Copy Cat

FB page new

Cute little paw print in a circle, used as Nicole’s profile image, on her brandy new Facebook page that she created because Facebook put her in time out for 3 days and apparently she couldn’t stand it.

There’s a wee problem, though.

When Nicole was called out because she stole the image from somebody else, she responded with the post above.  She makes sure to explain that the folks who actually own that image have “adorable products.”

I’m sure they will be delighted to learn that.


Are you selling their stuff, Nicole?  Are you registered with Nashville Wraps?

Frankly, I would suggest that you never, ever, ever again fuss about anyone using your photos with their precious little “watermark.”

Here’s a hint:  Don’t just wander around the internet stealing pictures and images for your own use. I know people do this.  But don’t.  There are sites where you can get free images.  I do it all the time. Free images that I can use for anything at all without infringing on anyone else’s rights.

Nicole is big on rights.  She’s really big on taking “personal responsibility.”

What about the rights of Nashville Wraps?

I guess the rules don’t matter when it comes to somebody else.


click image to link

“Charles,” who is almost certainly one of the Nauglers, doesn’t know what the hell “he” is talking about.  Nicole stole that image.  She is using it without the owner’s permission.  (Unless she actually contacted them and got permission, which I doubt.  If she had, she would have produced it.)

You do not have to “register” an image to make it yours.

Here’s a really good diagram (infographic) that is helpful in making a decision about whether or not an image can be used.  Nicole, read the damn thing.