Nothing to Hide

You gotta love the opening line.

People who support the violation of ones rights, Will usually say something like “if you got nothing to hide got nothing to worry about”

Apart from the atrocious grammar and punctuation, she is characterizing an entire group of people as those who “support the violation of ones [sic] rights.”

She’s starting off the whole piece with a pejorative.

Just because somebody supports the rule of law does not mean they support the violation of anyone’s rights.

But then, we’re talking about Nicole here. She thinks she is the final authority on the subject of rights, specifically hers.  She gives not a single fuck about yours, or about her neighbors’, or about the rights of anyone who happens to disagree with her.

“It’s not always about about having something to hide. . .” she goes on to say.

So then, sometimes it actually is about having something to hide?  That’s interesting.

But it’s other things.

You know, their privacy being violated.

What privacy?

Nicole puts everything online including birthing photos.  The only thing we lack is a photo of her using a tampon or menstrual pad.  We’ve seen everything else.

We also lack photos of her and Joe having sex, but I suspect nobody wants to see those either.

Having to defend themselves is inconvenient and expensive.


How about the inconvenience Nicole caused for Lisa? She had to drive to Breck and Hardin counties multiple times to defend herself against bogus ridiculous “stalking” charges that were thrown totally out of court after Nicole made a fool of herself on videotape.

How about the $5000 it cost Lisa for legal representation?  How about Nicole bragging and gloating about it didn’t cost them anything at all?  How about that?

And it’s just awful being accused of illegal activity.

You know, like accusing me repeatedly of “stalking” her.    That sort of thing.

But then she adds insult to injury by calling Al’s employers repeatedly. Not once or twice, but over and over and over again, not with new complaints, but continuing to complain repeatedly about something that is demonstrably false.  Even after being assured that what she is alleging simply didn’t happen, that’s not good enough. She continues to call.

Then she asks a series of questions, there at the end.

Are you OK with being investigated interrogated even though you have nothing to hide?

Dunno. Never happened to me, so I have no idea.

Have you ever been wrongly accused of a crime?

By you, yeah.   By Cathy and her bogus Beth James and all that bunch, you betcha.  By the actual, real authorities? Nope.  I’ve never been correctly accused of a crime, either.

Did you strongly encouraged[sic] to take a plea deal or did you fight it?

Neither.  Never happened.

Do you have friends or family. . .?


How concerned are you. . .?

Not even slightly.

Maybe that’s just because I’m one of those people who “support the violation of ones[sic] rights.”  Or maybe it’s because I don’t break the fucking law.