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It has to smart a bit to be on a list like this, not once, but five times (I know, math is hard), especially when there are only 21 items on the list in the first place. Josh Duggar beat the Nauglers out with 6 mentions.

And it’s informative to note what website this is.  Homeschoolers Anonymous is not some crank website of malcontents.  It’s a website for people who were actually homeschooled and who have varying views of their experiences.  Some of them are very negative about the whole process.  Others are not sure, but are willing to discuss what was good and what was bad. A great many are very supportive of the endeavor.

And the title of that top article, the most viewed article on the website last year, was this.

from HA

If you are one of the Nauger’s supporters, or if you even feel the slightest bit of sympathy for these dead-beat parents,  read this article.  Notice several things as you do.

The writer is articulate.  He obviously was well-educated in his homeschool environment or he’s managed to get educated in the years since then.

He never says a single negative word about homeschooling, or even about so-called “unschooling,” nor about homesteading, nor about living off-grid. He describes his family’s living situation with fondness, actually. He seems to have left the more-or-less fundamentalist religion of his childhood behind, but he doesn’t appear to harbor animosity about it.

He knew a dozen families living nearby with the same lifestyle.  Off-grid. Family-built cabin. The whole bit.

And I never, ever, saw living conditions even half as dangerous, anarchistic or filthy as what is shown on the “Blessed Little Homestead” site and Facebook page.

from HA

And this one, from another off-grid homeschooler, this one a missionary kid. This woman not only grew up in off-grid, primitive condition, she has homeschooled her own children (so she didn’t consider the experience so terrible, apparently) and she aspires to be at least somewhat self-sufficient.  She’s not unsympathetic.

This isn’t an issue of civil liberties.

It’s an issue of stubborn, close minded adherence to a way of living even our forefathers were working to rise out of.

from HA

The reason this one is important, and reached the number two slot, is that the Homeschoolers Anonymous audience, far from being critical of all homeschoolers (the picture Nicole would like to paint), is actually so sympathetic to much homeschooling that they needed to be warned lest they rally to the support of the Naugler’s scam.

These people who regularly read HA are not the people Joe and Nicole should be trying to alienate. Joe and Nicole, who can do suck-up beautifully when it suits them, should be doing that with these folks instead of insulting them.

From HA

And this one isn’t what the title makes it sound like it is. This is a call for homeschoolers to come to some sort of agreement about how to define homeschooling, because there is a tendency among them to commit the No True Scotsman fallacy.  They declare everyone a homeschooler until a family does something atrocious and then say, “Oh, that family wasn’t really homeschooling.”

If you listen carefully, you’ll hear this fallacy used a whole lot.  “Well, she isn’t a real Christian.  If she was, she wouldn’t do that.”

“A real Democrat wouldn’t vote for a Republican, ever.”

And on and on.

What the article does point out is that technically, the Naugler children were not homeschooled (up until this year).  They were truant.  That was because Nicole refused to file the appropriate paperwork.   All she had to do was fill out a simple paper, but that was just too much for The Man to ask, and she declined.  Or she did until they dragged her ass into court and then she said, “Oh.  You really mean it?  Okay.”  Even then, she wouldn’t taint her pristine, state-free fingers with the paper, and made her children fill it out.

from HA

And this last one is basically a news update after the first court hearing.

But I love this little remark:

The BLB is trying to make their (sic) name known as well—tabloid blogging at it’s (sic) best.

Don’t worry about me, Nicole. I’m doing just fine here at the Blessed Little Blog.  I don’t even advertise the thing, anywhere.  It has been entirely done by readers.  I don’t have somebody like Joe, who goes all over Facebook posting links to your little page (Blessed Little Homestead), trying to lure in suckers.  People read here and they either like what they read and come back, or they don’t.

I’m not a “their,” by the way. There is only one of me.  And “it’s” means “it is.”  Put that in your sentence and see how it doesn’t work. Or is English grammar hard, too?


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  1. I am a big fan of this blog and H.A. I counted 5 also. Nice to know there are so many people willing to speak up about bullshit. We don’t all have to agree on every little thing, but we can all agree to call it as we see it. Constantly learning. Thank you.


  2. Please note, the master blogger has spoken, “considering I don’t blog anymore, it goes without saying the troll blogs would have more traffic….. I’m just watching for anything noteworthy. Just mind your p’s and q’s. wink emoticon”. If there was an emoticon with rolls eyes, insert here.


  3. They constantly claim they are being harassed and threatened. They post borderline crazy things about being libeled and slandered. The promise lawsuits and ensure anybody that disagrees with them knows anything said is being recorded. They do this in a vapid attempt to silence their critics. It has the opposite result. Freedom of speech is a two way street. Poorly veiled threats like “mind your p’s and q’s” simply motivate freedom loving people to excercise their right to disagree and voice their opinions.

    These parents epitomize hypocrisy. While they accuse others of intimidation, they drop not so subtle hints.

    If they do find an attorney willing to take their “internet meanie” libel case — that attorney stands to lose more than they to have to gain.

    Best thing they could do is realize this is self inflicted and they’re pouring salt over a wound they won’t let heal.

    Viral. You asked for it, you got it. Toyota.


  4. Watching her having to back peddle on the tax issue is such a delight! I just love watching her eat crow!

    All the bullshit they have been serving up is being dished right back to them.

    2016 is when they will get their just desserts, served up at the Karma Cafe. The Karma Cafe is where you are served what you deserve.

    Bon Appétit!


  5. localyokel wrote, “Watching her having to back peddle on the tax issue is such a delight! I just love watching her eat crow!”

    Don’t tease. What did she write about taxes?


  6. I understand the filing of income tax return issue to be a dig, at former employer(s). A Karma is a bitch for them. As what had been mentioned previously, she said she was a misclassified employee. She doesn’t want to do it though, because taxes and tax refunds are against her political beliefs. She hopes they, being former employer, have good accountants. Be skeerd, be very skeerd at the “project” she has been working on.


  7. Yesterday there were more comments posted on her page re: taxes. Later in the evening most were gone and condensed into the paragraph that is on there now. What comments that were originally posted were that they would get $6-7g back, but she was in no hurry to file as they wouldn’t get the money anyway. It would be going from fed-state or state -fed to pay off back support. She also stated she might file for 2014 & 2013 as well. She also stated that previous employers had misclassified her filing status and hoped they had good accountants. Was she paid under the table those years? It’s odd she’s come up with the 20,000 amount. That was what they owed around 5yrs ago…she had the notice posted from the IRS on her old blog back when this started in May. If I remember right, it wasn’t initially that high, but due to non payment, interest accrued.

    Off topic: Someone had mentioned in another area about the test strips. I had never seen those pics, but I remember reading about one of her pregnancies….maybe the 9th or 10th…..she thought there was a problem with her blood sugars during the pregnancy. It reminded me of gestational diabetes. She described how she had felt, having to sit down and put her head on the table. Maybe she was using the test strips herself.


  8. There was also a time that she complained about the taxes owed on a home that was foreclosed. Maybe the interest and fees are also part of that old problem.

    She wouldn’t be liable for Joe’s back child support, unless they opt to file jointly.

    I wonder how past donors feel about someone who could get several thousand dollars refunded and then use it to take care of their family, but instead solicit money from others. Stay classy!

    If she felt that she was treated unfairly by her employer(s), there are free legal services available. She could have used them and been classified properly. This many years out isn’t karma, it’s both a vendetta and a ploy to garner sympathy.

    “See how I was used and abused? Send me money because I can’t possibly address a problem contemporaneously or shortly after I left or was fired. No, I must wait and spring it on them.”

    I know very few people who don’t grumble about paying their taxes. If it’s not the amount, then it’s how it’s spent. It’s just one of those things.

    I’m appalled that Nicole and Joe wouldn’t do something more than get test strips if there was a concern that she was suffering gestational diabetes. That is a serious condition and merits close monitoring by a licensed medical professional. You can’t get insulin OTC if it gets worse despite rigorous self-monitoring. It’s worth noting that women who develop gestational diabetes have an increased risk of developing Type II diabetes as the years roll by. To deny health care for your baby, particularly when you suspect a problem, beggars belief.


  9. I don’t want to remote-diagnose, but the more I read of the Nauglers’ own words, the more the term “narcissistic supply” comes to mind. As in, any attention is good attention, and if the attention is being focused on the many and various ways they are hurting their children, putting up feeble pretenses of homesteading or whatever their latest fad is (wasn’t it Mennonitism at one point?), and refusing to learn anything substantive, that’s just fine. Change? Naaaah. The way they are now gets lots and lots of attention, and that’s all that seems to matter!


  10. “I don’t want to remote-diagnose, but the more I read of the Nauglers’ own words, the more the term “narcissistic supply” comes to mind.”

    Well, they are certainly supplying themselves with people who have to spend a lot of time with the both of them. They may never let them grow and go.


  11. A diagnosis of narcissism is only useful as a predictor of future behavior. If they are narcissists, I predict that in the next five years:

    *The Naugler parents will go on to some other fad that is associated with pretty objects or pictures. Breeding miniature horses, perhaps, or cake decorating. Their expertise and productivity in this new lifestyle phase will be just as pastede on yey as their Mennonite and homesteading phases. As before, they will measure their success in terms of feeling good about what they do, getting upvotes, and possibly getting people to donate money.

    *The Naugler children will slowly but surely divide into two camps: the leavers and the enmeshed. The leavers will take off as soon as they are of age and will eventually cut off all contact with their birth family, not without a lot of guilt over the fate of the children left behind. The enmeshed will remain as they reach adulthood, sleeping in a pile and following whatever their parents say. The older ones will be worked like burros and the younger ones will be afterthoughts as soon as they outgrow the little and cute stage.

    *The Naugler parents will continue to be never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever wrong. They will continually scrub, sockpuppet, and tweak their many online pages, while insisting that they don’t, or that they don’t even blog.

    *There will be more and more Naugler children, because Mrs. Naugler likes babies and toddlers. When her fertility ends, any daughters remaining at home will be pestered to have children as soon as they are fertile (whether or not they are actually old enough).

    *Mr. Naugler will continue to do what he does best, watching people work. Mrs. Naugler will continue to carry his deadweight. Getting rid of him would involve getting rid of whatever good feelings he still produces in her, which is extremely difficult for a narcissist.

    Maybe somebody will stumble over this post in five years and see whether I was right or wrong.


  12. Interesting, and quite probable, predictions. This might be a fun new post, in the spirit of New Year’s resolutions. Make it New Year’s predictions. ha!


  13. Jenny Islander,

    The Naugler children will slowly but surely divide into two camps: the leavers and the enmeshed.

    This made me think of the photo that Nicole posted last year before the kids were removed. It showed the beginnings of a separate shelter that one of the older boys was building. She wrote, “******* is moving out (smile emoticon) this will be his summer home”.

    He’ll be a leaver.


  14. The older kids have lived through the decline, bute have knowledge of alternate lifestyles. I see their chances at leaving as better than the younger ones who will never have experienced better. Beyond the five year plan, I see health issues eventually becoming critical to breaking up this clan. They are young but living this hard and with so many, sooner or later the numbers will catch up with them.


  15. @localyokel: In a backwards way, that would be the best, or at any rate the least horrible, of the likely outcomes. What I outlined above will probably take place if/when the authorities take their attention off the Nauglers–at which point they will probably pick up and move to somewhere else where they can be “free” (that is, the parents free to do as they like and the children free to endure it). But if a family member does something else that attracts the attention of the law, the parents will find their noses back on the grindstone of slightly more decent behavior, and the kids will have more of a chance to escape to a better life. (Which would be just about anything!)

    ATM, with the local foster care system evidently overloaded, the best-case scenario would be the authorities forcing the parents to enroll their children in public school. Local schools offer two nutritious meals per school day plus weekend food backpacks. There is hot and cold running water and plenty of soap, and there may be showers. The kids would probably have to be in summer tutoring programs as well, possibly giving them access to meals at that time too. If Kentucky requires students to be immunized, all the better, with the kids going home to that manure pit. On top of that, the school authorities could help with getting the documents that are essential for establishing legal identity: SSN card, birth certificate, etc. And of course each child would leave with a high school diploma. A diploma isn’t essential, but getting one on the public dime is less of a hassle than getting the GED on one’s own nickel later. With these basic documents, and (hopefully) access via the school to online resources unmonitored by their parents (support groups for survivors of narcissistic abuse come to mind), the the kids could start their lives as free adults.

    They don’t seem to be in school now, though. So I think that one of the parents will have to screw up again.


  16. Well, the Naugler name will not easily be forgotten, for sure. Queen Bee Nicole seems to think by dimming all non supporter voices on Facebook, she will reign as almighty. Witnessing the heinous activities that I have no doubt Nicole and Joe are initiating, supporting, and directly involved, is pathetic. Witnessing who she portrays to her captured audience on her BLH page as opposed to her other page(s), is dishonest and disingenuous. It is disheartening what the children are learning, by their parents, in their unschooled world.

    I am puzzled though, with all the scads of other internet sites, blogs, chat rooms, that are discussing Naugler ongoing…why the mission to silence Facebook? IMO, because Facebook is the most likely source to market to the intended audience, the potential palm supporters($$).

    It is just so disappointing the parents mentoring hate, anger, hostility, bullying, lying, deceitful, disingenuous, victim shaming. And all in the primary efforts of gaining, or “winning”. What a wonderful world they have to look forward to, when leaving the blessed abode. geesh.


  17. Indeed. Their parents have taught them how to imagine enemies everywhere they go, and what’s worse, to fight them in the person of the ordinary folks who have no clue what is going on in the Nauglers’ overblown imaginations.


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