Free Jinger


If you go over to the first page of links on this site, you’ll find that the first one listed is Free Jinger. It has been that way since the day the page went up.

I had read Free Jinger in the past. It caught my eye because I am a former Christian fundamentalist and that’s the typical subject matter over there. I have never seen a single episode of the Duggar’s television program, and at first had no idea where the name “Free Jinger” came from. [It’s the name of one of the then-minor Duggar children.  Talk about irony. ]

I read a little bit and then didn’t bother going back. The minutia of the Duggar’s lives didn’t interest me even slightly.

However, I was aware that the commenters over there typically are brutal. I didn’t fully realize how brutal though until I had the misfortune of running afoul of them.

When I found out (by being told by other people) that Free Jinger had started a subgroup about the Nauglers, I was initially delighted. The more light shed on the Naugler situation, the better.

I even went over there, registered (a big, big mistake), and participated briefly. I have this blog. Everyone over there was pretty much reading over here as well, so it seemed silly to go over there.  If the Free Jinger people want to know what I’m saying, they know how to find me.

After I left, it seems that I began to fall out of favor with the folks at Free Jinger. That’s fine. I didn’t particularly care then, and don’t now.

While I was there, though, I did some reading in some of the other subgroups, involving different families, and was sort of appalled by what I read there.

For instance, this.


This particular comment took me less than five minutes to find.  I simply Googled “Free Jinger skinny kids” and found the subgroup about the Rodrigues family. Free Jingerites believe that this family is starving their children (and they name those children regularly). They poke fun at the kids regularly. I am not going to take time to try to find the comment about the teenage daughter sitting on the sofa—about how skinny she is.  The comment above is not unusual, and that’s why it was so easy to find.

If you go to the original and click on the thumbnail of the baby (I won’t post the enlarged photo here), you’ll be able to see the child.

I hate to make fun of an innocent child. . .

Then why are you doing it?  What possible good can it do?  I almost understand if you think that the Rodrigues parents are literally starving their kids, but to make fun of a baby based solely on the look she has on her face?

Anyway, this, as I said, is common.  Nobody said shit about it.  Not only did the moderators think that was fine, somebody added this.


Hell yeah. Let’s take the innocent child’s picture and meme it.

But you get the idea. This is Free Jinger.

If I Google the oldest Naugler child’s name, I find first a link to his Facebook page, then his YouTube videos and the fifth entry is this blog, from a year ago. That is because this particular child attempted to comment here. I had to make a decision about how to handle that.  I chose to not allow the comment until he reached his majority.

In removing it, I left his name in place. I haven’t removed that, so that is what Google is reporting. Nothing about him at all, except my announcement that I removed his comment because he is a minor.

Two links down from that you get Free Jinger.

If I Google the next oldest child’s name, the first two links are to Free Jinger.  No links to here, because that child’s name has never appeared here.

If I Google the oldest daughter’s name, it takes a couple of pages before one begins to find stuff (the name is more common than the other one I mentioned).  There are a few articles from the news when the kids were taken and then a link to Nicole blog, and then Free Jinger.  No links to here.

If I Google one of the tiny kids’ names, the third link down is Free Jinger. The next is Nicole’s blog.   There is a link to this blog way down due to a commenter using the child’s name and it being overlooked.  I corrected that just now.

And it goes on like this.  For people who are so worried about “the children” and how horrible I am, they do not seem to care that these kids can Google their own names and find Free Jinger and all the snark and nasty shit that is said about them. I am well aware that it is quite likely that the Naugler children who are literate know all about this blog already, but at least it does not show up on a Google search of their personal first names. Potential employers in the future will not find this by Googling their names.

Free Jinger’s criticism of me began, I think, with the story I told about Al’s daughter. 

They were all bent because they thought I should not have included any reference to what the daughter said about the Naugler son. Please keep the above two screen shots in mind here as you read this. They got on their little high horses because I quoted Al’s daughter, but don’t mind one bit making fun of a little baby and posting actual photos of her.

But then came the pregnancy thing.

I began with a post that never even mentioned the impending grandchild. At the time that I wrote it, I knew all about the girlfriend, but was waiting because it just wasn’t public enough to make me feel comfortable talking about it.  I danced all around it instead.

Later the same day, I got the public confirmation I was waiting for. Not the comment that was removed from Nicole’s page, but public postings (note the plural there) on Facebook by locals discussing the pregnancy. That’s what I do here. I write about public stuff.  Not some teenager’s private stuff set to friends only. Public stuff.  I have no way to get into anyone’s Facebook page’s private postings. I don’t know how and I wouldn’t try to do it if I did.

Even then, I didn’t mention which kid it was or the circumstances.  I only have talked about the details  (about a week later) when Nicole chose to harshly criticize her very innocent next-door neighbor just because she doesn’t like her.  And even then, I have never used or permitted anyone commenting to use either the name of the girlfriend or the name of the still-minor father. [And yes, I know that people were able to find the girl’s FB page with ease. That is not my fault. ]

Anyway, that series of posts has caused great consternation over at Free Jinger. I strongly suspect it’s because they didn’t see this coming, had not a clue and I scooped them.

These are grown women who hide behind screen names and regularly gossip publicly about all kinds of people, anyone they don’t like.  The Nauglers are just one family that has caught their ire.

Rest assured about one thing:  Free Jinger does not stay online because it is run by people who are altruistic and just want to provide a free place for women to vent anonymously.  It’s a money-making operation. There are ads on Free Jinger.  They are doing what they can to drive traffic their way.

I know that we’ve talked about all this pretty extensively in the comment section and I don’t want to beat a dead horse. However, I thought it might be a good idea to put it all on one post. Right now, the comments are scattered everywhere.

But here’s my bigger question and the main reason I did this post. Why is it that Nicole considers me “the tabloid blogger” and pretty much her Enemy #1 and yet never mentions Free Jinger?  Why is that?  She made a silly little list on her imitation blog of all the “trolls.”  Free Jinger is not among them.  It’s certainly not because she thinks they are nice.

I know she reads it.  She reads everything.  Besides, she posted a photo once that had her tablet screen showing in the background and it was open to Free Jinger.

But somehow, they are not a “tabloid forum.”

I find that odd.


So Nicole, who never reads this blog, ever, has responded to my question, in oh, about two hours.

She claims that the difference between me and Free Jinger is that Free Jinger’s folks (who include some of the same people who comment here) aren’t:

driving past my house talking [sic] photos

I didn’t take any photos, Nicole. I didn’t have a camera.  Nobody in that vehicle had a camera. If we had, rest assured we’d have snapped a picture of Joe enjoying his beer.

calling old employers

I have never called any of your old employers. Hell, other than Patricia, I don’t even know who they might be.

encouraging every government agency to investigate our every breath

I have no connection with any government agency, no matter how much you want to believe that and how many times you repeat it.  I have no pull with anyone.  I’m not in cahoots with anyone.

trying to create a legitimate false reality of my life

I have no idea what this means.  What is a “legitimate false reality”?

slander and libel (defamation) can

For the umpteenth time, slander and libel are basically the same thing. Slander is spoken. Libel is written.  Neither are involved here because I have expressed only things I can prove (the Nauglers were shitting in buckets), and/or what is clearly and unquestionably my opinion (I think shitting in buckets is shitty).

so can acts such as contacting clients and making fabricated reports

Since I have never done either of those things, I’m not sure why she is bringing this up. What is a “fabricated report”? Is she talking about the obviously fake reviews of her business?  Does that apply to the quite clearly fake positive reviews as well, or are they okay?

No one gives them any credibility.

I assume that this means that people do, in fact, consider me credible.  Thanks so much.

Their opinions cause no harm.

Exactly how do my opinions “cause harm” but theirs don’t?

I am going to assume that what Nicole is saying here is that this blog is effective and Free Jinger is not, that this blog has cut into the grifting in a tangible way and Free Jinger has not, that this blog has shown the truth about what is going on at the Blessed Little Shitstead (for instance, shitting in buckets) and Free Jinger has not.

I consider this the ultimate compliment, but it still doesn’t answer the question.  Free Jinger is not on The List.  The “cosmically pathetic” Facebook pages are.