Life on the farm, or rather, “homestead,” which is the current crunchy word people use for an idyllic idea. “Back to the land,” it was called years ago.

Escape the rat-race. Raise your children close to nature.


Homeschool them. Or even, be very daring and unschool them, letting them decide what to study and when, letting them follow their own interests.

And go even further. Be like the Amish. Go off-grid. Divest yourself of those tethers that tie you to the larger world with all its problems and decision-making, and vying for jobs, and economic woes and pressure.

We imagine it and it looks like this, doesn’t it?


And it’s all healthy and good. The children are happy. Everyone works together in harmony and joy.

That’s how we imagine it.

So when people see this:


well, they tend to get upset.


Those poor people. The ebil gubmint is harassing them, surely. All because they choose not to have electricity hooked up. And they homeschool.

They’ll be coming after you next.

Be afraid. Get upset. Demand that something be done.

Only, don’t believe everything you read. Not even here. Check stuff out. Really. Check it out a lot. And especially check it out if you’re tempted, like thousands of people were, to send money.

This is the “homestead” where Joe and Nicole Naugler were raising their (then) ten children.


See the shed in the back? That was the “house.” And yes, there are only three walls.

Would you like to see the kitchen?


There you go.

How about the pantry? Wouldn’t you expect this?




You’d be wrong.





Here it is.

These photos and plenty more were taken by news media. Go on over and take a look at them. I’ll wait.

Now then. Take a deep breath, and stop yelling at the computer.

This all happened in May 2015. The children were removed from the home and went to foster care. During the removal, Nicole was charged with resisting arrest. Joe had already gotten himself in a bit of a scrape for what Kentucky calls “menacing.” He went to a distant neighbor’s place to get water (no, the Nauglers have no potable water supply or any septic system or running water of any kind, unless you count rain coming off the roof/tarp) and the neighbor alleged that when he was denied, he made threats in front of his minor child involving a supposed revolver in the vehicle dash.

Joe subsequently pled guilty with an “Alford plea” (meaning that he agreed that if it went to trial, he would likely be found guilty) and served a few days in the county jail.

In July, for no reason that I can fathom, the state opted to return all ten children to the care of these people, if you can call the way they live as “care.”  However, the state  retained legal custody of all of them, giving Joe and Nicole only physical custody.

While it’s possible to find numerous news outlets reporting about the physical custody issues (that the Nauglers got physical custody of the children), I can find nothing whatever to indicate that they have regained legal custody. There has been nothing in the news nor a statement from the Naugler’s attorney regarding legal custody. Although the Nauglers and their attorney were quick to report to news agencies after many of their hearings, they have remained silent about the legal custody issue.

During the time that the children were gone, the Nauglers were treated to a fundraiser via GoFundMe and raised over $45,000. News outlets have reported that they raised the money for “legal fees” but that’s really a violation of GoFundMe’s rules.

Edit: The GoFundMe campaign wasn’t a “gift” to the Nauglers. It was their own handiwork.

GoFundMe Joe

Although Pace Ellsworth (the person who spearheaded the financing of Nicole’s business) put his name on it after a while, the GoFundMe was started by none other than Joe Naugler. It’s pretty much the first thing he did after the children were removed on May 6, 2015.

What the Naugler parents do appear to have done (besides spending the time that their children were in foster care living in a nice motel with running water and air conditioning and a swimming pool) is to have acquired (bought outright,  rent-to-own, whatever) a garden shed.

After all, it’s a “homestead.”

They need a garden shed, don’t they?

A big one.


This one. (Photo from Nicole’s public Facebook page about the “homestead.”)

It’s a “house.”

For a family of (now) 13. There was a new baby born a couple of months ago. No bathroom of any sort. No running water. No kitchen. Just what I’d call a big shed, but anyone would consider a very tiny house. The children sleep in the “loft.” And you can see how much space that entails. They can’t stand up.  Mom and Dad have a bed right below them.

So, who cares? What does it matter? They lived in squalor. The children were removed. The state decided to give the kids back after some improvements were made to their living conditions. It’s not illegal to not have electricity or running water, or even a water source on your property. Lots of folks around me manage quite nicely without any of those things.

It’s not illegal to homeschool (and Nicole finally acquiesced to the evil gubmint’s demands that she do the absolute minimum and at least fill out the damn form that informs the state that the kids are supposedly being educated at home,) even if your home library will fit on one small shelf.

But plenty of people got interested in this family because the Nauglers wanted people to be interested. They went out of their way to publicize their situation to the world. Nicole has the above-linked Facebook page. She also has a blog, where she writes very sporadically. The Facebook page gets way more traffic.

The fund-raising has continued, off and on, for months. There is no way to know how much money these folks have raised via the internet.

Efforts to document the whole story of the Naugler family generally devolve into name-calling with the result that Facebook typically shuts down most of the pages involved.

So this will be a place where we can document stuff. Not sensationalized stuff. Just the real stuff.

If you feel sorry for these folks, or empathy for them, and you’re tempted to pull out your wallet, you might want to read here for a bit first. Then, if you still wish to give away your money to a man who does not work at all (Joe does not have a job, and the “homestead” doesn’t appear to be benefiting from his efforts whatever they may be), to parents who claim to be “homesteading” but have never raised so much as a tomato that I can see, and who seem to not be able to care adequately for their children while they simultaneously keep having them, well, that’s your right.





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  1. Your updates are appreciated. I still cannot believe the children were returned to that horrible so-called homestead. My wife and I pray for those poor children. At first we though the Nauglers were a wholesome Christian family but now we are not so sure. It is hard to know if they are telling the truth about anything now.


  2. Thank you for presenting a fair and balanced portrayal of the truth. We folks in Breckinridge County are very disgusted with the antics of the parents and the attention they have brought to the rest of us.


  3. seriously?

    My daughter told me about this blog. I grew up in Hudson. i work in E-town but live in Custer

    she told me about the facebook pages……she’s 17 so i desided to have a quick look

    What a useless piece of shit to have in my back yard…. get a fucking job you sorry piece of shit. or get out of our town….. I hope i see you’re sorry fat ass soon….holy shit….you disgust me


  4. It really bothers me that right here in my backyard we have these people. I watched the stuff a few months ago and was pretty amazed that they even got their kids back because of the squalor and conditions they were raising them in, It kinda shocked me because all of us know each other. I grew up with the girl that grew up on that land…she’s divorced now but has 3 kids….. anyway. these nauglers need to get out before they get run out. they ain’t welcome here


  5. Thank you for this blog away from Facebook. I’ve been a supporter of the children from the beginning. The parents, in my opinion are mentally unstable……actually just unstable in every aspect. I’m glad we can now express how we feel without fear of retaliation from the supporters /Joe /jack etc.


  6. Another resident. They aren’t even from here. But they and their friends put up things about us being hillbillys and married to our brother uncle. Everyone is a bunch of meth heads or trailer trash. They complain it’s all a corrupt good ole boy system. That everyone is out to get them. I guess they aren’t very happy here, so I don’t know why they are staying. I think they should go back to New Hampshire and live with their friends who think everything should be voluntary, or go live with all their friends in Mesa Arizona.


  7. It’s great to hear from Kentuckians. Keep it coming! I think that the Nauglers will stay with you all for awhile because the gofundme $$$ is gone so it’s hard to set up in a new place, the father has no skills/aptitude/interest in providing for his family and the mother has a new small business anchoring them, their anti-government comrades don’t have resources for long term support, and, they have exhausted the good will of the communities where they’ve lived before. If they stay together, it’s much more difficult to move about the country (or world, since they are so hostile to American culture, tradition, society) with a large family, especially without legal custody.

    The Nauglers have been offered so much in beautiful Kentucky. It’s time for them to take care of their children and land, and give back to the community.


  8. Mary, my roots run deep in Breckinridge County. I am extremely proud of our county, it’s people and history. We are strong and will overcome the mark they have attempted to put on us. They are nothing more than a parasite, using a resource for their own good , never giving back to its host.


  9. Yes, I too am glad for this blog where people and especially locals can share a voice. And learn truths away from the “perception is reality”. As a Kentucky born and bred native, I feel for the local good peeps. And I know there are a lot of good, because small town Kentuckians don’t like ugly. I applaud the admin for creating this blog, look forward to more good reads!


  10. I’d refer to that homestead husband as a “piece of work” but that would be an insult to the word “work.” Don’t suppose he’s gonna be the poster child for legalizing weed in Kentucky. What a sad piece of shit he is.
    Hope Nicole is catching on that the overwhelming majority of her page “likes” are people interested in her kids. Any thing else she posts gets the occasional pity comment or like from some of the die hards but most people know these two are beyond worthless. Funny how a couple of authentic homesteaders have hijacked the posts to page.
    Grateful cps is still involved in some capacity. And thank you, common wealth of Kentucky for at least requiring them to acquire four walls. Shame it required other people’s money and government intervention to provide some very basic amenities.
    Glad to see a blog with reasonable discussion about two of the most worthless human beings I’ve ever observed.


  11. I was born and raised here in Breckinridge County. I support what our sheriff and the authorities did. It had nothing to do with homeschooling or living off the grid or homesteading or their rights. I would assume that the sheriff went there and saw the deplorable conditions and did what he had to do. He reported it and took appropriate action. There have been many other rumors. I don’t know if they are true or not. But given the pictures and videos and audio tapes and obvious condition of the property as shown on her own blog . . . they sure seem to be. I drove by the property not long ago taking a deer to be processed and it’s hard to believe that a family lives there. The pictures that are posted online are very deceiving. It is very messy and it doesn’t look like they care. It’s sad. I think they need to really reconsider this whole ruse and maybe even consider getting some counseling.


  12. Sad how a handful of the followers think that the return of legal custody = vindication or a win. The only winners from that debacle was the attorney (merry chr$tmas) and whoever scored the commission on the shed.
    I’ve never known an attorney to not take an oppurtunity for free publicity with a press release after a viral story concludes but then again… He represented clients in a state with the lowest standards for child welfare I’ve ever seen. Didn’t really take a legal eagle to work with those standards. On the other hand, he did convince the cabinet to only slap them with educational neglect IF they made several other provisions to the property to ensure some level of safety. Probably wasn’t hard to get the judge to go for that but mega kudos on convincing the clients from hell that if they wanted their kids back they’d have to spend some of the donations on four walls.
    Of course, to hear it from the nauglers, the state didn’t need to intervene because they were on the verge of building an acceptable cabin. Lol. I don’t even Joe in his prophet-y, thc hazed brain believes that.
    I’m more apt to believe in Santa again than to believe the nauglers were on the verge of anything other than a tower of white buckets to load their bullshit in.
    Anyway, thanks to the ever distanced attorney, the lax cabinet, and the shed salesman for forcing the nauglers to provide a four walled structure for those kids. That is vindication.


  13. I’ve been one of the silent followers ever since a friend of mine sent me a Facebook link about a family that had their children removed because of their being home schooled.
    At first this seemed to me to be a sweet religious family that had run into a a bunch of bad luck.
    (Sound of needle running across vinyl record)
    The more I read the more I began to feel much sadness for the children.
    I grew up with a loving, though neglectful mother. I loved her dearly and when I was younger I believed ever word she said. My father was a sweet very intelligent man who also loved Mama dearly, and had a tendency to ignore some of her radical left and weird behavior until it got out of hand.
    I had a radical right relative who I learned to steer clear of. He once came into my room and ripped off a record I was listening to (The Good The Bad and The Ugly). He broke the record into many pieces and told me it was how the communist were infiltrating young people’s minds. He was constantly trying to enforce his beliefs on anyone who was within earshot.
    What I see in these children is one hundred fold what I went through growing up.
    We were fairly affluent as was the rest of our extended family. I never had to worry about food. It never occurred to me to cut off the legs of a frog ( or toad), or kill a turtle for food.
    We had chickens and cows, fruit trees and a well tended garden. And a nice clean big house. Even a library. My mother however did live in another world… She was mentally ill. But I didn’t know it. And I would have defended her against anyone who would dare say anything or do anything to her.
    I used to climb trees just like Olivia. I was able to climb away from the reality of what was happening on the ground to my own world away from what was happening below me.
    Having access, with their parents blessings, to all the comments being made against their parents while listening to their parents side has to be gut wrenching for the older boys.
    From what I can see they are very bright children who deserve a much better life than this one of poverty and hate. Love from their parents is a powerful glue, regardless of what the lifestyle or truth is.
    I pray that those guns, propped next to the front door, and side window, are never picked up by one of the children who think they are in the right to defend their family against the demonized police, or other public servants.
    The parents probably cannot change their own behavior, they are too far committed to defending their ” rights”
    Hopefully these children are strong enough to think for themselves, while accepting and loving their parents for what they are.


  14. For the children,
    Thank you for your powerful words. I am sorry for the things that happened in your childhood that make you empathize strongly with the naugler children. They are indoctrinated to hate and fear in their daily lives. A constant high threat alert, militant, anti-government, scamming, combative world is the only one they know. They have the added disadvantages of inadequate nutrition, poor medical care, lack of education, being barely sheltered and social isolation.

    The awareness and compassion you show now gives me hope that the naugler children can continue to love their parents, yet overcome their alienation and anger.


  15. Just got advised about this blog.

    A LOT of reading. A lot.

    I’ve also been watching the usual Facebook nonsense. The threats back and forth. the Doxxing. The vindictive insanity. The puerile insults and hints and bullshit.

    Joe and Nicole, I’m very honest. Not hiding. Very open to a dialogue. I’ve offered it before and it wasn’t taken. In fact, I sat there waiting for homestead hubby to show up and later he made it out to be some sort of “bullying”.

    I am a member of this community. A real member. Not a social media wannabe. I have never tried to hide. I have in fact expressed my opinions about the father. I stand by them.

    What you two do not realize is that nobody is “attacking the family”. They are upset about how the parents have handled things.

    Nicole, I do wish you success with your grooming business, even if you think I’m the arch-villain in the neighborhood. If you make money grooming dogs it means that you might be able to find the income (that one realistically needs in this society) to take care of things.

    Joe, my opinion hasn’t changed. You and I will never go fishing together. I do not respect you.

    Unless there is a serious paradigm shift on your part . . . a complete epiphany . . . one that involves hard work and sweat, and ass busting and prioritization and leaving the goddamned internet behind to do things that matter . . . yeah — no

    “You’re killing me smalls”

    Dude, if you want to litigate for “libel and slander” Have at it. If you really believe the folks at the Custer General Store are your star witnesses….have at it. C’mon man. Think a little.

    In any case. Very good blog.

    Joe and Nicole, I appreciate you elevating me to arch nemesis status. You might be surprised how that works against you.

    You’re mistaken. You stay on your farm and away from mine and we’re fine. You stop dropping my name on social media and these kind of posts won’t happen.

    Thank you for allowing me to bloviate.

    Your neighbor Al


  16. Mr. Wilson, I’ve wanted to say this to you for a long time…

    There are many Americans who are proud of our military personnel and our country. Thank you for your service, sir.


  17. Mary wrote, “Another resident. They aren’t even from here. But they and their friends put up things about us being hillbillys and married to our brother uncle. Everyone is a bunch of meth heads or trailer trash. They complain it’s all a corrupt good ole boy system. That everyone is out to get them. I guess they aren’t very happy here, so I don’t know why they are staying. I think they should go back to New Hampshire and live with their friends who think everything should be voluntary, or go live with all their friends in Mesa Arizona.”

    No, they probably aren’t very happy in Kentucky but as they don’t have legal custody of their children, they’re now going to have to stay put. It seems to me that until they put forth some very hard work and show some good results on their property and perhaps elsewhere, they won’t be awarded legal custody. Also, they must have figured out by now that their story most assuredly has ‘gone viral’ and anywhere they go for at least another year or two they are likely to be dogged with questions and suspicions by their new neighbors.

    So, they vilify the ones they have currently. It puts them into an “us vs. them” mentality which ties their children to them so tightly they may never look further than their own noses. It keeps the young and able-bodied right where they need them the most. At home. Joe clearly isn’t taking good care of himself and any physical labor that is done must be done by others.

    What better way to continue to raise donations than by accusing the entire county of being against them and out to get them rather than seeing that many people are upset with how they are shortchanging their children’s futures. If the kids feel they have to stay to take care of Mom, Dad and the younger siblings then something has been taken from them. The elder kids don’t trust Mom and Dad to take care of themselves and their little sisters and brothers in order to leave and make their own way in the world.

    How sad is that to write on Christmas morning?


  18. Regarding the legal custody issue, Nicole says that they had legal custody returned to them. I take her at her word. These kinds of child protection cases are kept tightly private, so frankly she is the only source of verifiable information we have.

    The state is actually not the boogey-man she pretends it is. The court is very, very lenient when it comes to these sorts of issues. If the parents make even the slightest effort to improve the situation (and the Nauglers most assuredly did just that by buying/renting that garden shed), then the court will bend over backward to keep children with their parents.

    When you consider what sorts of things Joe and Nicole do not do that most reasonable people would consider foundational to adequate parenting, it’s hard to see the state as the interfering, evil, meddling out-of-control authority figure she insists they are.


  19. I’ve been watching this.

    I live here. The only reason I know about is because I live here and it flashed on my newsfeed and then I was transfixed.

    What a mess. Joe and Nicole, I’m just glad you’re not actual Breck County natives. That would be horrifying to me.

    Nicole. C’mon huh? Wake the hell up. You’re married to an idiot. A lazy, and useless shadow of a man. Lose him. He is in fact completely useless and he’s ruining your life. Look around. The “statists and sheeple” aren’t serving their kids mud for Christmas.

    You made mud into a godsend.


    Are you really this stupid?

    You’re a grown woman. Act like one.

    I live 4 miles from you and you really piss me off.


  20. I think one of the most baffling things about all of this is how NN blames people for harassing her even though right at the beginning supporters and non-supporters advised her to go dark and take all her social media and blogs private. It’s so widely known these days that if you’re at all controversial and you choose to publicly post on a regular basis, you will draw critics. If you’re the type of person who can’t ignore critics and can’t keep yourself from abiding by rule one of the internet (don’t feed the trolls) than you need to get off the internet, or at least take an extended break. So many people tried to help her understand that spending time online would only cause her problems and heartache but she refused to heed that advice.

    The bulk of their donations came in in the first week or so after the kids were removed. Once they were sitting on all that money, what possible upside could there have been to spending so much time on facebook? Their lives could have been so different if she (and he) would have just stepped away from their phones and keyboards and buckled down and worked on cleaning up and improving that piece of property. They had all that money and they had many people offering to help them. Her need to control others is just so compulsive.

    What a missed opportunity for a fresh start. They could have showed some humility and admitted they had made mistakes in the past but were now willing to try to do things differently. That would have gone a long way to counter any criticism and to put behind them any bad reputation they had developed. Everyone loves a redemption story. They were given a chance to show they really could be hard-working homesteaders and dedicated, self-sacrificing parents but they blew it. To me that’s indicative of an underlying pathology at work. They likely had access to counseling related to the children’s removal or they could have paid for it with some of the donated funds but they chose this other path instead. It is just so, so heartbreaking because it has been made so clear that they will never change and the children’s lives will only get worse.

    I just really hoped back in the early days that the children’s removal would wake them up. Fundamentally, it seems so clear that it is impossible to do everything they claim they’re trying to do. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to educate eight or so kids, develop a functioning homestead that can provide some level of self-sufficiency, run a small business that is a significant commute from your residence, and maintain an online presence to share your lifestyle all while living without labor and time saving modern conveniences like running water, reliable electricity and indoor plumbing. Nicole just seems to be so damaged and so ill that there is no hope. (Not to let Joe off the hook but I just have always felt like she is the main driver of things in the family with what appears to be a serious personality disorder although their co-dependency is tragic because they enable each other to make terrible choices and to live in denial of their failure to properly care for those kids. I suspect that without Nicole wanting it, they would have never had so many kids. Having more kids than they are capable of caring for seems to be at the root of so many of their struggles but I imagine her unhealthy need for attention drove that obsession and Joe just went along with it.) It’s just really so hard to see how J & N have emotionally spiraled so much farther down over these past seven months and if even one of them had just unplugged and sought help, things could have been so different. She, especially, really seems to be unraveling at a frightening pace.


  21. I was shocked to see she wants to have another child! This was part of her comment on her open public facebook page yesterday:

    “Oh and BTW all my “parts” are in excellent working order. So making the Naugler clan an even number might be a goal for 2016 ”

    She is sick! Despite what people say IMO, this will make some of the older kids walk. If I were an older child and my parents continued to breed with no break in sight for me, I would say, ” piss on this” and leave. I would not blame the kid for leaving either. They are not responsible for their siblings and no one should make them feel they are.

    I wish they went to our public school. If they had friends and teachers maybe they could escape. I wish they, at least, had some church friends. They have nobody who cares. No one seems to be helping the kids!


  22. How can someone help the kids, Ema…..she is a control freak. Someone that cares, can’t get to them. But probably if one wanted to show they care by sending gifts and money, it appears that may pass the control channel. Just an observation.


  23. But probably if one wanted to show they care by sending gifts and money

    That is called “enabling.” It’s what Nicole lives for.


  24. I know people do care. It’s just frustrating that parents are allowed, by law, to damage children like this. It’s just not right.


  25. “I know people do care. It’s just frustrating that parents are allowed, by law, to damage children like this. It’s just not right.”

    This is in no small part due to the efforts of HSDLA and their “children are the property of their parents” mindset and legal work. Not that we are responsible for our children AND that includes readying them to engage in the larger world, but they are still people who need to be given responsibilities in exchange for greater freedoms. Which loops back to the whole idea of preparing them for full entry into society. Warts and all (the kids, society, the world at large).

    Here’s a link to a recent article on their site if anyone is interested:


  26. This is in no small part due to the efforts of HSDLA

    Oh, gee. Thank you so much for that link! I did not know that Chris Klicka had died. When we were homeschooling, we were members of HSLDA (I’m sorry, America!) and we were challenged by the state of SC- basically the local school district. Chris Klicka was our attorney. I never met him in person (just spoke with him on the phone at length) but did meet Mike Farris at a convention during that period. Because we were both college-educated, and had only one child, HSLDA was hoping that SC would try to prosecute us, as we’d have made a perfect set of defendants. The state knew that too, since they are not stupid, and didn’t proceed once HSLDA got involved.

    I have told people for years that Mike Farris is a very dangerous zealot.

    So in HSLDA’s world, Nicole would have zero rights, and Joe would have them all.


  27. Tekla — 98,257 views! And they win the #2 slot and many more up the list. Now THAT is an amazing statistic. Highly recommend everyone read your other link on HSLDA’s origins. Thanks, very eye opening.


  28. To Tekla,
    Fascinating link. Viral indeed! The Nauglers beat out the Duggars??!!! They must be so proud! They had money. They had the attention of the world. They have resources to settle into a nice life for themselves. And still they choose to live in, and with, contention, chaos, anger and stress. Ridiculous.


  29. “So in HSLDA’s world, Nicole would have zero rights, and Joe would have them all.”

    That pretty much sums it up.

    Note that HSLDA initially was going to represent the Nauglers in court, but once they found out that they hadn’t even registered the kids as homeschooled (and they met one or both parents) they dropped them like a hot rock.

    HSLDA isn’t known for not wanting new members. Says something about them. So does getting thrown out of an LDS ward.


  30. You’re all very welcome. I forget how I stumbled across the homeschoolersanonymous site but I’m really glad that I did. Very interesting people.

    I was horrified by what happened here:

    Yeah, the Naugler’s ended up on the most-read list 5 times. That’s pretty astounding in light of their competition. Maybe it’s because they flew under the radar for so long and when they got caught, they decided to go big. They forgot that they no longer control the message once it hits the larger community.


  31. Tekla, thanks for the links. Maybe the hit the top because Joe & Nicole read the articles a few times a day each. They love reading about themselves, good or bad. That’s their problem.


  32. The top spot was earned because of the disparity between the reality of their conditions as shown by the local news and the blog images involving a extremely large number of children. It hit an emotional chord. The Nauglers threw back the curtain on the underbelly of society and exploit daily the view and their children. Talk about marketing. They marketed this to the tune of 45G plus. jmho.


  33. “They love reading about themselves, good or bad.” Oh localyokel you are too funny. But now that you have said this, expect…something… because… “by making yourself a known activist, you have put yourself out these for critical commentary.” I hope that everyone thinks this taunt I read on FB today is as silly as I do. I mean, REALLY? Someone on here already said this the best…The N’s want to be able to say whatever they want but silence anyone else. They are zealots who’s problem is that they see no need to take care of their children, their animals and their land.


  34. @localyokel – I wonder if they did go to that site and post. I wish Jeff Thomas were posting here because he apparently had some history with them, even if it was from a distance.

    Also there are very few people posting in defense of Joe and Nicole. I haven’t noticed any posts with their customary misspellings and tone.

    May 14, 2015 6:37 am


  35. Sorry. Typo. They are zealots whose problem is that they see no need to take care of their children, their animals and their land.


  36. Dear localyokel, please accept my apology. My words were intended as sarcasm for the ongoing threats of the N’s. I agree with your opinions.


  37. localyokel says:
    January 1, 2016 at 11:54 pm

    Bill, Tekla, are you making fun of me? What is your point?
    localyokel – What? No, not at all and I’m very sorry to have given you that impression. If there is a jibe in anything I’ve written it is directed at J/N, but not you or anyone else who is posting here. Again, I’m sorry if I did write something that hurt you.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they read it but then again, when they read criticism about themselves they feel obliged to respond. It’s as though they can’t let anything go unanswered. However, I didn’t note any posts that sounded like J/N. Still, there were a lot of replies to some of those threads and I didn’t wish to wade through them all.


  38. Threatening someones family to intimidate, again! And still way out of line! Why would a person do that?

    Get your facts straight
    3 hrs ·
    Fact: It was you who harassed the Nauglers. It is you who continue to do so. If your family gets in the crosshairs, I believe that would be on you. Your continued participation in bullying is noted.


  39. My son told me about this Blog. I finally got tired of his gibberish and asked him why he and his friends were dropping words I didn’t understand. He’s 16. He tried to explain it to me and sent me to some facebook pages. He also sent me here. He goes to BHS. Apparently the Nauglers are something the kids talk about. I know they are because he mentioned “Nauglering” and “all Nauglered up”. Him and his friends say things like “I can Naugler the funds” I had no idea what they meant. I’m 39. I thought I understood things.

    I remember hearing about this a few months ago. These parents are a disgrace to this county. I hold nothing against those children, but the parents are transparent. After reading her personal facebook page and his as well and seeing how they mislead in an effort to have people send them money…well I’m glad someone is writing the truth.

    Breckinridge County is a little tighter than some folks might imagine. These people have not done themselves any good.

    I hope the local good old boys have more patience than I do.


  40. B.T.C., I hope that your son and his friends are wise enough to know that the Naugler kids are not responsible for the actions of their parents.
    The Naugler kids don’t need the extra burden of feeling that their peers would make fun of them or put them down, because of the life style they are forced to live.
    Hopefully your son and his friends can find it in their hearts to build these kids up, rather than tear them down because of their up-bringing.
    These children need support from everyone including the young people who, in another world, would be their friends and good buddies.


  41. I completely understand it is not the children’s fault.

    Having read and looked at the mother’s blog and both parents facebook pages, I honestly have to ask how those kids were returned.

    I mentioned this deal to a friend that lives close. He said the folks around Custer are pretty tired of them.


  42. @BTC – I suspect that part of the reason the kids were returned is that there are so many of them and the foster care resources were stretched very thin. If memory serves, they were spread out over three counties, but I may be wrong about that.

    It does sound as though your son and his friends are commenting upon the Naugler parents and their activities, rather than the kids. ‘Nauglecting’ is another neologism that may be sticking around for quite some time. So sad.


  43. I can’t imagine the kids interacting with any other peers.
    Joe said in one of his whacky interviews, that the court questioned their socialization, and they were proud to not have outside socialization for the most part. Something about “Peer Society” vs “Family Society”.

    These poor children.


  44. I think I’ve read where Joe and Nicole tend to move quite a bit. Not in one place, for too long. Maybe that is why, before the neologisms stick. Or follow them. No, I wouldn’t think people hold the children accountable, or label them, because of their parents’ behaviors and actions.


  45. Where to start? There are so many issues. I think I will discuss isolation of children from society. In both the parents many postings and interviews, as well as among many of the commenter’s, the one overriding theme that presents itself to me is fear. Fear of change. Fear of the modern world. Fear of general society at large. Fear of government. Fear of “others”. Fear of being manipulated or controlled, or of being indoctrinated, or bullied, or looked down upon, or marginalized, or exposed to alternate ideas and lifestyles. It just goes on and on. They may call it by many names, but you can almost smell the fear in their words. It seems to be that they overwhelmingly feel that they have no control over their own lives, so the only way they can feel secure is to control the lives of their children, and the only way they think this can be accomplished is to isolate them from the world. It is sad, it is unhealthy and it solves nothing.


  46. Very interesting read, Tekla, thanks for sharing.

    And Lisa wrote, “It seems to be that they overwhelmingly feel that they have no control over their own lives, so the only way they can feel secure is to control the lives of their children, and the only way they think this can be accomplished is to isolate them from the world.” It is sad and unhealthy. To wield indoctrination so strongly over your children, so as to control their lives, is an emotional and mental abuse. Using isolation to force indoctrination. One can only imagine if the child grows to have differing opinions than Joe and Nicole, how will that be dealt with? To disagree and have a different opinion, because we see how Joe and Nicole respond to those that disagree and don’t support and to which they have no control over.

    I feel for children that grow up in this environment. The internal conflict, that may surface in unhealthy manifestations.


  47. Just a note, appreciate the links tab. Some interesting discussions to follow on freejinger, as another source in keeping up.

    And again, am really enjoying this blog!


  48. It’s a continual confusion to me, or maybe misunderstanding. With the BLH, there’s the description of the core mantra, the values and beliefs they embrace. What they live by and what that looks like. With most, what you adopt and try to live true to your integrity in your values and beliefs.

    And here is the conflict, the confusion. For instance, off the grid. NN describes the interpretation as not hooking up with public utilities, paying to have public utilities. I assume that mantra is not for a lifestyle belief, but more a political belief/conflict with government. And as so, it’s ok for like bathing in with hot water, baking cakes and what have you as long as not at the homestead, because that’s off the grid. Save those things for the other place, the on the grid utilities. I think I get it, not really a lifestyle speaka, a government and political speaka. I really wasn’t aware as much about what off the grid means, before.

    Another is “faith driven”. Now I completely regard that each person’s spirituality and relationship with God is their own. But if you do not believe in or recognize spiritually in certain religious holidays, then why “dress up” for others as if to bear false witness that you do? This is a far out example, but like a Jew that gives away hams at the certain religious holiday, in regards to friends and customers. Is that a political correctness act?

    It appears to me, that most of the lifestyle values they espouse are political/government statements. A lifestyle of government protest, if you will. Off the Grid, their protest of public utilities. Unschooling, protest of public schooling. Minimalist, protest of the rats in a cage.

    By the way, I can totally regard someone that is full up in integrity, with their lifestyle values and beliefs. Off the Grid, Homeschooling, Minimalist, Spiritual. But the key word is “integrity”.

    Opinions, everybody has one. And I appreciate this forum, enjoying the interesting topics and discussions. There hasn’t been a post, that I didn’t learn something by it!


  49. @Kentucky Bred: You can understand the contradictions if you keep in mind that there is a deep gulf in the minds of the Naugler parents between word and deed. That is, it doesn’t matter what they do as long as they say they are doing something else. Words have that much magical power in their worldview.

    And if you point out that their words contradict their deeds, you become their enemy.


  50. Jenny said, “Words have that much magical power in their worldview.”

    Yes, indeed. The contradiction of words and deeds began to ravel from early on, into an incredulous spin. Be careful of the magical power, of your words. When trust is lost on words and deeds, trust is an often difficult to regain.

    “Trust, but verify”~ Ronald Reagan

    “The trust of the innocent is the liar’s most useful tool”~ Stephen King

    “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.”~ Albert Einstein

    “Let every eye negotiate for itself and trust no agent”~ William Shakespeare

    A schooling lesson, for the day! Happy Sunday!


  51. Growing up I lived next door to a family that could only be described as dirt poor. The parents were illiterate and the shack they lived in with eight children was not much bigger or better than the Naugler’s original mud shack. This was in the early 70’s. In our small community their living conditions were rare and certainly frowned upon. But they had never known any better and lived contently.

    They didn’t bathe regular, their house was a shack, but they had a real outhouse. They raised animals and a garden, knew how to preserve food, and had running water in the kitchen. They washed laundry on a washboard out in the yard and were ecstatic to get a “new” wringer washer with double basins, even if it did come from the landfill. Sometimes they had electricity, sometimes not, and they almost never had a phone. They never asked for charity although they were thankful to anyone that ever did a thing for them.

    They blamed no one for their poverty and did the best they could with what they had. They loved the people meanest to them just like they would love family because they felt that people acted out because “they didn’t know no better” or were “a feared of what they didn’t understand.” They didn’t call it homesteading or living off the grid. That called it what is was, poor, and made no fuss or excuses for it. They just lived the best way they knew how.

    They were kind and generous and would give you anything they might have to give, no questions asked. They helped others whether they were asked for that help or not. They were fearless, charging through life no matter what hardships came their way.

    Illiterate or not, they knew that the only way their children could have better lives was to make sure they received and education and socialization. They saw to it that all eight attended school, regularly. They encouraged them to play sports which in turn meant grades had to stay up in order to play. They weren’t book smart but life in poverty had still taught them much.

    They would have never dreamed of treating people the way the Naugler’s do. They would have never candy coated their short comings nor would they ever have been foolish enough to put their poverty stricken lives out into the public eye begging for attention. They weren’t ashamed of being poor but they weren’t particularly proud of it either.

    I find it odd that people born into poverty, and no tools to get out of it, are so humble and forgiving. And then you have the Nauglers who have chosen this lifestyle behaving so viciously and blaming everyone around them for their woes; attacking anyone who dare criticize the life that they put out there to be judged.


  52. I have followed this story from the beginning. I am curious if anyone has heard accounts from the foster families where the Naugler children were placed.

    I am sure there was a degree of loyalty to their parents. Kids being kids, children going from living in squalor to living in homes with even basic ammenities must have been like a luxury vacation for them. There had to be some mixed emotions about being sent back to that hell hole.


  53. Foster families are not allowed to discuss the children in their care.

    I agree with this as it is for the protection of the children.


  54. Hello,
    I, like so many others, felt sorry for this family, that is, until the news began putting the real story out there. I follow several families who are homesteading and am curious about the sanitation needs not being met when there is no septic tank or running water. After I began researching this family, I was appalled at their labeling themselves homesteaders. They are not sustainable and are not at all green in anything they attempt. They don’t care for their children, their animals, or the land. It won’t be long until the state comes back and takes the children. They are living in a shed and I doubt it is insulated. Guns within reach of small children, human waste lacking proper disposal….oh my. I feel so sorry for the children, the animals, and the neighbors who must live down wind from this mess. These are the kind of folks here in AR that we call poor white trash which is different from poor folks who are decent and hardworking. I cannot believe that this woman is passing her lack of lifestyle off as homesteading….her lazy husband cannot even pick up the yard….


  55. Wow.really. I respect people’s right to live differently,but there is “diffeent”and “unsustainable. ” the children should be the pivotal factor in determining wha is odd, and what is simply unhealthy,unnecessary, and ridiculous. No,you don’t have to give your kids everything,but you do have to give them SOMETHING. .like adaquate food ,housing ,and ye,education. We live,like it or not,in a techno-society,so it is not unreasonable to expect the children to be able to write their own names and has anyone asked the kids how they like living hand to mouth, and do they realize that mum and dad don’t seem to have anyone’s best interests in mind except possibly their own?and I don’t understand how they equate blogging and computers with homesteading…sounds like situational rationalization and ethics to me. I guess my question is:who benefits from this haphazard and inconsistant lifestyle,as it surely can’t be the children. ND I’ll bet if aked,most of them would admit to liking running water,indoor plumbing and even some of the basic necessities most of us take for granted. Let the parents live that lifestyle,but the kids should have a choice in how they must live their lives….


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