Ha!  So Nicole was just curious and wondered stuff.  Don’t believe that for a second. Nicole Naugler tracks this stuff like it’s her full time job.

22 pages at last count

My, how many that is.  I’m just appalled.

Maybe it has something to do with this.

There is no question that this blog will continue because of this.

just a handful of readers

To be really fair, I don’t know what she’s referring to here.  Maybe she means that she only has a handful of readers (which is probably the truth).  Having thousands of “likes” on a FB page (which mostly were obtained during the previous debacle with CPS and which are mostly people who long ago lost interest in the Naugler saga) doesn’t mean much.

But I bet she’s referring to her critics.  There are just a handful of us.

June 9 stats

I included a bit at the bottom so you can see clearly that those stats are from this blog.

I bet that’s more views per day than she gets from all her various social media crap combined.

Thanks, you guys.

Update:  Here’s a comparison. Thanks to the reader who gave me a heads up about this.  (There is more information than just the graph if you hit the link.)