Nicole Not a crime

Well, there we have it. Right from the horse’s mouth.

It’s not a crime for people not to like her.

We’re just delighted that you are acknowledging that, Nicole.  It’s not a crime not to like you. It’s not stalking, or harassment, or any of those things. It’s not a crime.

It’s also not a crime to say that, right out loud, on Facebook, or on a blog.

So I will.

I don’t like you.


What’s On The Pages?

Warning: Some of this stuff is really offensive. There are a couple of photos that are pretty bad. Just so you know.

So, it’s all very well to show that Joe and Nicole and a few of their more ardent supporters (maybe) have gone to the trouble to start a new Facebook page on average every 6 days for the last eight months, but it leaves a question unanswered.

What was on all those pages?  What did they talk about?

Glad you asked.

Some of it, maybe most of it, was/is childish nonsense.


childish 2

That’s brilliant, of course. Joe and Nicole Naugler went public with their entire lives, begging for their “story” to “go viral,” and then when it did, and negative press ensued, they sort of went apeshit.

And somehow because of that, anyone who thinks they are just plain wrong and says so becomes their “new toy,” and they intend to “play.”

Nicole control

And this  makes it clear that Nicole and Joe had total control of all this, and hence, total blame. In spite of her claims that she just doesn’t know who is making all these pages, she, in fact, does and follows them all very closely.  In fact, most of the time, I’ve found out about a new page because she linked from it.

But a good bit of this stuff crossed a line from childish to very intimidating and even threatening.

They go after family members, and find any photo with personal stuff in it that they can.

NOTE: I have pixelized and otherwise obscured faces and other identifying information where feasible.  I did this. The originals, as posted by these various pages, were not obscured in any way.

Family homes

personal 2

Addresses.  Phone numbers.  Arrest records. You name it. Any personal information they can find out about you, they use.  All for making one single negative comment about the Nauglers anywhere at all.

Family home 2

Isn’t that nice?  The admin is only going to leave the photos up a few minutes “to prove a point.”  What point?  The point that “he” will come after you if you say one single negative thing about the Nauglers in public anywhere.  One single negative thing.

Family home 3

Family home 4

Please take note of what this is about.  This is about somebody who had a child that died.  The child died. And that becomes a “new toy.”

Family home 5


And then there was the Dog Who Got Killed Somehow episode.

Nicole, before we go on, please learn the difference between “effect” and “affect.”  Thanks.

Joe and Nicole, as soon as their children were removed from the home shitshack, removed themselves as well and went to stay in a nice motel. They left behind some goats and some chickens and several dogs. Two of the dogs went missing, with one subsequently found dead or nearly dead.

This is what happens when you “free range” dogs, folks. Especially if you aren’t present on the property for days on end to see to their care. They leave. They wander. They probably harass livestock. And if they live in the country, somebody gets fed up and shoots them.

But Nicole chose to blame people who lived more than 1000 miles away of having gone to the trouble to travel to Kentucky and sneak up on the Blessed Little Homestead and wreak havoc on dogs.


Businesses were not immune.  Some folks experienced their employers being telephoned by the Nauglers and/or their supporters.

Remember, one single negative comment could land you in this sort of situation.


And then there were the personal attacks. The insults. The slurs.

personal 3

personal 4

personal 5

Calling women “whores” seems to be a common affectation, as we’ll see later on.

personal 6

Interesting.  This person doesn’t seem to know the difference between “effect” and “affect” either.  Wonder why that is?

personal 7

personal 8

personal 9

personal 10


Again, the redaction to these photos is not present on the originals. This one is just as offensive as you imagine it to be.

personal 11

This is sort of disturbing. Each color is blocking a different name.  And this discussion of violence is met with laughter.  It’s just so funny.

personal 12

personal 13

sharing pages


Ah, the infamous List.  If you’re on the List, you’ve “harassed, bullied, doxxed, or have been a nuisance.”

Only I know several people on made it onto the List, and all they did was post one single negative comment about the Naugler family.  Fifty-five people made the List.

I am not reproducing the List here. I would obscure all the names, so it would simply be a list of obscured names, which isn’t very interesting.

To create this page, I went through a stash of more than 340 screen shots, all related to insults, personal information being shared, photos of families being mocked and reproduced, you name it. Obviously, I could not put all 340+ photos up here without boring you half to death, so I had to just choose some samples.

But is it any wonder that some of these folks began to fight back?  In doing so, some of them began flinging insults around at their anonymous attackers.  And the whole thing devolved into a sandbox fight.

But remember, none of these people, not one of the fifty-five on the List, ever tried to get their “story” to “go viral,” or ever tried to get the news media to notice them.  They were just ordinary people, commenting on Facebook, and dared to say a single negative thing about Joe and/or Nicole Naugler.

And then in the irony of all ironies, there is this.

lawsuit threats

Exactly who is writing this?



I have no idea.