Drawing Lines

From Bizarro Land, we have this.

Wa Po headline from the Washington Post

Here’s the synopsis.

Nathan Larson is a young man who, as young men often do, has embraced libertarianism in an extreme form. He calls himself an “anarcho-capitalist.” It’s sort of like being a “voluntaryist.”

He appears to have had a checkered childhood and young adulthood, culminating in a weird idea that he would threaten to kill the US president, go to prison, do a hunger strike and die so that everyone would know the government is evil.  Or something.

He got his wish only he just didn’t quite make it with the hunger thing and didn’t die, but served some time (not many years, as one source has it,  but 16 months).

And now he’s trying to run for office.  He looks terribly normal and nicely clean-cut, doesn’t he?

Nathan Larson

But it gets way weirder than that.

Nathan Larson is married, to his second wife.  She’s Filipino, and assumed to be properly subservient, because Nathan believes that women are inferior to men, should not have voting rights,  should remain poorly educated because hell, all they are good for is sex and babies and keeping house and what do you need with an education to do any of that.  For the record, reading Nathan’s statements about his ideas is scary.  On that link, scroll down to “Issues” and follow the links.  But don’t do it while eating.

It’s his first wife, though,  who makes this story even more bizarre than you can imagine.

She married him. She was also very troubled.  She said that he raped her during the marriage (and yes, rape in marriage is absolutely possible and happens pretty often) and impregnated her against her will, or at least she thought he did, but wasn’t sure because of multiple sexual partners.  They appear to have separated during the pregnancy (which he didn’t know about) and she was admitted to a mental hospital.  Due to her very severe mental health issues, the child, a little girl,  was taken at birth and placed with her parents.

Four months later, this very troubled person committed suicide. This remains the real tragedy of this story.

To properly understand all this (as far as it’s possible to understand this bat-shit crazy story), you have to understand that the mother was transgendered.  Just because a person is trans does not mean they are “out.”  If he was trans, then he was always trans.  You don’t just wake up one morning and find you’ve become transgendered. And trans people in our society are treated horribly, and that’s putting it mildly.

So imagine the situation.  A transgendered man marries a straight (well, sort of straight – we’ll get to that) man.  The straight guy rapes the trans guy producing an undesired pregnancy, or maybe somebody else did.  Who knows? The trans guy has to carry this pregnancy, that he did not want, to term.  The child is given to his parents who are apparently religiously very conservative and hell, no, do not accept the trans thing at all.

I suspect I’d have been in a mental hospital too if I’d had to deal with all that.  I might also have checked into the mental hospital had I been one of the parents.

But of course there is more. You knew there was more.

The supposed straight guy isn’t totally straight.  He’s sort of a wanna-be pedophile. He’s written about it.  He’s said that if he had access to a child, he’d engage in sexual activity with her, and that includes his daughter.

So he sought custody.

This went over really well with the Child Protective Services folks and the court system, as you can imagine.

Thankfully, everyone said, “Gee, this is absolutely beyond nuts,” and told him to fuck off.

So he went home to Virginia where the governor and the legislature opened up the law regarding felons to allow them to run for office.

Are you totally weirded out yet?

beat wife
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Obviously, he’s never going to be elected to anything.  Nobody who supports the idea that men have a right to beat their wives could possibly be elected in the United States to anything.  Right?

I mean, it’s okay to do that in Russia.

And about 25% of the American electorate lost their fucking minds and elected a man to the presidency who very likely got into office by colluding with the Russian government, but that’s got nothing to do with this, since Russia also hates the gays. The same guy thinks it’s perfectly okay to “grab” women “by the pussy.”

But it’s all okay.


Sometimes I just want to quit reading the news altogether and go visit with Frances. She thinks  humans are just plain crazy.