Left Out

I got a message this morning.  I feel so badly for this anonymous person that I’m going to put the message here.  She asks a lot of questions, but provides no way to answer them.

I really think she meant to make a real comment and just wrote it in the wrong place.

Seriously, if you write me this sort of stuff, address “you people” and not just me,  ask questions, and do it in such a way that I cannot reply, I am going to make it public.

By all means, and in fact using all your means, Nonya, donate to Nicole and Joe.  Have at it.  Make lots of purchases of crappy little bows.  Buy a whole boatload of them.

Nicole and Joe would be very happy.

Me? I think I’ll opt out. Instead, we donated to a real charity where we know the money goes directly to benefit the kids involved.  Nicole spins this by insisting that we are benefiting the Sheriff’s Association (the parent organization for the Ranch) because she doesn’t want people to know what the charity is, or even that it is a charity.  Take a look at it while you’re taking Nicole’s advice and checking out both sides of the story.