We Never, Ever. . .

This is old stuff, but interesting. I’ve been sitting on this for months, partly due to how complicated it is to explain, and partly due to the fact that I didn’t want to let the source of some of the images know that I had these images or what they contained, in hopes that there would be more of them coming. [Don’t bother to clean house now. I already have everything in a nice neat file.]

This is just a sample. For anyone who is just joining us (good luck, this is a rabbit hole), first there was the “Truth Seeking” Facebook page started by Beth Murschell in the spring of 2014.  It was an effort to counteract against Cathy Harris’ “Truth Seeking Graduates of Bob Jones” page.

Almost immediately, “Truth Seeking 2nd Edition” was launched, mostly in an effort to keep any discussion or “survivor wars” off the original TSG and also to provide them with anonymity so they could fire shots without any danger being shot at themselves. The whole damn thing was a cesspool of people hiding behind moderator labels and fake profiles.

What followed is what I fondly remember as The Summer of Hell. Summer around here is always busy, and that summer was no exception, only it was augmented by having to fight this war every single day. All in all, I think that Cathy, Camille and the Court started no less than 10 or 12 pages in an effort to shut down this website.

And all during that time, we were told repeatedly that Cathy didn’t know shit about any of it. She didn’t start any pages. She didn’t even know about pages. Page? What page?  Of course, her story of how she found out about said page changed over time.  Above, as you can see, she found out because someone tagged her in their post. But she forgot she said that, and concocted a silly story about how she was busy committing suicide and Camille called her at the last minute before she could pull the trigger and told her about the page and that saved her life.  But I digress. . .

The main thing is that they kept denying that Camille and Dan were part of this.  Oh, they commented, but they were not administrators. They didn’t know who was running all those pages, but it certainly wasn’t them. The only one who was more-or-less honest about it all was Linda Fossen, who readily admitted she started the first Manhater page (“The Truth about the Manipuhaters” – it was such a stupid title that I shortened it to something more appropriate).

But even Maytag taunted us.

What they were all doing was hiding.  Linda became the “face” of the pages, and the others just came out and threw darts from their safe place. None of us knew who we were talking to (which is one of the reasons I got off Facebook and started this website). It was a very different scenario than we have here on this blog.  Yes, people here use screen names, but everyone knows who the moderator is: me. So if something is said that is shitty here, I am around to control the situation to the best of my ability. Nobody is going to be doxxed, or stalked, or screamed at for expressing an opinion even if I don’t agree with them. It was the exact opposite situation with these FB pages.  The commenters were generally known, but the moderators were anonymous.

Well, anonymous for a while.

At one point, Facebook shut down the original Manhater page, and they responded by putting up eight of them, all in the same day (basically shooting Mark Zuckerberg a bird), with variations on the spelling of the title.

We, of course, began to see patterns in the writing, though, from the various administrators.

Read through this exchange, where James first addresses the admin as “Linda,” and then is told he got it wrong. Go back and just read the administrator’s comments.  Who does it sound like?

James makes the point:

I should have picked up on the “professorial” condescension dripping from most of these posts.

Of course. There is pretty much no doubt.  Camille wrote that.

But wait. Camille was never, ever a moderator on any of those pages. It was all just beneath her. She wouldn’t ever do something like that, would she?

We knew it was Camille, but there was no way to prove it.

Then we found this. This screen shot comes from Dan Keller’s little stash of photos on Flickr that he used for his dreadful Storify page.

Compare it with the screen shot above. It’s the same conversation, but it’s different.

See what I mean?  What is that bit in the middle on the second one (Dan’s copy)?

Well, here’s the deal. When you have a Facebook “like” page, and multiple administrators, even they get all confused about who said what. So Facebook adds that little “Commented on by XXXXX (?)” remark, but only the administrators can see it.  “XXXXX”, of course, would be the name of the administrator who made the comment.  It’s not visible to other folks.

This might be difficult to see. It’s very small. But notice that the administrator of Manhaters says that we can see that Cathy posted that piece on TSG.  It says in teeny letters “Posted by Cathy Harris.”  Visible only to an administrator.  I add this only to show that the administrators know this is the case, so they don’t fire back with shit about how I don’t know what I am talking about.

What does this mean?  It means that the person who grabbed that screen shot of the exchange with James was an administrator of the page. That’s either Dan or the person who gave him that screen shot if he didn’t get it himself.

But Dan whited out the name.

On that copy.

Dan was sloppy. Some of his screen shots were not properly whited out.

You were expecting to see “Camille Lewis,” weren’t you?  Who in the hell is “Nathan Ulrich”?

Well, “Nathan Ulrich” is another of Camille’s fakes. Like “Brenda Bough.”  The problem they were having was that Facebook kept shutting them down, and at one point, Camille and Linda both were put on Facebook time-out for several days. So, when they started the multiple Manhater pages (see the odd spelling of that page’s name), they put a different profile as the admin of each page, so if somebody got shut down or went to Facebook time-out, the other profiles would still function.  This also allowed them to pretend that Camille and Dan never, ever, ever had anything to do with these pages other than commenting on them.

And there you have the administrators of the Manhater page, in addition to Maytag (who freely admitted it).

But what about Truth Seeking Graduates?  We were told repeatedly that there were four administrators of TSG.  Cathy, Camille, “Mark Moore,” and somebody called “Shadow.”  We were all stupid if we didn’t know that.

Mark Moore is a sort of odd duck. I have no idea if he’s real or not. He was there, and only there (you never saw him comment or participate any place else except TSG) and then he was sort of. . . gone.

But who was “Shadow”?

Again, Dan provided us with this.

Somebody (not Dan, he uses white, probably Cathy) used cutesy stuff to block the name and put in “Shadow.”  So we can’t know, can we? We can’t even find a clue, can we?

Well, yeah, we can.

This is little complicated, but I’ll try to explain it.  Notice that paragraph written about each admin is the same except for the person’s first name. The length of the person’s first name affects the entire paragraph.  “Camille” is the longest name. See how that pushes the word “Page” down to the second line. It’s not that way on the others.

And that leads me to the subject of type.  In the old days, when we had typewriters, the letters each occupied the same amount of space. It’s called monospaced type. Typefonts that are monospaced give a typewriter-look.

The type you are reading right now is variable-width type. An “i” takes way less space than a “w”.  You can easily see this if you look at the space between the quotation marks around each letter.

The font used in the screen shot above is variable-width. It is almost certainly Arial. I tested all this with several different common-on-the-web typefonts and the results were similar.  Web browsers all tend to default to just a few fonts that are pretty much universally available on the average computer. Keep that in mind.

Notice the word I’ve highlighted.  It’s the first word that shows in the edited “Shadow” entry, so it’s the one we’re going to focus on. It’s in a slightly different place on each one, isn’t it?  That’s because each first name has a different number and width of letters. “Camille” is the longest, so the word “including” is pushed to the right.

And this is what happens if you draw a perfectly straight line positioned just to the left of the “including” in “Shadow’s” entry. It is quite clearly way over to the left from all the others.  Putting them in order of length, we have the longest being Camille, then Cathy, then Mark, and then “Shadow.”

What does this mean?

It means that “Shadow” has a very short first name.

Shorter than “Mark.”

So what name could it be? Is it possible that it’s a four-letter name with narrow letters, like this?

Well, perhaps, except that if you look closely at the red line, the distance is not that great between Mark’s “including” and Shadow’s “including.”  It’s probably not “Bill.”

It’s probably a three-letter name.  And who has a three-letter name?  Who would be a likely candidate for “Shadow?  It’s not just the name-length, it’s also who might be given administrative privileges?

Like, who has been given those privileges before on other pages?

With three letters in his name.

Dan, er. . . “Shadow,” who is the fool again?


Love Letters

On a day like today
We passed the time away
Writing love letters in the sand
How you laughed when I cried
Each time I saw the tide
Take our love letters from the sand

Pat Boone

I have been collecting what I refer to as “love letters” ever since this blog started. I’ve delayed posting them because I wanted to get as many as I could, and also because the content began to morph so much that I wanted to see exactly how far it would go.

They have died down for a while now, and it’s time to go public.

I have been more or less anonymous, using the obvious pseudonym “Blessed Little Blogger,” not because I was afraid of anyone, but because my spouse asked me to do it. His concern was Joe Naugler.

Joe Naugler has a criminal record, a history of threatening people.  Even now, Nicole and Joe both are very quick to talk publicly and often about “defending” their “rights” and they mean using guns.

Nicole comment

That comment was made today (February 21, 2016).  She’s made similar remarks before. And even though my husband does not read this stuff, he’s seen enough to be mildly concerned.

Remember, I’m not doing a single thing to these people but making public commentary about their very public commentary.  The stuff they wanted to “go viral.”  If they had not pushed themselves into the public space, I would never have known they existed.

But regardless, I agreed that I would make a more or less half-hearted attempt to remain anonymous.

When I first started this blog, I had no way for anyone to contact me except by leaving a comment.  I knew this was inconvenient, but it worked for a little while.  So the love letters began as comments.

dated 12/25/15 10:57 p.m.

Here’s an example. Obviously, the person leaving the comment was not Sally Davis. The email address is fake. The IP address is a proxy.  The link is real.  It was a message.

He was telling me that he thought I am Sally Davis and that Sally Davis has a blog at that link and that I should look at it.

More followed.

dated: 12/25/15 9:31 p.m.
dated: 12/25/15 9:50 p.m.
dated: 12/25/15 10:03 p.m.
Sally Davis
date: 12/25/15 9:05 p.m.

And there was more of this sort of silly nonsense.  I captured screen shots, saved the messages, and ignored it.

Then the messages changed a little because he really wasn’t sure at all.

date: 12/19/15

Joe bloom

same time
Not sure of the date of this.

And a whole slew of them at once.  Manic stuff.


Somebody was convinced that the Blessed Little Blogger was not Sally Davis, after all, but in fact, Lisa Duran-Luthi.  Because he’d somehow linked her IP address to the blog.

So I (or Lisa) was supposed to be afraid.

Sometime during this period, I set up a contact form so people could contact me privately and an email exchange would be possible, so I started getting love letters via the contact form as well as on the comment page.

email Lisa

They got the break they needed.  At last. I was so glad to read that.

good at job

So, he’s good at his “job.” Really?

Right in the beginning of the blog, we had a commenter who was clearly a Naugler supporter who used the screen name Jonathan Blakely. His comments are almost entirely on the Barney page. In spite of the fact that he obviously disagreed with me vehemently and voiced his displeasure,  he was not unbearably offensive, and I allowed his comments.  I did do what any reasonable person would do and checked his IP address and quickly realized that he was using a proxy. [Note: I’m going to do a whole page on IP addresses because it’s a misunderstood subject and one people use to create fear, but that’s later.]

I gave him a little hell about being in Sweden on one post, and then being in London an hour later.  He tried to explain that he was in Europe, which was obviously silly, but finally sent a note admitting the proxy.


But notice the love letter above his?  That one, just like all the others, was not written by Teresa Frogue, but was a feeler thinking that maybe Teresa was the Blogger.

The interesting thing is the IP address.

Jonathan Blakely and the love letter writer are the same person.  And furthermore, the love letter writer is in Breckinridge County, Kentucky.

Amazing.  And remember, he’s “good at (his) job.”

But all this was just silly crap.  It was no different than a lot of the silly stuff occurring on these various Facebook pages, with insults being tossed back and forth like popcorn.

Only then it began to change a little.

dated 12/25/15 10:51 p.m.

This one is saying, “We know your address. Be afraid of us.”

fuck you



So, he started with the insults.  That’s okay, too.  I ignored them and stashed them away.


The “legal expert” one, of course, was the basis for the page about Barney.

dated: 12/25/15 10:07 p.m.
my garden Nancy Furman
date approximately 1/22/16 (that’s the date I have on the screen shot – it could be earlier than that, of course)

Right in the middle of this, they ran off a cliff with this photo.  From the page on gardening, this is a photo, in fact, of my garden.  I believe I said so when I used it.  It’s my garden.  I planted the potatoes in the foreground.  The tripods in the far background are used for pole beans.

And the person who admins that page thought he’d “seen this before.”

Nancy Furman
dated 1/22/16 11:29 a.m.

Sigh.  Make up your fucking minds, will you please?

dated 1/7/16 10:47 a.m.

And it bounced around.

But then it started to turn really sort of ugly.

not give a shit
I have no date on this one. Perhaps “Jack Schitt” can enlighten us.

What does that mean?  “. . . she will be dealt with accordingly.”  Dealt with?  By whom?  By an overweight unemployed dead-beat who thinks he can bully people using fake identities?  I think not.

white trash
dated 12/26/15 4:54 p.m.

Say the people who live in a garden shed.

But it got a bit worse.


So, a complete stranger is going to punch two people in the mouth, when they aren’t even sure who they are talking to, and when the spouse doesn’t have anything to do with this?

Doesn’t this constitute a threat?

I mean, I laughed, but really?

And then it got even worse.

dated 1/4/16 8:13 a.m.
Nathan suicide
dated 1/6/16 1:34 p.m.
dated 1/7/16 9:02 a.m.

Read those again. The person writing this lives in Breckinridge County, Kentucky.  I do not believe it’s Nicole, although I’m quite sure she knows all about these notes.  I think it’s either Joe or the oldest son (the messages started not long after I refused to allow the son to comment on the blog).

The person isn’t really sure that he’s talking to Sally Davis at all.  He’s sending out feelers everywhere trying to establish my identity but he’s not really sure.

And he says that shit.  These are messages from a person who is a member of a  “faith driven unschooling off grid wilderness homesteading family of 13 people, pets and a few random farm animals living a back to basics minimalist life.”

I am not a superstitious person, but if I had eleven children, I would be very careful about tempting fate like that.

In case you want to know more about what he’s talking about, you can read all about it.

His name was Nathan. He was enormously talented.  He died on August 22, 2006 when he was thirty, in his sleep. It was not a “miserable death.”  Nor was his death a suicide. Nor was he ever abused by anyone. And he was an atheist. There is no “hell,” and he is not “looking up” from anywhere.

And yes, I am his mother.


ValerieAh, they got me.  Caught.  🙂

Only, I wasn’t trying to imply that all of them came in that exact order.  I was grouping them more by subject matter.

No matter.  I aim to please and I certainly don’t aim to deceive.  So, I went back and added a note with the date and time each one was received (if I have that information).

What you will notice is that they came sometimes once a day, and sometimes in spurts (the Love Letter author was especially busy on Christmas day).  And they did, in fact, escalate in content, although that hardly matters.

The last one I got was the “punch in the face” one, at least as far as I can tell. And very frankly, that one was a line drawn in the sand as far as Dave and I are concerned.

Valerie, a personal note to you.  You are more than welcome to come here and comment and disagree with me all  you want.  Anyone is.  I don’t bite unless you call me names or say rotten things about my dead son or threaten to punch me in the face. Do you have good arguments to defend Joe and Nicole? Please, by all means, state them.

I’m not sure what you thought you were accomplishing with this great sleuthing insight, however, you did me a huge favor, so thank you very much. In looking back to find the dates on those, I discovered a bunch more that I had overlooked.

Here they are (I have blocked my personal email address from view):






The link there goes to a silly childish little gif that says “Canadians are weird,” meant to insult Denise, I assume.


And this link leads to another gif.  I didn’t even bother to follow that one, so I have no idea what’s there.




SD is blogger



god damned idiot

And one more update:

Nicole has admitted that she wrote this crap.






The Fake Activist

I really like the truth. I gave up a lot for it when I deconverted from Christianity. I don’t take it lightly. And I absolutely despise fakes. Fake profiles, fake identities, fake blogs, fake accusers. This sort of thing is the modern day equivalent of anonymous letters.


Despite the fact that Facebook asks its users to use their real names, a whole of people don’t. I understand some of that. Some people are simply concerned about privacy issues. I had one Facebook friend who had two profiles – one for her family and her acquaintances, and a second one with a false name where she could interact for real. In her case, it was her parents that drove her into anonymity. In other cases, it might be an employer. I understand it.

But this isn’t about fake profiles to protect the innocent. This is about fake profiles used to attack other people. It’s hiding in the shadows slinging mud. It’s also a lie. And when asked directly about this, Linda, via her fake profiles, just lied. Over and over again.


At one point, I asked her how she could possibly know all about the current “survivor war” when her profile had only been created about three days previously. She replied that her sister was on Facebook and kept her current. It was so lame it made me laugh, but the fact that Linda is inept doesn’t change the fact that she lies.


Linda did a rant on the now-defunct Truth Seeking 2nd Edition page confessing that she was using two fake profiles. Of course, she says that she used them because she wanted to defend her friend Cathy Harris, who is apparently incapable of doing so herself. Here are snippets from that “confession.”


It seems that Linda has been “defending” Cathy Harris for quite some time now. Joanne Cummings was a new one, but Bee Malone has been around for quite a while.

So here are some excerpts from Linda’s very long rant.


Naturally, in Linda’s view, her fake profiles are entirely justified because she, like Superman, is on a mission.


Bee became so obviously fake that Linda switched to a new fake profile, Joanne.


What Joanne and Bee had to say is irrelevant here. The point is that this woman doesn’t mind hiding behind fake profiles and lying incessantly when it suits her. For the record, I have never had a fake profile on Facebook, ever. My current profile is almost entirely public. As Camille K. Lewis put it (while using her fake profile):



And while this is clearly not Linda Fossen, it’s an example of yet another fake profile. Nobody seems to think this is in any way odd or wrong or maybe just not a good idea. This person claims to be an attorney, which we now know was a lie,  and sees no irony in doing so while using a totally fake identity to threaten other people with legal action.

NOTE:  Beth James was Cathy Harris.

Have you ever gotten an anonymous letter? I have. It’s not pleasant. What it leads to is suspicion – of everyone. You wonder, who could this fake person be referring to? Who are my friends? Who are the people who are not my friends?

All three of the women I’ve talked about here on this web site know exactly who I am and how to contact me. I have never hidden a single thing I’ve said about any of them. I’m not one bit ashamed of any of it, nor do I regret any of it. But they bash people and talk about them and malign their characters and lie about them, and they do so from the relative safety of anonymity.

It’s not about “setting up a Facebook page.” It’s about honesty. It’s about allowing other people to have opinions that differ from yours without beating them mercilessly until they either run and hide or submit.