Summary of Q&A, Chapter 6

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CHAPTER SIX (minutes 1:30 – 1:45)
Author’s note:
Apologies to those looking to find all these…uh, these pearls in the video; There is an error in the last chapter. Joe’s “Secrets of Great Parenting” actually occurs in Chapter Six, not Chapter Five. I don’t know how they got mixed up, but I’m totally blaming my kids. – SheerLuck

TOPICS COVERED: Snake snacks; Snapping-turtle snacks; Snooping stalkers stealing shitstead snapshots; Sowing strawberries; Smoking cigars as substitutes for other substances; Siblings and…sleeping arrangements; Scissoring beards (we don’t want to know); Speculations on skin color; Sheds (it’s a LOFTED CABIN, people); and Sawing down shaky stuff.

Head-scratching moments (Now with answers!):
– Joe’s still not sure how many children he has. Ten. No, eleven. (Answer: Twelve, soon to be thirteen, and Thank you for playing!)
– Was that really a burp? (All signs point to Yes)
– Honk if you love Jesus! Or if your kids got out of the shed!
– Where did all these fresh trolls come from? (Answer: I don’t know, but they live under a MUCH bigger bridge)
– Why do the trolls keep asking Joe and Nicole to put their shoes on their heads? Do they like orange crocs? Are they tired of Joe’s hat and hungry for change? Do they think it will make Joe stop scratching? Do they hope it will squish any dreaded spiders? (Answer: None Of the Above; It’s Just A Thing. Those Crazy Trolls.)
– Why do the trolls keep mentioning clams? (Answer: Yes, it’s what you’re thinking)

Fun Facts:
– The next garden planned for the Homestead is an herb garden. Because nothing is more essential to a survivalist’s self-sufficiency than fresh basil.
– The Nauglers’ home was built ENTIRELY BY MENNONITES. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
– Many people confuse Mennonite-built sheds with Amish-built sheds; while they are similar, the Mennonite sheds are built to a less-strict code* than those of the Amish. For instance, Mennonite-built sheds have some modern appliances, and are not as plain in manner and dress.
– The Nauglers’ home is NOT a shed; it is a “lofted cabin” MODEL of a shed, made by a shed company. And Mennonites. Not Amish. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of that.
– You may be surprised to learn that the model name “lofted cabin” was NOT a reference to the likelihood of it being swept away by a tornado.
– Nicole would like to live in a hemp house.
– We suspect Joe would, too.
– There are currently no statistics on the likelihood of a hemp house being blown away by a tornado.**
– There are currently no Mennonite-built lofted-barn hemp-cabins offered for sale in Kentucky. Maybe try Indiana. Or the Amish.
– Siblings can’t get married, but did you know they can procreate and we can’t stop them? (Actually, Joe, I DID know that Fun Fact. Siblings procreate all the time. Just not WITH EACH OTHER.)

We introduce a new sub-heading to our Grins ‘n’ Giggles section we call….
Joe’s Jokes!
Q: Where do atheists go when they die?
A: In the ground! No, wait – Anywhere they want to! Ba-dump-BING! I’ll be here all day, folks! Try the gator!

More Grins ‘n’ Giggles:
– A viewer inquires: “Are you black?” Not that there’s anything wrong with the Nauglers being black. (every black person on earth, in unison: “OH YES THERE IS!!!”)
– Once again, Joe proclaims himself “a face-to-face kinda guy.” I suspect this is the positive-spin version of an “in-your-face kinda guy.”
– Actually, in this segment, he’s more into his own face. Specifically, his beard. And, at times, his nose.
– Nicole found Neal Boortz! (Wait! Don’t tell me – He was hiding in the bag with the screenshot printouts, wasn’t he?)

*DISCLAIMER: Satire. I’m sure the Mennonite-built sheds follow all applicable building codes, are just as good as the Amish-built sheds, and both sheds will be equally rewarded with eternal life.

**At least, there are none when you Google it using those exact words.


14 thoughts on “Summary of Q&A, Chapter 6”

  1. He always giggle when they point out their “cabin” was built by Amish. Or whoever. Like the Amish actually came out to their land and built this “cabin”. Eyeroll. Sounds very quaint.


  2. “…both sheds will be equally rewarded with eternal life.” On the Naugstead this must be of comfort to the shed. The sooner the better and more likely.

    Sheer Luck, it’s been sheer joy extracted from sheer bullshit. Kudos.


  3. Sheer Luck this is the best one yet! Thank you so much.

    WTF, siblings procreate all the time? With each other?
    Well, that is one way to keep them on the homeless-stead. No pesky in laws.


  4. Thank you for my daily laughs 🙂 That video was something else. Perhaps it was a lofted vlog. Made of salvaged hemp and hippy Mormon undergarments. Or something.


  5. Thank you, Sheer Luck. It was fun to read your synopsis especially the head scratching moments. Glad someone else was just as confused as me! Nice job 🙂


  6. This according to
    shoe on head =
    A demand made to a cam whore to put their shoe on top of their head.

    1. n. Obscene. The female genitalia. (there were others but I suspect this is the one they had in mind).

    Where did all those trolls come from??? It was like drunken frat boys night out.


  7. Can someone who has more knowledge of true Facebook trolls explain the high numbers of viewers on the live video? Is there a list somewhere of current live videos? Because the longer the video went on the more trolling comments came in. I’m just wondering if there is somewhere that people can go to find shitshows like this. It was obvious some of the comments came from people who like to do this to random people on a regular basis.


  8. So what are the sleeping arrangements? Does it only have 1 loft, or 1 on each end?

    They aren’t really “lofts.” They are exposed rafters. Remove the ceiling material from our garage and we’d have a “lofted” garage, and some people do so they can store bikes and seasonal stuff up there.

    So what they appear to have done is lay plywood down for a “floor” up in the rafters, build a crude ladder on each end of the shed and there you have a “bedroom.” And yes, there is one at each end.


  9. Before I started doing the Madcap Recap, I’d typed up a crazy-long comment about this loft-sleeping setup because it’s always bugged me.
    When I saw how long it was getting I wisely parked it in a file. I think you can deduce from that how much I dislike the arrangement. ?


  10. @Interested Bystander: Some time ago I’d bookmarked this one as looking the most similar. Same company. Not sure if it’s THE company – I haven’t looked to see if they have their Mennonite credentials up to date. 🙂


  11. To be fair I would imagine cabins back in the day with lofts were probably similar? My in laws put plywood on their rafters and like 3 years later they all collapsed on top of their truck.
    We had lofts growing up, each kids room had one. I have no idea how they were constructed but I can tell you we lived in a very large home that was structurally sound. The lofts had carpet while the rest of the house had hardwood. We had our beds up there, real beds. And we had an actual bedroom below (with our choice of carpet or hardwood), it wasn’t some weird open mishmash. Like you walk into my bedroom door (doors!) and there’s an actual bedroom with a desk and stuff then when you walk in further you’ll see pull down stairs that go up to the loft. It was kind of cute, not my style but still cute.


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