Susan Wright

I want you to meet Susan Wright.  She might be the stupidest woman in America.  Seriously.

Here’s the link.  It’s not a long article. It’s peppered with lots and lots of ads because the website is shitty as hell.  It’s nauseating, though, I warn you.

Who could have predicted it, she asks.  She is, of course, implying that nobody could have seen this coming. She’s referring to Charlottesville and that white supremacist in the White House’s obvious sympathy for the poor beleaguered Nazis.

Who could have predicted it?  Who?  I beg you. Who?

August, 2016.  She told us quite clearly what would happen.


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  1. “Who could have predicted it?” ranks up there with “Healthcare is complicated, who knew?” as stupidest question ever. The answer, in both cases, is anyone with some observational skills, back ground knowledge on the subjects, and a bit of common sense.


  2. Tonight as I watched a video with my child, filmed in Charlottesville, tears ran down my face. Tears for so many reasons. This isn’t the first time since last weekend, or since November. It must be the snowflake in me.


  3. All these “I voted for Trump and now regret it…I didn’t think it would be like this…”.
    Seriously, what did you expect?! I can’t with these people. I tried to have sympathy for them in the beginning because I understand the frustration and the emotional appeal of those awful rallies…but. She warned us and was dead-on.

    Imagine…instead of worrying about the appropriate nomenclature for literal nazis and removing statues of American traitors, we could be working on improving healthcare, raising the minimum wage, fixing maternity leave, among other things. Though sometimes I worry the hate for Hillary would have grown unchecked had she won and given rise to a different type of violent resistance from the ‘alt-right’.

    But we sure wouldn’t have had a Nazi sympathizer in White House (or, rather, Bedminster, Mar-a-Lago, anywhere else other than DC, etc.). I’ll say it again. Trump has blood on his hands. I worry about Pence being so quiet right now. I do think he wants to run in 2020. To think that I’d reach a point where I’d support John McCain or even Mitt Romney as a leader is insane.


  4. Oh my god, I think that man in the red hat is my grandfather, mole thing on the cheek and all. I hope I’m wrong, but he’s a die-hard Trump-lover.


  5. My relatives are preaching at me on FB because I said I hate Trump. Hell, my 92-year-old mother hates Trump and she’s been a life long Republican. She told me when we were driving out to my class ( she goes along so I can use the carpool lane and she can get out of the house), and I almost lost control. So this relative starts quoting Bible at me. I told her I am secure in my faith and don’t need to be preached at. I don’t preach at her so she should have the same courtesy. But she’s nuts and I may have to delete the whole damn post.
    I read an article in Salon or Slate, that said that what he said in New York, is basically how he is off camera. I just wonder why we haven’t heard from his precious Ivanka, she of the Jewish faith. Is she so pissed off at him that she’ll quit? She doesn’t need the work, she’s worth a lot on her own. Jared doesn’t need to be there either.
    I hope he doesn’t resign before Mueller releases his findings. I’d like nothing better than to see Trump, Pence and the administrative ones behind him be found guilty of conspiring with the enemy.
    My BP is going up so I’ve got to stop this.


  6. He didn’t win NY & NJ, the two states that know him the best. Go ask Atlantic City residents why he is loathed & despised if you don’t like NYC residents (despite having elected Republican & Democratic mayors). They’ll tell you. Who could have predicted this? Hmm. Ask HUD or anyone who lived in a Trump-owned building in the 50’s onward. Too bad Fred wasn’t convicted of war profiteering. Goodness knows you are a real sleaze for Eisenhower to hate you.

    But yeah. Who could have guessed?


  7. I really don’t get why the Nazis are behind him. They may chant the disgusting words ‘Jews will not replace us’ but them seem too thick to realise Ivanka, her husband and their three children are Jewish. Trump is insane and can be trusted by no one, not even the hate filled monsters. He only does what he feels serves him and represents only himself which is bad enough. The world can burn for all he cares so long as he is happy.

    Hillary however is a good woman who would have made an excellent president. Hillary actually had plans for continuing what Obama started along with her own to improve life for all. Her work for equality and charity is indisputable or so you’d think. However the media used Trumps wild accusations to get readers, clicks and viewers. No once did I see them call the accusations lies and report the facts instead. It was always sensationalist headlines and muddy articles that gave Trump and his supporters lies credence.
    Even in the UK some media joined in. It got them good ratings. I’m pretty such the media thought surely people won’t believe his bs but they forget that lies unchallenged can become the truth and unfortunately many are so disinterested in politics they are too lazy to look for the facts.
    As a great author once wrote “A lie can run round the world before the truth has got its boots on.” Which of course alludes to Churchill and Twain’s similar statements but I prefer Pratchetts version 🙂


  8. I could say so many things here about our Super Callous Fragile Racist Sexist Nazi POTUS….but it’s exhausting.

    Instead, I’m gonna quote Supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

    “I’m optimistic in the long run. A great man once said that the true symbol of the United States is not the bald eagle; it is the pendulum, and when the pendulum swings too far in one direction, it will go back. Some terrible things have happened in the United States, but one can only hope that we learn from those bad things. We’re not experiencing the best of times. But there is hope in seeing how the public is reacting to it. There’s reason to hope we will see a better day.”


  9. too thick to realise Ivanka

    They know this perfectly well. Chris Cantwell (one of the leaders) talked about it in the Vice film that was done about Charlottesville. They see Trump as useful, not as one of them.


  10. Oh my god, I think that man in the red hat is my grandfather, mole thing on the cheek and all. I hope I’m wrong, but he’s a die-hard Trump-lover.

    Alys, you are a known internet troll. Almost nothing you say is true. Please fuck off.


  11. Noticed Nicole saying this today:

    “I tell people that everyone is one issue away from anarchy.”

    This is such bullshit and perfectly illustrates Nicole’s magical outrageously exaggerated thinking.

    Nicole…YOU are not even “one issue away from anarchy”…and if you were, you’d be dead now with no public health system to save your sorry unappreciative ass. You’re the worst kind of “Whore of the State” because you’re a loud stupid hypocrite.

    Seriously…you and Joe have been arrested, had your kids taken away, had it chalk-boarded for you that sane people do not throw shit on the ground….you’ve had your hands slapped so much for stupid shit while screaming your head off about the anarchy…the ANARCHY that you will embrace like all the other fools who have no sense of personal responsibility or citizenship.

    Well? When the fuck are you going to do it? Hurry the fuck up already. Stop paying taxes. Stop using roads you didn’t help build. And don’t even fucking THINK about darkening the doorway of a hospital again you flakey bitch.


  12. Kattafish, could you imagine the outrage that would happen if they were denied even basic care at a hospital, they play the system well. Call a spade a spade, these two are nothing but disgusting humans who are raising (and raising is being nice) feral kids who have no idea how a society functions. We have seen one knock up his probably first girlfriend. Its just a fucking tragedy happening right before our eyes, mark my words, one day you will see a medical examiner van on that property one day.


  13. The one thing that Reagan and Congress got right at the time was passing a law that says if you show up at an ER you have to be treated (stabilized), regardless of whether you were insured or not; or even if you could pay.

    Now, if Joe and Nicole really stood by their principles, she would have refused transport to the hospital entirely. After all, they are unlikely to ever be able to pay off the bill she rang up and if they refuse to accept help from the state and/or federal government, then they’re effectively stiffing the institution and people who saved her life. Yeah, she probably would have died, but that is what happens when you live your ideals – or die due to them.


  14. Didn’t she also receive statist blood? I don’t suppose she has posted anything about any member of her family 16 or older donating blood since then, has she?

    It’s unlikely they have the money to pay off the bills, and they were so touched by the professional kindness they received, so they are going to do something that is the least they can do and donate blood. Right? After all, she knows her blood type now and of course Joe wanted to donate to her so they tested his blood; the two oldest boys were so worried about their mother that they have since gone to a blood drive in the area. Here’s one!

    Friday, September 8, 2017

    Lincoln Trail Christian
    508 Valley View
    Irvington, KY 40146
    12:00 PM – 4:00 PM

    Hahahaha. Fat chance.


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