of the story.

    Unlikely. It’s an arraignment. Joe will plead not guilty and be given a new court date. That’s it. Boring as hell.


  23. I have tried listening to her videos and audios, I can’t, I just can’t. Even reading your script of the conversations is more than I can handle. Does she ever complete a sentence let alone a thought?
    I think about these “adults” being practically the only interaction these children have day in and day out and my heart breaks. Over a dozen minds being destroyed. Minds unable to grasp basic concepts of daily life. Minds that are being taught to believe everyone but those in this compound are out to get them. This is not off-gridding, this is not homesteading, this is nothing more than a couple people raising their children to fail in society. This is cult-ish behavior. My children (under 12) climb trees, grow gardens, read at least 2 grade levels above their grade, ride bikes, skate, chop wood, do homework, feed and care for the animals on our little farm, get hired by the neighbors to care & feed their livestock, fold laundry, vacuum, spend the night at their grandparents, hunt, fish, work in our little workshop building roosting bars, nest boxes, walls for the tree house…things (i hope) every parent gives their children a chance to experience. This is NOT homesteading or homeschooling, it’s being a parent and enriching your child’s life. Only difference is, you have to be involved as the parent not just sitting on your fat a$$ while the children do all the work.


  24. Oh my! It seems that in every profession, assholes abound. I have taught writing for years and three of the writing courses that I taught are required of every single university student (Comp I, Comp II, and World Literature). Of course the World Lit is more about exposing students to cultures through the writings of those in the various cultures, but the assignments were of the writing nature. Every semester, I had a little speech of welcome to the university (freshmen take these courses) and welcome to my class. I also provided them with some useful information like don’t wear uncomfortable shoes because you will be walking all over this campus which is hilly and you will get blisters, to the girls, don’t go to frat parties and get drunk because some of those boys will also be drunk and you and the boy or those boys may use poor judgement, and finally, don’t be an asshole to your professors. Then I explain why: at the end of the semester, if you only need a point or two to get an A or if you’re a bad student, a D, but you have been an asshole, guess what, your professor will not give you those points. I also remind them that most of the grading in writing is subjective, meaning that aside from the mechanics (grammar, punctuation, usage, citations, etc.), the rest is a judgement call, and if you are an asshole, the judgement call will not be in your favor because professors are human, and we remember your assholism. I wish…sort of…that I could have given an injection to one or two of the assholes that I’ve taught. The football player who says to me on the first day of class after he refused to write the first day of class in-class essay: do you know who I am to which I replied, it’s not important who you are, what’s important is that you know who the hell I am so do some work and check out my reputation…or the senator’s kid who kept reminding me who is father was to which I shook my head and said, he’s a republican, right? Would have loved to have had a huge injection of something that burns and a huge needle and a nurse to inject it right in their buttocks.

    BTW, during my most recent hospital stay, the nurses who took care of me were overworked (working 12-16 hour shifts) and under staffed, yet they were always so pleasant and helpful. Of all the healthcare folks I come in contact with, I am always nice to the nurses and not because I am afraid of what they might do, but because nurses are smart and could have studied to be in any profession known to man because of their intelligence. They take classes that I sweated through in my undergraduate career (chemistry, physics, etc.) and they take those very complicated anatomy and physiology courses plus all the nursing courses with, from my understanding, a lot of hazing from some of the professors in the nursing college and from the floor nurses, but they stand tall and finish so they can work long hours with not enough pay for what they put up with and they treat their patients with respect and provide them with dignity. From the words of the huge male nurse who very gently helped me out of bed to stand on my two legs only five hours after my total knee replacement “don’t worry, sweetie, I won’t let you fall.” and he didn’t and they don’t. This is to all the nurses who hold us up until we can do it ourselves…ya’ll rock and are all badasses.


  25. Angel H, I could not agree more! Their willingness to sacrifice Q’s future and reputation at the alter of “muh rightz!” may be the most disgusting thing thwy have done as parents. And as we all know that list is quite long already.


  26. The video she just posted from the courthouse was beyond crazy. She was in hysterics claiming Lisa is stalking her and she didn’t know Lisa would be there. What?! I only half-ass follow this shit show, and I knew Lisa was going to be there! All of these hysterically unhinged videos she is posting and inviting wave3 to broadcast them….is she trying to lose her kids?


  27. @Peg
    if this shit show ever ended perhaps we could all gather to tell funny stories on ourselves. With my panties stories & your puppy promise we could all have a good laugh. Seriously, I felt your fear and your pain in talking about your vision. I hope you are well & have your vision fully restored.


  28. Jenny Islander, that is seriously messed up and upsetting to read. I also don’t believe that every single member of the healthcare team was ok with that sort of abject humiliation of a vulnerable person.

    As for the courthouse thing, I’m sure it was upsetting but courts are open to the public for very good reason.


  29. She tells people it’s open court and any one can be in the court room. But there she is on blh saying that Lisa and some other lady are stalking her because they were there and sitting behind them.


  30. It may be boring as hell, but seeing the comments on the article it shows there is no love lost on these two circus clowns. The advent of social media and cell phones capable of seeing eveything has been both a boon and a bane. Seeing the video this morning was a bit bizarre, two people with phone shoved in the othes face. Make no mistake NN and oey love the attention and I am really afraid that this may turn out like a ruby ridge type of thing,, I hope i am wrong. Smythe will never go away, NN feels safe using that moniker, as if no one can touch her there, she can spew her hate with it without pointing the finger at herelf, but she has screwed up a few times pointing the finger at herself.
    Pate deserves a medal in dealing with these two, he would make a good govenor compared to that idiot you have now who felt it was a good thing to give that Ark a tax rebate.


  31. From the WAV3 comments posted last night/this morning. I think Peter Weiss may be on to something.

    “Peter Weiss Oh come on man. Quit enabling these two with donations. Every dime (or house, van, business, etc) they’ve ever been given has made them more egregious, shameless, and negligent. Just quit.

    Here’s a fundraising idea: anal.”


  32. Nicole is a true bully. She crys like a baby when she sees the people she is bullying in person.
    Nicole way to jump on innocent people coming out of the courtroom. You are a stalker!
    Cannot wait to hear the other side of the story LOL


  33. I am sure therre will be a forthcoming blog post about todays meltdown……but here is my take.

    Nicole the courtroom is open to the public. You obviously did know Lisa was there. You had your camera rolling before she exited the courtroom. You have posted pgotos of her before so you certainly know what she looks like. Filming you (as you film her) is not illegal. You can go “file charges” but there was no crime committed. She did not assault you. She did not threaten you. I know you are looking for ANYTHING to get the “trolls” but you are unhinged. You should have kept walking to your car and if Lusa followed you then maybe you could have swayed some opinions.

    Joe those Cops dont give two hoots about your stupid little facebook page. You are not famous (infamous certainly, but not in a good way) so STFU.


  34. Wait a minute….how is someone following YOU if YOU are waiting for them and approach them?

    Public court is just that…PUBLIC..


  35. Nicole’s video at the courthouse…WOW.

    Nicole wasn’t crying and upset about people being there. She seemed to love a chance to video another case of “stalking”. But when the police approached her, she was so upset she was in tears.

    Nicole bragged on BLH that she walked away. Um, you mean you heard people calling over the police officers and THEN you and Joe stopped harassing people in the lobby and tried to get away.


  36. Nicole’s video is infuriating. In the time it took her to WAIT for the door to open and for Lisa to come out of the courtroom, Nicole could have been long gone. But no, she WAITS and then ATTACKS Lisa verbally. Please tell me her leg-humpers can see through her lies and manipulations.
    I would hate, hate, hate living near this family. They build a sticky spider web and then when someone gets caught in it, they accuse those who are caught of being the spiders. It is disgusting. Their lies are disgusting.


  37. Holy crap, what an act. Am I really seeing this? Turning on the tears for the POLICE – Oh, please, Nicole, post that video on your NCN page; we’d love to see it nestled there among the cop-shaming memes. Good God Almighty!
    And what is it that all these supporters watch this and don’t see it? Waiting for Lisa – saying “Hello, Lisa” before Lisa even looks up – and then Nicole’s crying about being stalked?
    Like a kid running to Mommy after she picks the fight.


  38. Oh, and forgot to mention…one of the suppoters suggested that Nicole get a GoPro. HAHAHA!!!!! Wouldn’t that be an awesome purchase, especially after begging for gas money. Just think – she could wear a GoPro strapped to her noggin 24/7, and she could record Absolutely Everything, while her kids do somersaults and cartwheels trying to get her to notice them. But wait, there’s more – She could film the next birth from Mommy’s eye-view!

    On the plus side, it might spare a fellow driver’s life, if she plans to keep up this Driving While Vlogging insanity.


  39. What got me the most was Joe, stating they are the family that had their 10 kids taken from them in May of 2015 like it is some kind of badge of honor. It is almost like he is proud of that. What kind of moron does that?


  40. I’m not sure where to post this comment: Sally, please post this wherever you deem relevant…please.

    I just watched her “Leaving the court room video”. Wow! Not good. Not good at all! It would have been different had she just kept walking, or stepped back out of the way. But nope, not Nicole. She stood right by the door with her phone recording and WAITING for them to walk out. Nicole approached Lisa and shoved her phone in her face and tried to initiate an interrogation! Inside a fucking courthouse! Then that whole “WHO ARE YOU? ARE YOU WITH THOSE PEOPLE?” What The Fuck was that?!? What The Fuck! She is loosing it! The video CLEARLY shows that Lisa was not expecting Nicole to be standing there at the door when she walked out. When they were approached by officers, the fake sobbing began, and Joe started in with the whole “We’re the family from Breck County who had their children removed” bullshit, and the “check out our Facebook page” and “those people are stalking us and it’s criminal behavior”…blah blah blah bullshit, followed with “I’m going to the County Attorney’s office to press charges”. FOR WHAT?!? WHAT. THE. FUCK. FOR?!? Because somebody was in a public place with friends? Is that illegal? Is it illegal to have friends or be in a public building with them? Not just a public building, but inside a fucking courthouse! They have cameras in there! EVERYTHING that transpired inside the courtroom AND in the lobby IS ON VIDEO! Is it illegal to hold a phone in front of your face and start recording AFTER somebody approaches you and shoves their phone in your face while recording…causing you to have to step back? Is it illegal for somebody without the Naugler last name to record a Naugler? What The Fuck! Holy white buckets full of shit! I keep forgetting that nobody, and I mean NOBODY, has ANY RIGHTS except Nicole and Prophet Croc!!!

    They don’t understand that they don’t need any more legal troubles. They were there for harassment charges and very clearly presented themselves in another harassment position. How do they not comprehend this? She also lied…again…and to an officer sob sob sob “I didn’t know she was in the court room behind me!” Sob sob sob But she posted that “they were sitting right behind them.”

    BLH: They intentionally waited for me. His case was called several cases before us they went and sat down behind us and waited for us to leave the courtroom and then followed us out

    Comprehension is hard…

    Honest question: Were the Nauglers present for Mr. Martin’s case? If so, why was it OK for the Nauglers to be present Mr. Martin’s case, but NOT OK for the Martin’s and their friends/supporters to remain in the courtroom and be present for Prophet Croc’s case? Also, the Nauglers claim they have alot of local support and local friends, AND even issued an open invitation for friends and supporters to attend their hearings…so…where were their friends? Where was their support group?

    Oh, and just a moot observation. Anybody familiar with guns knows and understands the importance of “muzzle awareness”. If somebody intends to record and post videos on social media “lens awareness” might be something to consider. These officers in Nicole’s video probably won’t be too thrilled with her recording their crotches on video and then posting it on social media…not good Nicole. Not good. Let’s twist that for a minute and imagine if Prophet Croc was doing the recording and it was two female officers that were recorded in this manner. Just saying…not good.

    Oh wow…while finishing this up, I got to see Lisa’s video and read her side, which can be proven by court video recordings, BTW. Wow, she caught Prophet Croc on camera “manhandling” Nicole! Holding her jacket like that and walking her away. She said they fear for their lives but it appears Nicole had to be physically removed from Lisa’s presence.

    This is a perfect example of both sides of the story!!!

    Sally, I can’t wait to read what you write about these “events” from today!!!


  41. Those court video’s were not good to watch.

    Lisa’s was clearly a shock reaction to having a phone thrust in her face.
    I have to say that it was an interesting reaction! dueling banjo’s is probably not what I would have come out with.
    What was interesting on this video was seeing Nikki being pulled away by the croc. He clearly just wanted to leave but no way was she going to allow that.
    I have to say that she did look 50 shades of crazy!

    Nikki’s was because she knew they were going to be coming out. That was a deliberate act as the phone was up and ready. How stupid to do that in a court!
    The thing that made me shake my head was the way she demanded whether the poor bloke was with them. The startled look on his face!!!
    How she wasn’t arrested for her behaviour is beyond me.

    And now …… having been so very shaken up by not knowing that Lisa was there (excuse me while I choke on that statement!) ……. she is busy doing the laundry!!!

    I have never seen anything like this in my life.

    To the people who are up in arms over Lisa being in the court ……… where were you?
    Nikki told you all when it was and where it was and asked people to turn up because it was public. Where were you all?
    You are all calling Lisa but she was there because she was providing support to the other people. SUPPORT!!! you know ….. that thing that none of you did for your “friend”. Shame on you.

    More outings of the puppets and the fake page.
    I have had people doing jobs on my house and car today so have been stuck indoors. I cannot believe how many posts came from Nikki, Croc and the puppets. I couldn’t keep up with it at all …… there has to be at least four people involved to keep up with all of this.


  42. I couldn’t help but troll over to Joe’s FB page where he has posted what others dream and what he dreams. His dream is to have this huge garden that will feed everyone. Joe, you know when you have a dream until you actually put that dream into a reality, it pretty much stays a dream. To make your dream come true, you have to clear some land, plow that land, add some nutrients to that land (cow shit works well), plant the food seeds, nurture those little plants that come up, provide care by way of weeding, watering, watching and killings insects, and of course protecting those plants from those free range animals you are so proud of. Then, we’re not done, you have to harvest the vegetables and when you have more than you can eat in a few days, you have to can, freeze, pickle, ferment, or dry those vegetables. Making that dream a reality requires a lot of work, including research and trial and error. What it doesn’t require is turning your kids loose with a pack of seeds and a hoe. You dumb ass…..yeah, your dream is rapid hitting of the pay pal button by folks with deep pockets. I really hope the gig is up and you and N are held accountable for your actions and poor choices.


  43. A. I have been in the hospital a few times, plus I have several friends who are nurses. I know it’s a difficult and often thankless job. The nurse in the delivery room when I had my son is one I’ll never forget. The doctor who was on call that day had to leave at 5:00, when I began crowning. Just turned and walked out. The nurse had to take over. She was wonderful and helped me deliver the baby. She was like a drill sergeant, and barked at me “don’t scream! you need to focus on pushing!” It was a metaphorical slap in the face that I needed, and I did as she ordered lol. Afterwards, she washed my newborn, swaddled him, handed him to me, and pampered me with a lovely meal. Fantastic nurse.

    B. I learned from my parents, and I passed this onto my son: You get more flies with honey rather than vinegar. If you treat people in a pleasant manner, they are much more likely to want to help you and work with you. The Nauglers do the exact opposite, and then whine because no one likes them.

    C. I am reading comments about a melt down in court today. I am at work, so I can’t review any videos – will have to wait until I get home. This whole situation is a train wreck that I can’t take my eyes off. I feel like I should stop looking, but I just can’t. I want to see how it all pans out in the end.


  44. Wow, Nicole certainly believes that her personal comfort and vendettas constitute legal justification. I just watched the foolish video she and Joe made at the Hardin County courthouse. I think it is sending them spinning because Lisa isn’t afraid of them. It is so contrary to their normal experience of being bullies to have other people be unafraid of them, and who actually do perfectly lawful things to protect themselves. Joe and Nicole are scared. They have always picked up and run when it got a bit hot for them. And yes, Nicole has started her grooming enterprises over again. Methinks, and this is pure supposition on my part, that they cannot just pick up and run. Methinks that they have a legal Democles sword hanging over their heads that keeps them from running.

    Sorry Nicole, there is no no-contact order against Lisa and she certainly can be at the courthouse while you are there. Indeed anyone who has had bad experiences with you, your in-person and online harassment and threatening of others, and your ridiculous departure from reality and obsession with Facebook can observe legal proceedings against you. Why, you ask in manic frantic speech? Because they have an interest in your consistently hostile actions and what the law is doing to protect them, their families and their friends. That is more than adequate reason for anyone who doesn’t like you to observe proceedings against you. There is another reason that should resonate with your matted hair brain–it is one of our great American freedoms to go and observe an open court. Nicole and Joe, you are experiencing what it is like when the prey fight back and when they’re good at it. Nicole and Joe, you don’t have a real life friend in the world. But I know, you have it in your head that you’re special and only you have rights.

    And one other thing here Nicole and Joe, it is dumbness in the highest degree to go acting like a fool at a courthouse, film yourself doing it, and then sharing it with whole world on Facebook. So……stupid…..like IQ of 35 stupid.


  45. When Nicole started weaning the youngest Naugler babe I knew it wouldn’t be long before we’d get the big announcement. I know women like Nicole (in the sense that) they only feel fulfilled with a baby on the way or one hanging off of them. Once their babies have surpassed that needy baby stage, and start showing some independence, you know there will be another babe on the way real soon. Once they are more independent, it’s off to be raised by the older siblings. They’re not cute, cuddly little dependents anymore. They are small people who test their limits with mom. They are a lot of work. I don’t know if there is a name for this type of behavior but there should be. My mom always says they’re happy until the baby wears off.

    Someone mentioned a baby shower and I had to laugh. I guess since they don’t have any real friends to speak of, to invite to such a gathering, it would have to be (like all things Naugler) an online shower. I have no doubt that would absolutely work out for Nicole. It always seems to.

    With the recent heightened sense of urgency; i.e., the move, the charges, the announcements, the videos, the court dates, gun or no gun, all of it…. there is no need for them to start a Gofundme campaign as people are already offering to send gas money, voluntarily. At this point it’s a wonder the locals aren’t hosting a city wide fund raiser to move them. They could load the proceeds on gas cards to insure that the Naugler’s spent it only on gas for the move. (That’s sarcasm, of course)

    The location of their new home, although it’s my understanding that the deal is not yet secured, is supposed to be some big secret. But with Nicole dropping hints all over social media, my bet is that we’ll be hearing from people near Louisville begging Breck County to take them back in the coming months. I’ll bet everyone within a 30 mile radius of Radcliff, that knows anything at all about the Nauglers, is holding their breath and praying that the Naugler’s don’t move in near them.

    I would like to hope that in their new area, that they would be on their best behavior, make friends, and live some semblance of normalcy. But I realize that I am just grasping at phantom hopes. They could use this move to start fresh, quietly, pleasantly, and put their kids in school. Sadly that won’t happen because at this point their kids have been exposed to far too much to let them out into the public to talk. I can’t imagine Joe and Nicole want their children actually interacting with people much until they are fully indoctrinated and know to keep their mouth shut about the goings on at the Naugler compound.

    We all know that the Nauglers will take this drama, and feed it, anywhere they go. And as usual, we’ll all see it unfold online.

    And Nicole, if you are reading this, please, WASH YOUR DAMNED HEAD. Watching you pick and scratch your way through those videos is driving me insane. I just want to drag you down and throw you in a tub of hot water and take a scrub brush to your head and those nails. I am not being some upitty bitch knocking you because you are poor and ridiculous. I live on a tight budget, burn wood, live in all sorts of a thrifty manner, and in recent weeks have been without hot water. I still bathe daily and keep my hair clean. I won’t even be mean about your dental health because I know seeing a dentist takes a back seat to a million other things you need to use the money for. But for crying out loud, you are not beyond crawling up in one of those dog baths and cleaning yourself up.


  46. Got a chance to view that short video Nicole posted at the courthouse. First of all, she had her camera already videotaping when the woman (Lisa?) walked out of the courtroom, but when the tables were turned and Lisa started videotaping her, she acted like it was a crime. Which is it Nicole – video taping of others allowed, or not? Can’t have it both ways doofus.

    I heard her say she was going to file charges – but what for? Unless she or Joe have a restraining order in place against Lisa, she has no basis for filing of any criminal complaint. Courtrooms are open to the public (except in certain specific instances, such as cases dealing with minors, etc.). So even if Lisa was there merely to observe and was not party to any hearing herself, that is perfectly legal and allowed. (Also, neither one appears to have actually been filming inside the courtroom. Cell phones are allowed to be carried in, but in our court system, they are to be put on silent or turned off. If the judge hears a cell phone, the offender is called on it and they can either leave immediately or turn the damn thing off. It’s pretty embarrassing for that person, and I doubt too many make the same mistake twice.)

    I have a grudging admiration for how Nicole is able to turn on the tears at will. That is quite a feat. I should add that to her relatively short list of accomplishments. (In brief: they include graduating from high school, hooking up with a deadbeat who does nothing beyond getting her pregnant, learning the trade of dog grooming, alienating every single neighbor, co-worker, or acquaintance she has ever had, fornicating in front of her children, having more children than she and the lazy one can afford, and now, crying at will.)

    This is what it’s like when the chickens come home to roost. She might as well get used to it.


  47. Are you all FUCKING NUTS?!?! What health care practitioner brags about causing “asshole” patients pain?!?!? SO you are hurting and scared so you might not be as nice as normal but its ok to torture the patient. NO UNACCEPTABLE. Think about that next time a loved one of yours is in that position, would you want this crazy bitch in there torturing them? This woman is sick and anyone who follows her after this sick and twisted post should be ashamed.


  48. I just wanted to say that I thought Lisa’s imitation of Dueling Banjos from Deliverance was hilarious! Poor Lisa. She must have felt like she’d been transported into that movie with those smelly, awful people waiting to ambush her. And Lisa, I thought you maintained your cool very well. Well done. ?


  49. this crazy bitch in there torturing them?

    I think I was pretty clear in what I said, Nancy RN Person. I find it sort of interesting that you purport to be an RN but get all outraged. If you were, you’d know that what I described is perfectly normal and common and happens all the time. This is not about people who are “hurting and scared.” It’s about the Asshole Patient, and if you ever actually worked as an RN for ten minutes, you’ve met the Asshole Patient.

    There aren’t lots of them, but they do exist.

    By all means, cease following me. You’ve never commented before. You won’t be missed.


  50. Sally, this comment made me laugh:
    “I had patients who were coming out of anesthesia and were off their rockers”.
    When I had child #1 it was a c-section and I was senseless while being wheeled into recovery. My dear husband leaned over the back of the gurney and said, “I love you so much”. I opened my eyes and my mouth and said, “I don’t give a F$%k.” The nurse was howling with laughter and told him you know she really doesn’t. It took 12 hours for the spinal to wear off. Luckily the baby was a champ. (His sister came out with a cigar and champagne glass and was ready to party at 2200).

    As far as N&J and a new creation, I feel so sorry for their kids. Hopefully, CPS will swoop in and remove the minors and also take the new one at birth. One can only hope.


  51. I watched the video of Nicole outside court today. She has the crazed look of a cornered animal. They would stalk, harass and bully people in other communities and then run and start all over. It was how they survived. They can’t run now. They used up all the sympathy in the community, and now the victims are banding together and fighting back……and they can’t run.

    Nothing can save her now.


  52. It was meant to be a version of dueling camera phones. I needed to shake off my shock and fear and diffuse. I get along fine with most “hillbillies” I have met. She isn’t a hillbilly. She is a rage filled bat shit crazy and dangerous maniac, in my opinion. She was delighted with herself that she ambushed me. I have to ask her, how’s that working out for you Nicole?


  53. “Crazy bitch in there torturing them?” Sally, I know you certainly don’t need my help but every great once in a while, I like to back you up.
    Nancy RN, I have a tale of two patients.
    The day before my total knee replacement took place, my surgeon had done a partial knee replacement on Mr. Loudmouth Asshole (Mr. LMAH). Mr. LMAH’s room was right next to mine and the PT guys came to walk us the next morning before going for physical therapy. I was a little shocked that he was having me walk so far but I wasn’t about to argue with him because I wanted to progress and go home. I walked the length of the hallway that he required, using the walker and him holding onto the belt that was secured around my waist. He gave me encouragement and gave me a high-five when we were done. Mr. LMAH, on the other hand, yelled at the PT guy and said, hell no…he was not going to walk and further more, when could one of those damn nurses take him outside to smoke. I felt so bad for the PT guy.

    I walked to physical therapy and the nurse had to push Mr. LMAH and all during the group PT session, he complained and talked out loud about the shitty care he was getting and how no one has given him fresh water since his wife the night before. He ordered the therapist to go get his damn nurse because it was past the time for his pain shot and he was sure she was withholding his pain medication. My nurses offered me pain meds because they kept saying not to let the pain get out of hand.

    By day three, I was discharged home but Mr. LMAH patient was still in his room screaming for pain medication, refusing to walk, and calling his wife and demanding she come visit.

    My point is nurses are human and if they are treated like shit enough, well, they, too, reach a point of total frustration and respond accordingly. My mother always said, don’t piss off the accounting folks cause they handle your pay check; don’t piss off the waitress cause she handles your food; well, I would add, don’t piss off the nurse because she handles your care…all of your care.


  54. I wonder if the next door adult sins fiances parents are aware of this? What happens when they get to see grand baby more then grandma naug?? Baby shower? She has ,boob’s and let’s her kids go naked 24/7…a real water shower would be better.


  55. Sally,

    Speak for yourself Sally., nasty comments like this is what gives nurses bad raps. Not every nurse feels the need to intentionally inflict additional pain on their patients because they are being assholes. Most nurses recognize it is often a reaction to stress, pain, sleep deprivation, anxiety, mental disorder, medications etc. Many nurses attempt to find a way to improve the situation not worse. Do we all groan. Yup. Do we maybe walk a bit slower (non emergent situations) because really who wants to go and be yelled at? Maybe. Are we shorter maybe less compassionate after a few hours? Sometimes. Do we all intentionally inflict pain? NO! Do we all intentionally withhold or delay care/meds? NO.

    You may brush off my views, try and claim I’m not actually a nurse for disagreeing with you, or even because this is my first time posting. That’s fine. However dismissing every dissenting voice is quite like the very person this blog is based around.


  56. I opened my eyes and my mouth and said, “I don’t give a F$%k.”

    I would have died laughing myself. LOL Anesthesia is a bitch. I have heard/seen it all. I had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands at the same time, and thus had general anesthesia. My anesthesiologist’s daughter was doing a project for science class and he asked if she could video me getting anesthesia. I agreed. So I have a video of me coming out of anesthesia.

    It is not pretty. I was totally out to lunch. I was uncooperative, and kept trying to sit up and they kept pushing me back down. Hilarious stuff.

    Of course, no patient is considered an Asshole Patient for being under the effects of anesthesia. Ever. No matter what they do or say.


  57. Speak for yourself Sally

    I did. Thanks for your opinion. It’s noted.

    Do we maybe walk a bit slower (non emergent situations) because really who wants to go and be yelled at? Maybe.

    And there. Thank you for confirming exactly what I was saying.

    You know, there are even memes about this that get shared among nurses on social media, making jokes about it. So please spare me the lofty sentiments. I was in the trenches for years.


  58. Sally,

    My comment isn’t “proving your point”. You chose to quote part and left out the part about intentionally inflicting harm on a patient. Again that is something Nicole does.

    Walking slower to give someone water who will throw it at you? Sure there is no one harmed here. Who really wants to rush to that? Walking slower to give meds? Or delaying care, this is harming a patient. Not something most nurses agree with.

    Intentionally using a large Foley catheter absolutely. It can cause permanent damage. You’re admitting you intentionally caused harm to your patients? Most nurses do not think this is acceptable.

    Memes on the internet are not proof nurses assault their patients, of Having a sick sense of humor, sure.


  59. Joe Bloom wrote, “What got me the most was Joe, stating they are the family that had their 10 kids taken from them in May of 2015 like it is some kind of badge of honor. It is almost like he is proud of that. What kind of moron does that?”

    My question is why he never once mentions that he also had Alex taken away from him. If he’s proud about what happened in 2015, then he must be ecstatic about the first child whose custody he lost.

    He brags about the oddest things.

    Nicole laying in wait for Lisa and filming her as she exits the courtroom is exactly what I would expect from Nicole. I bet she was upset that no one showed up to sit with her and Joe.


  60. You chose to quote part and left out the part about intentionally inflicting harm on a patient. Again that is something Nicole does.

    Jane, the entire exchange is available for anyone to see. That is not what Nicole does.

    Again, your opinion is noted and by all means you’re entitled to it. But calling it “assault” is simply silly.

    You know, I actually read what I wrote to my husband before publishing it because I had this feeling that there would be some of the very sanctified, holier than thou nurses out there who would get all butthurt by it, but I quit working a long time ago and give zero fucks and it was a good illustration and came from personal experience.

    I remember being in nursing school as a young freshman student. We were asked why we wanted to be nurses. The answers were predictable as hell. “I just love people.” “I want to help people.” You know, the whole sappy thing. When it came to my turn, I said, “I want to never have to worry about being hired. And the money is good.” That was the truth. They didn’t love my answer but it was the truth. [In my day, nurses didn’t even need to have job interviews. I’ve never had one. Walk in, fill out application, let them see you breathing, produce license, hired. The entire process usually took less than 20 minutes. ] And I was a good nurse. I did my job. But I mostly liked my patients unconscious. In the recovery room, patients stayed about an hour. I considered anything over an hour a long-term relationship and I was not fond of them.

    You’re admitting you intentionally caused harm to your patients?

    Come on. Now you sound like Nicole. In all my years of working, I never once had a problem with being accused of anything at all like that. And that is certainly not what I said. You’re reading that into it.

    As I said, your opinion is noted. It won’t be noted much more. Quit trying to libel me.


  61. Sally, you don’t have to publish this it’s not pertinent to the N discussion….My mom was a L&D nurse for about 15 years and then got her CRNA because the money was better, the staff was great and she ended up being head of the school of anesthesia. She can tell stories about people coming out from under that make me blush.
    She also worked under a wonderful anesthesiologist who tracked a gene in certain families in Central Wisconsin that made them subject to serious problems when being put under. Before he turned it over the UW Medical School he had identified over 750 people over 4 generations of several families. Many of the descendants of those families carry medical ID bracelets now that warn doctors and medical providers of their problem. I have a good friend in Green Bay that was part of the study.

    I also know that Asshole patients are there, and there are times when the pigeon shit gets too deep.
    I had my carpal under twilight sleep. But all 3 of my shoulder surgeries had nerve blocks and they used propofol and I had a terrible time coming out of it.

    I was over at Fjinger and read the response where JaneRN said she was coming over here to bitch at you. I rolled my eyes.

    Happy Groundhog Day and I hope you have a great weekend.
    ann aka amulbunny


  62. @ikeepforgettingmyname: It would be hilarious to share stories! I have been a patient so long that sometimes I forget decorum. I was at my eye doc, who is married to my internist. I had had a stereotactic biopsy of my right breast and of course developed a horrible infection, even though the chances are .01%. The general surgeon calls me “she who doesn’t heal.” LOL. Well I had surgery to clean up the area and my internist came in to the eye doc appt and he asked about my boob and could he take a look. Well before he finished his sentence, I had that puppy out. His wife was laughing so hard she was crying and her poor tech was mortified. I guess if you are a vision tech, you don’t expect to see boobs. LMAO
    Thank you too for your kind words about my fear. I had my surgery at the Mayo in MN, which is about as far away from Alaska as you can get. We have sled dogs and other critters and my husband had to stay home. He cried on the phone when we were finally able to talk. The nurses were so wonderful and the little Muslim woman who cheerfully helped me bathe, changed my sheets, wiped my brow etc was amazing. I could hear the love in her voice and when I was finally able to see her and her hijab a little bit, she asked me what I thought. I just hugged her.
    Flying home was a real “trip.” Delta was great and took care of me. I was able to see just a little bit….like looking through a thick soda bottle bottom smeared with Vaseline. I was so blessed in Detroit because I heard a male voice at the gate say, “Miss Peg?” It was a former student from the high school I worked at. He is a nursing student and was on his way home for Christmas. He took care of me from there to Fairbanks. He took me to the restroom and on the plane they called him when I needed help eating or going to the restroom.
    I could have smacked him though because I was wearing these dark, large sunglasses. My eyes were swollen shut and my face was very bruised. A flight attendant said I was rockin’ the glasses. Well when my hubby picked me up at the airport he asked why I still had the stickers on the lenses. LOL!!! My helper told me it was a little get even for writing him up one time.

    @RN…..please giddy-on-up on your high horse and move along. I know a few IRL nurses and flight nurses and you aren’t fooling anyone. They are amazing at their job, but they are human. If you are an asshole patient, please expect to be treated like an asshole.


  63. My mother was a nurse for many years. I worked with her for a while. What you did matches what I saw, but it wasn’t with the intent of hurting anyone the way some people thing.

    When blood needed drawing, it was done ASAP. But if a 22gu butterfly might be better than the 18gu non-winged, but all you have is that 18gu, you may use it because hell if you want to tell a racist patient that you need to go get a different needle. You just want to get it done and get out of there. If the patient is a nice one (and nurses can tell the difference between people who are assholes to be assholes and patients who are mean because they’re scared, and the scared ones aren’t considered assholes), then a nurse is more inclined to explain that a different needle than the ones in the cart would be better, and to please hold on. Same thing goes with caths. These things you want to get done and over with, even if a different size would be better.

    When it comes to pain meds, if a raging sexist who keeps trying to grab your ass hits the cal button, you’ll have to give it, but it may take a few extra minutes to work yourself up into going in there and dealing with the patient. It a patient is nice, or is trying to be, there will be less delay, and you might even be more inclined to check in even before the call light is pressed to see if the patient may need some soon.

    These things don’t mean that a patient is being tortured or harmed for fun. Being a nurse is damned hard work, and it’s human nature to hang back to pump yourself up for dealing with someone who may toss out racial, ethnic, or sexual slurs or get grabby with you, and to want to hurry through the things you can’t delay. Some nurses can let those things roll off their backs easier, but those who struggle with it aren’t necessarily bad nurses.

    One of the scariest things I saw was a patient who thought women had no place in the medical field, even as nurse, but who had some really bad words to say about male nurses, and even worse to say about women nurses, who needed his blood drawn. My mother was nervous around him, but went in to do her job, and to get it done with as fast as she could. The man had AIDS, and he grabbed the needle after she was done, and tried stabbing her with it. He didn’t succeed in stabbing her very much (one poke) because a big male orderly and I were there. I was still living with my parents at that time, and got to watch my mother be in terror for a while waiting for the results of tests.

    People who think that delaying pain meds or not taking the time to get a different needle is wrong need to really think about what it would take for a nurse to deliver care with a smile when they’re exhausted and sometimes scared of their patients. The patients who are nice are the breathes of fresh air that get the smiles.

    Funny how nursing is called a hard job, but when it comes to treating every patient 100% the same, whether they’re calling a nurse names I don’t think would be published or a kind soul who is patient with the nurses and always have kind worse, suddenly it’s so easy that there’s no excuse not to be perfect.


  64. wonderful anesthesiologist who tracked a gene in certain families in Central Wisconsin that made them subject to serious problems when being put under.

    Yes. That genetic trait runs in families in NC with Lumbee Indian blood. I had a young patient once in the ICU who had had such a problem. He had a minor procedure and just stayed asleep. The anesthesiologist, understandably, was pretty frantic and told me when I came on duty to call him if there was the slightest change no matter what time. I hovered over that kid for hours and in the middle of the night, he just slightly moved his fingers when I asked him to squeeze my hand. I repeated it several time to be sure and then called the doc who came flying. I thought he was going to cry. We did a little happy dance in the room. About three days later, he called me and asked me to move to the recovery room. And that’s how I got my first job in a recovery room.

    We used to dread getting those patients. It was always scary and most of the time, there was no warning.

    So they came from FJ. Of course. 🙂 Fuck off, FJ.


  65. nursing is called a hard job

    For the record, I asked an ER nurse I know to read what I wrote and tell me if I had stepped over a line. She laughed and said that the critics obviously had never worked in an ER.

    And I’ve taken care of murderers before, complete with police escorts. They got the same treatment as anyone else. Your description of the situation is far better than mine, so thank you for writing it.

    The truth is that I can’t do anything right as far as these folks at FJ are concerned.


  66. Years ago my husband was in the ICU, he had sepsis. Honestly he can get pretty darn cranky and I was a little worried. He’s especially cranky when he gets sick. And here we was a man in his late 30s, perfectly healthy but nearly dying. Ugh! It was not fun but I have to say he was such a sweet patient. The nurses just adored him and took such great care of him during his 5 day ICU stay. Honestly I could never be a nurse, I’ve seen such giant assholes the various times I’ve been in the hospital either as a patient or a visitor. Definitely a thankless job at times.

    And Sally I think many of us understood what you were saying, hence the reason that only a few people were butthurt over your comments.


  67. .

    My comment about the ventilator plug was actually an analogy.
    I read Sally’s post the same way.
    Rest assured if you wake up on a ventilator some day, there are back up batteries and alarms if the plug comes from the wall.
    The ventilator alarms when it automatically switches to backup batteries.
    Also patients are hooked up to a Pulseoximeter. So if there is a decrease in blood O2 it will also alarm…
    Plus we were always checking our patients and not totally relying on alarms.
    Change of shift patient assessment included a complete equipment assessment, including all tubing connections, suction equipment, O2 and Ambu check. The ambu bag and nurse could keep you breathing if there should be a system breakdown ( an extremely rare event).
    Sally would have been in the same kind of environment.

    I understood where Sally was coming from in describing different kinds of patients and how nurses have to put up with the jackasses.
    Nurses are people first. We are trained in medicine and psychology.
    I know full well that sometimes a misbehaving patient is just frightened, or lonely, reacting badly to a drug or something else out of their control perhaps dementia.
    Twice I’ve come out from under anesthesia hyperventilating and trying to get up… totally forgetting where I was… Thank goodness my “Sally” knew exactly what to say to me to calm me down.
    I have had some real doozies as any nurse has had if they stay in the profession long enough.
    A jackass is a jackass. Talking and reasoning with them is near impossible.
    Two lights go off at once, and one is the real jackass again for the 20th time, which patient do you instinctively answer first. Slight pause and then you naturally go to the one who is likely the one with a real problem.
    I’m very happily retired with a life full of artist friends and a totally different atmosphere. I miss nursing only in my dreams.?


  68. I’ve dealt with a lot of nurses and doctors both for myself and for others. ER, ICU, recovery, L&D it doesn’t matter. Rule #1 for making your/your loved one’s hospital stay as pleasant as possible: DO NOT PISS OFF THE NURSES. They are the gatekeepers of your health and the vast majority do a damn fine job so don’t take them for granted.

    The most I’ve done is approach a nurse saying something along the lines of I know you’re busy as hell but [the vomiting/the pain/the dizziness/etc.] seems to be getting worse and is there something we can do about that sooner rather than later before it turns into some real crisis? I’ve never had anyone tell me off for that. Maybe the nurses around here can enlighten me further if there’s a better way, but that approach seems to work well. Even when there are patients in bad shape all around.

    Even when nurses in L&D were acting like I was a prima donna for asking they check me twice in a half an hour (I went from 7-10 cm in no time flat), they still checked and admitted no I was right, baby was coming NOW, and boy didn’t that come on fast. No hard feelings. Because I didn’t swear and screech, I just said insistently that something had changed rapidly and I could feel it despite the epidural. It all worked out.

    Nicole just has no concept of how to behave toward others. Which makes me wonder just what the kids think is acceptable behavior toward others. Given the latest charges on one of the minor children, I’m guessing that unfortunately the apples haven’t fallen far from the tree.


  69. In the fall I had to take one of my girls to the ER for croup (an annual event that the doctors keep assuring me she should have outgrown by now). The person in the next area over from me (curtain separating the “rooms”) seemed to be bordering on the jerky side of personhood. She would periodically start hollering for a nurse and then would start screaming obscenities when the nurse was not immediately there. This went on for the whole time she was there, and the nurses absolutely were not ignoring her. She would start her screaming as soon as they walked out of the room. I was a nosy nelly and tried to figure out her story (because what else is there to do once my kid was breathing fine again and we were just waiting to make sure it stayed that way?)(plus, I AM nosy). She may have had a genuine medical thing going on, but she was also seemingly trying to work the system to get pain meds, because she was lying about her address and then the boyfriend showed up and had a totally different backstory including not knowing where they lived because they had just moved. When the dr came in and told her they could only give her some med that she was not interested in, she walked right out of the room and I suspect the hospital.
    It was very bizarre. The staff all seemed like they were exasperated with her lies and behavior, but they were always polite and professional with her and the boyfriend. I wondered if I was not projecting my annoyance with her onto their behavior, because I was definitely annoyed when I had a sick kiddo trying to rest with all the screaming going on. I also think she pooped in the trash can, but never figured out of that is what happened because the cleanup and discussion was happening right as we were getting there and I missed some of the discussion.

    I know that is not quite the same thing, but this thread made me think of that.


  70. I’ve been a fan of those too… ?
    Some would make me laugh over and over and would end up on my bulletin board. I also used some of them as teaching points… believe it or not.
    More like, try to avoid getting into this situation…


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