Blessed Little Grooming Company, LLC

Here’s the link to this page.

And here’s the story.

This is a new page for a new business.  It is a legitimate, legally registered LLC in the state of Kentucky.  Lisa Luthi has gone into business with some friends.  They believe that they have found a niche market for unique, often hard-to-find beauty products and cosmetics for both people and pets.

From her statement to me:

We will also be carrying unique one of a kind items to help life be just a little bit more fabulous. We will be donating a portion of our profits to organizations who support the teen LGBTQIAPK community because everyone should feel loved and everyone should feel beautiful.

Bare bones for now, the business is expected to launch in March, 2018.

Now then, before you ask, as I know you will ask.

What about the name?

The name of the business, as I mentioned, is legally registered with the state of Kentucky. What this means is that anyone else trying to do business in Kentucky using that name is doing so illegally.

I happen to know first-hand about this because I spoke with a representative from the Kentucky Department of Revenue. If you operate a business in Kentucky, and sell anything at all, any tangible item, you must collect sales tax. To do that, you have to have a tax number and be registered with the Department of Revenue.  If you sell stuff, whether online or out of your storefront, and you don’t collect and submit sales tax, you are breaking the law.

Furthermore, only one business can have a particular name at a time.  Once a business name is registered, nobody else can use it.  The LLC part isn’t what I’m talking about.  It’s the whole name with or without the LLC.

So go give Lisa’s new business page a look and a like.  The logo was designed by Deb Whitehouse.

UPDATE:  Here’s some more.