Doggone It

joe dog

There was a little conversation over at the BLH Facebook page about coyotes. It seems they are coming closer to the Blessed Shithole and might threaten the “flock,” which I assume means the hen and whatever chicks may have survived thus far.  So what to do?

We have donkeys. But then, we have fences. And we’ve never had a problem with coyotes and chickens, but I suppose anything’s possible.

So, the conversation went along with people chiming in their two cents worth, and then Joe had to insert his little rant about dogs.

He’s so upset, poor thing. Two dogs killed.  How sad.  One dog was hit by a car on that dirt road, he says, and the vet told them that the car was going very fast. I’m gobsmacked.  Really?

First off, this incident happened when the Nauglers had fled the Shitshack to live in relative luxury on GFM money at the local motel while the kids were being babysat by the state. They were not living on the property. That’s one reason those dogs were killed. They were abandoned there.

Perhaps Joe and/or Nicole drove out to the property one day (about 25 minutes one way from the motel) to check on things and got there at just the point in time when the dog had been hit, was lying there mortally wounded but not dead, and the car was nowhere in sight. And he/she/they promptly put the dog in the car and drove madly to the nearest vet who explained that dog was irreparably wounded but that he’d been hit by a vehicle going 75 mph.  He could tell, you see, because the dog was all smashed up.

And perhaps, using Occam’s Razor, this is complete bullshit.

Joe and Nicole have never, to my knowledge, taken a child to the doctor, much less a dog to the vet.  But let’s say that they were flush with Go Fund Me money and felt generous and did just that.

A vet cannot tell you how fast the car was going when it hit the damn dog. If he tried to do that, he was lying.

Cars weigh a whole lot. The average weight is about 4000 pounds. Your fifty pound dog is not anything compared to the car.   A 4000 pound car could hit a fifty pound dog while moving at 15 mph and squash him flatter than a pancake.

This story is bogus from start to finish.

As I believe I’ve mentioned before, we’ve been along the road beside the Blessed Shithole. And the Naugler dogs chase cars.  It’s simply a fact. They chased our truck.  In fact, they ran out and more or less attempted to eat our truck.  We slowed down, moved around them and kept going, taking care to avoid hitting them.

If I had to drive that road all the time, that would get old quick and I probably would cease being quite so careful. So when you tell me that a Naugler dog got hit by a car, I am not even slightly surprised.

The other dog, Angel, was shot when she wandered way far from home in search of food and got aggressive with someone’s dogs, someone who did not know where she came from or anything about her, but didn’t want his dogs or the small children present hurt. They lived there. She didn’t.

None of this was about people not liking the Nauglers. It was about dogs being nuisances.  Don’t keep your dogs up, don’t train them, let them aggravate folks, get aggressive with other people’s pets and run cars, and you are gonna have some dead dogs. That’s the way it is.

But then we go back to the discussion about coyotes. Well, we go back to it after Joe tosses in a few barbs at Al, who has nothing to do with any of this.

And Joe says that they are “just gonna use their .308s and do some night hunting.”



More than one high-powered rifle, hunting at night.


A shotgun. That is the only sort of gun that is legal to hunt coyotes at night. A shotgun, and one containing “shells which contain more than one projectile.”

I admit knowing almost nothing about guns. I had to ask around about this. I wanted to know why this law is in place. The answer is that it’s safer. Vision is limited at night (duh) and a single projectile (bullet) will penetrate a target and sometimes exit and hit whatever is behind the target. And at night, you often can’t see what is behind.  What’s behind might be your neighbor, or even your own children.

Shotgun shells with multiple projectiles fire a shorter distance and once they hit their target, they stop.

Furthermore, a .308 is a high-powered rifle which is really overkill for hunting coyotes.

So is this statement really about coyotes?  Or is Joe inferring something else?  I don’t know.


And there’s that pesky, inconvenient statist stuff. You gotta have a license.

No lights until February.

You know, if you intend to break the law, it’s probably not a really good idea to announce it on Facebook.  It’s like putting up photos of your sewage disposal system (white buckets) and then getting upset when the Health Department finds them.



I’ll bite, Nicole.

Your “sweet family pet” was not with a family, acting like a pet, or being sweet at the time she was killed. Nobody was hunting her, not even you. She was hungry, apparently, or maybe she was just mean.  Whatever the reason, your dog, that you abandoned, wandered a long way from home and attacked a homeowner’s family pets.

She not only threatened the family dogs, she also threatened their children.

So the homeowner shot and killed her on the spot. It’s his right to do that.

But you already knew this, didn’t you?