Lisa has a new business, as I hope everyone knows.

Deb is helping her with the creation of some pretty fabulous stuff.

Here’s a sample.

Blessed Little Grooming Company LLC

For anyone who doesn’t know, that is a felt-covered soap.  After you use it and the soap is all gone, you can carefully slit the felt covering and insert a refill.

I have the Frances version.

Mine and no you can’t have it

But they are doing way more than just felted soaps.

Here it is
Here you go
You want to go look, don’t you?

So there is a lot of stuff over there.  I’ve just put up a few samples, and they are just getting started.

As you can see from the Martyr Soap, some of the advertising copy and labeling is snarky as hell.  It’s the sort of thing you might buy as a perfect gift for that very special person who can take a joke.  Or for that not-so-special person who can’t.

But there is this.

I have a few things to say about this.  You knew I would.  Didn’t you know I would?

First, if I had some concern about anything that Deb and Lisa were doing, even the slightest concern, you know what I would do?

I’d contact one of them privately and tell them.  It’s simple.

They have a Facebook page.

Go there, hit Message, and chat.  Or, if you are super afraid that Deb will see that you’re criticizing her (because that’s what this is about), and you don’t want her to see that, and you don’t want to confront her in person because you are chicken-shit, contact Lisa directly. She has a Facebook page too, although I won’t link to it.

If nothing else works, contact me and I’ll relay your concern.

Going onto your own Facebook page and doing this publicly (and it’s totally public, as you can see) is shitty.  There’s no other way to describe it.  I would forgive this, I think, if Heather Murphy-Murphy had gone to the BLGCLLC Facebook page and posted something.  Maybe.  But what she did was shitty.

It’s shitty.

Here’s a biblical quote for you.

However, let’s get past the shittiness of it for now and look at the veracity of her criticism.

She says that poking fun at “Irish sin” is “racist.”

It’s not racist.  Irish isn’t a race. It’s a nationality. Ireland is a country.

And the whole concept of Irish guilt is deeply rooted in Catholic guilt. That’s what is being gently mocked here.  Religion.  Catholicism.

Don’t believe me?

I didn’t write that.

She did. Go look.  She blogs about it. She includes several memes about it and she doesn’t include them as examples of horrible racist awful things. Her comment is “I hope you enjoy them.”

Here’s one.

Are  you offended yet?

Google the term “Catholic guilt.”  You’ll get lots of hits, including articles written by the Catholic press. And they don’t think of it as “racist.”

But you see, if Heather had just bothered to ask Lisa about it, to express her concern, Lisa would have explained that it was about this whole “Catholic guilt” thing.  She didn’t ask, though.

Why did Deb use “Irish” and not “Catholic”?  Because the god-damned soap is green.

It gets worse, though.

Leslie Young pretends to be Lisa’s friend.  She pretends this all the time. I have known for a long time that it’s not true.  Here’s proof.  She could easily have contacted Lisa with her fake concern, but she didn’t.

Let me explain what is going on here.

This is not about racism or somebody giving offense, or somebody else taking offense, or something being seen as inappropriate. This is about Debra.

This is about green.

Not Irish green.  Not money green.

Jealousy green.

Big, big jealousy green.

Eat your hearts out, girls.  There’s more coming.  While you wait, buy a bar of Martyr Soap.  Both of you could use some.