It is NOT an Outhouse

I want to illustrate something Nicole does regularly.  When she wants to deflect from the reality of whatever situation she is in, she is vague, doesn’t explain stuff, and when her supporters/leghumpers/followers make comments that clearly show that they don’t understand but are outraged because harassment, she never corrects them.

outhouse 1

It’s not an outhouse. There is no hole in the ground. They shit in buckets and dump the shit on the ground. That’s the problem.


It’s not an outhouse.


Because it’s not an outhouse.


That’s lovely, but the Nauglers don’t.


As I said, that’s lovely, but the Nauglers don’t.


It’s not an outhouse and no one called. It’s an ongoing case. There was an inspection today which was court-ordered.


Yelling won’t help, Dianne.


It’s not an outhouse.


It’s shit dumped on the ground.


No, it’s not. It’s shit dumped on the ground.


It’s not an outhouse.


Cindy, see above.


If “she” did, she lied. It’s not an outhouse and it’s an ongoing case. The inspection today was court-ordered.


Outhouses are not illegal, but this is not an outhouse.


It’s not an outhouse.


Close, but it’s not an outhouse. It’s also not “compost.” It’s a pile of shit.


It’s not an outhouse. They shit in a bucket close to the house. They don’t have a horse. If they did, it would die of starvation.


You can’t fall in. It’s not an outhouse and there is no hole.


That’s lovely, but this is not West Virginia and it’s not an outhouse.


The government totally “belongs in this stuff” and it’s not an outhouse.


That’s lovely, but it’s not an outhouse.


No comment for Amber.

Out of 153 comments (at last count), there are those 25 that clearly show that those people haven’t got a clue what this is about. They think the poor innocent Nauglers are being persecuted for having an outhouse, with a hole in the ground.

Only they aren’t, it’s not, and there isn’t.

Those people aren’t to blame, although Amber is pretty dumb.  Nicole is to blame. She just allows this. One out of every six comments comes from somebody who simply doesn’t understand and she makes not a single attempt to enlighten them. She doesn’t link to anything. She doesn’t “educate.”  She just allows them to be outraged and counts the numbers of supporters and waits for the clicks on the Paypal button.

It’s dishonest. It’s fraud. And she’s a scammer.

She makes one teensy effort to explain, sort of.


Why would he need to take samples?  Nicole says it’s shit. He takes her word for it. It’s clearly shit being dumped on the ground. I’m not sure what else there is to say.

compost heap

And this, by the way, is just about all we were allowed to see of the Blessed Shit Pile.  The inspectors, of course, got closer and had a better view.


The court ordered it.  They didn’t “allow” it. The judge ordered it.


Several comments like that. Nicole lets them stand.

She’s a fraud.

Read All About It


This is from the Breckinridge County Herald News, on the front page.

Joe Naugler made the front page of the local newspaper, and they didn’t have to use anything but his last name in the headline.

He did this marvelous feat by dumping human feces on his property.

I wonder if they will clip the article and save it in a scrapbook.


Antarctica Sounds Good

Here’s a little collection of recent comments Nicole has made about the sewage issue. I put this together for your afternoon entertainment.


Absolutely not.  You fight.

Over shit.


How do we know?  Well, a summons for a court date gives us a teensy clue.


Uh, I think maybe it is actually a concern.

didnt encroach

Temper, temper, Nicole. You do not get to just fling feces around like a chimpanzee and continue to live in human society. We won’t let you.  Sorry.


CPS social workers do not know how to evaluate sewage systems.  Health Department environmentalists do.  That’s why we pay them.

And I just wish “we” had such pull with local officials.  I wish.

Maybe you need to stop trying so hard to deflect.

no contamination

It seems the Health Department doesn’t agree with you, Nicole. And they get the final word on the subject.

refused inspection

You won’t show us the great humanure compost system because it doesn’t exist. You know it. I know it. And the court knows it.


Really?  We’ll see. . .

making false claims

Dear “Annette” and Nicole, what seems to you isn’t the issue here. The issue is that the Health Department said “No” and “Clean it up” and you said, “Make me” and they said, “Okay.”

A precedent?  Maybe. As in “You need to have your sewage disposal system inspected before using it.”


Be careful what you wish for.

many ways

There are numerous ways and you aren’t doing any of them, are you?  Hence, the problem.

no clue


Now, there’s a great defense.  Get Joe to use that in court, Nicole. I’m sure it’ll hit the spot.

I cannot wait for the “update.”

unfounded accusation

Here’s the deal.  You have to have your sewage disposal system inspected and approved. That’s the law, Nicole.  Deal with it.

not sanitary

Did it never occur to you that “they” meant exactly what they said?

dumping wherever

And that is exactly what is happening, Kelly. They are shitting in a bucket and a child is dumping it “wherever.”  That’s the problem.



Poor Joe. Poor Nicole.  Victims.


Can we help you pack?


This is probably what you came here to find out about.

A quick note. This blog is not Joe and Nicole Naugler’s Blog. This blog was created to refute and dispel the claims they make, to elucidate their methodology, and to allow thinking people the opportunity to see the truth and make their own decisions.

A word of caution. If you comment, we recommend you do not link to your actual identity as many people that have spoken out against the Naugler adults have been doxxed, harassed, and bullied online.

Been watching the news lately? Here’s the truth.

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You read these and make up your own mind.

“The Nefarious Please”


This comment was posted in response to the third article (above). It was posted on March 6th.
qq qqqPretty much sums it up.