Here Comes Santa


One of the things that Nicole and to a lesser extent, Joe try to do is project an image of being “homesteaders.”  They want to promote this idea that they are living close to the land, getting what they need from the land, and that they are wildly successful in achieving this goal.

This is from one of her Facebook pages.

The irony here is two-fold.

First, that is of course not a photo of her chickens. (I know she’s just sharing a link and doesn’t claim that it is.)  Not only do her chickens not have a swing, the Naugler chickens don’t even have a house.  They are what Nicole calls “free-range,” but actually are feral.

I’m not certain that they even feed their chickens anything at all.

Second, Nicole and Joe do not celebrate Christmas. The children don’t have a tree, don’t get any presents and certainly do not have any Santa Claus.

If the children have a swing, it’s because they constructed it out of any scraps they could find and hung it themselves.

Here’s another example:



I’m not quite sure what she’s trying to say in the last one.  They do not celebrate Christmas. No tree, no presents, nothing.  But they will absolutely insist that they are Christians (Mormons, to be exact), except when Nicole is feeling agnostic, which happens from time to time.

Maybe December 12 was just one of those days. . .

At any rate, the message for the Naugler chickens (and children) is this:  Don’t get your hopes up, girls and boys.