A guy at this site wrote a piece entitled  Is Segregation Scriptural: A Radio Address From Bob Jones on Easter of 1960. You can follow the link and read it if you like. It’s tangential to what I want to talk about here. I admit that I didn’t read the whole article because boredom.

However, toward the end of the piece, the author gives two people credit.

I can read just that and think “Uh oh.” The man has put Camille’s name in the same paragraph with John Matzko, and put his first. This is going to be nothing but trouble.  I mean, Matzko is cited for his “research” and “help on various historical details.”  Camille is thanked for basically doing secretarial work.

I don’t mean to be nasty, but I laughed.

And I want to say up front that I do not know John Matzko. He might be the nicest human being on the planet, and he might also be a big jerk. I have no idea. I just know that Camille doesn’t have a good word to say about him for whatever reason, but that’s not uncommon. She doesn’t have a good word to say about me, either.

Anyway, she made a valiant effort to make herself more relevant by commenting.

She links to her shit and then takes a little dig at Matzko. And then a linkie to her “account from an academic journal.” But the best part of this comment is that she goes on to talk about segregation and how this issue was the “motivation for [her] scholarship.”  What? Wait. Wait just a god-damned minute.

It was the mishandling of sexual abuse allegations that made Camille leave BJU. And all that was the “motivation for [her] scholarship.”  Wasn’t it?

Well, that was last month.  This month it’s racism.

Camille is gonna give herself the credit she believes she deserves and that John Matzko robbed her from having.  How dare he appear in the credits before her.

But notice something else about all this. John Matzko is writing a book, a scholarly biography of Bob Jones, Sr.

Oh, my dear Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Actually, it’s not the Spaghetti Monster who is the problem here.

It’s the green-eyed monster.

Those are normal hearts. The big green one is Camille’s.

The Queen is pissed off. I cannot describe the level of her rage.

Not only has John Matzko written a book about Bob Sr, but he’s being published by the Queen’s publisher: Baylor.

You gotta have followed this for years to understand how upset she is.

This is from 2 1/2 years ago (see the date at the top).  Camille was already looking for a publisher then, and from the tone of that remark, she had been for some time. Long enough to get frustrated. What does she want a publisher for?

Why, for her book.  Her new book. The one she wrote umpteen years ago and nobody will publish. The definitive scholarly whistleblowing tell-all historical account of Bob Jones University, the Ku Klux Klan and the song I’m No Kin to the Monkey.

So, why doesn’t she just pick up the phone and call her publisher, Baylor, and present them with this magnificent manuscript?

Well, here’s an excerpt from her first treatise, Romancing the Difference, from page 80.

In terms of sectarian romance, courtship becomes the primary means of persuasion. With desire as a key element in romance, the separatist talk centers on creating and satisfying desire. Separation between the romantic separatist and the secular Other is essential, and accentuating the secular loneliness is paramount. Without the separatist, the secular is forsaken and wan. To restore the cultural health, the romantic separatist must reach out and ease their Other’s sickly soul. Any malady becomes psychosomatic to sectarians, and their “bedside manner” the only salve.

Or maybe you’d get more out this one, from page 119.

When the most timely, the romantic is the most beautiful. When they embody the finest cultural ideals, their corporeal text seems irresistible. At times, however, their articulation of the beautiful is “unfit.” They seem unstylish and grossly pretentious. Then, the romantic turns inward and passive. They seem to retreat to the divine and worry that their beauty is fading. At these pensive moments, the romantic seems most euphemistic – withdrawing from the civic sphere and overwhelmed by the scene in their romantic drama.

Those are just random paragraphs. I chose them by flopping open the little book and just pointing my finger at a passage and typing. Honestly. You know, the way my mother said she would “get a verse from Jesus.” The book is full of this stuff. I admit that I have not read it. I am 67 years old. I have a limited number of books that I can possibly read in my lifetime and that particular volume is not on the list.

But if you were Baylor, and you made the mistake of publishing that glorious piece of prose 9 years ago, would you want to do a repeat?

The Queen took to Twitter, which seems to be the new go-to place to express frustration.

Oh, I’m sure that will help get you published, Camille. Insult the publisher and call them a “pawn.”  They’ll call you immediately.

Actually, I followed Camille’s link to her “laughing site” (as AJames calls it) and she really doesn’t say that. BJU objected to the final chapter of her dissertation, not the publisher.

And that is just hilarious.  Nearly a decade after Camille stomps out of Bob Jones University in a rage because they will not gee and haw to suit her, John Matzko is being published by Baylor, and he did it entirely because both he and BJU are just ripped to shreds by “sheer jealousy.” It’s because Camille has been so terribly successful at this whole “independent scholar” thing.  And she is so influential at Baylor because of the beautiful words she writes that Matzko somehow used this to get his own book published.

John Matzko has written the book Camille already wrote, and is being published by her publisher, while she cannot even get a job, much less a publisher.