A Message From Debra

I understand that some may find my methods unorthodox or tasteless.

And to that I say:

How many kids have you sent to camp again?

Believe it or not, pissing Nicole off is just the frosting on the pancake left in a bag in the hot sun for me.

It’s not the underlying reason.

It’s not the driving motivation.

It’s not what draws me to devote hours daily to this campaign.

The fact that a child that would otherwise not be able to will get to experience a sleep away camp for a week is all the drive I need.

I have an rare opportunity offered up by Sally to reach an extensive audience who , in her words, would like a small piece of this story.

One day that is what this will be, a story, a distant memory.

It would be foolish of me to not capitalize on the audiences willingness to participate and support this crazy idea I had for getting thrown off facebook for 30 days, courtesy of Nicole, who by the way, shared a SS of the offensive post to her page. That’s how distraught she was over it.

You are amazing and inspiring

Thank you, everyone, for helping me and Sally support underprivileged kids.

Debby aka ElMacho


This blog has the best folks reading, maybe in the world.

I received a message last night from a reader who made a pledge.

Here  it is.

We’re going to keep track of every complaint call made by Nicole or any of her humpers.

For every call made to the Ranch or its officials, bitching about trolls and fundraising, that reader has pledged  $10 donated to the Ranch, with a minimum of $20 and a maximum of  $100.

I am going to pledge the same, thus doubling the amount.


We will do this on the honor system.  I  will periodically post the numbe of calls the Ranch has gotten in a given period of time, and we will donate independently.  If you let me know privately, I can post a running total.

So, Nicole, you asshole, just keep calling. Each call is a donation.


Oh, Good Grief

So here’s the latest bunch of bullshit from Nicole.  I’m going to reproduce most of it here, because she’s naming names, including mine, and accusing me of criminal activity.

I want to begin with her opening sentence.

The tabloid blog writer and a crafty cyber bully/stalker are using the KY Sheriffs’ Boys & Girls Ranch to drive traffic to their defamatory and harassing blogs.

I want Nicole to explain in detail exactly how that works.  How am I using the Ranch to drive traffic here?

If you go to Ebay and look at stuff, you won’t see a word about the blog.  If you go to the Ranch’s website or FB page, again, you won’t see one word about this blog. So how am I using them to drive traffic here?

First, I am not “stalking, harassing, or defaming” anyone. She already tried to claim this in court with Lisa and failed abysmally.

Second, Nicole, please learn how to use possessive apostrophes. You don’t know.

Third, I barely ever drink anything.

I am glad to see that you are stating that you are the one who called us “internet trolls.”  We didn’t. You did.  We simply embraced the term.  And you stole “psycho stalker” from Cathy Harris.  Can’t you be original?

What we discuss here are the facts of your case and the merits of your lifestyle choices.  That is exactly what is happening. I’m glad you’re okay with that since you have no way to control it.

You’re right, last year I did put up a piece about the Ranch and designated it as this blog’s charity of choice.

I know you don’t have any experience with this because your blogs have never gotten enough traffic to bother, but when a blog gets to the point where it has a sustained 2, 3, 4ooo or so page views daily, it becomes feasible to monetize it.

Romancing never did that. The audience there was narrowly targeted and I never sought to expand it.

This one was different.

I had to make some choices, though.  One choice would have been to put ads all over it and make money on clicks.  I opted for a big NO on that.  It’s annoying as hell.  I also had to figure out, if I tried monetizing, where the money would go.

I don’t want it.  I never wanted it.  I have never made a dime blogging—in fact, it costs me money—and I saw no reason to start.  So supporting a charity seemed like a good idea.

But then the question was: which charity?

I asked around. I got some suggestions, like Wounded Warriors (a good idea and one I considered).  However, I really liked the idea of a Kentucky-based charity and one that benefited kids.

One day, I got a flyer in the mail from the sheriff of my county about the Ranch and as I was reading, light bulbs went off. I did some checking. My next-door neighbor was a deputy sheriff, so I asked him about it.  Good organization, he said. I asked some other folks.  Well thought of throughout the state, they said.

I looked at their website.  It’s well done, but not too well done.  It doesn’t look like they paid a huge amount of money to some flashy designer to make a website.  It looked like they actually spend the money on the kids.

And it’s a charity run by sheriffs.

This just tickled my innards, frankly.

So, I wrote something about it. Go read it.  It’s worth looking at in light of all this.  It was written July 23, 2016.  Nicole has had little to nothing to say about it in a solid year. She didn’t care.

Let me start here with Eulanda. Yes, Deb made a Eulanda troll, and I am the one who suggested it. It was adorable. Eulanda is adorable.  I think she is funny as everything. She is also mean as hell and says terrible things about me, so spare me the violins.  When somebody says publicly that she thinks I should serve life in prison for writing a blog, she’s open-season.

But notice that the big sellers are the kingpin trolls?  The first troll on Ebay was ME. It was hilarious. We have loved them, and they mock us. 

Nicole includes a screen shot which shows that the email address used on the Paypal account is romancingvictims.net.

Please go back and read what I wrote on July 23, 2016 where I mentioned that.

I own several domain names.  I manage Nathan’s website (nathan-davis.com). I also am the web manager for the movie website (we do not own the movie).  In addition, I have several domain names that are used simply to forward traffic to Nathan’s website (nathandavismusic.com, for example).

With each one of those domain names, I can have a certain number of email addresses.  In fact, here are the email addresses I am entitled to at just one of my service providers.

See that?  I have seven.  Actually, I have fewer than that. Dave has a few.  But I can have 3493 more if I wish.

I also have more than one Paypal account.  That’s because Nathan’s music requires that I have two.  There are good reasons for that which are too complicated to go into but yeah, I have two Paypal accounts for his music.  Each one has to be linked to a different bank account.  It’s just the way Paypal works.

When I set up Paypal for the Ranch, I did not want it run through either of those accounts.  So I made a new one.

Remember when I went on the cruise?  I needed to be able to check my email from the ship. I did not want all my email to download into my Kindle.  Instead, I just wanted to be able to go to my email account and check it. For that reason, I made all my email available only on the web. I logged into my email accounts (bundled) on the web and checked it there.

But this blog is not hosted by my main internet service provider.  It’s hosted separately, mostly because I got a great deal on the service because they were having a huge sale.

I had trouble right from the gate getting access to email from the domain name blessedlittleblog.com.  The problem was due mostly to my own internet provider and it’s terribly technical, but after discussing it with everyone concerned, we concluded that I simply cannot access BLB email on the web.  So I never used it.  It was just too much trouble.

However, several months ago, as everyone knows, I decided to let Romancing go. That meant, I knew, that I would lose the domain name and thus access to that email.  And I also knew that meant that I absolutely had to figure out the email problem with BLB.  So I did. I worked on it for several weeks, in fact, and finally got a work-around.

At that point, I changed the email address on that Paypal account to the BLB.

If  you click on the donate button on this blog, this is what you will see.

This is not new. It’s been like this for quite some time.

Okay, moving on. Romancing is not written to “harass a rape victim.”  If Cathy Harris is a rape victim, so is Alex, Nicole.

I  never had a donate button on the Romancing site.  That’s simply a figment of Nicole’s imagination.  It was never there. The entire website is gone now. It’s all housed right here.

And that leads me to “tax write offs.”

What in the fuck is Nicole talking about?

What “tax write offs”?

The Ranch is a 501(c)3 organization, which means that money donated is tax deductible.  Maybe I should have gone into all this earlier, but hell, who would have thought this shit would be flung about?

Here’s the deal with taxes.

If you donate to the Ranch, out and out donation, cash money, you are entitled to a tax deduction in the amount that you donated.

Here are the applicable rules about substantiating such a donation.

Nicole does not file or pay federal income taxes except sporadically, and likely has never run into any of this, and doesn’t know what the fuck she is talking about.

If you donate more than $75 in cash to the Ranch, and if you want a statement saying that you did, there are two ways to get one.  First, contact me, if you donated through Paypal, and I will send the info to Tracy at the Ranch and she will send you a statement. The second way is to simply skip the Paypal button altogether and donate yourself independently, via the link I provided in the side bar.

When it comes to the $20 trolls, none of this applies.  It also does not apply to the stuff on Ebay.

That’s because you are not donating cash outright. You’re getting a troll here on the blog, or you’re getting something else on Ebay.  Those items have value. You’re buying something.

And when you get value for your donation, you have to reduce the amount donated by the value of what you received.

In the case of the $20 troll, $5 is for shipping and doesn’t count at all.  So you’re paying $15 for a troll.  Those are one-of-a-kind pieces of art.  You put a value on them. I can’t. I would say that the troll sitting right now on my computer is worth way more than $15, so I have no taxable deduction coming to me.

Ditto the art pieces sold on Ebay.

How do you value a one-of-a-kind sculpture? I’ll tell you how. You see what it sold for. That’s what it’s worth.  No taxable deduction.

Nobody gets one. Tracy doesn’t send me a statement saying I donated X dollars to the Ranch because she knows I am forwarding lots of bits of money from lots of different people.  I can’t deduct shit on my taxes without that substantiation from Tracy and she isn’t giving it to me.

Again, exactly how is the troll stuff driving traffic to the blog?  It’s actually driving traffic to Ebay.

Now the funds being transferred here are being sent from Deborah Whitehouse’s husband to Tracy Powell‘s husband.


No, you dumb fuck.

Tracy is getting the Paypal money via her own Paypal account, which appears to be in the name of her husband.  (Lots of people do that.) If you don’t like that, take it up with Tracy, not me.

And the money I am sending to Deb’s husband (again, that’s Deb’s Paypal account) is for shipping.

And yes, we all know you have a Paypal account.  And you know all about donations, don’t you?

But none of this applies to the Ebay stuff. Ebay forwards the money to the Ranch, not Deb. Not through Paypal.

Yes, Todd Pate is on the board. This is something I frankly did not know until yesterday when all this came up.  But there are a quite a few sheriffs on the board. In fact, the whole board is made up of sheriffs.

And Todd Pate is a sheriff.

You didn’t link me to shit, Nicole.  Lots of people read this blog.  Lots of people send me friend requests, more than you can imagine. And I accept most of them, unless they’re obviously from Bangladesh. One of those people was Todd Pate’s mother-in-law.  So what?

Do you want me to start combing through your pages, looking to see who comments and snooping about until I can link you to somebody who has done something, say, criminal?  I can, you know. I will if you don’t stop it.  And then I’ll blame you for everything they do or say.

And here’s where you made your big mistake.

Let me explain something to you, Nicole, in the simplest terms I can. You can insult me. That’s fine. I don’t care. You can and have insulted my husband. That bothers me more, but still, I can sort of ignore it.

You come after my dead child and insult him when he cannot defend himself and all you do is show that you are lower than whale-shit.

I more or less ignore that.

But now, you’ve gone after my friends. Real friends. In real life friends. People I care about.  It’s bad enough that you insult Deb. She’s out of your reach and she just laughs.  It’s worse that you go after Lisa.

But you’ve gone after the livelihood of a man who is like a brother to me.

Read that sentence again.


You’ve gone after the livelihood of a man who is like a brother to me.

You’re trying to get him fired.

You’re entirely full of shit and you can’t do it, because he didn’t do what you’re claiming, but you tried. You wanted to.

And I won’t forget.

Remember that.

Would you prefer that he keep his eyes closed as he flies?

You didn’t get a phone call back because you’re out of your mind.

Al’s flights are all mapped. They are traced. He doesn’t take that helicopter ten feet in any direction (and that includes up and down) without it being logged and mapped.  His employers can tell you everywhere he flew on any day and at what altitude, so go suck an egg.

Al is right.

You have opened a whole new playbook.

We’ll see how that works out for you.

Since Deb doesn’t live in Radcliff, I assume Deb didn’t take the photo.  I don’t live there either, and I assure you I didn’t take it.  Lisa lives in Louisville and if she went to Radcliff, it wouldn’t be to Walmart or wherever you were.  And Al is busy flying and watching your property from the air.

So fuck off, Nicole. You got notoriety.  You wanted it and you got it.

And there we have what has you all pissed off. We’re making more than you are.

No, Nicole. We’re using troll dolls to 1) send under-privileged children to camp and 2) make fun of the name you gave us.

You’re right.  There are not a few people sharing opinions. There are several thousand people sharing opinions, and none of them are good when it comes to you.

You keep digging. Perhaps you’ll finally get that outhouse hole dug at last.


30 4 30 Day 12


Just so everyone knows ..EBAY Charity takes the funds directly from the Paypal account less the shipping…which we are way in the hole on and Lisa and Sally have generously offered to pay the difference on.

So Nicole you should contact ebay directly ( 1-800-eat-shit) if you think THEY are keeping the monies.

And keep up the good work with sending me ideas.

love ya

For anyone who doesn’t understand this, one of Nicole’s most beloved leg humpers referred to the trolls as “voodoo dolls.”

Deb found that hilarious (as did I) and decided to make a voodoo doll for real.