While she was in court, Nicole used the word “stress” or “distress” about a dozen times. She said it so often it was noticeable.

I suspect her word choice was purposeful, because she was trying to convince the judge that if she had hurt feelings, Lisa should be punished, but it’s still interesting.

One of her continual mantras is that they’ve embraced this minimalist (meaning “ain’t got a pot to pee in,” literally) and that in doing this, they have gotten rid of all the stress that imprisons all of the “rats in a cage.”  You know, normal people.  We’re all subject to the stresses of daily life, so we’re unfortunate and unenlightened like her and Joe.

This sort of thing.


They are “minimalists.”

We all know what she’s talking about. We all swear we’re gonna do it one of these days when we finally get up to here with all of it and clean out that closet and get rid of all that stuff.

I have lived both ways, at both ends.  We’ve had full-sized houses and too much stuff.  We’ve also lived in an RV and couldn’t have much stuff at all, in fact, hardly any stuff.

What I’ve discovered is that we typically expand to fill whatever space we are living in, so to keep it more or less manageable, we have a smallish house.

I refuse to discuss the basement.  🙂

And there is no question that materialism can be a negative thing. But that’s not what I am writing about here.

Nicole and Joe Naugler are poor.

They are not minimalists who have consciously chosen to live without a lot of material possessions.

They are poor.

Dirt poor.

Really poor.


Raising a dozen children on approximately $34,000 annually is very, very poor.

While Nicole is wrong – poverty is not subjective at all – the perception of poverty can be.

The issue is this: what does your balance sheet look like?  How much is coming in?  How much is going out?  If you have more going out than you have coming in, either you have to reduce the amount going out or you have to increase what is coming in to find balance.

If you don’t, if you can’t, the result is. . . . stress.

When Dave and I were much younger, and Nathan was a baby, we made a decision that I would stay home with him.  It meant living as a one-income family, and it meant tightening up pretty severely, probably more than most people would have wanted to do.  I stayed home until he was four, and then we were able to arrange for him to go to day care a couple of days a week, which ended up being pretty much staying in my mother’s kindergarten class, and I went back to work.

When he was six, Dave turned the tables on me and went back to school and we were back to the one-income family thing for a couple of years. After that, Dave worked a full-time job, went to school for those last two years of college at night, and then held down a part-time job doing back-up tapes at the local courthouse until about 2 a.m.

It was pretty brutal for a short while but all of it paid off handsomely in the end.

But the deal is that we lived for a while in conditions I considered “poor.” My son was in school before he found out what a Happy Meal was.  I doubt he ate at McDonald’s three times in his life before he was 7 years old. He never got new clothes, except for shoes (no used shoes, ever) and jeans (kids wear jeans out) and underwear (eww to used underwear).

He was a kid. He didn’t care. He didn’t even notice. Kids don’t.

But adults do.

This period, of course, was while I was religious, and I remember making a deal with God.  I made deals with God from time to time, and none of them ever worked out particularly well, but that didn’t stop me from trying.

I made a deal with God that I would never complain about money if I just had enough to pay our basic bills.

I remember that at one point during that period, we went to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to Amish country and I looked at those people with envy.  They had security, cradle to grave, or at least that’s how it looked to me.

In the late eighties, we moved to South Carolina.  I was working full-time, but on weekend nights and we were homeschooling during the week. Dave was home when I was working.  Cash flow was improved, but we’d racked up a good bit of debt during those lean years, and I chafed.

Finally, I discovered Dave Ramsey. He’s religious, and I don’t recommend his stuff at all, because he’s basically just making a living telling you something I will tell you for free. Here’s what I did.

I took all our bills, with the exception of our mortgage.  A house is generally an appreciating asset, so you don’t count it. (The 2008 mortgage meltdown is a whole ‘nother subject, and you have to be careful getting a mortgage, but that’s not what I’m talking about.)  In our case, we had a car payment, and we’d bought a computer on time, and some credit card debt and a few doctor bills, and I can’t remember now what else.

I made a list of all that debt and sorted it by amount and interest rate.

The idea was to put the stuff with the highest interest rate at the top, especially those with the lower amounts due.

And then I started working on paying off Number 1.

That took a while. All I could cough up was an extra $5 or $10.  It didn’t go far. I remember that it took several months.  Everyone else got the bare minimum.  And it seemed like nothing was changing, but of course, it was.

Finally, one day, I sent off the last payment to Number 1.

The next month Number 2 got the payment it usually got plus the payment I would have been sending to Number 1.  This time, Number 2’s balance dropped more rapidly because I was paying so much more monthly.  And after a few more months, it was paid.

And then all the money for Number 1 and Number 2 went to Number 3, and this was repeated again and again until we were down to the biggies.  By the time I got there, I was paying something like $500/month extra to whatever was the current bill being paid off and they were disappearing like lightning.

When I got to the last thing on the list, it was paid off in two or three months and we were debt-free (except for the house).  In our case, our houses, because they kept appreciating and because we moved down the last time, paid for themselves. And Frances now pays for the taxes and insurance on this place.

The whole process, for us, took about three years.  It was painless.  We weren’t spending any more money than we’d been used to spending anyway (except for that first little while when I had to cough up enough extra to pay down Number 1), and when we were done, it was like we both got raises.

And suddenly, I figured out that God didn’t have to fix my finances. We did.

What I found out on the far side of all that is that being poor is stressful.

After we “snowballed,” which is what we called the Ramsey thing, I began to sock away money.  Dave referred to that as my “squirrel accounts.”  Dave would buy new tires. I would take that amount (say, $800), determine how many years the tires might reasonably be expected to last, and convert that to how much per month I needed to put in savings so that when we needed new tires, the money would be there.  Ditto for everything that wears out or breaks that we had.  Sometimes, the amount per month would be $3.  Nobody would bother with that, except me. I bothered with that.

And I never had to stress over money again. This happened in the late eighties.  I have never once worried about paying a bill since.

I’m frugal as hell.  I still only have about three pairs of shoes.  But I never have any stress over money.

click image to link to source

The poorer you are, the higher your stress level.  This is not a theory.  It’s a fact.

Yes, there is wiggle room there, as Nicole tries to say, that if you reduce your monthly outgo, you don’t need as much income to have the same equilibrium.  However, regardless of that, being poor is really bad for your health.

Not just for your psychological health, but in terms of chronic severe illness as well.  The rates of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure all go up if you’re poor.  Mental illness is more common in poor people.

And what is really bad is what poverty does to children.

Remember, I said Nathan didn’t care?  Well, he didn’t.  Sort of. He didn’t understand money or finances.  He didn’t feel deprived.

But having it tight leads to stress and children sense tension.

Poor children are more likely to struggle in school.  That is not because they are genetically “dumb.” It’s because they are poor.  Throughout their lives, they are less likely to rise to their potential, less likely to achieve success academically, less likely to succeed economically, more likely to develop mental illnesses and/or personality disorders, and on and on.

Obviously, I have no way of knowing what the Naugler balance sheet looks like, but I bet if their van refuses to start, they will experience a bit of stress trying to figure out how to pay for the new engine it needs, or even the new alternator. And I know her gas bill at the shop concerns her, because she keeps posting stuff about it.

From where I’m sitting, which is admittedly outside looking in, when they were faced with too much outgo and not enough income, they opted to reduce outgo.  Over and over, they reduced outgo, to the point that I doubt there’s any more outgo to reduce.

But all that time, they kept having babies.  It’s relatively cheap to feed three toddlers. Not so much three teenagers.

She complained bitterly about stress from the “trolls.” I do not doubt she’s under a pretty severe amount of stress and has been chronically for years. But I would posit that “trolls” aren’t the problem at all and never have been.




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  1. I agree with every word you said. They’re not minimalist or she wouldn’t splurge at the dollar tree on all of the ridiculous things that she does. They keep saying how they have built in babysitters anytime someone asks where are the kids while they’re “clearing the air” or in court or papa pig is at the shop w the dreaded dragon. Yet, the industrious Mr can’t get even a part time job? It’s a simple concept, the more people the more it costs and they clearly aren’t slowing any. Yeah siblings are great and obviously no one would say get rid of my sibling, but you know the kids have to see how what tiny amount of things they get lessens with each birth. They have to be thinking that the last one is enough. Most reasonable and responsible people don’t keep having kids they can’t afford and that was probably a quarter of the count they’re at now.


  2. YES! Being constantly broke is incredibly stressful. We’ve done the broke thing, and the debt repayment thing, and now that we’re down to just small mortgage left, we’re merely frugal but with a decent savings account to fall back on. Knowing that the money is there for the bills next month, as well as any little emergency that pops up along the way, definitely soothes the stress of higher than expected bills, or realizing that yet another kid needs braces soon.

    I also don’t know how N. would separate the stress from trolls, vs the stress from being the only income earner for a growing family of 12, vs the stress of an ongoing cps case, vs the stress of being broke.


  3. My Mom was always stressed about money. My parents constantly fought about money. My Dad was a spender and my Mom a hard working saver. It made their life and our life miserable. I did not spoil my child growing up but neither did I ever have her stress about money or lack thereof if I could help it. I taught her how to be responsible with money. How managing your finances is important to your well being. As a young adult, full time university student, and part time worker, she does a good job of paying her bills. She keeps things on track. Better than I did at her age because my parents just fought about money but never taught us anything about how to use it wisely.

    In 2010 I gave myself and my daughter the best gift ever. Like you, I paid off my last debt. I have stayed debt free ever since. This allows me the freedom to be able to back my daughter up should she need some financial support whilst she is in University. Things like paying for us to vacation together since we live far away from each other at the moment. Assistance when some unforeseen emergencies crop up. I send her a treat now and then because she works very hard. This makes me happy because I started out as a teen with knapsack on my back and literally only a few dollars in my pocket. No one to back me up if I needed it. I am grateful that my child knows I am there to back her up so she can finish her studies and follow her dreams. Her dreams are my dreams. Giving your child some security is a gift that keeps on giving.

    The Nauglers just stress their kids to the max. I would not be surprised if the older kids have ulcers from worrying so much. The kids have to live with hustle, day in and out.

    I have a question. Why do very poor people spend so much money on useless junk at the dollar stores as well as really bad fast food?


  4. ” I do have proof that Lisa was threatening me.” Blessed Little Homestead, presumably Nicole Naugler, commenting today on the FB page Are The Nauglers For Real.

    NO you don’t. Not unless you manufactured it, because it never happened. You can’t ascribe some version of your own warped mind as intent by me that was never there. You can’t invent stalking and threats, that not only never happened, but that you testified never happened. Give it up already.

    All you could drag up at the hearing and anywhere else where people don’t just take your whining as gospel is some sort of generic claim of emotional distress, which I think is a bunch of bullshit, but even then you had to and have to seek me out. You’re the one who would read my page religiously, imo. You’re the one coming to this blog to read my comments. You’re the one who couldn’t just walk away at the courthouse and had to accost me, question me and record me. If, and it’s a big if because I have been witness to the smirk and excitement on your face when you thought you were pulling one over or when you accosted me at the courthouse, what I have to say bothers you so much don’t read it. What I got out of it all is that you’re pissed that what I have to say cuts into your credibility. You’re pissed that other people read what I have to say. In my opinion it’s your bullshit that cuts into your credibility, don’t you think? How many excuses are you up to now to explain why you had no evidence at the hearing? Seven, eight?


  5. I also don’t know how N. would separate the stress from trolls,

    There is no stress from trolls. When nearly everyone went silent, it became obvious. (and was noted carefully) Nicole ramped up because she could not stand the silence.


  6. Being so-called “off-grid” doesn’t save them money. Electricity at the site would be cheaper than running the generator. Septic would be cheaper than the port a potty. Getting water on site would cost something (though could have been done with 45G) but would still relieve the stress of having to haul it. They are a car breakdown away from having no water. Most off-gridders seem to be prepared for emergencies with canned food, extra water, etc. Not the N’s. I suspect they are only off-grid because they owe money to the power company. They are very much on the grid except for electric. Oh, and the port a potty. Of course, there is also J and his refusal to help support his family. He is truly a disgrace. Dumping him would also save money. I have noticed that the mentally ill have a knack for making bad decisions. Not sure if this is a cause or a symptom.


  7. I agree. Threats, stalking, and harassment from “trolls” has never been the real issue. The problem was and remains the gullibility of those who donate, and how to maintain it and attract new donors. I would imagine that the donations are a more significant part of the budget than they would ever admit.

    Do I feel sorry for her? To a certain extent, sure. Compare the photos of her shop to the homestead. It is pretty clear to me where her preference lies. Curious, though, that while she appears to have jettisoned or cut everything that she can, she hasn’t gotten rid of the biggest dead weight of all. . .


  8. @ Lisa, excuses are like buttholes everyone has them and they all stink

    As an unfortunate member of the “stutters when put into stressful situations but thinks of a great retort three hours after the conflict” class, let me just say your musical rendition to Nicole in the Courthouse earned you my eternal admiration. You, my dear lady, are a beast!!!!

    And this entire blog post is spot on.


  9. I totally agree that Nicole is stressed. As you said, that stress doesn’t come from the so-called “trolls” – they are just the target for her anger, which is an outlet for the frustration and stress she feels about various things in her life, only one of which is money, or the lack thereof. I think that stress is also why she cries so easily. A lot of people cry when angry or frustrated, and perhaps she is the same. That stress is also not good for a pregnant woman, but she does bear some responsibility for it.

    One person who I doubt is particularly stressed is Joe, because he just doesn’t give a shit about anything or anyone other than himself, really. He doesn’t work to support his family, and as a stay-at-home father, or Homestead Husband as he likes to be known, he certainly doesn’t appear to contribute anything in the form of hard work to the homestead. Where is the water catchment system? Where is the enormous veggie garden that could reduce their food bills? Where are any of the myriad of plans the Nauglers have told their readers about over the past two years?

    A small part of me feels some sympathy for Nicole, as she is the one who bears most of the responsibility for the business, the children, possibly some animals and even some of the court cases. Admittedly during the hearing for the IPO against Lisa, she wasn’t very organised, or even in the right, but she at least battled away, while her bozo of a husband lazed beside her. I realise he couldn’t help her in the courtroom, but seeing she works etc, would it have been too hard for him to organise her printouts?

    Yes, she’s an asshole, and yes, she can be vicious and extremely nasty and deserves all she gets, and no, I don’t like her, or how her children are forced to live, but somewhere deep inside, I feel a little sorry for her. Having said that though, she did make her bed, and now is lying in it.


  10. [Admin: stuff about the business. I know this is terribly difficult and I also realize I’m not always very even-handed about it, but I do try.]

    She calls her & Joes life style a minimalist, homesteader, living off grid, home schooling unschooling, all back to nature, organic, dread hair, natural type of family.

    They are hoarders, not a minimalists.
    They are homeless, not homesteaders.
    They are homeless, not off grid.
    They don’t homeschool, unschool, they are lazy.
    That’s Hardee’s, Pizza, $ store made in China plastic crap, not homegrown, organic or natural, earth friendly.
    They don’t compost, they shit & dump.
    Those aren’t dreads, that’s depression.
    Not all hair types can be dreaded. What her hair is is matted. Did she wake up one morning & decided not brushing her hair was just one less thing for her to do?


  11. You want to know what I find ironic?

    Nickers states that their income is 34k and that their “goal” for being “comfortable” is 60K. I have the solution!

    Put JoNad to work. I will assume that any jobs he could get would be minimum wage, which is $7.25 per hour. If you annualize that $7.25 an hour (assuming FT employment), that would come to an extra $15,080 pre tax. (Taxes would be minimal, given their income size and number of dependents.).

    This 15K + Nickers 34K would get them to nearly 50K, which is getting close to their living “comfortably” income.

    So, Nickers tell us again why JoNad does not work? Is it:

    1). The extra money would not be worth it, as she has said in the past……though seems to have had a change of heart, per her statement above?
    2) JoNad is needed terribly at the Shitstead and his job is taking care of the youngins and unschooling. (HAHA) them? This is obviously false since he goes to BLG with her everyday, as I understand it. When he is home, it appears that the only responsibility he has is making new kids, and making the existing kids do all the Shitstead work. Also, he helps to heat the garden shed by using his vast size.
    3) Nickers does not want him to work because she knows that he will be flirting, or worse, harrassing his female coworkers.

    Call me a cynic, but I will take Door number 3. I remain incredulous that she thinks that any woman with a brain, ears, a nose, and eyesight would want anything to do with him, as he is just repulsive.

    I am also incredulous that Nickers wanted anything to do with him. She was a beautiful young woman, before stress, bitterness, having way too many babies, and losing her teeth overtook her countenance. I will never understand why she gave JoNad a second look, especially given the baggage he had. (His seemingly documented history of violence; Sally, feel free to remove this sentence if you are not comfortable having this in your blog.)

    See, Nickers, how easy it would be to solve your problem?


  12. poorkids says:
    why would one in poverty keep popping out beings they cant afford?

    There are two types of poverty. Situational Poverty and Generational Poverty.

    The stories told here are mostly Situational Poverty – people falling on hard times and work their way to better times. It is a very Middle Class “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” understanding of poverty.

    Generational Poverty is an entirely different beast. A dozen kids make sense when you are in a Generational Poverty mindset, because people and relationships are something you can hold and value for a long, long time. Money, on the other hand, is seen as fleeting. Kind of a “This money will be spent on something, so I might as well spend it on what I want RIGHT NOW” mindset. In Generational Poverty people believe they are powerless to make their situation better; they are poor and will always be poor.

    I encourage everyone following the Nauglers to read A Framework for Understanding Poverty by Ruby Payne. It is not a perfect book, but it will give you a new understanding on behaviors that don’t seem to make sense.


  13. They are hoarders, not a minimalists.

    I wouldn’t call them hoarders by any stretch. They’re just dirt poor. Nor do I see Nicole as lazy at all. Joe? Well, that’s another story.


  14. >>I have been witness to the smirk and excitement on your face when you thought you were pulling one over or when you accosted me at the courthouse.<<

    Yes! The smirk and excitement were so obvious! All who watched the video could clearly see the truth about who is "stalking" whom. I have to admit I was taken aback to the point of pausing the video as my jaw dropped open in shock and I stared at Nicole's triumphant look. There was not a trace of fear present in her face. I suppose I should not have been surprised, but I continually try to give people the benefit of the doubt and she'd been squawking about being "fearful" for so long. This video of her accosting Lisa leaves NO DOUBT about the truth of the matter.

    It appears Nicole has chosen to become like her mother who she insists mistreated her. It's hard to say what is true in this case, considering Nicole's chronic lying, but I can say that some children break free from their abuse and others become like the abuser.

    P.S. – How do I use the block quote option?


  15. There is no stress from trolls. When nearly everyone went silent, it became obvious. (and was noted carefully) Nicole ramped up because she could not stand the silence.

    It’s not so much that I think “trolls” are causing her stress (well maybe the idiots who left obvious fake bad reviews on her business legitimately were), it’s that that I have no idea how she could expect a court to separate out the stress that any one particular “troll” caused vs all the other causes of stress in her life, since she’s talking about suing half the world, and monetary damage is going to be even harder to prove for her.


  16. Yeah, Nicole is stressed. The stress and anxiety she feels stem largely from the choices she has made. I don’t take enjoyment from the Nauglers’ misfortunes (natural consequences of their choices) but they do seem to make their choices with the worst consequences in mind.

    Her real anxiety is not “trolls” (no, darn it! I’m a tomtar!) but the fact that she’s expecting a baby that she knows she cannot afford, has several children she cannot afford, has a husband up for a jury trial who will represent himself, has a son with legal problems, is not well, knows that her home is merely a garden shed destined to be battered to collapse or rotted away sooner or later, and that her desperate efforts to make money are the sole means of paying bills. She has to pay not only to feed her kids, worthless husband, keep their land, but also she has to pay to keep her business. When will they hit rock bottom? Who knows. It might be when they lose their business, land and means of income. Maybe when Joe has disappeared and Nicole is found squatting in an abandoned building in Louisville and half her kids have run away. Yeah, these are real possibilities and I am pretty sure that in spite of her bravado and denial, Nicole is plenty worried.

    I think her Facebook wars are not the source of her stress but are nice distractions from her stress and reality like a video game. If she can blame others then she can distance herself mentally from her squalid reality and she gets some relief and sense of success. Her ego requires that Nicole be told she is special and that she is brilliant. Her losing the IPO deal must have stung. Of course, plenty of reasonable people end up as casualties in Nicole’s battle to feel better about herself and they certainly have every reason and right to protect themselves from Joe and Nicole. There are other ways she could use to manage stress such as dealing with her problems, having both parents working, using welfare, chilling out on wanting to be super special, and getting along with bosses, coworkers and neighbors. But Joe struggling to get out of a ball pit will be a minor challenge in comparison to the work that will be needed to repair their relations with their neighbors and community.


  17. Every year the Nauglers work very very hard on the homestead. They plant their plans on the internet and wait for somebody to accomplish them.


  18. Nicole can’t seem to stay on message. For court she was selling “troll pages cause me mental distress” but today on Facebook it’s “you trolls just make me stronger.” Pick one, damn it!


  19. You’re giving three possible reasons why Joe doesn’t work. There are actually many others, including that he’s simply unemployable due to his personality or inability to submit to any authority anywhere. And another thing might be that it’s a combination of several factors. That is, in fact, the most likely thing. Human beings are complicated.


  20. The “trolls” and “stalkers” allow N to be distracted from her problems of poverty, bad health, etc. She can ignore her real problems and concentrate on the make believe ones. And Sally, as with your finances, you couldn’t solve your problem until you admitted that it WAS your problem. Owning our problems is always painful but it’s the only way to solve them. As long as a person blames someone else for their problems they aren’t accepting responsibility to fix them.


  21. For whatever reason you all went quiet and I’m pretty sure that I know why that was, it was, in the end, the ultimate test of the depth of N’s illness and intent.

    Awaiting the trial date everyone was careful and respectful except HER. She couldn’t stand it. She couldn’t behave. She doubled-down and called names. She had a couple of weeks where she could have cashed in on the benefit of the doubt. Instead, she piled on. She opened the flood gates on herself and deserves all she gets.


  22. Plus he won’t pass a drug test. Just about every business around here (that includes retail and fast food) will drug test you before they hire you on. And we all know how he loves his weed.


  23. When I want to buy something that isn’t a necessity I calculate how many hours I need to work to equal that purchase, most of the time I put it back on the shelf.


  24. P.S. – How do I use the block quote option?

    Hit “Quote.” Then paste your quote. Then hit “Quote” again.


  25. I really think this cycle of poverty won’t be broken anytime soon. With the next generation of N’s being born soon & no more than a minimum wage job on the horizon, I don’t think they can. Hopefully with the support of the mother’s family the new grandchild will not want for anything.
    You are exactly correct about poverty stressing kids out. My kids go to an extremely rural school with lots of kids who are at or below the poverty line. It’s a huge job for the teachers just to make sure that once the kids are at school their basic needs are met. Food, proper clothing, and any supplies needed and this is before they teach them one thing. One bad year of schooling can put a child 2 or more years behind academically. And if the child is focused on basic survival, it is very difficult to catch them up academically.
    NN & JN do not give a rat’s ass that they are stressing their kids. Because as usual it’s not about the kids….it’s about the parents…

    P.S. Sally I didn’t use the oldest boy’s name on purpose because as you said he’s doing his own thing now. Sorry if it’s a jumble!!!


  26. The one thing that boggles my mind is their resistance against using food benefits. They have no problem tying up the court system with petty cases but deny their children the good nutrition they deserve! That “whore of the state” crap she loves referring to just doesn’t cut it when it comes to children and not being able to meet their basic needs.

    As a side note, I wonder if Nic knows you can buy seeds, herbs, vegetable plants, and fruit trees with SNAP benefits (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)? Not that they had any luck with the garden, but imagine using this resource to really begin a producing garden!

    IMO they have no desire to help themselves. It’s easier just to point out the PayPal button on the sidebar of their blog and cry, “Oh, woe is me”.


  27. I think Joe is unemployable for many reasons. For one, he probably would spend half his time on the job blathering on to other employees instead of doing his job. For another, I don’t think he has any particular skills. The son who does wood-working probably has more skills than Joe ever has or ever will. He bragged on that pathetic video that he used to be very accomplished at judo and that he “teaches” his children similar skills. Even if I believed that, what a waste of time when that piece of property is in such desperate need of some hard work, clean up and improvement. Instead, he spends his time “teaching judo” to his children?

    I know a great way to lose weight and get back in shape Joe – it’s called “hard work.” Want to be a house husband – fine. Work the land you have. Work the ground, add nutrients (no, not your own poop), fertilize it, irrigate it, aerate it, and plant a big vegetable garden. (I don’t know what grows well in that part of Kentucky, so my suggestions could be all wrong for the region.) Since you both say you’re not moving – plant a couple apple trees, perhaps a mini lemon tree. You could buy a 1-2 foot Meyer lemon tree for around $40 online. Get rid of all but one rooster – there is absolutely no point to have more than one. How many actual laying hens do you have? I don’t see much mention of having scrambled eggs for breakfast, or a frittata or quiche for dinner. Growing up, there were 10 in my family, and we had 6 hens (got rid of of the rooster early on, when we learned they could be vicious and served no necessary purpose). Those six hens kept us in plenty of eggs, and my brother sold the extra eggs to the neighbors. My father and my brother built a sturdy coop for those chickens to keep the predators out. Free range chickens are chickens you won’t have for long.

    Instead of a horse, you could have invested in constructing a strong and safe pen for that pig, fed him well, and then have him slaughtered by the local butcher to provide you with ham, pork chops, etc. for at least one season.

    There is no shame in utilizing the local dented can store. However, there should be shame when you and your wife go out to eat at Hardees, leaving the kids to eat from those dented cans. There should be shame when you and your wife sleep on a decent bed and your kids sleep on hard plywood. There should be shame when you have lived on a piece of property for over 3 years and all you have to show for it is a garden shed, a stove made out of bricks, and a bunch of plans for “someday”. There should be shame when the only accomplishments on that property are those things that your older children had to do, because you are too lazy to be bothered.

    As to that video and the 73 or 83 people who were watching – you might have 45,000 followers, but apparently most of them aren’t really too interested in you. Most have probably forgotten they even once “liked” your page. And it seems like at least half of those watching were only interested in poking fun or making silly comments. Also, I’m not buying the “Nicole’s bad teeth are hereditary” claim. Her mother may have poor teeth, but that’s not hereditary. It’s due to poor dental care throughout one’s life. It can also plague women who have many pregnancies, especially if during those pregnancies, they didn’t take proper care of their bodies by eating right and getting prenatal care. Nicole is losing teeth at a rapid pace because she chose you as a husband, thus got stuck having to be the bread winner of the family, on top of having child after child while eating poorly and not getting decent prenatal care. It’s a logical result. It’s not “hereditary.”


  28. when you sit around smoking dope all ay what incentive is there to actually go out and do anything like work, or plant a garden. Its easier to say NN is out scrubbing while I sit here watching the kids crawl around in the mud and at night get to watch them crawl onto a mud caked matress, but dont worry I know all of this is nothing but the State getting back at us. Dont belive it? Just ask us.
    Its such a sad state of affairs for them, yes them, It has to be so hard to harbor such hate for EVERYONE, Except for Charles who ever the fuck that is. Its sad to see the kids suffer because of the damn pig headed parents. cooking on a cinder block stove and calling it a rocket stove, its a god damn piece of shit made out of block that the kids cook food on, out of cans that have no label. fucking idiots


  29. Regarding Pebble’s comment.
    Yes, that. All of that.
    During the silence she was really digging in. She/Charles, once again, singled me out during that time, along with a few others. They were all up in FJ. She listed rumors that I hadn’t even heard of which makes me believe she is basically spreading her own rumors about herself. I’m still waiting on PROOF that someone said she ties dogs outside of her business-I know it isn’t true and she was just trying to justify starting shit with a neighboring business.


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