Pages? What Pages?

veiled threat

I know.  It’s the same screen shot from the other page.  But I want to focus on a different couple of sentences.

I’m not running any of the pages and profiles you accuse as me.  In fact, I don’t even know who is.

Oh, Nicole. Your nose is gonna grow so long.

First, when Facebook removes your profile because you used a fake name—that’s your fault.

funny story

“I used a fake name. . .”

Well, yeah. And Facebook doesn’t allow that, Nicole. I know you get away with it a lot, but every now and then, they just clamp the hell down on you, don’t they?  Don’t blame that shit on anyone else.

Oh, and Joe is. . . well. . . weird.

You need some peace. Poor baby. I feel so bad for you.

You know how you can get some peace?  There’s an X up in the corner of your browser window.  Click on it.  Peace.

Nicole knows

Let’s see.  Who runs “Blessed Little Homestead”?  Whose back has “Donny” got?  Oh, yes.  Nicole’s.

But she has no idea who any of these people are.  It’s just a mystery. They have created a minimum of 40 pages all to defend her and she doesn’t know who they are.

Ben Teresa SS

So the back story here is sort of irrelevant. The short version is that Teresa Frogue posted a comment to the Blessed Little Homestead blog (Nicole’s blog) and took a screen shot of the comment awaiting moderation.  Nicole did not approve it because Nicole never approves anything but love and kisses.

The important thing to notice here is that after Teresa posted her screen shot of her own comment on her own page, “Ben Franklin” linked to it.

Remember Ben?  He’s one of the fakes on the other page.  He’s one of the fakes that Nicole has no idea about.  She just doesn’t bother even trying, don’t you know.  He loves her passionately, obviously, but she doesn’t even know who he is.

Only, when somebody else made a comment about that whole thing (“Ben” and Teresa and the unposted comment) on yet another page, Nicole knew all about it.

She not only knew all about it, she was outraged enough to send a private message to the somebody else because she was concerned about the “lies.”

PM Nicole

Don’t worry if you don’t understand the whole back story.  I didn’t, and had to get somebody to explain it to me.  It doesn’t matter. The important thing here is that Nicole is freely admitting just how closely she follows all this and just how involved she actually is in all these pages.

She tries to pretend that she’s above it all, and that somehow there are these faceless, nameless supporters who are gathering about her defending her like, well, a cloud of angels, but there aren’t. There is most likely Nicole, Joe, and maybe a couple of the kids. There might be one or two lunatic supporters who join in, but not many.

I’m over it.

That’s nice to hear.


Trolling For Pages

veiled threat

I love this veiled threat. “You trolls.”  Don’t approach her property or family “to do (them) harm.”

One thing Nicole does all the time is use the expression “you trolls.”  It’s a mathematical set to her (look it up, Nicole. I know math is hard, but try.) All “trolls” are in a set.  All “trolls” are guilty of any and all activity and criticism expressed by any “troll.”

Anyone who criticizes her is lumped together and found equally guilty.

Well, turnabout is fair play, Nicole.

I’m not running any of the pages and profiles you accuse as me. In fact, I don’t even know who is.

You gotta be kidding.  You don’t even know who is.  You’ve got these folks running around spending their entire lives (hours and hours every day) making pages and doxxing people and harassing them, and stalking folks online—all to defend you and your family—and you don’t know who they are.


Here’s a bit of a list.

Naugler Camptruth and liesLike It Or Notstewbert

PrestonTextrovertKentucky Laws

This might be my personal favorite for creativity.  The Nauglers do not believe there should be any laws, yet they do not hesitate to cite them if they think it will advance their position.


In case you find that hard to read “Darrell” says:

Please do, they will laugh at you.  You don’t know who I am, dipshit! The Government doesn’t give ten shits about people on fb talkin shit about lowlifes. Al should be able to school you there.

I think maybe “Darrell” and “Kentucky Laws” need to get together and have a chat.  It seems that when it comes to the Nauglers engaging in doxxing and libel and online threats, the government doesn’t give ten shits, but when it comes to anyone criticizing them even slightly, they are being threatened and will undoubtedly sue everyone in sight.

My personal position on all this legal posturing is that I do not engage in it.  I’m not going to sue anyone, and nobody is going to sue me.  I’m just going to go right on making information available.  Make of it what you will.

exposedJohnny B Badd

For anyone who might not know, that photo is of Breckinridge County’s Sheriff Pate, who Nicole and Joe despise beyond all reason and do not hesitate to taunt and defame online whenever possible.

Donny Cook

There are several incarnations of this, I believe. There is also much speculation as to whether or not this is a real person.  I don’t care much one way or the other.

Mindy Thundertroll

And this one was created solely to mock a critic.  No other reason.

Beastly Troll

As was this one.

T frog TrollWhoratioCharles SmythPeurile Strawman

Johnny B Badd incarnation 2

This the second incarnation of this page.

Seymour Hiney

And the second incarnation of that one follows.

Seymour Hiney version 2

Mindy Thundertroll 2

The second version of the Mindy page.

Jack SchittDonny Cook page

Donny as a “community” page instead of a personal page.

jack ball

Charles Smyth 2

A second version of Charles Smyth.  Some of these second incarnations occurred because Facebook removed the first one.

Anita Mandalay

Screaming Memey

real truth Teresa

Get Your Facts StraightFFS


Stewie Schizoid

These comments refer to a critic who they thought had lost a child.

Stewie Rescue

Stand By the Nauglers

So, apparently there weren’t six “trolls,” but instead 55.  To quote Nicole:

I don’t ask you believe my every word. But I do ask you use logic when deciding which stories you believe and if and how they are relevant.

Let’s do that.  It’s good advice.  Is it possible that there are fifty-five people who are simultaneously spending hours and hours stalking and harassing and just trying to destroy this beautiful family that has done nothing at all to anyone and who just want to be left alone?  Is that even reasonable?

Or is it more reasonable to think that maybe, just maybe, the Naugler adults have royally pissed off some folks?

And of course, a page called “Stand By The Nauglers” without any form of identification at all insists that everyone quit talking about “him” or “her.” Or “he” or “she” will sue.  Gotta love it.


The screen shot involving the phone numbers was posted in a private group (not public at all) and as is mentioned, was only done because there were threats that the Nauglers were calling people and their places of employment.

Bless Naugler

Nasty Trolls


Others for which I do not have screen shots:

The Real Truth About the Nauglers

Big Mouths, Lousy Opinions and Losers

Questions for Nauglers

Now then, I am pretty confident that I do not have all the various pages that have been created in the last eight months.  However, I have posted screen shots of 37 and know of one for which I have no screen shot.  That makes a total of 38.

In eight months.  I know that math is hard, but let’s try it, why don’t we?

From May 6, 2015 (when the children were taken from Joe and Nicole and they catapulted into national awareness) to January 29, 2016 (today) is 268 days. Dividing 268 days by 38 pages gives us just a tiny fraction over 7.

They have been making a new page on average once a week for 8 months.  Pages with no other purpose than to dox, harass, stalk and libel anyone who criticizes them for any reason.  They have published addresses, stalked family members, threatened people, contacted employers, you name it.  And it doesn’t take much to get on their radar, as I will show.

But I will show that later on.  This post is long enough.



Told you there were more. That makes 40, or an average of one page every 6.7 days.

Another update:  Two more pages added to the list without screen shots, bringing the total to 42, or one every 6.38 days.

And more:

Sam Adams

jack tooka schitt

Running total, 44, one page every 6.09 days.