Sex Ed, Unschooling-Style

dating convo

This comes from a couple of months ago.  I find the timing interesting. Nicole, it seems, is suddenly interested in what you do with teenagers who have hormones unleashed and are dating.  How do you handle it?

What follows are about a dozen comments, many of them talking about house rules that involve no shacking up and no opposite-sex visitors in the bedroom behind closed doors.

So Nicole asks:


And Charles, our favorite sockpuppet, who is quite obviously female by the way, prefers no shagging by minors.

I found this sort of mystifying since the Nauglers have no bedroom doors anywhere at all.  What could she be thinking of?  The old shitshack where the older boys supposedly live now?

And after that are more than 20 additional comments, most of them saying about the same thing.

Basically this: teenagers get horny and screw around.  You know, like Joe.


What do they do on that property all day?  I thought they were #unschooling?  Is there no sex-ed class?