A Little Announcement

Blogs get a lot of spam. You guys don’t see it, but I do.  For example, right now, the spam folder here has 127 messages in it, and I typically empty it every couple of days.

To make things easier, I have some software on this blog that filters out spam and sends it straight to the spam folder where I can deal with it in bulk.  It’s simply a time-saver and generally works very well.

The last few days, though, something weird has been happening.

Some of your comments are being sent, not to the spam folder, but to the trash.

The bad news is that they were piling up there.  Another bit of bad news is that sometimes the software stuttered and repeated a message several times. And another piece of bad news is that I do not know how to fix it because I do not know what is causing it.

The good news is that now I know this is happening.

I have restored as many as I could, and I will monitor the trash daily from now on.

I am not trying to prevent anyone from posting.  Promise.  🙂