The telling sentence is this one:

This is what CPS found upon their initial investigation.

What does that mean?

When was “their initial investigation”?

The Nauglers have been living at the Blessed Little Property since the fall of 2013. And they have had three different “dwellings” since moving there.

Here’s the first one.

First shed

It was a garden shed, just like the current garden shed (more or less).

According to Nicole’s account, they returned it in order to save the monthly payment, and because they were headed into winter (fall of 2014), they built the infamous Blessed Little Shitshack, where they lived until Child Protective Services came down on their heads in May, 2015 and took the kids.

But here’s what she says during the period right after they got the first shed.

eleven days

So, according to Nicole’s own account, the “initial investigation” by CPS occurred eleven days after they moved into the original, first garden shed.

With Nicole, you have to read carefully, because she often chooses her words to deceive.

She’s not saying that CPS thought the Blessed Shitshack was a great place to live.  She is saying that CPS, with whom the Nauglers are very, very familiar having had frequent visits from them throughout the years, thought that the original garden shed was okay.

The children were removed in May, 2015, and when they were returned, it was to the second garden shed. And Nicole and Joe had to get that one delivered before the children were returned.

They try to spin this every which way, but it just won’t spin.

They cherry-pick the situation, and say that the Guardian Ad-Litem was the only person who didn’t just faint with delight at the Blessed Little Shitshack and its quaint features and rustic ambiance.  The CPS folks found it beautiful and more than adequate.

But Nicole is the same person who has insisted over and over again that the whole CPS thing is all over. Case closed. They found nothing at all except that the Nauglers failed to notify the state they were “homeschooling.”

under CPS move

You know what?  We moved interstate with a minor child and we never even thought about CPS or anyone else for that matter. We just moved. That’s what people do when they don’t have a current, open case with Child Protective Services. When you cannot move without “the court” putting you “under that areas [sic] CPS,” you have an open case.

CPS visits

. . .we still have CPS visits. . .

Yeah. That’s called “we still have an open CPS case.”

But this is what Nicole wants her leghumpers to believe was found to be “structurally sound” and “clean and well organized.”

I’ve left them large (click to see them), so you can appreciate the “structural soundness” and “cleanliness and organization.”

If Kentucky’s (or any other state’s) Child Protective Services thought that mess was a “structurally sound, clean and organized” place to raise children, we have a very serious problem with Child Protective Services.

These people are not ideal poster children for some sort of silly protest against the perceived injustices of Child Protective Services. They are, instead, the sort of people who absolutely need CPS to watch their every move, hopefully until the last child is of age.



Read this again.

CPS has petitioned to close. Family court just keeps resetting us. . .

That bad, bad Family Court.  Why do they “keep resetting” the Naugler case, in spite of the nice people at CPS petitioning the Court to close the case.  Why?

. . .so that we cannot release the transcripts from court and expose the bullshit.

Oh, I see. The Nauglers are whistleblowers. They are gonna tell us all the shit so we can be properly outraged because the state of Kentucky removed their children from the three-sided lean-to where they’d spent a whole winter, living in conditions that would make a poor person in rural Africa feel sorry for them.

And the Family Court is afraid of this, so the Court won’t close the case in order to stop the fearless intrepid Nauglers from informing the world about the evils of Child Protective Services.

And government.

And the police.

And the neighbors.

But maybe that’s not the whole story.

legal custody

So they have “full legal custody.”  And these visits from CPS are just “procedural.”

This, of course, really says nothing. What in the hell is “procedural”?

When our son was a minor, we had “full legal custody” of him. You know, for 18 complete years. We could take him anywhere, move anywhere, and we never had to report to anyone about anything. We put him in school. We took him out of school. We put him back in school again. We signed for him to have surgery. We took him to the dentist.

All that “full legal custody” stuff.

And nobody from CPS in any state where we lived had ever heard of us.

Seems to me that you don’t have “full legal custody” if you aren’t able to go anywhere and do anything without “procedural” stuff hanging over your head.


Oh, so they can move anywhere they want.

Only, if they do, the state of Kentucky will notify the new state about them, and they will get visited by CPS in that state.

And it’s “still active.”

under CPS move

Here’s some more conspiracy stuff. The state of Kentucky is conspiring to keep the Nauglers poor. They want the Nauglers to be able to function without the state having to raise their kids for them, but not able to be “stronger” because then they would be “empowered.”

To do what?

Why, to whistleblow. That’s what.


The state does not want this to happen. No, sirree.  They are terrified of Joe Naugler because he is “aggressively working.”

I will pause a minute while you recover.

Joe Naugler has never worked aggressively in his entire life for a single second.

But anyway, the GAL is insisting on “forensic evaluation.”  What in the hell is that?

It’s a psychological examination, among other things.

The GAL is concerned that the Naugler parents might be bananas.  I cannot imagine why she might be concerned about that.  Little things like the Blessed Little Shitshack, and the Blessed Little Non-existent Compost Heap, stuff like that doesn’t raise any red flags at all.

At any rate, as you can imagine, Nicole isn’t a fan of testing.  She doesn’t want her kids tested to see if they know anything at all, and she sure as hell would object heartily to having herself tested to determine if she is bonkers.

from blog

Notice the wording here. She’s using vague terminology.

It has yet to be scheduled.

“It” [the forensic evaluations] can’t schedule itself.  Somebody has to do that. Who is the somebody who is not doing that?

Is it like an appointment with the doctor?  You call and make an appointment for August 19 at 2:00 p.m. and then you show up and have your examination.  Of course, if you happen to not want to have that examination, you could call them on August 15 and say, “Gee, I can’t make it on the 19th. Can I reschedule?”  And they will say, “Sure, how about September 5 at 10:00 a.m.?” And you say, “Okay, that’s fine.”

Rinse and repeat.  You can put off that exam for months.

. . .we just keep resetting the court hearings.

Well, of course. You can’t have the court hearing until the forensic evaluation is done, and “it” is not even scheduled. That mysterious person simply hasn’t done it.  Or the Nauglers “keep resetting.”

I fail to see what is “unprecedented” about requiring a psychological evaluation.  It’s done all the time.

Nicole is wanting us to believe that the ball here is totally in the hands of the Family Court and they are refusing to even schedule the evaluations because they are so terrified of the Nauglers that they want to keep them all locked up tight and quiet. Like she calls and says, “When can we have those tests done?” And they reply, “Oh, gee, we’re booked solid until November of 2018.” She’s implying that if they called her tomorrow and said, “The evaluations are scheduled for next week” she would reply, “Oh, good. What time? We’ll be there.”

She would not. We all know she would not. She words this stuff relatively carefully.  It’s called “weaseling.”

So the Nauglers remain “on a tether.”

That means that their CPS case is not closed, and they are not free to do and go anywhere they like anytime they like without supervision.

And their political views have nothing whatever to do with it.

That takes us back to the original question.

Is your case with CPS still open and have you met all of their requirements?

Answer: Yes, it’s still open, and no, they haven’t.





I could almost, almost feel for Nicole here. She reads this bullshit stuff and believes all of it and so she’s “upset.”

Here’s the article.

medical kidnap

Notice the source?  Sigh.  Fear-mongering at its worst.  A site that every parent who ever had a run-in with CPS frequents regularly, because they are all (or at least this is way it appears to me) innocent.  And CPS is evil. Always evil.

And they steal babies. You know, babies born to 14-year-old rape victims who are brave and all pro-life and decide to go ahead and have the baby. Because CPS is just evil like that and hates children.  Or wants to sell children.  Or something.

Well, maybe not.

I spent about five minutes (really, about five minutes) looking around for a site that was saying something about this that wasn’t a lunatic site, and found this.


Of course, this is Snopes, and so George Soros, so we can’t believe it either.  Or can we?

Read it and see for yourself.


And my thanks to a sharp-eyed, super-Googler reader who found this. The grandmother decided to Naugler a bit, and started a GoFundMe.  It is now gone, conveniently (and good riddance – GoFundMe is just online begging). They have raised five of their grandchildren, and two of them had babies the same week.  I don’t know if the second grandchild who gave birth was a minor, but it’s for certain the first one was.

If I were CPS, I might be checking into this situation too.

If Nicole would get off these fringy silly conspiracy-theorist pages and quit immersing herself in one side of things, she might not be so upset.

And maybe then she could go back to being upset with the health department. They are real.