Frank: Just For the Record

I am only putting this here so Google can find it easily. This is Frank J. Laferriere ranting and raving. This man has threatened me repeatedly with harm and I just want this recorded. I will keep doing this every time I find something he says like this.

Frank’s attitude is that if you do not agree with every one of his conclusions, you should be executed.  And before you’re executed, he wants to torture you.

My personal opinion is that Frank J. Laferriere has a screw loose.

From Cathy’s Harris’s Facebook group

And just for the record, this is what Cathy Harris said about Frank J. LaFerriere not very long ago.





Nicole, who never reads this blog, read this blog.  She immediately pounced on this little gem and screen shot it.  Here’s the screen shot blown up so you can read it. It comes from this page.


She posts that, and then her dumbass leghumper says that this “shows” that I have been on the Shitstead.

God, they are so dumb.

But Nicole then says “Aha! I know how she knows.”


And here’s her screen shot from that little conclusion-leaping exercise.


I said that the only enclosures I had ever seen were an unfinished chicken coop and a dog tether.

Uncompleted Chicken Coop


For the dumbass leghumpers, this is a screenshot from Nicole’s video that she posted on her Facebook page months ago.  It is a tour of the unfinished chicken coop/shed.

Dog Tether



This is just one photo, made and posted by Nicole herself, complete with the Blessed Little Watermark, showing clearly the dog tethered.

Then I speculated that perhaps they added an actual enclosure (run) for the horse.  You know, after the Great Horse Breakout that occurred a while ago.

What I have no knowledge of at all is anything about drones or filming or documentaries. I have no contact whatever with the person/people doing all that. I don’t know if it’s just bullshit or if there is some reality to it.  Hey, Nicole, ever seen any of these drones?  I wouldn’t have any way to know about that since I live miles and miles away from the area.


But then we get this brilliant comment.  It’s a cut and paste, of course.  If you take her phrase (the part in quotes) and toss it into Google, it comes up a lot.  Here’s one site.

But I guess Jennifer didn’t bother to read it all.  In addition to the clipped part she reproduces without attribution, in the same paragraph, there’s this.

Laws vary by state, so local laws must be consulted to determine applicable requirements. It is a defense to the crime to show that an element of the crime, such as knowingly entering or remaining without authorization, is lacking. An attempted criminal trespass requires that a defendant act with the intent to commit criminal trespass, and his conduct must constitute a substantial step toward committing the aggravated criminal trespass.

Oh.  That sort  of changes things, doesn’t it?  The supposed criminal has to “act with the intent to commit criminal trespass.”  His conduct has to indicate that he’s trying to trespass without regard for the desire of the property owner.

This means that if some hunter, for example, just wanders onto the Naugler cesspool and has no idea where the boundary lines are (you know, the way the Naugler children have done repeatedly), they can’t just shoot the guy.  They can’t even report him to the police for “criminal trespass.”  He has to do something, and the something can’t just be “taking photos” or “looking around.”

In the case of somebody wandering onto their oh-so-precious Shithole, they would be entitled, certainly, to confront the person and ask what he’s doing there, but that’s all.  No guns blazing. No threats.

. . . they have the backing of local law enforcement.

Think about that a minute. Nicole tries so hard to say that Al and Lisa and I and whoever else have some special relationship with Sheriff Pate. I don’t know Sheriff Pate, have never met him or spoken with him, and I strongly suspect he’d say “Who?” if you mentioned my name to him.

But when Nicole called the police the night of the Blessed Little Excursion, she was infuriated because they didn’t come.  They didn’t come because there was no law broken. You cannot call the police and complain that somebody rode down a public road and you don’t like it.  Well, actually,  you can call.  Nicole did.  But nobody will respond. They will just laugh at you.


“Charles” finds it funny.  Really?

shoottokillI don’t find this one bit funny.  I consider it a serious threat.

How dare she call you an idiot?

Because she is an idiot.







We’re supposed to consider ourselves warned.  No matter that not one single critic I know has ever set foot on Naugler property. Not one. Nobody.

Riding down the road is not trespassing, no matter how much Nicole insists it is.

But I want to talk a bit about the threat Nicole is making here.

We will protect our life and property from anyone trespassing.

She is referring to shooting people.  She wants to “be very clear,” so let’s interpret this threat for exactly what it is. She is threatening to shoot anyone who dares put their big toe on her precious cesspool of a property.

No matter that her children have trespassed on all the neighbors’ land repeatedly. Nobody threatened to shoot her fucking children, yet here she is with the threats.  No matter that the Naugler horse was out running around all over the place in the last few weeks.  Nobody shot the damned horse.

But she’ll shoot anyone she sees as a “trespasser.”

And she links to what she thinks is relevant law.


Note what this is talking about.  Read it carefully.  You too, Nicole, you idiot. Read it.

The “trespasser” has to be in the act of robbing you, or setting fire to your garden sheds.  You can’t just shoot somebody who wanders onto your land.  You can’t shoot somebody who happens to walk across your land, unless they are doing so to rob you or set fire to your “house.”

You can threaten all you like, and you can tag the sheriff if you wish, but if you act on these threats, you will very likely find yourself wearing prison garb for a very long time.

Don’t pay the slightest attention to that imbecile “Charles Smyth,” whoever s/he happened to be today.


What s/he is suggesting is illegal. The Nauglers need to shut up with these kinds of threats.

She’s basing all this on a claim she made today.


What’s interesting about this is that the tampering claim was made on the Blessed Little Homestead page, where she was sure to get lots of sympathy and pretty much ludicrous advice (electric fencing, anyone, for the off-grid “homesteaders”?)  But she made the Great Threat on her other page where many of the leghumpers won’t see it.  Why is that?

She doesn’t offer the “proof” she says she has, and I frankly don’t give a damn.  Hell, as I mentioned in a comment, I cannot imagine what “animal enclosures” she is talking about.  I’ve seen nothing that could be construed as an “animal enclosure” except an uncompleted chicken coop and some wire strung to run a dog.  Maybe they added an “enclosure” for the horse.

But the bottom line is this.

Nicole, you need to stop threatening to shoot people.  Nobody is doing anything to harm your family.  We’re criticizing you and Joe because you are jackasses. That’s all. Nothing more.

Tone it down. Remember, you do all the “documenting” you like, but so am I.  Every time you say some stupid thing like this, I am going to make sure it ends up right here forever.