Summary of Q&A, Chapter 8

CHAPTER 8 (minute 1:45 – minute 2:04. And seven seconds.)

TOPICS COVERED: Not vaccinating; Not being on the grid; Not being a prophet; Neglect Is a Hairstyle; Native American music; Narcotics; Nights out; Nanowatts of solar power; Nicole and Joe have rights (Maybe you’ve already heard).

– Why are they still talking?
– Why am I still watching?
– Why do they keep saying they are going to stop…and STILL NOT STOPPING?
– Why does Nicole think it is any kind of defense to state that her kids would rather lie on bare dirt ground than in their own “house”?

Fun Facts:
– The world is not flat. You heard it here first.
– Nicole and Joe are not hateful people. Again, first.
– CPS vaccinated three of the Naugler children against court orders. I didn’t know there was a vaccine for that. Maybe it’s still in the trial phase. BaBOOM!
– The best way to prepare for the temporary inconvenience of losing electric power in a storm is to resign yourself to living with that same inconvenience both before the storm and after the storm, and making that inconvenience permanent, since there are bound to be more storms down the road. Won’t you look like a genius!
– Nicole describes her hair as dreadlocks, dread locks, or knotty hair. Or did she mean “naughty hair?” I believe the formal term for that would be “oppositionally-defiant” hair.
– They eat the goats. Some of them. The ones Nicole doesn’t like.
– Yes, they will be doing this again, although they don’t specify what “this” is: Chatting online? Sitting in the van? Scratching? Avoiding your questions? Avoiding their children? Avoiding Reality? Rebranding as Flaming Trollfest LIVE!!! for 2018? Will it be before or after they read the comments and write down everyone’s names?

Grins ‘n’ Giggles:

Joe’s Jokes: (Did you know Joe can tell jokes, and we can’t stop him?)

“My head is itchy….Naaah, just kidding!”
(Well, he thinks it’s funny).

And now, for the first and last time, Grins ‘n’ Giggles introduces
Nicole’s Riddle me this!

Q: How do you gain control by giving up power?
A: By going off-grid!

Q: How do you go off-grid but still use the Internet?
A: Kiss my ass!

Q: Nicole, how can we kiss your ass if Lisa has it?
A: Please consult my previous postings disclosing Ms. Luthi’s residence including address, phone number, driving directions, list price, number of bedrooms, and satellite photos of both street and aerial views. I’d post them again but my toddler fed the printouts to my dog.

Q: Nicole, does this mean Lisa will have to give you next year’s birthday spanking?
A: All right, that’s it. You’re blocked.

I’d like to leave you with a few inspirational words from Joe and Nicole. That way I can run away before you realize you’re stuck with them….

From Joe:

“We want people to know you can do it.

[I’m still waiting for evidence that YOU can do it, Joe.]

You can live a more simple, basic, minimalist lifestyle to get out of the stress and the mundaneness of the culture that we live in.

[Shit in a bucket, or take a world cruise…you decide.]

You can do it with ten kids.

[Just not twelve.]

You can do it on a shoestring budget.

[By not including the actual shoes].

You can do it without government.

[Guess that means no internet, then.]

Nicole adds:

That’s a good thing. Free yourself.

[Because the VERY BEST WAY to get free is to let Nicole tell you how to think and what to do.]

As for me, I’m just glad to be free of this chat. Thanks to all the readers for not throwing tomatoes. Thanks, satisfied readers (you know who you are), for your compliments. Most of all, thanks, Sally, for giving me space to play in your awesome blog this week. I happily turn the stage back over to you.


And I pause here to allow everyone to give Sheer Luck a well-deserved round of applause.  This is awesome. My sincere thanks.  I had to wipe away tears from laughing so hard in order to post this.


30 thoughts on “Summary of Q&A, Chapter 8”

  1. Bravo, bravissimo.

    Sheer Luck you have made my year. You took a lump of coal, worked your alchemy and made a diamond..

    As to Nicole’s ass. It’s in the mail. Wink wink nod nod.

    “Oppositionally defiant hair.” Hahahahaha. Peed. Hahahahaha.


  2. Oh, Sheer Luck, thank you for being a guest blogger. We owe you bigly. All of your posts were excellent! This one had me cackling out loud.


  3. Sheer Luck, it has been an absolute delight. Thank you for the humor and highlights. ?
    Sally, you sure do have some fantastic friends.


  4. Thank you, Sheer Luck, for listening to all of that so the rest of us didn’t have to. Way to take one for the team!* Your summary was far more amusing than the part of the live feed I listened to/suffered through.

    *This does not mean there is actually any real team than S.L. was working for by watching and commenting on the videos.


  5. Thankyou SheerLuck, for shining a clever hilarious light on the latest Naugler smokescreen.
    I suspect the Nauglers will be delighted to find out how funny they are and that they could take their show on the road… Really I think they could!…
    welllll, maybe they’d need you as editor… or something… but it could work as long as they kept to the script…

    never mind…


  6. Bless your heart, Sheer Luck. I listened to about ten minutes. I just couldn’t go any further. You deserve a medal.


  7. Sally, you sure do have some fantastic friends.

    Sheer Luck is a commenter here just like all the rest. I do not know Sheer Luck at all other than the comments here.


  8. Nicole has posted a link to a video from the Schwabs again.

    Seriously Nicole and Joe? Do you and the Schwabs live in a pretend world where you get to make up your own rules? You can only spin things so long before it all falls apart. Let me break this down for you.

    The family court recorded that it based the removal of the Schwab children on the drug use and abusive behavior of the parents.

    The Schwabs appealed to a higher court and were turned down based on the facts of their case.

    The news can report those facts as the reason for the court denial. That’s what news type people do. They report things.

    Why would the appeals court or the news reporter need to have another investigation? That’s not how court appeals or the news works.


  9. I believe “oppositionally-defiant hair” is about when you dropped mic and strutted off stage. Best line out of all the summaries, although they are all fantastic. Thank you!!


  10. Sheer Luck, that was amazing. Thank you! Did you shower & shampoo afterward? I would have after witnessing the scratching & nose picking.


  11. Great job, Sheer luck! I enjoyed your posts. I think this one was my favorite. Very funny!

    On another note…Why TF, is nic bringing up old shit on her ncn page? I’m sick of Joe saying this is all a political smear campaign. Like, seriously?
    Joe you’re such a cunt! Oh, nic you’re a cunt, too!!


  12. @SheerLuck – thank you (said 100 times.) Laughed so hard I may have pee’d myself.

    And thank you Sally for sharing this on your blog.


  13. SheerLuck, Thanks for the daily laughs, you are one talented person. Bravo, standing O.
    And thanks to all the funny commenters during this Pcast, it gave it the level of seriousness it deserved. Bravo!

    And of course, Sally, for all you do, you’re the best.


  14. Why TF, is nic bringing up old shit on her ncn page?

    Because she just FINALLY found that screenshot in her shopping bag of “evidence.” And because if she re-posts events multiple times, her half-wit supporters might actually be fooled into thinking that these events are recurring. It’s stalkin’ harrassin’ and dachshund!


  15. Thank you, Sheer Luck.
    I burst out in laughter, which spooked the cat and caused her to regurgitate a hair ball in my lap.
    The similarity between that matted hairy wad and Nicole’s dreadlocks was uncanny.


  16. Awww – Thanks, everyone! I may need to get a bigger deerstalker hat. : )

    It was weirdly fun, I must say.

    @Viral Introvert: “stalkin’, harrassin’, and dachshund” – I now have a couple of hilarious images in my head:

    One is the names on the window of a law firm.

    The other is of a cute little weiner dog saying “I know where you live.”


  17. One of her half wit supporters has had a bit of their own stardom in the land of domestic terrorism.

    Tracey Chen (you’ve read her bat shit crazy comments I’m sure) Facebook friend of Joseph (what is it with that name) Jakubowski, charged with weapons charges, burglary and threatening the president, schools and churches. They sure do appear to find each other on Facebook.

    Less than 6 degrees of separation between the Nauglers and Jakubowski. What a fine line they are walking these days. Cue the FBI. Forget bullshit claims of government corruption. There are domestic terrorists to keep an eye on.


  18. #winning Wow!

    Not too hard to imagine the Naugs getting in over their heads pursuing fame, fortune and funds via the gun nut/domestic terrorist community. They wouldn’t fit in there, either, or not for long. But I am imagining the news if wrong place/wrong time for a Naugler resulted in more infamy. Sally and Lisa could be on the Today Show and the rest, pointing out that they always knew the Naugs were crazy, maybe Al could get a showcase for that interesting salvage art that I see on Facebook. Perhaps some metal bucket art?


  19. @Sheer Luck – We all know how the Naugs like to educate us about their “livestock guardian” dogs. The dachshund’s kinda like that. Not as effective as the Pretty Good Border Collie, though. 😉

    @ Winning – Yikes. Tracey Chen was one of the people Jakubowski entrusted with his manifesto. She’s pretty much earned herself a permanent spot on the terrorist watch list. I wonder if Joe would like to expound (of course he would) on that “freedom of association” nonsense from last week’s live diatribe?


  20. Thanks a lot SheerLuck! I really wanted to listen to that mess, but 2 hours was 1.5 hours too long! You really took one for the team and turned it into comedy gold!


  21. This is just too funny!
    The comments are just as funny! The stalkin’ harrassin’ and dachshund one, oh my lawd, meme worthy for sure! That meme would make my dachshund proud. I am leery that she stalks me, she follows me everywhere. Much like NN I tell my dachshund where I’m going, when, and what I’m doing then accuse her of knowing my every move. I often times find her playing outside with my kids and I’m positive she’s going to try steal them and sell them for dog food.


  22. No they wouldn’t last with any group. They don’t actually stand nor advocate for anything. They’re path of least resistance people. Whatever they can claim that means they can avoid this (fill in any random current) issue is what they do. Anytime they’re actually challenged, they concede and tuck and run.


  23. I hope that during moments of downtime from the online foolishness some of the kids decide to take some of their own money (because it will have to be the kids and their own money) and get some vegetable seeds to plant. Imagine how much zucchini and collards some dedicated youngsters could grow out there!


  24. Sheer Luck, I think that you could do standup. That was frigging hilarious!

    I tried to watch, but could only handle 1/2 hour or so of the drivel, and of Nickers trying to ensure that the camera angle was covering her. Thank you for taking one for the team!

    Aah, the Schwabs……another graduate of Facebook U college of law. Sigh.


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